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    It would be so much more fun if there were PvE Servers in sea of thieves. Because, this way if you are playing solo. Because for instance your friend don't wanna play or they don't have the game, and you don't like playing with randoms. Then, even if you out up an alliance flag and say that you are friendly and you are a one man crew against a 4 man crew. Then usually that still open fire. And that is hours upon hours of wasted time in your life. I don't care if it would seem like a farming simulator. Because as long as I could play and not lose hours of work to someone else who didn't even put the hard work into getting that treasure. Then I would be ok. Because if I wanted to fight I could then seek out a ghost ship or a skeleton ship to fight. And if you say that making PvE Servers would ruin the game. Then you are wrong. Because I would actually still play the game if it didn't keep turning into people taking all of the hard work that I put into it. The hard work that took me hours. I stopped playing the game because of this happening. And I would actually get back on and play it. If I didn't have to worry about spending 3 hours to do some awesome quests and then have someone take all of that from me when they have been playing for only 20 minutes. I would love PvE Servers. I also feel like it would be better for Sea of thieves as a whole. Because, it would please everyone that wants PvE Servers. So they can stop hearing about people complaining about this problem. And what's so wrong with it turning into a farming simulator as some call it. All that would happen is more people would play, more people would put more time into the game. And people would be able to get used to the game if they are new to it before getting into any fights. And people would have fancier looking ships and tools. What's so wrong with that? It gives people that are new to the game time to get used to it before doing PvP. And it would stop people from constantly requesting PvE Servers. And it would make it so that people, people's boats and those people's tools look better. What is so wrong with that? I think that doing this would benefit the whole community. And the Sea of Thieves game in general.

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    @excesshurdle661 nope not gonna happen. devs said no. get over it.

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    Hope that was enough to grant you access to the alliance server. Best of luck. 😀

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    What is wrong with PvE servers.

    You be missing out on a few things that require interactions of others. Which if they did make a PvE only lobbies, they have to change a whole lot of settings just so you can at least feel like your playing the whole game.

    FOTD? Forget about ever doing that and commendations that require you to steal/Loot. Like the Reapers faction.
    PVE servers would basically be only...Single Player if they ever decide to do this. Why? Because...that how many people make it sound like, they want to play the game but not with other players. Even your friends.

    You know I see people complain about how empty the servers are, how is that possible when there are people who want PvE due to too many people....

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    You bought a PVEVP game, deal with it.

    This is what the executive producer says about PVE servers:


    Joe Neate: "The whole core premise of SOT is that it’s a shared world. To get to Pirate Legend, there will be danger and there will be other players, the risk and the reward is all part of it …that’s what SOT has always been, it’s a shared world adventure game, there is a purpose to that…it’s all about a shared world and we have no intention to deviate from that."


    We don't want to split players, we don't want to split player types, the whole identity of sea of thieves is a shared world and the different kind of motivations within it.


    We want players to experience the thrill of a player ship versus another player ship in battle. Turning the chance of these encounters off completely has never felt like Sea of Thieves.

    • Player interactions are working as intended and the way they are by design.
    • There is no intentions of changing and unbalancing them.

    Create as many new threads to ask the same thing over and over again, it won't change these facts.

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    Must we do this same old song and dance?

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    Go play atlas

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    Ahoy maties!

    I am dropping anchor here as we have more PvPvE threads than I have doubloons, and let me tell you it's a lot!

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