I'm looking for those that are interested in creating a new Sea of Thieves record!

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    My plan is to collect every loot item reasonably available in Sea of Thieves (Yes, I realise this is insane). This will include every chest, skull and crate that there is. I've already sorted the logistics of how to go about this and now I just need people who are willing to help out with setting up multiple ships and filling in for crewmates that would have to leave midway in an attempt.

    Part of this is to show how the Sea of Thieves community can come together to make something great happen so make sure you get the word out!

    Here's the link for the server I've set up to organize such a feat.
    Obviously, be considerate to others.
    Edit: I appreciate it Musicmee! Apologies about that.

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    This post is deleted!
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    @larken-lay Ahoy matey!

    You can always edit your original post using the ships wheel at the bottom of the post - that way you don't end up "bumping" your own post.

    Don't worry - I have done it for you this time though :)

    Good luck with your challenge matey!