Looking for people to play with!!!

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    new to game. Keep getting my ship burnt down by other crews :( please come play!
    I’m on east coast time. Usually on anywhere from 8pm-12am

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    Hey there, AutumnBridge.
    Have you considered joining a Sea of Thieves fleet?

    It honestly sounds like Moody’s Bloody Daggers would be a great fit for you. It was designed to be a fleet for beginners.

    We have hundreds of members in our fleet, so it’s very easy to find great fellow fleet members to play with at any time. And we work really hard to keep it safe, fun, and active.

    Here’s an invite.
    Please come join and check us out:

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    I have 18+ gaming community that would love to have you! We have game nights, DnD, movie nights and much more. Consider joining me and finding a crew that fits for you!