noob help, plz

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    So I'm brand new to this game, I just set sail and was doing my own thing, trying to figure out the game, when This one ship killed me and took all my stuff. I get that's what you do, but this one ship hounded me the entire time I played and continued to murk me and my ship and because of that, I have no money to upgrade my gear or ship.
    Just when I thought I was in the clear, that same ship found me again after I made port to sell the two chests I found to try and get some money- killed/robbed me and sunk my ship again.

    Is there any advice you can give to a new player, to help prevent this in the future?

    P.S. I stole their ship full of loot and sunk it in front of them for revenge :)

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    If a ship keeps hounding you and you're not interested in continuing to fight them, the best thing to do is leave the server and join another server.

    Also, there is no upgrading gear and ships in this game. All purchases are cosmetic only. So everyone has the same abilities in game. The only advantages and disadvantages are size of crew, ship type, and experience.

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    @acidicwrathe If you are a brand new pirate and you plundered a ship with a crew and sunk it you don't need advice. You're a natural LOL

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    Your good bro, you sunk their ship and took their stuff for revenge. not a noob anymore!

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    @acidicwrathe If someone keeps hunting you the only thing you can do is try to run and hope they lose interest or try to fight them back. You could also try hopping to a different server and hope that one doesn't have someone like that.

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    Some days you just have to acknowledge that the current server you are on is full of idiots, or a crew that has the better of you, and your better off cutting your losses and ending the session and starting fresh on a new server and hoping for better luck...
    They'll be days when you don't interact with another ship for hours, and days where the exact opposite happens.
    The main thing to remember is: You never really truly lose anything on the seas apart from time.