Need Summer-Event Help Please

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    Hello, I’ve completed majority of the Summer-Event tasks.

    The remaining two I care about for Titles are:

    • Gotta Go Fast — Turn-in Arena Chest under 5min
    • DeMarco Polo — Get 1 member of every crew into hot-tub

    Both of these I swear I’ve completed multiple times but they don’t seem to count. Some help playing in about 7hrs would be much appreciated!

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    Players are trolls, I could’ve had DeMarco Polo unlocked every crew was in the hot tub except one pirate standing on the edge of hot tub and won’t step foot inside just to screw us over.

    DeMarco Polo also seems to be broken. We’ve had every crew in the hot tub, it wasn’t a “full lobby” but every crew was in the hot tub. Why isn’t it counting!?