Ranking the tall tales [Spoilers]

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    What are your favorite/least favorite tall tales? From any criteria-narrative, gameplay, just whatever.

    For me, my favorite is the Curse of the Morningstar. It's the only thing that made Old Faithful a fun island(except for that stinking map in the sand). The lantern as a means of an AR was a really neat mechanic(and I liked it in Seabound Soul as well).

    I also liked Revenge of the Morningstar. Using the costumes is a thing I'd love to see in more of the game-even if it's just a throwaway line from NPCs. And I liked the approach to puzzle solving with the decoder book.

    On the other end of the spectrum, Art of the Trickster is awful. I like the concept, but the execution is horrid, primarily because the clues you're given are virtually impossible, and the map pages are completely worthless. Instead of maps that don't resemble anything, the platform markers should have some sort of unique identifier.

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    I both loved and hated the art of the trickster (did all mine before checkpoints) playing it was a nightmare but the adventure itself was great

    Shroudbreaker to me is the most Indiana Jonesy one so I liked that one a lot

    Wild Rose is the Princess Bride adventure of SOT so I have to go with that one as my favorite. Beautiful music, wonderful story, and a fun adventure to play

    Fate of the morningstar gets a shout out for being the scooby doo mission I had a lot of fun with that one by myself