Random Game Crash Windows 10 (Video driver was crashed)

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    My game keeps randomly crashing. Suddenly the display freezes for a second and after that the screen turns black.
    Background sounds (like the waves) can still be heard but the system is dead. I usually send it to sleep, resume and then the Game is gone with this message:

    Video driver was crashed ! Update your drivers !

    Most of the time it happens during fights or on looting. Opening a barrel, hove with the mouse over an item and the game freezes.

    I have times where I can play 2-3 hours without any problems with lots of stuff happening, full inventory, etc. Other times the session freezes after 5 minutes of playing.

    At least the error message seems common but most of the tips aren't helpful or don't change anything.

    I'm running the Game via Steam on a Windows 10 Installation.
    Macbook Pro 2019, fresh Bootcamp Installation. (Tried reinstalling the whole OS several times).
    Everything is on default configuration.

    Hardware Specs:
    Macbook Pro 16", 2019
    AMD Radeon Pro 5500 M (4Gig memory)
    RAM: 64 Gig
    Intel i9 9980HK @ 2,4 Ghz 8 Core

    I've tried updating the driver for the graphics card but it didn't change anything. Right now I'm running the official AMD Radeon Drivers, latest Version 26.20.13003.5002

    It's a little bit confusing having a fresh installation on more or less "standardized" Hardware and still a crashing game.

    I think you can imagine how frustrating it is to lose a lot of chests, skulls and gold items to a simple skeli sloop because suddenly the game crashes and I have to reconnect.

    Any advice what I could do to solve this?

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    Trying to open a Support Requests (https://support.seaofthieves.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new) redirects me to "https://support.xbox.com/games/game-titles/sea-of-thieves-info" which is a 404 after I selected "Hardware, OS and Driver Support"...