Allow FOV greater than 90 (helps with motion sickness on big monitors)

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    Playing on a PC with an fov of 90 causes motion sickness on a lot of displays. On my main 2560x1440 monitor, 90 fov is tough to play with for long periods. I'm guessing on a TV, this is not an issue because players are generally much further from the screen, but on a PC this is very noticeable. I have also tried on my 1080p monitor that is slightly smaller. I find it much more comfortable to play on, but it doesn't look as nice.

    It would be nice to be able to set the fov higher than 90. This would greatly help with motion sickness from playing the game (especially since most of the game takes place on a rocking boat).

    I also know this is a pretty "1st-world" problem and that changing the fov beyond the initial design might not be trivial, but it would make playing the game a lot more comfortable for me (and I imagine a good deal of other players as well).