Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL Community Competition) - Best 'Captain and Crew' Screenshot!

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    All in a day's work for Gold Hoarders!

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    The Alliance of Horstachio nearly took over a server on Friday night!

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    I'm the Ca(t)ptain of this crew! meow

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    I think you did something wrong...

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    When this game launched many enterprising pirates found their crews pretty quickly. Others, like me, had a more complicated, winding path. I’ve come across a host of fine sailors and bloodthirsty buccaneers on the seas, often through…shall we say, “precarious circumstances”. A few of these swashbucklers are now dear friends and sailing partners, though it was only in the past year or so that I found a crew who embraced the same stealthy playstyle I did.

    This cheeky crew has a habit of stealing Athena’s chests. This isn’t done out of spite or malice, but the thrill of the hunt. For us it’s fun to walk the razor’s edge, using our game knowledge to try and pull off such a high-stakes steal while knowing how many things could easily go wrong.

    Every now and then we like to change things up though. Instead of stealing Athena’s chests we dig up a bunch of our own and take a nice crew photo to celebrate the good times we’ve had playing together. Here was this year’s shot:

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    Capture a code post

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    The Cap'n and his two 'tiny' crewmates!

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    Well your screenshots showed me that a Captain certainly loves their crew!
    Dropping anchor on this competition but check back tomorrow for the winner AND the important..... new mission..... should you choose to accept it!