Capture a Code (UNOFFICIAL Community Competition) - Best Outpost Screenshot! [RESULTS]

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    Greetings, Pirates and Lubbers alike!
    Deckhand Lootin' Lizalaroo here!

    May I say again, you pirates captured some cracking screenshots for this mission! It made it really difficult again this week!
    There were many amazing outpost screenshots.
    13 were chosen from the entries this mission and the screenshot selected as winner was......


    Well done me matey!

    Please look out for a DM containing your codes!

    I’ll be back later with a new mission.....should you wish to accept it..... 😁

    Lootin’ Lizalaroo

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    TY so much!
    I have been preparing for the competition for a really long time.
    Waiting for a letter ;)

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    Awhh... that's really good..... nice one matey!!
    Have to give a shout out to "Hex".... here's looking at next time

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    Excellent "outpost", give a magnifying glass to see? All bought.

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    What a great outpost!! Congrats 🙈