Add more restrictions to Flameheart World Event spawn + Tall Tales checkpoints

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    TLDR :

    • Flameheart may spawn on a Tall Tale/Quest destination, creating a highly risk situation for low rewards
    • Checkpoints nearly removes the risk of doing Tall Tales, I think this is not in adequation with SoT spirit


    I recently redo all the Tall Tales in solo to get the Golden curse and finished it yesterday, so I thought it would be good to give a feedback

    1. Restrictions to Flameheart spawn

    For the 30 Tall Tales runs I have recently made, it happened 5 times that Flameheart or an Ashen Lord was already on the island. Among those 5 cases, 3 were for boss fight (Briggsy or Greymarrow) and 2 were for intermediate items uncovering (and no checkpoints).

    In the case of boss fight, this was not a matter personnaly because I have just crashed my ship onto the island, played the fight safely and use the checkpoint to get the token back on the spawn of my ship.

    Concerning the other cases, it was more cumbersome but the salvage of the item would not trigger a checkpoints, wich meant that I had to save my ship. This translates in having to constantly look up for the ship to see if any bullet was hitting it and so it took a unneeded long time to complete.

    I have the feeling this is only a solo sloop problem, because one could stay in the ship to repair the damage of the ghost ships as they do not fire an absurd amount of bullets. For me, it really decreases the fun of doing the Tall Tales/Quest you are doing because that's not like another crew you could trick, Flameheart's going to stay there until he disappears or someone completes it.

    It also happened that when I spawned on Dagger Tooth, I had Flameheart spawned just on the island nearby.

    1. Tall Tales Checkpoints

    While I have been really happy to save a lot of time thanks to the checkpoints and having a feeling of safety to focus on the tale, I feel like it made things to easy compared to what I was right after the Shore of Golds update.

    For example, the Art of the Trickster (6th tale) was completely changed by the checkpoints. The risk and the dexterity was in the center of the quest.


    The only risk left is that there is no checkpoints before ungrounding the barrel-key and placing it in the trap lair, so if you make a mistake and bomb it while traveling or making your way through the traps, you can just go back to the moment where you discover it and try again, while you had to redo all the tale since the beginning (something that caused a lot of ragequit from my crew back then).

    You can even abuse the system to gain time, as in the Revenge of the Morningstar (8th Tale). You dont need to take the items with you, you just need to unground them both, then you can just reload the quest to have both of them on your ship again.


    I understand that the checkpoints reduce a lot the frustration of the player from doing them but I feel like this is step too far in the reduction of the risk, because it is nearly riskless and easy money (8k/quest).

    Thanks to those who read the whole text!