Some new weapon ideas..

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    Hey devs and others! Weapons recently have started to grow stale. Blunderbombs and Firebombs are nice but are consumables and more of a luxury to have. We have 3 weapons all used for different things and cannot be dual wielded. So what if we could?

    Obviously they need to be balanced like we can’t have two swords that act the same because we’d be dead in seconds. So here are my thought on dual wielding(minus snipers because that’s op and it’s a two handed weapon): we will have an off hand and a main hand.

    For sword, we can only dash with main hand and off hand sword will have more staggered hits rather than a combo. So 3 hit combo with main sword and one hit with the off hand after the 3 hit combo. Also, there can be a charge attack like the dash where instead of launching forward, we just wind up our arms from the back and kind of poke opponents which deals 75% damage(this is kinda iffy).

    For pistols, we can only aim with main hand while the off hand is more of luck when shot. Along with that, to reload, only the main pistol can be reloaded but the player must put away the off hand pistol to do so. In short, you can shoot two bullets at the same time or any other configuration but, the reloading can only happen for main hand pistol and requires you to put the off hand back in its holster(for the other hand to put the bullet in).

    For blunders it’s simpler. You can dual wield but dual wielding will result in the blunders becoming inaccurate because the big weapon can’t be pointed. So people could get past the shots if they stand in the middle of the blunders because the blunders will shoot off to the sides rather than directly in front.

    Lastly, knives. I think it would be interesting if knives were introduced. For their mechanics, knives can only be thrown. They will deal a quarter damage to health but there is only 4 that can be carried. So what happens when you throw them? They can’t be reloaded so player will be able to receive them from the dead bodies OR find a small supply of them in ship barrels, like consumables but it’s a main weapon slot.

    Well that’s all I have so tell me thoughts and/or different ideas in terms of balancing!

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    Possible Ccombinations:

    1. Sword × 2
    2. Sword + dagger
    3. Sword + flintlock
    4. Flintlock × 2
    5. Dagger × 2
    6. Sword + bomb
    7. Flintlock + bomb
    8. Dagger + bomb
    9. Boarding axe + sword
    10. Boarding axe + dagger
    11. Boarding axe + flintlock
    12. Boarding axe + bomb