Additional Sensitivity Sliders for Spyglass, Cannons, and Harpoons

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    As a lower sensitivity player I feel that the game could use the extra sensitivity sliders like we have for the Eye of Reach, Flintlock, and Blunderbuss, for the Cannons, Harpoons, and Spyglass.

    I play with 800DPI and use 2.0 mouse sensitivity in-game ( ~16.4cm 360 distance) which is already noticeably higher than my usual sensitivity in other games ( 23.5~24cm 360 distance) despite this however Cannons, Harpoons, and the Spyglass are incredibly slow at this setting which requires me to exclusively use WASD to aim my cannons and harpoon shots which naturally is incredibly inaccurate annoying to line up shots and as well as makes using the spyglass in even remotely rough waves incredibly difficult as it requires me to essentially yank my mouse across the entire height of my mousepad to counteract the movement of the waves.

    This completely does not allow me to have any granularity or control when using these tools and weapons and gets greatly irritating.