Dungeons In SOT (Pirate Legend Content)

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    Everyone knows what dungeons are right? Like going through a bunch of rooms with puzzles, and PvE and a Boss at the end? Yeah Okay so here is how it goes:

    The Pirate Lord sells New Voyages that send you to Biome Themed Dungeons with randomly generated rooms and randomly generated puzzles. These Dungeons spawn at random Islands with Portals that send you to the dungeon. Each Dungeon has 3 Rooms + a Boss room.

    When you start the voyage, you are given a rough shape of the island drawn from a first person view, which shows your experience as pirate legend by giving you harder maps after learning them all. Once you arrive, you are led into the Dungeon by footprints that can be seen holding a lantern.

    Some Random Rooms that spawn could be:
    -Defending an anchor from skeletons and if they drop it, your platform lowers into lava.
    -A Trickster Gunpowder is on a platform you have to push through a tunnel of traps, you have to get it to the end of the tunnel without it exploding or it resets. You are also being attacked while doing this.
    -There are 3 Empty pools in a large room, Skeletons with Water Barrels on their backs walk up to you while fighting. Around them is a gunpowder skeleton. You are to kill the water barrel skeleton while in the Empty pools to fill them.
    When they are all filled, you go to the next room.
    -(Mini Boss Room) A Shadow Lord is in the middle room, with an Eye of Reach. You cannot kill him until he is lit up. You have to stand on 2 platforms that have clear sight of him to throw Bombs into the middle, which temporarily shines light at him allowing you to shoot. Skeletons with supply crates on their backs spawn in the middle.
    -You have a room of Skeletons below you, and you are given pages that describe a certain skeleton that needs to be shot from above. If you miss or kill the wrong skeleton, you die and it resets. You have to kill 3 random skeletons and pay attention to all of them like a spy mission.
    -In a dark room a bunch of Skeletons holding Trickster Barrels (that can sprint with them) are guarding large Unlit torches. They have rags over their faces, so they cant see. If you make any noise or step on any pressure plates they will run toward you and explode. The unlit torches spawn in multiple different spots randomly and you have to find them. (An example of how each puzzle is somewhat randomized so its not muscle memory)
    -You have to use Wood to build a bridge vertically up a large vertical tunnel, below are spikes, and when you cant reach up the bridge, you have to move up a floor to continue it. Once the bridge is complete, it drops and you get to the next room. Skeletons are attacking you while building.
    Boss Fights:
    -Wilds Boss: A Kraken Skeleton is active in the middle sweeping its head across the middle platform youre standing on. In order to activate its damage phase, you have to shoot harpoons at large ropes when they arent blocked, Sending Log traps into the skull of the kraken, knocking it to the ground. Active Gunpowder drops from the ceiling (with an extended fuse that cant be defused) and you have to carry it to the downed kraken. 3 Gunpowders kill it, and it gets harder the later damage phases youre on.
    -Shores of Plenty Boss: You stand on a square platform with water beneath of it, and sharks in the water. A large Tiki Golem emerges from the water and starts slamming the platform with his multiple arms, either crushing you or knocking you into a pool of sharks. You have to throw a fire bomb on top of his head for him to go under water to put it out. If you shoot his eyes while fighting, a Shark flame is lowered from the ceiling. When grabbed, sharks ignore you holding it in the water. You are to get the lantern and put im under water, to deal damage to him in the water without dying.
    -Each Biome Dungeon has an entire ship set, an entire outfit set, weapons, and items that can be randomly unlocked after completing it.
    -The cosmetic drops are not from commendations, however there still are dungeon commendations and Titles, "Slayer of the Ancient Golem," "Dungeon Lord," "Kraken Banisher" Idk just concept.
    -You are given Rep and Gold for completing a dungeon

    Those are some examples of Dungeon puzzles and bosses, they would be made for playing in a group rather than solo play although I guess they could just make them easier for solo or more simple but that is a lot of work. With every Dungeon, Skeletons carrying supply crates spawn to make sure you never run out of food. I really feel like this would add more replayability to sea of thieves, it wouldnt be a new event everyone sees in the sky, it would be a completely randomly generated puzzle that you have to figure out everytime that grants unique rewards when completed. This would make Pirate Legend feel worth it to me.