Cursed Fog

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    Ghosts fly around in the fog, trying to disorientate your ship. You have to pay attention and shoot them when you see them or they will grab your wheel and turn it, drop your anchor, turn your sails, and raise your sails.

    This would make fog more interesting as its intention is to make things spookier, so a battle in the fog would be quite difficult and quite spooky. It works too because a larger ship has more players to manage this and a smaller ship has all of these things closer so a solo player could also manage dealing with ghosts in the fog.

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    This just sounds dumb and annoying. It arbitrarily and randomly removes agency from the player. If implemented this would be worse than Cursed Cannonballs; at least skeleton ships are consistent with what cursed cannonballs they use. Heck, the Storm is more consistent than this.

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    With fog, you already have significantly reduced visibility, making things that are easily avoidable like rocks and islands, well, not. That's more than enough.

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    Yea, I don't think the intent was for it to be spooky, but rather, like real fog, to reduce visibility of your surroundings. And it does this fantastically in game, as @Galactic-Geek pointed out.

    I'd also agree that this sounds more frustrating than fun and interactive.

    That all said, it could be interesting to have ghosts flying about in the fog of the FotD as that could be somewhat thematically appropriate. I'd only have it be a visual thing though, and make them pop in and out so that it is more a catching movement out of the corner of your eye making you paranoid kind of thing.

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    the fog is already pretty interesting with the low visibility. dense fog and a storm are the perfect recipe for an easy get out of jail free card and fog on its own keeps players on their toes. It also acts as a big unknown for ships trying to avoid other players. Are there other players in the fog, is it actually safe for me? Or will i run into a fight?