Climbing Axe (A new Mobility/Melee Weapon)

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    So there is an axe model in-game and basically I have naturally conditioned melee with mobility due to the swords movement and utility. So here is the idea:

    The Climbing axe: when equipped, a rope is wrapped around you. It sticks to surfaces and you can then pull yourself to it, whether you are in the water essentially harpooned to a ship or pulling yourself up a cliff. When you reach the axe you can jump up from it and keep climbing.

    You can also use the Climbing Axe to keep players tied to you. Lets say someone is running to loot, you throw the axe (skillfully) at them, and the rope is tied to you, so you can now prevent them from selling unless they break it with a sword or kill you.
    CONTROLS: Activating the throw is right click (sword block) and to throw it would be left click. You could also just use it to hit by just hitting left click. The damage is less than the sword. When reeling yourself in, it would be a constant left click then right click back and fourth grabbing the rope and inching yourself towards your destination.

    I think this would be SUPER fun and it would be a nice change to ship combat as ladder camping is quite boring.