Rejoined the same server 4 times... IN A ROW...

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    If I leave a server, it's for a reason. Today I was trying to collect the journals for one of the tall tales and I was repeatedly being sunk from a brig (who knew I was solo on a tall tale, mind you). I thought fine, that sucks but at least I'll server hop and not lose too much time. And guess what? Everytime I tried finding a new server I kept getting paired against the same reaper brig who was circling the island I needed to go to.. :/ I get it, it's a pirate game. I'm not salty that I was outplayed. What DOES bother me is the matchmaking on this game. As of the time I write this post, I'm still trying to find a different server so I can do my own thing without having to worry about griefers. Will 5 be the lucky number? I'm not holding my breathe.

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    Best bet is to just make a looking for group and find a PvP guy. I quite often join newbies on sloops just to help save them from a brig or gally that's harassing them.

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    Not sure if being on a Tall Tale is a factor in this particular case at all but I have it on fairly good authority that generally, if you scuttle just before you leave the game you have more chance of getting on a different server.

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    @a-lvl-3-bot it might be that the server was closest to you the game will always try to put you in a server closest to you

    for the best ping