Some Suggestions

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    Hi Rare I suggest reading and considering what I’m about to say. I think you’ve done an excellent job coming up with new and creative content and a progressing story through the months. But, you guys need to take a month or two off and sort this game out.

    Every patch you push more people away by supposedly fixing bugs only to continue having them and if anything, bring more in. I am always the first to test upcoming content, watch developer updates, and engage in Sot events but this has gotten out of hand.

    Combat needs a makeover along with other bugs within the game that inevitably leave the community in rage because the game can be unplayable. You guys have kept to your word and delivered content monthly that just gets better and better but I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say: Take time off and rework the game.

    We have plenty of content to keep us busy and we’d much rather have a working game than a broken one. Everyone would be more than happy to chill and wait for these bugs to be fixed before more content releases. You’d even attract players who have quit because of this.

    Rare, I hate to see people angry over the game because I know you guys are ambitious, creative, and passionate developers. Think about this for everyone because this would dramatically better this game. Thanks devs and please consider this.

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    No game is every without bugs, they wont go away and even if they remove one. More will form over time.

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    @burnbacon the problem is is that they never fix them and they’re really bad too. Hit reg shouldn’t ever be a thing in any game ever. And it’s been here for so long now. Also sometimes I get stuck on my scroll wheel and can’t do anything except move around but I can’t look anywhere I only face on direction. Also sometimes when I go to load a cannon it appears that it’s not loading so it won’t shoot so I have to get off and get back on which can cause me to lose many cannon shots in arena.

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    Hit reg isn't going to get fixed overnight, so just take solace in knowing that they have acknowledged the issue and are working on it - they've already made significant improvements in many areas.

    As for focusing on fixes over content, I disagree. There's no reason they can't add new content while also fixing old problems. The problem with focusing too much on fixes over content is that the community itself stagnates and grows bored over time with nothing new to do or see or earn. They have to keep dangling the carrot on the stick, even if the stick is cracked and about to break. Luckily for us, they have plenty of ducktape.