new sea of thieves map expansion monthly update idea. *"the seas of the damned"*

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    there is a place in another dimension pirates visit every once in a while, the ferry of the damned, but pirates have always wondered what lies beyond this dimension, what would you think if the sea of the damned was part of the sea of thieves, new places to explore new threats like the ferryman's ship may contest you with his ghostly skeletons working to fight off any player.

    pirates are able to get triple the reward by getting chests, skulls, and crates of the damned, this expansion could be sure to fulfill your exploration needs by having the ability to search islands of the damned while on your voyages to find lost souls and what fate sent these souls to the sea of the damned itself. if you feel like facing off ghostly threats now is your chance to do so, in this months monthly update, the seas of the damnedalt text