Gain Better Aim with Eye of Reach Quickscopes

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    If you are in to PvP, this is for you.

    We have all seen them. The pirates that are able to hit all of their shots with the Eye of Reach in close quarters. Although it is very annoying to be shot by them and loose over 75% 0f your health, it could be easy to do.

    First, we have to understand what a close-quarters quickscope is. This type of quickscope occurs when your enemy hits his/her shots with an Eye of Reach in close range.

    To get started, you have to understand that this attack method can be hard to master, but can prove very effective. When I was first learning how to do this, I put a little piece of tape on my screen where the crack in the scope of the gun lined up. This helped me understand where the middle of my screen was. (If you are not comfortable with doing this tape trick, it is OK! It may take you a little longer to learn where the middle of your screen is.)

    When you are in PvP, use the tape trick to line up the middle of your screen with your target. Once you are lined up, quickly scope in and take your shot. Remember that you have to do this in a VERY short amount of time. If you wait to shoot, you are going to miss your shot.

    Please remember that you are not going to hit all of your shots first try. All you have to do is practice. Sometimes when I'm sailing on the seas, I like to practice my quickscopes on the ship's bell. If you didn't know, the bell rings whenever it is shot.

    There you go, pirate! Good luck on the seas!!