Ghost Ship Rewards and Reaper's Bones Reputation

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    I think it's sad how every time a bug gets fixed that gives more than intended of something like gold or reputation the first comments are "oh they've nerfed this" There's a difference between fixing issues and nerfing a company. This change is amending a mistake not changing an intended process please remember that before you waste time getting angry over the fact something suddenly isn't nice and easy. Reapers Bones isn't supposed to be easy. If you want something then work for it don't expect a handout or easy sailing.

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    I've never really done much of Reaper's yet (nor been a emissary, last month I focused on Gold Hoarders ledger rewards, this month was Athena's so next is Reapers).

    But I'm a little confused, by reputation do they mean Company Reputation (i.e. 1-50-75?), or do they mean Emissary Reputation (Grade 1-5)?

    Just a little confused as I plan on doing Reaper's ledger eventually.

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    Share please ^^
    Hello everyone, the idea of a new boat with greater capacity is everywhere, both on YouTube and on social networks, the community asks for more capacity of players, I would like to share an excellent idea to solve the problem and improve the experience of game. The new boat can have a capacity of up to 8 people, the cannons are 8 at the top and 8 at the bottom, they are 4 cannons. on starboard and on port.
    About the lower guns it occurred to me that they can implement a hatch system, that allow to show the guns and hide them, to make the ship more threatening, about the giant whirlpool, it can be in the cyclone or in the storm. if a ship enters it must be a good captain if it wants to overcome that danger, that will have more impact on the game mode if a whirlpool forms, I await your comments, thank you all very much.

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    Rare here is an Idea. Make it harder to get to pirate legend, IE make the experience gain much harder then make it so we can turn all of our loot to the emissary of our choice. Exactly how reapers is currently done. Maybe even add a fourth requirement instead of three? Idk It's really easy to get to pirate legend nowadays. Honestly this would kill two birds with one stone.

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    To all people that complaining for the Emissary Nerfs just keep playing the game like it was before the Emissary Update the main goals of this game are 1) Have Fun 2) Earn Gold 3) Buy Cosmetics 4) And the joy of Completing Commendations.

    Rare is heading to the right direction by doing Emissary Nerfs just stop being lazy and work harder. You should thank Rare that gave you the Emissary Update so you can earn extra gold instead of complaining about everything.

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    My main issues have been not getting emissary credit for sinking player ships.