Ghost Ship Rewards and Reaper's Bones Reputation

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    I think it's sad how every time a bug gets fixed that gives more than intended of something like gold or reputation the first comments are "oh they've nerfed this" There's a difference between fixing issues and nerfing a company. This change is amending a mistake not changing an intended process please remember that before you waste time getting angry over the fact something suddenly isn't nice and easy. Reapers Bones isn't supposed to be easy. If you want something then work for it don't expect a handout or easy sailing.

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    I've never really done much of Reaper's yet (nor been a emissary, last month I focused on Gold Hoarders ledger rewards, this month was Athena's so next is Reapers).

    But I'm a little confused, by reputation do they mean Company Reputation (i.e. 1-50-75?), or do they mean Emissary Reputation (Grade 1-5)?

    Just a little confused as I plan on doing Reaper's ledger eventually.