Disconnection issues

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    Good day Rare,

    I've been running into issues with disconnecting, but it doesn't seem to be entirely game related. I'm just trying to find a solution to my problem. here's the problem I'm running into.

    When playing with 1 friend of mine, I'm constantly being disconnected from the game. Sometimes it's only 5 minutes (after getting in and logged onto my pirate), sometimes it's almost 40 minutes sometimes it's 6 hours.

    P.S. I'm sorry if this isn't the place to post this. I'll repost it where it needs to go if that is the case. Thank you.

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    The issue may not be with the game itself, as it could be your service provider and the time of day your using the service. Check your internet connection and see if your dropping in bit rate, if so then it is probably the high peak time in your area. if that is the case then try jumping on at a different time. I had experienced this a week ago, and found that the Microsoft was having a issues with connecting to the gaming app and friends list. The rest of the internet was fine. I just restarted the computer and it seemed to solve the issue.

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