2 incredibles years on the seas

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    I'm really happy to see that this game is evolving during the time and that is the cause of my presence in this game.
    I like how people meet and speek, and i like how they (we) can interact with each other.
    I like how devs take infos about this game posting videos on socials.
    I live in Italy and for the actual situation with virus evolving i can't go out to see other people, but i can go in this virtual sea and meet all those people in the same situation as mine. This is really important part in this game, not the mechanics, but the relationships. So I want to thanks those devs and those players that let me enjoy this game in this hard period of my life.

    Ciao, from Italy!

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    You have given hope to me today PhotonicMan! I am gladdened by your resolve and fortitude at this darkening hour. You make me think of happiness and hopeful outcomes. I wish you well in these uncertain times.

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    @cannibalbob thank you! I am happy to have sent good feelings!