Minor Suggestions...They are Not THAT Important, But Still.

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    What are Minor Suggestions?
    These are suggestions in which is not THAT important, but to at least have in the game because why not.

    Here are my Minor Suggestions:
    Boat Trail - So when on a boat IRL of course, you will see the trail it leaves behind. Why not at that into the game, just to bring some aesthetics to the sailing experience.

    Flute - OK so...I think these will be cool having to play music on along with the other instruments that is already in the game.

    Diamonds - Uhhh...I know that Gold is the top currency in the game, but would be cool to add in diamonds as well. You have Gold, Sapphire, Emeralds, and Ruby Gems...why not add Diamonds.

    Dolphins - They will be jumping out from the waters at times, mainly in the Ancient Isles and Shores of Plenty area of the map.

    Crabs - I mean come on, they look cool, and can clamp on to your hand and will damage you at 2% of health. Like it will clamp on to you, and your character will automatically shake it off.

    I think that is all I have. What are your thoughts?

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    Ship Trails: I don't know how taxing it would be, but that would certainly make for a nicer looking sailing experience, and a way to find ships (imaging following a ship in secret by seeing its trail through fog, or something similar). I don't know if it would be an actual wave or a simple texture on the water's surface.

    Flutes: I would also like to see violins, but instruments and shanties are quite taxing on the game's required memory.

    Diamonds: The ruby, sapphire and emerald gems are not actually made of those materials, merely named for their color. The gold is, of course, gold. The doubloons are made from clay, and ancient coins from enchanted stone and bits of gold.

    Dolphins and crabs: Alongside other things, like sea turtles, whales, perhaps eels. More monstrous creatures, too - an island on the shell of a turtle, a sea serpent, a giant crab (perhaps found on top of an island which was once an even larger crab).