Emerald Alliance. Official Recruitment. (Mic Required)

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    Ahoy there fellow pirates of The Sea Of Thieves. Due to some small disagreements with a few members of me crew...well lets just say I be on the lookout for a couple (Or even a few) new faces to sign up. Here be a few things about us and hopefully it catches ye interest.

    We are an Crew of 6 currently. (used to be 8 but remember those disagreements i told you about?...)
    We are a very respectful crew who cares a lot about anyone committed to our alliance and our jokes and banter never intend to harm anyone, only to have a small laugh.
    We accept all genders and races. doesn't matter who you are as long as you can play well with others and work efficiently. Oh and have fun at the same time.
    We are a friendly crew most of the time and we always avoid pvp whenever possible, but will attack if attacked.

    Our crew are from very different places around the globe and aren't always on together (Hence one of the reasons I am here) so we will usually be able to find a slot for you.
    Discord? If you stick with the crew long enough then you might be welcome to join.
    Do we play other games? yes we do but if you catch us on another game don't hesitate to ask.
    I hear you asking "what do we get in return" well A good solid crew, lots of gold and rep (If you need it) also quite a bit of a laugh as we often stumble upon the stupidest stuff.
    Are there any specific requirements to join? only 2. No Squeakers and no noobs please bring at least some experience along.

    Do we have ranks? working on those.
    I'll wrap up here since I've been going on a bit. But I hope I have at least interested some of ye. especially if ye are having issue finding a solid crew. Ye can msg me over Xbox Live, or Twitter @Mayorsam01 or sail over to Sanctuary Outpost where you you may find me with a mug of water and Lydia Or Keira (My Parrots) (I'm not a fan of that grog stuff)

    This be Captain Dom. Alliance Commander. (Pirate Legend 31 HC, 49 SD, 50 GH, 50 OoS and 50 MA) (Been on the seas since launch) I wish you all a great voyage and hope you will be interested to join our friendly crew. Good day.

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    Are you guys still looking for another crew member? I used to play with my brothers but they don't play much anymore since the last time we were met with spawn campers. I've been looking for a respectful crew that doesn't take the game too seriously, can have a good laugh, and enjoys pve, and you guys seem to fit the bill. Only problem is that my next semester is starting next week so I don't know how often I will be able to play. I live in the US eastern time zone and I speak English (hope that's obvious lol). I've had the game for I think a year now and I know how ships work and how to operate in a crew, but there's always more to learn. I don't use Twitter (just not my cup of tea) and being a Playstation person, this Xbox stuff is still new to me so I hope replying to you here works. :)

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    Yo, i have been looking for a permanent crew for a while and what youve said seems like fun i live in the uk and i know my way around the game because ive been playing for a while i quit the game for a couple months because i had no one to play with but ive been back for a couple week and would love to join your crew my gold horders is lvl50 order of souls lvl41 and merchant alliance is lvl37 i hope that fine. My gamer tag is Bountyskies. I hope to get a text back. Also im 15 but im pretty good at pve and pvp so i hope my age doesnt put you off texting me about joining