Selling collector's chest..........

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    This isn't a game breaking problem but why will they including selling empty collector's chests????? The ashen collector's ones kinda makes sense as in 'Oooh they might be cursed or have hidden meaning' so the factions are interested but selling normal empty boxes for the OoS or GH or M? Why would they be interested?! This just seems as an extra way to make a quick buck or something and adds nothing to the experience.

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    Gameplay reason was they were found in droves on outposts, since people gathered them from everywhere and then left them behind once they logged off. Lore reason is probable just the factions using them for storage, they're just getting them cheaper from us instead of buying them from some organization that makes them.

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    @ultmateragnarok Many people abandon explosive barrels because they bring you a worthless 100-300g, what is the expected price for the chest that will make the players interested in selling them???

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    Personally I think it's rares way to get the chest "out of the game"
    If there is a lot chest just sitting, here an there, it's a lot of entitys the game have to keep track of.
    So In short, It will reduce lag. without really doing anything ;)

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    @greencamillion1 I thought about that, but what about reducing the time it stays active when off the ship instead?

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    I like it to start and find a couple empty ones. I use them all its a great quality of life improvement and an nice organized boat. I also use them to drop as empty cargo overboard and leave a glittering trail during a chase as bait.