Hoodie printing for Christmas

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    I have seen a few companies selling printed SoT logo hoodies, and have a couple of questions. I want to get/make one for my son who is 10 for Christmas.

    Firstly, are these companies printing SoT items with Rare's permission? There don't seem to be many designs, so they may have asked for permission to use the logo, but I would like to be sure.

    Secondly, would it be ok to design my own to get printed? I would like to use the Sea of Thieves gold words logo, and probably the colour skull outline logo.
    I would of course purchase items from the SoT merch website, but it still says it's being created.

    Can I ask for an answer from someone from Rare please, so I can get designing if allowed?


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    @mikedelta52 As far as I know, for now anyway, the only places that sell Offically Licensed clothing are the DesignedByHumans Fan Shop and the recently opened Zavvi stores (US Site, UK Site I think they cater to other locales too).

    There may also be some SoT stuff via the Microsoft/Xbox store.