Il Forte di Spade ~ Event ~ New Event Calendar ~ Official SoT Ita Event (4-6 Oct '19) ~ [Sea of Thieves Italia]

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    forte di spade

    Ahoyy everyone,
    Here is the new event signed Sea of Thieves Italia !

    This is the first of an Event Calendar created by Sea of Thieves Italia Official Discord

    Il Forte di Spade

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    Event informations:

    • Date: 4-5-6 October (and the next weekend if the event need more time)
    • Stream: Sea of Thieves Italia Twitch Channel
    • Beginning time: 7PM (GMT+2/CEST) ~ 5PM (UTC) ~ 10AM (PDT)
    • SoT Location: Old Boot Fort
    • Registration fee: 10.000 (Value of the Internal Official Sot Ita Discord Economy system)
    • Event type: PVP Between Crews

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    Event Rules

    Match purpose in order to win

    • Conquer the Malicious Skull placed on the highest tower of the fort and take it to your ship.
    • Each Match is 'At best of 3'

    Attackers purpose

    • They have to start from a near island
    • They have to go on the fort and try to steal the Skull from the highest tower

    Defenders purpose

    • They have to defend the skulls on the fort without using their ship cannons (when the attackers drop the anchor)

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    You can find the Official thread of the event on the official Sea of Thieves Italia Discord, where
    you can also find the full list of the Event Rules.
    The majority of crews are from SoT Italia Discord, but there are also Crew
    from other affialiate and friends Discord Servers from other countries.

    Click here in order to view the post in the Official Sea of Thieves Discord Server

    We will wait for you for this event in order to support all The Pirates Crews!!! Arrrggghhhh!
    See you in the Seas!!

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