• So I that this thought in mind and told a friend (we are both insiders) about it and he thinks it’s a good idea.

    So when becoming an Insider for SOT, you are obliged to make a new pirate. I was shook at first, but realized it was different form the actual game. So I choose my pirate (BTW I loved the new pirate for the Insider Program). So then this came to mind.

    For those who are insiders, can we have the option to switch between our pirates in the actual game & our pirates in the Insider in the actual game of SOT.

    Confused? Let me example more.

    See, I thought about that since we cannot make changes to our original pirates from the actual game of SOT, for those who are insiders and have to make a new one, can have the option [Under “Pirate Settings”] to change our pirate (use the insider pirate we created to use in the actual game as a selection) WHILE STILL KEEPING the same progress we accumulate when we played since day one on the actual game. I just thought about it and wanted to see how everyone else think about it.

  • So, right...how can I put this. So on the Galleon you have the doors where the mid-deck cannons are supposed to be, however there aren’t any down there, they are only there for decorations. HOWEVER, I think that in the future (if it will happen), there will be at least four cannons (2 on each side) in the mid-deck so that we can utilize the cannon doors and shoot below rather up-top.


    What you guys think?

  • I have this game for the Xbox one and it is a digital version. I play often but almost every time I play the game crashes on me mid-game, launch, at any time it is very annoying. I tried all the troubleshooters but still nothing. I’ve deleted the game and re-dowloaded it and it still crashes on me. I would like some help or something because this is a huge inconvenience.

  • I would like to suggest a new option to invite friends to a serve, not to sail with you but as another crew on the waters. To be able to show off your skills AGAINST your friends and hunt them down!!

  • For some reason, did the loading time increase because quite frankly—8/10 chances it takes a little longer for me to join back in the game or my boat. We all know that the moment you die, you will immediately spawn in the Ferry, but now it’s like I’m on the “Black Screen of Death” while hearing the sounds of being on the Ferry, AND THEN it puts me in the Ferry before the doors open for me to come back into the real world. That’s when I have to wait “impatiently” until I come in the game after a long time on the loading screen. Yes, I am a XboxONE player, but the loading time is really a kill and will cause stress.

    So has the loading time gotten better or gotten worse?

  • How do i get accses to this on Xbox?
    Download our Creator Asset Pack of imagery, audio and visuals that can make creating content easier!

  • You might know where this is going, so I’m going to simply the suggestion.

    Me...friends...trying to server hop to get all of us (5 total) into two brigs in the same server by using the Repear’s Flag (seen by Hibotc), rather than the impossible asking someone in the game for their boat.

    Like honestly, I really want all 5 of us in the game, and every time we try the RF tactic, it’s to no avail. Has anyone tried it and has it worked? If so, how long did it take for it to work?

  • Hey everyone,

    This is one of many attempts at this as I am pretty new at Game Streaming. Anyways, me and my crew are soloing a sloop and run across a meg, 2 skele sloops and lots of loot.

    Anyway, I appreciate some feedback on it, what can we do to help our channel grow and more.

    See you on thr seas!

  • Drift On Sea Of Thieves!! - Xbox One
    Gamertag: SucoGostoso

    Como se salvar em Devil's Roar!!

  • Ahoy thar ye skeevy skallywags!

    As fellow rapscallions, we simple sea folks of the Pirate Armada would like to call an offer to join our merry marauding ranks!
    Whether ye take to buccaneering, privateering, smuggling or full on piracy; be ye a young sea pup on yer first voyage, or a retired and returning legend o the sea; the Armada welcomes ye all!

    Welcome to The Pirate Armada!

    The Pirate Armada is a growing community based on and built around Sea of Thieves. We are a place for fellow pirates to find crew of all play styles, on all platforms. You can share your favorite stories, converse with like minded scoundrels, as well as sign up for one of our bi-weekly events!
    Hope to see you along!

    We welcome new and old players alike, so no matter your skill, the Armada has a place for you. Whether you are a bloodthirsty PvPer, or a casual PvEer, we unite pirates of all walks of life to offer the best experience possible. So join the Armada today, and set sail for adventure, rum and riches!

    Embark on your journey here!

    Hope to see you on our crew, and happy sailing!

  • I would like to see option's for button combos to equip items quicker and not be restricted as much, on a controller you can only have 3 buttons as what you like without sacrificing something i.e d-pad left and right and right stick click.
    An option to add to this would be buttons combos (if you would like) for example, hold lb (that brings up your item wheel) and you press up, down, left or right on d-pad to quick select items you have set them to in the settings.
    This would add four more options and would allow the new text chat option, push to talk and 5 items on a "quick slot"

  • Just a simple one when you have push to talk mapped on controller an option to toggle would be nice thanks

  • I’m quite sure this happens to other people as well. A couple friends and myself play together on Xbox, and when new content drops, tons of pc players come back to the game...

    We try to get one of the new reaper chests, and start heading back to port. A sloop shows up out of nowhere with obvious pc players on it. One of them boards us and just runs laps around us like it’s nothing. He kills all three of us extremely easily, takes the chest, and sinks our ship.

    Later on we go on a few simple voyages after taking half an hour to restock. Then we get attacked and boarded by a galleon full of, yet again, PC players, who do the same thing as before.

    Xbox players can hardly level up since pc players can just easily loot us whenever they want.

    I can’t be the only person that feels this way. I’m sure people play one or two days or so, then get driven away by the PC player base after we grind hours of voyages, just to get it stolen. My friends and I won’t be coming back to the game until crossplay is optional. It’s not fun any more, unfortunately. I love the game in, in general, but this is just stupid and no longer fun when you can hardly even turn in a few cheap chests without getting killed for them.

    When can Xbox players have fun?

  • Hey there fellow swashbucklers,

    During E3 week everyone that played was give the Spartan Hull, Figurehead and sails, since then we missed 3 parts to complete the cosmetics.

    Now that has changed, Everyone that logs on and plays during Gamescom (August 20th untill August 24th) will receive the Cannons, Capstan and Helm and not only that! Everyone that missed out during E3 and didnt get the previous cosmetics the will receive the full ship!

  • The adventure storyline missions take a huge investment of time to find all the additional books and figuring out important locations not to mention player and world interactions like the Kraken, and ship respawns create huge setbacks. That's all fine and dandy and understandably part of the game.

    However, it's incredibly punishing to invest all that time to fail the puzzle challenge and have the entire mission canceled and the journal lost forcing us to sail back to an outpost, and completely restart the whole process. It's absolutely ruthless!

    I would recommend some way to allow players to respawn, whether inside that puzzle game state again, or have them interact with the totem once again... something other than completely canceling the entire mission altogether.

  • Please add a text chat to xbox, it's very hard to communicate if you do not have a mic.

  • Find a Crew!

    Hi I’m looking for a crew to do some casual stuff and doesn’t take it self to seriously, I’m 23 from uk who loved this game when it first came out but didn’t have a decent crew, want to get back into it with all the new updates, I’m up for anything in the game be that engaging in pvp to just simply exploring. I’m friendly and play most days. 18+ Will accept younger giving maturity. Must speak fluent English or close. I’m on Xbox one.
    Many thanks.

  • Wondering if anyone can suggest something I could try to rectify extremely long load times for SoT on the Xbox One S (besides buying an SSD) - Me and my partner play the game together on a sloop, both running the same model external USB HDD, both installed on the external HDD - The thing is, she loads into the game in 1m and 44 seconds using the original Xbox One - My game on the other hand takes a staggering 3m and 56 seconds!

    Sadly, it's no better once I'm in the game either - Getting back to the ship using a merman (despite the fact that I can see the ship) takes a mind boggling 1 minute and 13 seconds! Takes her 27 seconds on the original console - Then there's getting killed and respawning, it takes so long to load the Ferry of the Damned that by time I've loaded onto it the doors are already open - Then it takes over a minute to load back onto the ship (oh, and during the last Tall Tale quest where you don't spawn back on the ship if you die, I was getting attacked by skeletons whilst I was still in the loading screen and I actually died before I'd even loaded back into the game twice!)

    You could argue that the load times would be a little bit longer as it has to upscale the game into 4K HDR - But them load times are even with the console running in 1080P mode with HDR disabled! Let's also not forget that the One S also has a slightly faster GPU (914MHz compared to the originals 853MHz) so if anything the game should be a second or two faster

    I've tried re-installing it and clearing the cache all to no avail. If maybe I was running a 5400RPM drive and she was running a 7200RPM drive then maybe I could accept slightly longer wait times, but we're both running the same make and model of drive, both bought at the same time on effectively the same hardware

  • I'd like to make the request to add secret legendary fish that have an ultra low spawn rate and are not described anywhere in the game. Rare should include these fish without letting people know and have no way for players to know they've been added.

    These fish would have very difficult fishing minigame mechanics and require the player to have earned an upgraded rod.

    These fish also would not be capable of being eaten nor cooked and would act as perishable goods that the player would have to deliver to the hunter's call similar to how flowers wilt over time when not watered. They'd have to be stored on the ship and would flop around. If the ship had water in the lower hull the fish would swim around and would not die from suffocating, but would require the player to chase it down to pick it back up. The fish would have 3 categories of quality. Rotten, Dead, Alive. Alive would award the player a MASSIVE chunk of xp and gold. Dead would grant a slightly smaller sized amount. Rotten would barely grant any at all. The fish would immediately fill your hands upon reeling it in all the way and it would cause the player to struggle with the fish while walking making the player walk slower until the fish died. Once dead the fish would just be cargo. Dead fish will rot regardless of if it's submerged or not. Live fish will never rot, but may starve if the player takes too long to deliver the fish. The time a fish can be out of water is relative to the time a player can be underwater.

  • Title. This has been happening since yesterday and I’ve been doing nothing but trying to make it work. Does anyone have a fix for this, or knows anything about this? I’m playing on a Xbox one S if that helps. Cheers!

  • I'm tired of constantly playing at a disadvantage to pc players. There needs to be a console match up only option when loading into a server. The disadvantages of console to pc in this game are numerous and its ridiculous to spend time gathering and finding loot only to have it stolen. I know this is a pvp game and having loot stolen is part of it. However its infuriating to have loot stolen or ship sank when you aren't able to defend yourself due to uneven play.

  • Maybe someone can point me in the right direction here.

    I play on the PC and was solo slooping a few of the new quests. I had a good chunk of loot (25-30 items) and started sailing to the outpost which has the ridiculously long dock/run (can't think of the name atm - but everyone hates it).

    I switched on "Open Crew" so someone else would log in and get some free cash before I logged of. Well, the first guy to join was a Russian guy. I had no idea what he was saying, but he was hot-mic'd and everyone in the background was speaking Russian. He didn't do much. Didn't help turn things in, just ran up and down the dock. I thought he might be new so I let it go and turned in about half the loot.
    Out of nowhere, I heard him start laughing while saying something in Russian, then he pointed the gun at the barrels on the deck and shot them, sinking the ship almost immediately. He logged as he was dying. That immediately told me he knew what he was doing and was just griefing.

    I tried to look him up in the Xbox Console Companion, but his name (something similar to Wavydata812393) does not show up. Other names (similar to BoxOfTurtlesMPG and ChubbyBlaeBlue) showed up, yet I was solo slooping and kept far away from everyone else.

    My initial thought was the user is changing names to avoid people tracking them down. I have seen this in a few other online games. Call of Duty had a script that would roll through new names every 3 seconds, so it was near impossible to ban or report them.
    Does anyone know if this is a thing through Xbox?
    Also, what exactly does the privacy settings for the Xbox accounts change? Does it change what names other people see through the Console Companion?

    I tried looking for the information on the forums, but my searched didn't bring back what I was looking for.

  • Hey Folks,

    I am aware there was a thread on this a year ago but does anyone know if there is any news to add the flippers on the back as extra buttons or if there is a way to do it? If not then can peeps give me suggestions on what is the most useful thing to map to these in game? Thanks :)

  • Add a Text-Chat on Xbox platform

  • Hey Mateys

    So I’m trying to get PL for the second time on my account! 1st one went to my lil bro! Anyway like to think I’m a competent sailor and looking to grind some Athena’s! If you think I’d be a good fit for your crew drop me a message below or on xb! GT: RapidUrsa

    Country Uk
    Age 21
    Playtime 19:00 - 23:00 BST

  • Hey All,

    Looking for a team of 3 people to raid the seas with this evening! Not to worried about skill but mics required 😊 drop GT below! Will group around 6:30ish

  • First of all you have made it so that skeletons can walk through the player, but the player can not do the same. This ends up with the player being surrounded by skeletons and not being able to move. either make it so the player can do the same or stop the skeletons from walk through the player.
    Secondly, skeletons don't receive a penalty when being hit with a sword by a player. When a player is hit the combo is reset, many times me and other crew members have been hitting skeletons with our swords and the skeletons are able to pull of a three hit combo. Skeletons should receive the same penalty as players.
    Thirdly, when doing an Athena voyage the constant spawning of random gunpowder skeletons is over the top. I understand that Athenas are meant to be difficult being end game voyages, but having one spawn (and in some cases 3-4) every time the randoms skeletons spawn is to much. at least reduce the frequency at which they can spawn.
    Last and by no means least, this has to be the most complained about feature sniper skeleton.
    The number of sniper skeletons that can spawn at one time and along side other gun skeletons is to much. Having more than one sniper skeleton spawn at one time is beyond a joke, many a time me and other crew members have been killed before even stepping on foot on the island. This is a massive problem when you have other pistol skeletons spawn alongside them, many at time my entire crew has been killed before getting close the skeletons. Plus the accuracy of the sniper skeletons is ridiculous, so many times i have been in the devils roar and i have been launched in the air by a geyser and I have been shot and killed mid air by the snipers. I don't agree that they need to be removed from game as they are a good challenge when done correctly, but there needs to be something done about how many can spawn at one time especially with other gun skeletons, and the accuracy needs to nerfed.

    Please Rare Fix your skeletons.

  • Crossplay Between PC and XBOX
    As a Sea of Thieves fanatic that plays a controller, I find it very uneven that Xbox players are forced to play with PC players. While I wield both a controller and a keyboard depending on what I’m in the mood for, I can advocate that it is completely unbalanced. I enjoy playing with my friends on other platforms, but I believe that it should be optional. Especially in arena. It is so ridiculous how much of an advantage you have in PVP on PC. As an unbiased player, I think that there should be a setting where you can switch between crossplay.

  • ⚠️ Communauté ⚠️
    ☠ Black's Mermaid ☠

    ▶️ Présentation ◀️
    Black's Mermaid est une communauté souhaitant rassembler un groupe de personneq recherchant les mêmes valeurs et les mêmes idées sur Sea Of Thieves.

    La communauté comporte beaucoup de membres avec lesquels vous jouerez sûrement.

    Ces personnes sont la pour plusieurs raisons :

    ➡️ La recherche d'une équipe, de nouveaux amis ou d'aventure .
    ➡️ La recherche d'une communauté francophone
    ➡️La recherche de rôle play, d'événement organisé, de compétition, de gameplay posé

    Il y'a un staff à l'écoute qui propose des événements avec des cadeaux à la clé ou des formations pour les débutants.

    ▶️ Critère de recrutement ◀️

    • Tout le monde accepté (Débutant, Expert...etc)

    • Préférence +18 ans (-18 accepté si mature)

    • Micro obligatoire

    • Application Discord

    • Fiche pirate à faire par un admin à l'arrivé sur le serveur.
      Spécialisations par la suite (Canonnier, Fusiller, Duelliste..etc)

    • Importance du respect d'autrui

    ▶️ Informations supplémentaires ◀️
    Cette communauté à été crée pour rassembler le plus de personnes possible voulant jouer tranquillement sans prise de tête ou de joueurs perturbateurs.
    Le serveur discord est utilisé pour chercher des matelots pour votre équipage, chaque matelots à des spécialisations, selon ce que vous recherchez vous pourrez trouvez votre bonheur !
    Venez en privé pour plus d'informations

  • What is the status on the option to play with console or PC players only? Both Adventure and Arena game types would be more enjoyable if this feature were available.

    We base our strategy in Arena around avoiding close quarters combat when PC players have the advantage of utilizing the entire point system because of the accuracy difference.

  • I keep getting this glitch whenever I try to load into a closed crew and it says 'Recruiting a crew' and doesn't change unless I restart my game, load into an open crew, leave open crew after I've loaded in, then try again for closed crew.
    It's so annoying and no one I know has had this, just me.
    Is it a proper glitch or is it just something up with my Xbox account? I appreciate all the help I can get.

  • Recently since the update, adventure mode has been terrible for me as my game will all of a sudden freeze and buzz before closing and returning to the home screen of my Xbox One X. Has anyone else had this issue and if so have you found any solutions I.e reinstalling? Cheers