• Hi all,

    Tried to search for similar threads but couldn't find any. Since the last update I can only play for about an hour before I'm hit with game breaking lag. I'll jump around across the boat in such a way that I can't play any more.

    Other online services are working fine for me, and I'd been playing SoT nightly for the last two months without an issue.

    Is this a known problem I can address?

  • Chill sailing with my friend on his first day in game, and the Kraken decided to say hello to us.

  • Any advice how to find out my actual stats on the game, as they aren't accumulating.

  • Hello I don’t know if I should post this here or not but I’m having trouble hearing other crews and talking in game chat on Xbox one in sea of thieves. and I don’t know why it was working last week and then all of a sudden it stopped and the strange thing is my mic works in party chat but not in game chat. I’ve tried going into app privacy and allowing it but sea of thieves won’t even pop up and and I can’t find anybody with the same problem so if you have any info on what I could do it would be a big help thank you.

  • alt text

    Are you tired of trying to find people on Xbox to pvp with?

    Tried looking for groups but found yourself on uncoordinated or toxic crews?

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    We are a rapidly expanding fleet with pvp and teamwork at the core of everything we do. We utilise a rank based structure to ensure discipline and competent leadership when playing, all while keeping things light hearted and fun.

    Our number one rule is to treat each other with respect and dignity, the Idle Bones Navy truly is a place to relax and enjoy focussed pvp in a positive environment.

    When custom servers become available, the future of the Idle Bones Navy will be large fleet battles with multiple ships fighting to the death in a wide range of scenarios.

    Would you like to enjoy pvp and not have to worry about leading others? Then joining as a Sailor is perfect for you!

    Aspiring to Captain a ship, leading a team of disciplined and motivated Sailors? Then joining as a Midshipman is perfect for you!

    Join the discord and sign up today!

  • If you are in to PvP, this is for you.

    We have all seen them. The pirates that are able to hit all of their shots with the Eye of Reach in close quarters. Although it is very annoying to be shot by them and loose over 75% 0f your health, it could be easy to do.

    First, we have to understand what a close-quarters quickscope is. This type of quickscope occurs when your enemy hits his/her shots with an Eye of Reach in close range.

    To get started, you have to understand that this attack method can be hard to master, but can prove very effective. When I was first learning how to do this, I put a little piece of tape on my screen where the crack in the scope of the gun lined up. This helped me understand where the middle of my screen was. (If you are not comfortable with doing this tape trick, it is OK! It may take you a little longer to learn where the middle of your screen is.)

    When you are in PvP, use the tape trick to line up the middle of your screen with your target. Once you are lined up, quickly scope in and take your shot. Remember that you have to do this in a VERY short amount of time. If you wait to shoot, you are going to miss your shot.

    Please remember that you are not going to hit all of your shots first try. All you have to do is practice. Sometimes when I'm sailing on the seas, I like to practice my quickscopes on the ship's bell. If you didn't know, the bell rings whenever it is shot.

    There you go, pirate! Good luck on the seas!!

  • when the game was released it was possible to listen to the ingame chat parallel to the xbox party chat. Nowadays the feature is no longer available. I have now listened to various platforms from reddit to xbox sea of ​​thieves groups and everyone reports the same thing that they no longer hear the ingame chat in xbox party chat, again this is still possible as an PC player ... My attitude at MS and XBox Live do not contradict this, so I would still have to hear everyone ... Why is that xbox players no longer hear ingame chat as soon as they enter an xbox chat party. This is a huge disadvantage compared to any PC player and significantly interferes with the gaming experience. I play SOT since release and for me it is a massive impairment of the gaming experience compared to the release

  • Instead of the normal put you in a random server and hope you don’t get screwed by anyone else, y’all should put a PVP Closed server so there is no PVPing against other people. Of course in-game NPC’s such as the skeletons, kraken, sharks, etc.... still exist. I just think that not having this option is a flaw in the game. It saves a lot of frustration for newer players, and is very good for solo people. Please add this into the game for the next update. I really believe it will benefit the game.

  • First day as a pirate and this happened! 😂

  • Find a Crew!

    Looking for for crew been playing the game a good bit so anyone looking help let me know playing on xbox

  • I have been playing sea of theives for a while now and I’ve seen it go through many changes but a big problem I have been facing, and especially recently is xbox one in game chat not working.
    Once and a while me and my friends can speak in game and the next day it fails to work one bit. We have tried everything from unplugging to resetting. My friends on PCs mics work in xbox party and game so it’s not mics?

  • Ahoy les pirates de mers douces ! Nous sommes de bon matelots légendaires qui aimeraient former un véritable équipage ou en rejoindre un.
    Envoyez moi vos GT ou écrivez moi merci 😁

  • When choosing food from your item wheel Raw Meats/ Fish shouldn't be equipped unless you only have Raw Meat or Manually select it from your inventory. This is to help controller players have more control over which food items they equip without binding a button since the limited inputs of a controller makes it impossible to have every button binded.

  • Hey Rare,

    About a year ago I bought an Xbox One X because I wanted to have the best of the best in hardware to enjoy my favorite game. However, I realized that this game does not allow me to take advantage of the amazing hardware inside. It limits me to 30fps and it takes at least 15-20 seconds to load into or out of the ferry of the damned or a mermaid. That is the difference between a ship sinking and a ship surviving! There should be an option to lower the resolution of the game to gain higher frames and loading times should be equal to PC. That is just something that cannot be overlooked. I watch streamers get near-instant loading times from mermaids yet it takes me 20 seconds. This is the one thing that keeps me from enjoying this game as much as I want to. Please fix this Rare.

    Thank you,

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m posting on behalf of a friend.

    My friend and I have been running through the Tall Tales for our first time. We just finished Fate of the Morning Star last night and went to start Revenge of the Morning Star and it won’t let her vote on it despite her having the Xbox achievement of finishing it. In her commendations they are all locked and says she has made no progress on any of them.

    Has anyone else run into this issue before? Could the Ships of Fortune update be causing a glitch? Any insight is welcome, thank you!

  • When I got on sea of thieves, for some reason, the servers were down. Did anyone else get this message this morning?

  • hello everyone, if you read this post please tell rare to create a 60 fps mode on xbox, even if it is only the xbox one x it would be really good and I think it would please a lot of people, sorry for my bad english, i'm french.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    I think adding a mainland port to the far west of the map would work very well for the game. The surrounding area could have islands controlled by the navy and you could get attacked by the navy if seen. And you could attack the port and get treasures confiscated from pirates.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    Why aren't shanties getting more attention?

    I feel like they are a huge part of this game and could be for example a new emporium or TT reward kind of thing. Official SoT song like: Who Shall Not be Returning, Wild Rose, Stitcher's Sorrow + We Shall Sail Together ofc, etc. could be all made into the in-game shanties.

    It would work just like emotes where u could just choose a shanty loadout you like... (Lets say 5 shanties max)

  • Was on mermaids hideaway grinding out hunters call rep. I was on the island for about 2 hours no problem. Died to a keg I didn't hear walking up. Came back like normal and the storage crates I left at my fishing spot despawned. Just wanted to bring this up.

  • Hi,
    I made a video showing the differences with load times for Sea of Thieves on 3 different consoles

  • Simple really, I play Sea of Thieves on the Xbox One S. Sea of Thieves was made for the Xbox One X, I love the game and I especially love The Arena, however, since The Arena is so poorly optimized, I am often killed and sometimes sink because of lag and long load times. I am suggesting that a graphics settings menu be added for consol players who want performance over quality. This setting exists for PC but not for console for some reason. I am a content creator and recording slows the game down slightly, all of this added on top of intense ship fights (especially on galleons) makes me feel like I'm playing on a 2005 Dell office laptop at times. I play with a keyboard and mouse plugged in so I play with PC players who are running at 60fps giving them a blatant upper hand in CQB and gunfights. I greatly enjoy the game and I would love it if a graphics adjustment setting or something was added.

    I often don't play Arena now simply because it is too laggy for my Xbox; I enjoy Arena more than adventure because of its fast-paced PvP on demand, but because of these serious performance issues I just play a different game. This is a shame because I've been playing Sea of Thieves since May 2018 and I really enjoy it but the performance is too much of an issue now. At this point I can't even play Arena for fun now I only play a couple of times a week to record a video then play something else because I'm sick of the lag

  • The past week I have been trying to play the game (regular and insider), but after a few moments my boat will start sinking and the game will boot me out and will give me the almondbeard message. I've reset my WiFi to my Xbox, reset my router, and even tried on other profiles, but I still encounter the same thing every time. Can I get any help with this issue?

  • Was playing doing fotd with my bro and someone shot to our shop and I point blanked him with the shotty and he didn’t die but then when they point blanked me I died instantly like wth either make the damage consistent or remove the weapon entirely it’s annoying when other player take a point blank shotgun blast and live but when I get point blanked it’s insta death so fix this plz.

  • Ahoy pirates! Throughout this time playing Sea of Thieves, I have come up with several ideas that I would like to share. Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I have a lot to explain now.

    First and foremost, the sloop customization in specific. It may not be a lot to talk about but in terms of looks, this would stand out. I am no Photoshop expert or good at drawing but just imagine this. Here is your ordinary sloop without the back end covered. Imagine an option (just like closing the hatch/windows) where you can bring down drapes or that cover material to where all sides are covered. For all PvP lovers, this adds mystery for what this ship in specific has but for all those protecting your loot, you are at a disadvantage. That is the first idea that came to mind.

    This is more simplistic to explain, interchangeable hooks, eye-patches, peg legs, and other things I may not know. For all the left handed people out there, you can add these items to your right hand, eye, or leg. This would make the character hold all weapons in the left hand. This is more of a natural feel. This was something small but pretty neat.

    Last but not least, Athena's Curse. This one I may not be the first one to think of it but if not, then I am glad I am the first person to think of this. You're basically a ghost all over your body. Green and ghostly, pretty much. However, when I was trying to think of how to earn it, I only thought of one way. Completing every Pirate Legend commendation and this is pretty ludicrous. Want to know why?

    It is because of this thing here that is stopping us from getting all commendations done. The myth, the legend, the creature not to be spotted...The Shrouded Ghost. I have only heard rumors that you have to contact Rare, pay the company to either give you the commendation or to spawn it in the game for you. I heard this from a friend and I am not going to point names out. Either way, that is the only way I could think of for a person to get the Athena's Curse, if it ever comes to his game.

    Once again these are my ideas and hopefully we can see one of these in the game. If we are all lucky, all of them. Until next time, have fun sailing the seas.

  • Hello All,

    I have an oddity I would like to report. This may have already been made known but I don't have an easy way to search the forums (Or I just don't know how to do that)

    This has only happened to me once so far.

    My right analog stick would not function on the x axis. I was in a row boat rowing to treasure left in a kraken. The kraken disappeared and when I jumped into the water to grab a chest I couldn't look left or right.

    This cleared up when I had someone harpoon me to the ship. However once the rowboat was docked to our brig I hopped on to grab some chests. The issue came back and I couldn't look left or right.

    I hopped backwards onto the ship and this issue was corrected. I did not hop onto a row boat after that.

    I hope this detail helps find a resolution to this problem.


  • Hello there,

    since the newest update and the ability to toggle off crossplay (kinda) Xbox players, who use a controller for gameplay, can't use a keyboard for communication anymore.

    Now I don't know if this is intended or not. The point of the new setting is to be matched with other players using the same peripheral equipment, but in my opinion the game should let you choose if you want to use the keyboard for gameplay, for text messages or for both.

    Communication is still important in the game and using your keyboard to quickly type messages is easier than using the pirate chat wheel and/or emotes to get your point across.

  • What are Minor Suggestions?
    These are suggestions in which is not THAT important, but to at least have in the game because why not.

    Here are my Minor Suggestions:
    Boat Trail - So when on a boat IRL of course, you will see the trail it leaves behind. Why not at that into the game, just to bring some aesthetics to the sailing experience.

    Flute - OK so...I think these will be cool having to play music on along with the other instruments that is already in the game.

    Diamonds - Uhhh...I know that Gold is the top currency in the game, but would be cool to add in diamonds as well. You have Gold, Sapphire, Emeralds, and Ruby Gems...why not add Diamonds.

    Dolphins - They will be jumping out from the waters at times, mainly in the Ancient Isles and Shores of Plenty area of the map.

    Crabs - I mean come on, they look cool, and can clamp on to your hand and will damage you at 2% of health. Like it will clamp on to you, and your character will automatically shake it off.

    I think that is all I have. What are your thoughts?