• How many rounds (including the last round with Gray Marrow) are there at FOTD?

  • So I that this thought in mind and told a friend (we are both insiders) about it and he thinks it’s a good idea.

    So when becoming an Insider for SOT, you are obliged to make a new pirate. I was shook at first, but realized it was different form the actual game. So I choose my pirate (BTW I loved the new pirate for the Insider Program). So then this came to mind.

    For those who are insiders, can we have the option to switch between our pirates in the actual game & our pirates in the Insider in the actual game of SOT.

    Confused? Let me example more.

    See, I thought about that since we cannot make changes to our original pirates from the actual game of SOT, for those who are insiders and have to make a new one, can have the option [Under “Pirate Settings”] to change our pirate (use the insider pirate we created to use in the actual game as a selection) WHILE STILL KEEPING the same progress we accumulate when we played since day one on the actual game. I just thought about it and wanted to see how everyone else think about it.

  • I would like to suggest a new option to invite friends to a serve, not to sail with you but as another crew on the waters. To be able to show off your skills AGAINST your friends and hunt them down!!

  • For some reason, did the loading time increase because quite frankly—8/10 chances it takes a little longer for me to join back in the game or my boat. We all know that the moment you die, you will immediately spawn in the Ferry, but now it’s like I’m on the “Black Screen of Death” while hearing the sounds of being on the Ferry, AND THEN it puts me in the Ferry before the doors open for me to come back into the real world. That’s when I have to wait “impatiently” until I come in the game after a long time on the loading screen. Yes, I am a XboxONE player, but the loading time is really a kill and will cause stress.

    So has the loading time gotten better or gotten worse?

  • Ahoy thar ye skeevy skallywags!

    As fellow rapscallions, we simple sea folks of the Pirate Armada would like to call an offer to join our merry marauding ranks!
    Whether ye take to buccaneering, privateering, smuggling or full on piracy; be ye a young sea pup on yer first voyage, or a retired and returning legend o the sea; the Armada welcomes ye all!

    Welcome to The Pirate Armada!

    The Pirate Armada is a growing community based on and built around Sea of Thieves. We are a place for fellow pirates to find crew of all play styles, on all platforms. You can share your favorite stories, converse with like minded scoundrels, as well as sign up for one of our bi-weekly events!
    Hope to see you along!

    We welcome new and old players alike, so no matter your skill, the Armada has a place for you. Whether you are a bloodthirsty PvPer, or a casual PvEer, we unite pirates of all walks of life to offer the best experience possible. So join the Armada today, and set sail for adventure, rum and riches!

    Embark on your journey here!

    Hope to see you on our crew, and happy sailing!

  • Hey there fellow swashbucklers,

    During E3 week everyone that played was give the Spartan Hull, Figurehead and sails, since then we missed 3 parts to complete the cosmetics.

    Now that has changed, Everyone that logs on and plays during Gamescom (August 20th untill August 24th) will receive the Cannons, Capstan and Helm and not only that! Everyone that missed out during E3 and didnt get the previous cosmetics the will receive the full ship!

  • Give us the option to play SoT in another language than our system language (PC).

    As a German who speaks English, I usually prefer films and games in their original language and Sea of Thieves is no exception. I'm annoyed by translation errors, jokes getting lost in translation and miscommunication with other players who don't speak German.

    Why is this possible in every game except Sea of Thieves?

  • I'm tired of constantly playing at a disadvantage to pc players. There needs to be a console match up only option when loading into a server. The disadvantages of console to pc in this game are numerous and its ridiculous to spend time gathering and finding loot only to have it stolen. I know this is a pvp game and having loot stolen is part of it. However its infuriating to have loot stolen or ship sank when you aren't able to defend yourself due to uneven play.

  • One should be able to simply walk away from a barrel and have it close automatically. It's strange that there's a dedicated button for closing the interface. It works very well in other games (see Elder Scrolls Online when in a loot window) and it would be a great quality-of-life improvement in Sea of Thieves that most people may not even realize they want.

  • Clever title? Anyways,
    It would be very appreciated indeed if we could have a higher Field of View, at times when coming back to the game after playing something else I get terribly nauseous.

    With best regards,
    a very nauseous boy.

  • Crossplay Between PC and XBOX
    As a Sea of Thieves fanatic that plays a controller, I find it very uneven that Xbox players are forced to play with PC players. While I wield both a controller and a keyboard depending on what I’m in the mood for, I can advocate that it is completely unbalanced. I enjoy playing with my friends on other platforms, but I believe that it should be optional. Especially in arena. It is so ridiculous how much of an advantage you have in PVP on PC. As an unbiased player, I think that there should be a setting where you can switch between crossplay.

  • ⚠️ Communauté ⚠️
    ☠ Black's Mermaid ☠

    ▶️ Présentation ◀️
    Black's Mermaid est une communauté souhaitant rassembler un groupe de personneq recherchant les mêmes valeurs et les mêmes idées sur Sea Of Thieves.

    La communauté comporte beaucoup de membres avec lesquels vous jouerez sûrement.

    Ces personnes sont la pour plusieurs raisons :

    ➡️ La recherche d'une équipe, de nouveaux amis ou d'aventure .
    ➡️ La recherche d'une communauté francophone
    ➡️La recherche de rôle play, d'événement organisé, de compétition, de gameplay posé

    Il y'a un staff à l'écoute qui propose des événements avec des cadeaux à la clé ou des formations pour les débutants.

    ▶️ Critère de recrutement ◀️

    • Tout le monde accepté (Débutant, Expert...etc)

    • Préférence +18 ans (-18 accepté si mature)

    • Micro obligatoire

    • Application Discord

    • Fiche pirate à faire par un admin à l'arrivé sur le serveur.
      Spécialisations par la suite (Canonnier, Fusiller, Duelliste..etc)

    • Importance du respect d'autrui

    ▶️ Informations supplémentaires ◀️
    Cette communauté à été crée pour rassembler le plus de personnes possible voulant jouer tranquillement sans prise de tête ou de joueurs perturbateurs.
    Le serveur discord est utilisé pour chercher des matelots pour votre équipage, chaque matelots à des spécialisations, selon ce que vous recherchez vous pourrez trouvez votre bonheur !
    Venez en privé pour plus d'informations