• Hello everyone! 👋

    Here's your Weekly Recap' Video (yeah I know, it's the first of mine on the Creator Crew Programme but hey shhh!) of the Sea Of Thieves Weekly Dev. Updates Videos!

    Today, we tackle the short video from the 18th of September 2019.

    As always (hush I said :D), the content is in french but english subtitles are available! Have a good time!

    Bonjour à tous! 👋

    Comme d'habitude (même si c'est la première sur le Programme pour Créateurs mais hey chut!) voici votre vidéo récapitulative hebdomadaire des vidéos de mise à jour des développeurs de Sea Of Thieves!

    Aujourd'hui, on s'occupe de la courte vidéo du 18 Septembre 2019.

    Bon visionnage!

  • Hey all! I unfortunately don't stream but I do love to make videos on youtube about Sea of Thieves. I guess for my first post here is a cool interview with the man himself Joe "Three Sheets" Neate

  • Hello different type of creator here! Currently I'm on my way to reaching Pirate Legend without doing a single voyage and playing only solo. So far I'm at 37 in all factions.

    Also I've written a few alternative updates in the past and thought I'd reshare them.

    Please note all these updates were written awhile ago, a few features may not work. Or have even been implemented already in Rare's own way.

    All the links go to Sea of Thieves forum posts.

    Scholars of Curses - http://bit.ly/SoCurses
    • New Trading Company
    • New Voyage Type
    • 16 New Cursed Items
    • Increased Level Caps to 60
    • Loot rework

    The Fractured Isles - http://bit.ly/TFracturedI
    • New Tool
    • New Manoeuvrability Mechanics
    • New Random Encounter
    • New World Event
    • New Skeleton Type

    Trial of Fools - http://bit.ly/ToFools
    • New Gameplay
    • New Area "The Trials"
    • New Vendor
    • New Vanity Items
    • New Enemies

    Turned Tides - http://bit.ly/TurnedTides
    • New Encounter
    • New World Area
    • New Voyage Type
    • New Merchant Animal

    This last one I wasn't exceptionally happy with. It was rushed, overly complicataed and didn't really make sense.

    Raised Chains - http://bit.ly/RaisedC
    • Story Campaign (Similar to how Tall Tales now work)
    • Challenge Voyages (Harder versions of voyages)
    • New Voyage Mechanics
    • New Animals

  • A little recap of the adveture, when she Sea Of Thieves got interduced to the beasts of the megalagons.

  • Just a little side note i try to leave in every video. I have so much footage of Sea Of Thieves and other games. So i might uploade something today. That is from a while ago. But the point is to share the adventure, so hopefully that will be enjoyable.