• Hello, i do hope this is the correct place for this. I was just playing Arena with my crew when we ran into a situation I have not seen before.

    We were approaching a ship and one of their crew proceeded to board us. It was the beginning of the match and we all began fighting. I die first and as I respawned I gathered my bearings and turned on the boarding player who was still on the ship and was immediately one hit with a sword slash. Ok. That was wierd, maybe I lagged, maybe I mistook my health bar. But I was 100% sure it was full, and I hadn't just loaded in, I had run towards him deliberately, over a fair distance across the mid deck. My crew keeps fighting and one of my crew mates tells me he was one-hit by the same guy, with a sword. Not a lunge, a quick swing.

    How is this possible? Is it an error with latency? An error with our health bar? A character using a macro? Any guesses? I dont want to report a guy who is just good, and it looked like on my screen he just instantly killed me when that isnt what happened. But I am worried this is an issue or exploit. Anyone hear of this happening before?

  • I could could go into detail on what and how I find the sword combat to be bad, and I have many times and there have been discussions on these forums several times.

    But instead, I would like to just point out flaws that current sword possesses. I firstly just want to get my opinion out of the way; Im in the stance that the previous (When you were slowed down for swinging) sword combat was better as the slowdown drawback made most or all mechanics work well with eachother and made for a much more consistent and tactical sword gameplay. Current sword gameplay is very mindless.

    Alright, so here are some major points:

    • Ever since "Sword Switching" (or whatever it was called) was introduced, an exploit was born, making for unfair sword combat. (This has to be fixed).
    • Swords still trade hits inconsistently, this could be due to hit registration issues.
    • Pirates still dont get stunned if in Mid-air. (This was the real culprit to previous sword combats problems).
    • There is no longer "Environment Comboing", however, you significantly reduce the time to start swinging again if you do still hit a piece of environment, versus missing completely.
    • The dynamic of being able to move in full speed while swinging your sword against someone who is blocking (Who is then forced to stand still) is creating unbalanced situations.
    • There is an inert Cooldown for Sword-Dodging that can be activated if you are blocking with the sword in moments that dont let you Sword-Dodge. (Examples: Inputting to sword-Dodge in midair wont let you Sword-dodge from the ground until this cooldown has ended, or inputting to sword-dodge while blocking attacks but still not allowed to make the dodge).
    • You can still sword-Dodge while crippled or in a heavy body of water to mitigate the slowdown from those effects. (This could be intentional)
    • You get a full jog speed and the ability to jump while charging your sword if you held BLOCK first. (This is not intentional, but devs dont want to take this ability away. I suggest to normalise this with standard sword charging).
    • When you Charge attack into the environment, you get to block, Sword-Dodge, make an attack, turn around, etc. You only dont get the ability to move normally. This is different from missing completely, which makes you unable to do almost anything for 2 seconds.

    I still miss a lot of the moments that the previous sword combat gave me. It was a lot more thematic, tactical and methodical. But if Rare insists in having a full jog speed sword swinging, then we can at least have them address the rest of the mechanics that it has impacted.

  • Hi everyone !

    I'm playing SoT since the alpha and i really love this game. I played through nearly all the updates, and the Anniversary one was the one I was SO HYPED for. I love the PVP in this game (in every games, really) and OH BOI Arena !
    I really love the idea of this game mode (finally playing against some crew who wants to fight and will not flee ! YAAARRRR !) but i think it missed something... I'll try to explain my feeling on the actual state of the Arena and maybe just the actual state of the PVP in the game.

    Arena is a really, really great game mode idea for PVP lovers as i said, specially with all the things added in the anniversary update (Harpoons, health regen and basically "ship destruction").
    The PVP when it comes to ship vs ship is now a lot more interesting than before (and this both in the Arena or in Adventure), you don't just spam the enemy ship, you can now aim special points to hit critical parts of the ships and IT'S AWESOME. Really, it's way more fun than it was before the update and way more "tactical" too. GJ and thanks Rare team for this !

    But when it comes to "Pirate vs Pirate"... It's not really the same feeling and this is where i think SoT missed something.
    The sword fight works really nicely in PVE with skeletons and other weapons deals a reasonable amount of damages, but (without talking of the server lags and of the PC vs XBOX fight) I think the sword moveset should be more "complete" to be really enjoyable in PVP.

    I'll try to explain this point :
    You have only two "basic attacks" with the sword : "The 3 hits combo" and the "Sword Dash", if someone in front of you is parrying, you can only sword dash to break it (even if you can parry and then charge the sword dash to keep some move speed) and I think players need more options to make something that feel less "empty" when it comes to melee combat. (And wouldn't it be great to be able to make some "Epic swords duels" instead of two drunken pirates swinging swords in all the directions ?)

    At the moment PVP when it comes to "Pirate vs Pirate" usually happens like that :

    • Running with a gun trying to make maximum damages and then swinging the sword with left clic.
    • Trying to sword dash and then switch to ANY gun to end the life of your opponent.
      And sadly that's all for a majority of players. (And I don't blame them, I do this too a lot of the time, it works nearly... everytime... And the "Blunderbuss" still One Shot a lot of the time BTW if you're close enough and aiming)

    This is why i think the "Pirate vs Pirate" should be reworked a bit (I'm not talking about a "complex" system like Chivalry / War of the Roses or even Mordhau) but at least a more "complete" one.
    I didn't really thougt of a lot of exemples to resolve this (expecting mechanics that already exists on the games I mentioned before) but maybe a single faster attack (or new weapon like a dagger or something elese?) that stun or bump or make a DoT ? Or a quicker parry that doesn't allow the player to block all the time and just on timings ?

    One other thing to make Arena more enjoyable for everyone : Please make a "ranked" matchmaking, it isn't really fun or even fair to play against crews of players who only played for few days and doesn't really know "how the game works" or playing with a premade crew vs "all random" crews that usually don't even talk to each other during the all game.
    In all the Arenas i made for now (75+) : my crew was at least first or second everytime with 10k+ golds, one other crew was nearly at the same amount of golds and finally the lasts one or two poor crews (who had not already left the game) weren't able to even reach 1k without sinking... I'm not saying "WE R 2 STRONK LELZ" but I think at the current state Arena isn't fair at all for anyone and it usually end in some kind of wierd 1 crew vs 1 crew with others just "spectating" the fights / leaving. (And XBOX vs PC doesn't really make it better at all sadly, i don't want to troll or anything like that but i think other peoples on PC will agree with me : when you encounter an XBOX player, 9/10 times just get in his back and it's a win...)

    So here is all i had to say. Sorry for my bad english guys, I hope everyone can understand what I wanted to say.
    And again thanks and GJ Rare team for the anniversary update ! (and all the others btw) The game is more and more fun patch after patch, it's awesome to see all the changes you made to the game since the begining !

  • I've seen a few other people post this here but I think it is very valid. Everytime I fight someone and I get them low on health, they just start hopping around like a frog and it is incredibly difficult to get any hits on them. This is not realistic and there should definitely be repercussions to jumping too much. I think combat should be where once you engage, you have to go all in and can't dip at the last second just to avoid dying. Let me know what you guys think. I also think that the sword combat could be more advanced. During the fate of the morning star tall tale there is one of the dead crew members that you see fighting Graymarrow and the sword combat there is so much more advanced and just awesome.

  • Dear Rare, honestly. This has gone for a long time now.

    Sword combat used to be pretty solid. It had something a lot of casual players hated which was "Slowed down on attacking". This mechanic had lots of purpose with the others such as sword hopping, blocking and just escaping swords. But, Bunny-hopping pirates could always escape it because Rare never implemented stunlocking Mid-Air Pirates.

    Slowness had a place in the sword combat, but that got removed, and now has completely changed the other aspects and interactions of the sword with each other. Ever since then, sword combat has become pretty mindless, flimsy. And just... lazy.

    This new update (As amazing as it is) introduced a new aspect to sword. "No longer comboing through environment". This is, Okay in a way. But, it did not do anything. Or at least, it did very little and made sword combat feel bit more flimsy. But there is potential for it, so I am not ruling it out. I just dont think this small change is what is needed.

    However, despite this change,

    The glitch to make it redundant is still out there.

    Now, I dont want to talk about the glitch/exploit and how this single strike when not hitting anyone is not changing anything. Instead, im going to now point at the more glaring aspect which is:


    Any defencive options with a sword against a sword is now really bad.

    First off, Swinging a sword lets you move at a normal pace. Blocking attacks has you stand COMPLETELY STILL. This completely deflates the method of blocking attacks and lets the attacker jump and swing at a normal pace, making the ability to block that much more difficult to do, And impersonal as you cant clearly see your opponent for most encounters.

    Second, Someone who succesfully blocked 3 strikes and wants to retaliate is still inconcistently being hit before he makes his own attack. Resulting in a Trade or a loss for the defender. Which means, someone inside a cramped space like the inside of a ship cannot retaliate when the attacker keeps attacking and isnt being knocked back enough. This rewards swinging the sword mindlessly. (This happened to me too many times).

    Thirdly, The ability to sword hop is activated even when they cant sword hop, which means; after blocking 3 attacks, you cannot sword hop until you are allowed. If you do sword hop when you are not allowed, an invisible cooldown will stop you from sword hopping when you actually can. Basically making the act of panic sword-hopping out of blocking by pressing the jump button PUNISHING.

    Here is how you can change sword while retaining a lot of the good qualities from the changes you guys made

    • Fix the Glitch

    Ive reported this glitch a while back and dont want to go into detail about it here.

    • Have MID-AIR pirates get stunlocked when hit (Stop their horisontal movement).

    Those pirates that jump around your ship cannot be cought and was harder to catch with previous sword combat. This addition/fix would have made things feel like you actually cought someone, instead of landing a hit and still see him running away. This addition makes the sword consistent.

    • Only 2nd and 3rd strikes slow the attacker down

    Slowness made blocking easier, and had you face to face with your opposing pirate. Making blocking easier and rewarded patience, and it didn't devolve fights into running and slicing around like chickens. If we simply let the first attack let you keep normal running pace, then the "No enviornment comboing" will work in tandemn with this new change because you wont accidentally make yourself "Slowed down".

    • When you did your last strike, you cannot make another attack for 0.25 sec (or 0.50 sec) longer.

    This is simply to make blocking more rewarding and escaping after being hit 3 times, and trading less prevalent. When a good fight happens, 2 pirates will block and attack each other going back and forth until they make a change in their strategy. This is how it was previously.

    • Sword-Hop cooldown now only triggers when you have actually sword-hopped.

    Its just a fix.

    That is it. With the arena update, I have had more chances to better understand combat. I have become a better pistol wielder in just these 2 days. But sword combat is still the same as it is just flimsy and unpredictable as to when I will get hit or not, or if I even have a chance to do anything after blocking attacks.

  • So I've been trying to think of a way to make the sword more viable without changing its mechanics and I think I may have a good idea, make it where everyone has the sword and two guns. I know a lot of people will say thats not possible for console players but what if the sword was bound to clicking down on the right analog, after all thats melee in every other game and that button isn't bound to anything, Y could switch between guns but your guns share a pool of ammo, thoughts?

  • Bunnyhopping has recently become a minor issue in combat, due to the changes that were made to how the sword works. It's very frustrating to deal with a player that can slash away and do his full combo while jumping all around you. It's even worse for players with a lower sensitivity.

    Here's what I'd like to see changed:
    You should not be able to jump while swinging. This simply forces the players to play differently, depending more on skill than button mashing. You can still jump then slash at the same time, but you can't keep your combo while doing so.

  • I personally think the sword dash exploit, commonly used to board ships in PvP, should either be:

    • Confirmed as a valid game mechanic and taught to new players similarly to other actual game mechanics
    • Confirmed to be an exploit that will be removed at some point

    I'm a pretty casual player, I've probably only played 30H since the games release (and I've been playing since beta). I also typically play by myself on a sloop. I've really enjoyed the game so far, and have gotten a great feeling of satisfaction when I've been able to board an enemy ship. I've always felt like I did something successful, whether it was landing that tricky shot shooting myself out of a cannon, or I simply outmaneuvered the other ship to the point where I had an opening to jump onto their ship.

    However, often when I have been boarded I didn't feel like I had necessarily done something wrong. Too often there was just suddenly someone aboard my ship, and it always shocked me because it made no logical sense how they had managed to accomplish this feat. I didn't feel as if I had been outmaneuvered or outsmarted, just confused. Until yesterday watching a clip on Reddit, and seeing the sword dash exploit abused to board an enemy ship.

    Now although I personally would prefer to sail a sea where this exploit does not exist, that is not what this post is about, because it's existence is not what caused me such a problem over the last year. It was the fact that I didn't know it even existed. I can absolutely see why players would like it to remain in the game, as it's a mechanic they have learned and gotten used to, but if it does stick around I'm just asking for it to be hinted at in some way in the game, similar to the intentional techniques that exist in the game.

    Even if it is planned to be removed when enough other mechanics exist to replace it (the row boats, potentially swinging on ropes to nearby ships?, etc), I think this single mechanic is the biggest barrier to entry I've experienced in this game, and even just a tavern hand saying "Did you know you can do this?" would be really helpful to the more n00b among us!

    Regardless, thanks devs for all your hard work and I've really enjoyed watching the game progress over the last year. You've really accomplished something special that I hope lives on for years to come.

  • Quite simply I would like to kindly ask if it is possible, having into account the project management plan of RARE, to dedicate a reasonable amount of time after the Mega Update to only fix the bugs, introduce QoL changes, and exclusively work on making the combat system fun and reliable.

    Let me add a couple of additional details as bases for my question:

    • according to the publicly known information, all RARE's team are working very intensly on delivering the Mega Update on 30 April 2019;

    • the combat system, either the fire weapons and the sword still do not "feel" good and need some additional efforts and attention;

    • as a well-known fact, the game development process brings inside the established core game new bugs, inevitably. We can reasonably expect new bugs to appear with the Mega Update. Moreover there are still bugs and flaws that are not funny (not like riding the Megalodon for instance, so you would not like to keep them in the game) that need to be ironed out for good.

    Would it not be appropriate to dedicate some time only to those activities (bug fixing, introducing QoL changes either in the Aventure mode and Arena mode and combat system revamping) after the Mega Update is out and at the same time give the teams a bit of less 'high-pressure' time too?

    ROI (Return On investment) relative to polishing activities is in general positive and increases the customer trust in the company.

  • I would like to suggest the return of swords to the original glory ever since the tweaks have been made I find the sword difficult and clunky I understand we have sword based issues at the moment but when connecting a sword hit a three hit combo should only be stopped by a block and a miss should stun as it originally did this gameplay blamed it even and fair to all as a failed swing could mean the end to even the best pirates and gave any others the opportunity to attack

  • I don't believe it's fair by any means that when you're hit with the sword, you're held in place like its [mod edit] spidermans sword. Since when do swords hold you down to where you can't make a movement and just have to accept what's happening to you? This is a change that needs to occur or combat will always be stupid in my opinion.

  • Hello fellow sea-rats,
    Can somebody write the new way to play with cutlass(and tips) because since the patch i died always in sword vs sword battle because i don’t know how to play with it.

  • Preface

    Let me preface this post by saying most of what I will be bringing up only concerns a cutlass/gun pvp setup. Oh, and most of the scenarios I bring up are assuming that it's a close quarters combat situation. And I do apologize in advance if this post was difficult to follow as my thoughts are jumbled up. Also, if you don’t have the time to read this whole thing, just skip to the suggestion section. But if you wish to add to the discussion, reading the whole thing would be helpful.


    There are some concerning things that have been brought up recently, such as the infinite sword swinging due to being able to cancel your third sword swing of a combo and quickly taking out your sword again. However, I think what Rare has done with the combat in the recent update (even with the unintentional results of some of the changes) has made me hopeful for what the combat system could be like in the near future.

    Post-Feb6thUpdate/Pre-March20thUpdate PVP

    Of course, most of what I say is going to be anecdotal, but I hope you will listen to what I have to say. Typically, a lot of pvp fights would boil down to viciously left clicking (or whatever button it is on the xbox) with the cutlass. I can hardly blame those who played like this because a lot of times that was the best option. And if the players had some idea on how to pvp, they'd shoot before they start swinging their cutlass. I think this is how pvp combat has been generally seen, at least in this past month with the recent combat changes (taking out the instant double shots, tweaking how swinging the sword interacts with the speed of your movement, and gun wielding delay). Guns weren't as reliable because it took a good second to actually shoot one after a sprint. Moreover, the cutlass would do weird things when you were trying to switch out of it, and it took forever to switch to something else after a cutlass swing. Yes, we adapted, accommodated, got used to the way combat worked, but combat needed to change. Not only was combat clunky, but combat options were very limited. What I mean by that is there were only a few viable ways to pvp. The one option that comes to mind is shooting someone once first and then rushing them with your cutlass. You would shoot first because if you used your cutlass first and tried to mix it up and switch to your gun, you'd find that you're pretty much dead since you're still waiting for your gun wielding animation to end. Now, if you were determined enough to see if there was more to combat than that, you may have stumbled upon tutorials on how to quick slash, or what I call zero shifting, with the cutlass. It’s a useful maneuver one can do with the cutlass that allows you to swiftly cover some distance while doing a light swing. This gave some depth to sword fights that happened in open areas. While bunny hopping around and baiting attacks from your opponent, at the opportune moment, you could swoop behind them by zero shifting and get a clean hit in, maybe even two more hits. While all these methods were effective in pvp and helped me stay afloat more often than not, the way a fight would play out was all to predictable; there was not enough depth in the combat mechanics—not enough options.

    Combat Changes with the March 20th Update

    However, with the recent March 20th anniversary update, combat has changed; more than what most people realize. Here are the two changes that everyone who’s read the patch notes or found out through playing know about: 1) we’ve been given the ability to switch to anything instantly after swinging the cutlass, and 2) we can instantly shoot after a sprint. These changes, I think, were meant to be a solution to the clunky nature of combat that resulted from the update before the March 20th update. And I think that’s all it was intended for (correct me if I’m wrong). But for some of us, this update not only made combat less clunky, it also introduced some mechanics that should be thoughtfully addressed and considered.The two changes mentioned earlier enable more options in combat. This update introduced (re-introduced might be more appropriate), perhaps unintentionally, different ways to fight. With the ability to switch out to anything instantly after a sword swing, or the ability to instantly unequip the sword after swinging a sword, and the ability to shoot right after a sprint, players are enabled to mix gun and swordplay much more effectively than before. What this means is that shooting after a sword swing/sword combo/zero shift no longer takes a year to perform, but can now be done quickly, granted that you shorten the animation of your light swing by unequipping the sword and sprint before you shoot your shot. I’ve play tested this with a friend and found that this has some interesting and useful applications in a fight, and it adds more ways to approach a fight, thus, making close quarters combat a bit more robust and enjoyable.

    Double Shooting & Infinite Swinging

    Now, what I haven’t brought up in length, yet, is that players are now able to shoot two guns within a second and swing practically indefinitely by utilizing the new mechanics that have been mentioned earlier. I’m aware that the ability to do this has not been well received by a portion of the community. And here is where I get to my point. While the changes have been ill-received by some, let the new changes sit for a bit. Although the double shot is back, it’s back in a different and less frightening form. That is, the one performing the double shot must be grounded for the most part in order to perform the double shot. Moreover, the player performing the double shot is an easier target—at least, while they are performing the double shot. As for the infinite swinging with the cutlass, this is just another “cheese strat” that can be countered by careful movement, positioning, and kiting with either a flintlock or EOR.


    In any case, it seems to be too soon to demand a change in the combat at this time. What I suggest is that we wait and see how players who are keen on close quarters combat utilize the new ways to fight, and to see how effective or ineffective each strategy is as the game progresses (hopefully) with this new update as opposed to changing something that hasn’t been around long enough to be fairly/adequately assessed.

    Edit: But if anything must change, perhaps add a wielding delay on the cutlass but allow players to immediately swing after a sprint. That shouldn't be too hard to implement since it's already been done with the guns, and it should also fix the infinite swinging "problem". Clunky sword play shouldn't be an issue with this kind of change either since a knowledgeable player would know to utilize the sprint to make things more fluid, and although bypassing the sword wielding delay by sprinting would be able to make sword play more fluid, it wouldn't enable a player to do something that's deemed as unfair or broken, by some of the community, like the infinite sword swinging. This change would also add layers to sword play since bringing out your sword and being able to swing at a moments notice demands more skill from the player.

    Didn’t mean to make this into a 1000 word essay, but these are just some thoughts I had regarding the recent combat changes. The reason I suggested this is because I'm seeing quite a few people demanding a change--more specifically, a reversion--in the combat not even 2 days into the update and, also, without testing enough combat scenarios. I’m aware there’s a whole lot more to say on combat, but I just mentioned some of the things I thought were worth mentioning. If you’ve read this in its entirety, I appreciate you :).

    TL;DR: Let the changes sit for a while before we all cry "broken." I think the changes that we got with the recent update might actually create some interesting engagements, granted that the players who are pvping actually know what they're doing.

  • I have been running into a common issue where enemy players are shooting me with a blunderbuss and then immediately swapping to the sword and swiping me once and killing me before i have any real chance to respond.

    I would say that there may need to be a little bit longer of a ready animation on the sword than it currently has. If for nothing else than to give opponents of these players a chance to defend themselves. and hopefully put another "double gun" meta to rest in a grave.

  • Hi, I'd like to start off by saying that I know every cutlass trick thats been found and I would consider myself to be really good with the cutlass. Right now the cutlass is worse than double gun. When you removed the slowdown on the swing it allowed for people to just run at you spamming. If you are trying to fight more than 1 person at a time it is extremely hard because you have to be constantly running away to avoid being slashed resulting in a poor balance. This isnt good for combat especially with arena coming up. Now with the march 20th update you allowed for light attacks to be cancelled at any point. Due to this you can literally have an endless chain of cutlass attacks as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=16&v=PYoLowg6oaU
    I get you want to change the cutlass so I came up with a compromise of sorts. Roll back the cutlass to its original state except now allow for 3 swords slashes to be swung regardless of contact with enemy. If i remember correctly while swinging the sword and hitting players you would still be slowed a small bit. If you genuinely care about the pvp in this game I encourage you to make these changes or just roll back the cutlass completely. If you need any information on the cutlass please get into contact with me because like I said at the beginning I will be able to find a lot more with it than a normal player.

  • First of all, I'd like to say, I had no problem with double gun, I agree there needed to be a little bit of a delay, but the current weapon swap delay is too hefty in my opinion.

    As much as I didn't want to report this (because I enjoyed double gun), it is technically something that you, the devs, probably didn't mean to put into the game, therefore, it is an exploit. In any event, the release of the new update showed there was no longer a delay after sprinting, so my theory was, if you shoot, switch weapons, sprint and then shoot again, the delay could possibly be avoided. I was right. I tested this last night and before too long was able to implement it pretty consistently. Because of how quickly I have to shoot, flick the scroll wheel, sprint, and then shoot again, I'm unclear about which order it actually goes in. Either shoot, switch, sprint, shoot; or shoot, sprint, switch while sprinting, shoot. I believe it is the first option.

    So that is the exploit, now I'd like to give my suggestion for the current weapon meta: I think the weapon swap delay should be about half or 2/3 of what it currently is. Also, I believe that weapon swap delay should be effective only after shooting a weapon, and I don't mean that you shoot the weapon and wait to pull something else out like you did with the sword. That was insanely annoying, especially when I'm desperately trying to pull out a banana and then swinging my sword again and having to wait the additional time after swinging. What I mean is that once you have shot, a timer in the code starts that prevents you from shooting the next gun you pull out, regardless of if you try to sprint reset it.

    So that's my idea for now. Let me know in the comments if you agree with my ideas, and if not, let me know what you think would be better because I'm genuinely curious and I want to see this game be the best it can be. It's a phenomenal game and I've loved every minute playing it.

    Happy sailing, scallywags!

    Cap'n Sveldur

  • So as we all know the sword (and gun) mechanics in this game are bad. The community keeps making suggestions and Rare seems to do their own thing. Appearantly they play and pvp more than we do. For I dont know how many patches they've been making questionable changes nobody asked for. Why?

    I feel the design team at Rare doesn't know what they need to do in order to fix the combat in this game. The guns are kinda alright now because they've prevented double gunning.

    But who ever asked for a delay in swings when missing? Why does TERRAIN cause you to continue your swinging? You would think that hitting a rock with your sword would stagger your arm more than missing. IRL missing with a sword ain't that big of a deal. I understand your character is out of breath atfer lunging. But blocking is still a mess.

    The combat is so weird in this game. Some elements are good and some are horrible. Because of this, the fights look so weird. Everyone hitting objects and lunge jumping. Since this patch everyone is gonna abuse the weapon holster mechanic to continue slashing.

    My suggestion is, because the combat is as horrible as it can be and just doesn't feel right, restart. Go back to the original sword mechanics from launch and start over. You're making things too complicated right now Rare. People joining this game have to remember to hit terrain because your sword cant miss anyway. They need to remember to holster and unholster their weapon after every third swing now. They need to remember blocking works 50% of the time and that guns have a delay when unholstering or switching.

    Start over. Make it simple. Double gunning should be allowed, but make it skillfull. It was way too easy so the EoR hipfire changes were good. Reduce spread on the blunderbuss. Make the pistol the perfect midrange weapon. FIX the sword hitboxes and range. FIX blocking. If I can't see if my rival is aiming his sword down, blocking should block everything in front of you. If I could see people hitting my feet, I should be able to block downwards. Make a parry mechanic for people spamming their sword. If you release block at the right time you stun them for 0.5 seconds which would give you an opportunity to swing back.

    Figure out what you wanna do Rare but just start over. Start with the basics because you're losing track of all the changes you're making. The combat system isn't fluid and is full of "handicaps" and weird mechanics.

  • I'm thinking on a guard system, like for Honor, but simplified, not unblockables or faints or combos, not grabs (guard breaks would happen with the charged attack and a new heavy attacks and moves).

    • 3 zones to defend/attack with an stamina bar, you know you are tired with sound cues.
    • As there is no real HUD for the inmersion, you had to react to the sword and watch the position of the enemy sword so you predict his movement.
    • Even some dirty new moves like low kicks on the shin, throw sand or riposte to open enemy guard
      Would be tense and fun, the attacks would be more like a real sword fight with back and forth movement and strat
  • Just see the video 1 video 2 instead.

    RARE! I beg of you to revert sword combat changes!

    Throw away blocking, drawbacks or swashbuckling into the trash because you can infinitely swing without a delay now!!!

    Lets look at this chronologically

    Slowed down effects when swinging removed

    This made it so that you can be constantly moving at full pace while swinging. This did not take account of blocking which slows you down, but has you stand still when blocking. The man swinging at someone blocking is at an advantage and can run around and jump around the person who is blocking (who is Forced to stand still).

    Missed swing Delay added

    This swing delay only happened if you completely missed anything, even the environment gave you a full combo. However, this gave away to an annoyance of switching to banana not being consistent or clear.

    Switching to anything while swinging

    This made it so that you now can consistently pull out any thing while swinging... wanna know what this does?

    You can Cancel any drawback or Delay by switching back and forth, resulting in you constantly sword swinging and stun locking

    First change made Blocking and swashbuckling very mindless.
    Second change made things inconsistent
    but now, throw away blocking, drawbacks or swashbuckling into the trash because you can infinitely swing without a delay!!!

    Il repeat

    Throw away blocking, drawbacks or swashbuckling into the trash because you can infinitely swing without a delay!!!

    Revert the changes.

    +Only make the 2nd and third swings slow your movement down
    +Make it possible to stunlock mid-air opponents
    +Charge attack is now the same as [Block+Charge attack]

    Sword swing Delay
    Sword switch canceling

    The only reason sword was difficult was because it didnt CATCH opponents who were in mid-air WHILE ALSO being slowed down for swinging. Just let the sword catch mid-air opponents, and make the first sword attack forgiving, but constant swinging punishing...

  • First off let me start off by saying: yes I know you can block: but that hardly matters when the block feature barely works. I don't know if it's a recent chang or people just use swords more since the gun nerfs but they honestly feel way stronger than before. Anyway here's a list of changes that I think would improve sword combat a lot and make them still retain the usefulness of them.
    -Remove the stagger effect when hit. It's annoying and makes it impossible to defend when pinned.
    -Make swords have a "clash" when two players both swing. Have you ever seen Star Wars when lightsabers hit one another they clash and knock back. I think this would be an immersive and cool feature.
    -Blocking needs to be wider and defend more of the body. I've noticed that people can go at a slight angle with sword swings and blocking can't counter it.
    These are just my personal takes on what could help but I would really like something to be done about swords, as of right now to win a fight its just a quick-draw on who can hit the right click faster.

  • Sword stun lock needs to be tuned down. I just got done with a fight where I couldn't move away from the guy or heal at all, I tried sprinting pulling out my sword and healing through it but couldn't. I was locked down. The fact that every hit stops you in your tacks and ruins your sword combo there's no counter play. Sure I could block but then I'm just asking to get shot in the face, and even if I tried to block the animations would get interrupted by the sword combo. I wouldn't mind a slow down but a total stop and action interrupt is to much, maybe it only stuns you on the third swing then it knocks you back or stuns you. It takes away to much control way from the player where if I had just a bit more control I would have lived. If this is what sword combat will be when arena finally releases then I wont be playing it. When the whole combat system seems fast paced, where you're running around jumping, shooting, repairing, a resource managing the flow gets thrown off with the current sword stun system and I would like to see it changed.

  • First off, this game is great. It has so much potential. But at the moment i feel that it is lacking some things. First off, combat is a little clunky right now. Blocking has an animation takes too long and isn't reliable enough. If you guys were to clean up the sword animations and make blocking easier, sword pvp would feel more realistic and battles would be more than a few seconds. If people were to just block a ton then you could switch to your gun to shoot.

    Next thing, guns, i think what you guys have done to make 'double gunning" disappear is great, but it is still possible in game. If you were only to allow 1 gun to be equipped along with a sword then that gets rid of double gunning all together. Maybe instead of a sword allow 1 ammo pack? Either way, I do feel the pain of the slow animations and guns not being reliable with their aim.

    Anyway, thank you to those who read this post. Let me know what changes you would like to see to combat as well! Happy Sailing!