• Ahoy Mates,
    Just talk about my twitter account, I publish everyday content about the game. Video, draw, screenshot, story and I would like to have some pirates to interact with !
    So this is a little thing but it's important to me
    Akzam's Twitter

  • If anyone sees this post who are not into role playing this post is not for you. I would love to see a new mode for Sea of Thieves a MMO RP for people who like role playing. (I am not referring MMO RP to WoW, RuneScape I am referring to GTA V RP aka FiveM) Sea of Thieves doesn't have to be redone. What it could have is the

    1. Character can be separate from the main classic Sea of Thieves we could either transfer the character or start from scratch
    2. There is no player slots instead there is a crew/friends list we can add in game so we can keep track who is part of the crew
    3. Any ships can't get picked anytime we start off a sloop then we improve our reputation we can unlock then purchase bigger ships over time that we can spawn our own ships so that we can do different things
    4. Continues from (3) Example: A friend of mine wanted to do a quick easy Tall Tales while I wanted to work on my Legendary Voyage it would been nice that he was able to spawn his own ship while I can do my stuff to make things go faster by adding (cargo ship) it doesn't have to have cannons
    5. Guilds would be nice to see. Create a guild then have a hideout to pick out but it should be in ruins then we can repair it with wooden planks we collect also should have option to upgrade/expand by repairing other rooms that are either boarded up or not. Hideouts should be our own storage to keep resources in have it saved when we log off.
    6. When we log off our character and the ship everything else should be still there instead of just disappearing and the ship just sinking.
    7. The sea should be 2x as big as the fanbase of the Sea of Thieves so that can big enough so we don't sail into everyone like every single minute. It be more immersive for it to be rare (no pun intended) to spot 1 or 2 people
    8. Partnering up with other guilds would be fun and immersive
    9. Voyages should be saved for example being in a middle of a voyage then if I log off it should be saved so when I log back in I can resume the voyage
    10. Purchase resources instead of finding it, still be able to find them as a option. Selling them to other players or trade them would be so immersive to make businesses and make money.

    To those who won't be interested into the new mode I am suggesting I am not saying it should be forced just stick with the classic current Sea of Thieves. This new mode should be an option for those who wants a more immersive experience and it will help keep the game fresh. All these are ideas so if Rare can look at these ideas but make it better more balanced. This game is meant to be played years by years so this new mode should help that. I do have fun playing this game I am just suggesting a more immersive experience. This should improve on making stories & lore.

    PS: Maybe release something to fill out why we want to join that mode to improve the immersion. I am in role playing servers that needs to be whitelisted by filling out the information why we want to join and it does help a lot to have a lot of people who wants to have a immersion experience. Might have a couple of people that will ruin it but a lot better than a dozen.

  • Bonjour.
    Il y a peu, j'ai sorti une vidéo qui m'a pris pas mal de temps pour parler du jeu. Si vous êtes débutants, cette vidéo vous aidera très certainement. Si vous êtes un ancien, elle vous permettra de vous souvenir de ce que vous pourriez oublier ou simplement voir ce que moi j'ai oublié (tellement de contenu à présent, soyons honnête, tout retenir est presque impossible).

    N'hésitez pas à me laisser votre avis, je reviendrai avec d'autres vidéos moins travaillée mais tout de même intéressantes :D (possiblement en anglais).


    Few days ago, i've uploaded a video whitch took me a lot of time, speaking about the game. If you are beguinners, this video will certainly help you to play. If you're an old player, you will see what you can forget or what i've forgot on this video (in french so).

    Don't forget to leave your comment about that, i will come back with others videos less worked (but probably intresting too, and with no language barrier).

    Thank you ! Merci !

  • [This post is not about creating drama, and I promise you it is a suggestion at its heart. Also I write it from memory so I might miss item names and such.]

    After the release of the Anniversary Update I really enjoyed all the new story missions. I done them all alone like I play the whole game like that. I like the challenge. I solved most of it alone, I did not even look up solutions most of the time: it was one of the best gaming in the year for me. Old-school, taking-notes-on-paper kind of adventures. 10/10. I really loved it.

    Then I finally managed to go to the Shores of Gold. I knew it is big. And I enjoyed it... then I messed up. It was my fault, I thought I have the solution for one of the caves. I thought it was a bug. I even opened a ticket, made a video about it. I was stupid. I felt stupid. In reality I just messed up interpreting the clues. But not this is where I given up on the game. It was a shame but not one I can't get over. But it took me more than a hour to give up on this run.

    My next try was worse. Now I know the solution for the vault. I spawned far from the Shore so it took me about 15 boring minutes to go there. Then I transitioned to the Shore... and there was already another crew, vaults open etc... so I started again in a new sessions, I wasn't about to pick a fight and ruin their endgame.

    Third time the charm right? Nope. I solved the vaults. I got the item I need in the big throne statue... when a galleon appear. They sank my boat and killed me 3 against one is hard 2 of them died before me. I respawned on the island with a new sloop, they even messaged me how did I respawn there after they noticed me. I tried to continue in secret but they found me and killed me again and took my item too. I thought about sinking them, but knowing they will respawn here made it pointless. I was outnumbered, I had no way to know where the item is. And I assume they solved it after I left without having to go to the vaults. They should thank me for the free pass to the ending really.

    And this is the point I given up on this. My question was, that I did not ask here or anywhere else (I was in deep disappointment and rage after hours of gampeplay lost like this, it is rare a game does this to me, so I just quit, deleted the game, did not worth the time after this):

    Why the Shores of Gold island is not private session?

    The story goes there are only one Shroudbreaker. Storywise strange that you are attacked by another crew while solving the puzzles on the island that can't be accessed without the one and only legendary Shroudbreaker.

    There are a lot of times when I just accept that others attack me. Every voyage, chest, skull, gem are fair game. We are pirates. We are pirating. But here: it takes too much time and frustration to let this happen. It should be a private session because it does not makes sense to have more than one Shroudbreakers there. I spent around 5 hours on that island only in the 3 runs I tried it. And 2 runs from that ended beceause others got there too. Once I was the second. An other time another crew was. And it just doesn't make sense.

    Of course I do not know if this still works like this. I did not follow release notes after deleting the game. If it is not like this anymore I am sorry for wasting time writing this down. But now that I coming back to the game to check out the pets, spending actual money on the game after buying it on release for full price: I felt like coming clean about this hard annoyance that made the game bad for me at the end.

    So is it wort to try the finale again now? Or I had to fear from other crews attacking me with another Shroudbreaker?

  • Pls add playable skeletons where u can select skeletons like how u chose ur ship skeletons cannot hurt other skeletons but they are encouraged to hurt other pirates since skeletons can’t hurt each other they should get stronger the higher level they are in a new faction-Flameheart’s Crew it’s the skeleton equivalent of pirate legend and u have to get to level 50 in the factions of Gold Hoarder’s Minions where u defend the treasure in a skull fort the other faction graymarrow’s legacy (it makes sense to the lore bc graymarrow is dead but his legacy lives on) u bury treasure flamehearts crew voyages would be burying treasure in a fort and defending it from ai pirates and players getting level 50 in flamhearts crew would let u become a skeleton lord and get the burning blade ship u get the voyages heading to a portal invisible to humans in ur ship to arrive at an island in the sea of the damned instead of selling plundered loot head to an island and bury it to get money and reputation in graymarrows legacy hair items and face paint would not be transferrable to skeletons but everything else is able to transfer and there would be skeleton merchants to sell stuff and a skeleton shipwright through the portal mentioned above

  • Tavern Tales

    The sea, she ever calls to me
    She knows me not by name
    Nor never questions where I go
    Or where from land I came

    The sea, she ever calls to me
    She guides me with her wind
    Though journey's end is where I sail
    With her I must begin

    The sea, she ever calls to me
    She stirs this pirate heart
    Within its depths she'll always be
    For we will never part

  • Hi all,
    long time no see. I hope everyone's been good. I came to share a story with you. We're all pirates, merchants or fishermen, simply no strangers on the seas, but sometimes, even seasoned pirates manage to forget, why they are even sailing around. This is a short story about love.

    Once upon a time, a young man, in his early 20s began to dream about adventure. You all know how it is. The sea started to call for him. He knew, that his family would never allow him to join the navy. And frankly, he never was the type to follow the rules. He wouldn't be happy serving on some navy ship. He wanted the freedom and excitement that only a few people truly experience. So he stayed home, got a job as a carpenter, got married, had children and became one of those men, who do things the way, our society expects us to do. When asked about his life, he'd say " I am happy, I have everything i need." What a lie that was. He was full of himself. He hated his ordinary, comfortable life. He'd often say, that his family and commitment's what's keeping him from leaving. What he didn't know, was that it was all going to change soon...

    One stormy evening, he came home from work, like many times before. "Honey, I'm home!" he said. But no response. He didn't pay much attention to it. "What are you thinking of for dinner?" he tried again, while taking of his coat. " You in here? Hello? Kids? Anyone?" But the house stayed silent. He wouldn't know it then, but his whole life was about to be torn apart. He sat down on his old wooden chair. Not knowing what to do. Where did they go in this weather? Why didn't his wife leave a note, like she always did? The ominous silence was getting on his nerves. The only thing he could hear, was the thunderstorm outside. And by the sound of it, it was going to get worse. He poured himself a glass of whiskey to calm down a bit. He reached for the glass, but at this moment, a sudden knock on the door.

    He got up from his chair and went to answer it. His wife had keys, there wasn't any reason for her to knock. But who else could it be? Did she forget the keys again? He couldn't thing of any other reason for this. He opened the door, expecting his wife and kids to stand there, but he found this strange old guy standing outside.
    The look of this stranger shocked him. Tattoos everywhere, hook for hand, missing an eye. " I just ..." he uttered in shock. The stranger interrupted him: "No time for that, get your coat and come with me, if you wanna see your family ever again! Quickly!" He couldn't tell why, but the stranger seemed somehow trustworthy, despite his very unusual look. "Oh god, I'm coming! You know where they are?" "Not exactly, but we need to go, now!" As they were walking down the street, towards the harbor, he noticed how strangely the the man walked. He looked down and noticed, that the poor fella also had two wooden legs.

    " I'm Merrick by the way, not that it matters." the stranger uttered. They arrived to a small rowboat, parked in the water. Our hero looked at the size of waves, that were crushing on the shore and immediately had the feeling , that he's gonna be sick. "We gotta go! What are you waiting for?" the stranger yelled. Now, it may not make a sense to you , why someone would just hop into a boat, with a complete stranger during a storm, but you have to understand , that the love he left for his wife and children was stronger, than any fear of death, he might have had. Never underestimate, what a man can do for his family.

    "It's gonna take awhile to get there, hold on tight." Merrick yelled, trying to talk over the loud sea and thunder. "Just give me the paddles and sit back. I'll get you to them." The boat moved up and down over the waves. He never experienced anything like this and his face color started to change into greenish tint. "You gonna be sick boy? Use the bucket!" Merrick laughed. "Old man, let me worry about myself and you just make sure to get me to my family and don't let this boat go down ." For someone, who has never before been at sea, he endured the worst of it pretty well. Maybe he was born to do this, or it was the determination, that he was gonna survive and find his family.
    After a few hours, the sea calmed down and our hero fell asleep, exhausted from filling up three buckets. He dreamt about his family. How the kids used to run around , how his wife made them both take dancing lessons and how they spent time together. But this wasn't a pleasant dream, it ended with his wife taking the kids and leaving. How could she do that? Why did she desert him? He woke up with a cry and all sweaty. "Did you have a bad dream lad?" Merrick smiled at him. "Don't worry, that happens. It's never a good idea to sleep, when crossing the shroud." "The what now?" he asked. "I'm not gonna explain the whole thing to you now, we're almost there..." Merrick said. "Also, there's a kettle in that box, make us some coffee. You know how to do that, don't you?" "No, I don't, that feature hasn't been released yet." our hero said, while starting to cry . Merrick looked at him, puzzled by what the young man said. "I've never heard anyone talk like that. Something wrong with you? You gonna be sick again?" Our hero just shrug his shoulders. "I don't know, i've heard some guy in the tavern say this. I thought that's how all pirates talk." Merrick stopped rowing. "Pirates? How do you know i'm a pirate? What if I was a simple merchant? That's something that could be very offensive and I'd probably have to say goodbye to you."

    Our hero started apologizing "I'm sorry, i've never meant to..." Merrick almost fell out the boat laughing. "Calm down lad, if i was gonna leave you to die, i'd have done it by now. Now, tell me, what do you know about your wifes past? And don't try to tell me a lie , i'll know." That was a strange question, our hero starred at Merrick for while, trying to make sense of this and thinking about what to say. "Well, she grew up in London, with her wealthy parents. We met in a tavern, where she stayed while she was traveling." "Hmm... did she ever try to hurt you or rob you?" "What??? Why would she???"

    Merrick put the paddles aside. "See lad, she isn't from London. She comes from this place. It's called the Sea of Thieves and she was born here. We've found her as a newborn, in a rowboat, just like this one. Noone had ever known , who her real parents are, but we took her in. We took care of her, loved her like our own, but with each passing year, she became more and more aggresive. My other children refused to play with her, because even when fighting with wooden swords, she'd often hurt them. Once, she even went for my other eye." he taps on his head. "It became dangerous to keep her around, so we've sent her on a long journey, aboard a merchant ship." Our hero was stunned, by what Merrick has said. His wife? That had to be a mistake, she was always a gentle, kind person, who would prepare your meal, before taking care of herself.
    His heart's aching, just by the thought, that he had been deceived, for some unknown reason. Aching slowly turned into rage. "Old man! You may have told me the truth, but i feel, that you're leaving out much more! You're going to tell me! Right now! Or i'll go for your eye too !" "Alright, alright lad. Just calm down. I'll tell you. You know her to be a shy and calm person, right?" Our hero nods. "Well, how to say it ... It's just an act. Inside , she is a very, very rotten person. The first time that we have seen her, after her long voyage on merchant ship was over, was when both me and my wife were traveling on a galleon. We've seen a battle of two other ships from afar. I took our looking glass and saw, that one, that we know , was a galleon of a well known pirate, captain Bronzebeard, but what's the other ship, has been something much worse. You're probably not going to believe it now, but that ship was full of skeletons. And on that ship, we saw her. She was commanding them. Now, I don't know how that's even possible, but the look in her eyes, the way she looked at all the carnage... it was like it's all just a game for her. She slashed and shot those poor pirates, without a single sign of remorse. So we're standing there, looking in horror at what's gonna happen next. She turned her ship around, strangely easily, like it was a child's play to turn the huge ship and started to sail towards us.

    Our crew didn't stand a chance. It was over quickly. Me and my wife were the only survivors. Skeletons took us and brought us to her. If i had any doubts about her, they dissapeared quickly. ' You will live.' she said. 'I know, you want to ask me why, now. It's not because you took care of me before, but because I want you to spread the word about how these men died. Tell everyone, that I'm the ruler of these waters now!' See lad, that was a worse feeling, than loosing my limbs. You don't ever want to see someone you love, turning into a monster like that, or tell you something like this." Merrick paused to wipe down a tear runing down his cheek.
    "Why are you telling me all of this? You're surely mistaken! My wife can't be the same person! She's too gentle to do something like that! You're almost blind , i'm sure you have to be mistaken! Can't you see , that this doesn't make any sense? If it was her, why would she leave this place and start an ordinary family with me?"

    Merrick looked at him, opened his mouth to say something, but after a few seconds, he just closed it again and started to row. In the distance, they could see an island slowly aproaching. Merrick looked at our hero, who was visibly shaken, by what he's heard. It was obvious, he'd never imagine that something like that was gonna happen. Merrick knew, he had to comfort him a little, to give him at least some peace of mind. "Lad, you know up in your heart, that it's all true. But you should never give up on your kids. We're gonna be at the Plunder Outpost soon. So let me tell you this. Whatever goes down from now on, i believe that she'd never hurt your kids. She is probably gonna try to make them do terrible things, to run a skeleton ship with her, to turn them into her. Physically, they are safe, when around her. But you still must find them quickly and bring them back to your world, before they desert all the good, all the humanity, that's inside them. I can't tell you how to do it. Chances are, you'll have to do things, you'd never imagine you were gonna do. It will be the hardest adventure of your life, you will have to make decisions, you won't be comfortable with. Life in here is a far cry from the comfortable life you had till now. But you must never give up. The sea is gonna be harsh on you. People you'll meet will say , that it's impossible. That you'll better say goodbye to your children and leave. Never listen to those! You're gonna find them. You'll tell them that you love them and that everything's going to be alright."

    The rowboat arrived to the dock. Was this all just a lie ? Maybe, but could our hero take the chance and not believe this old man? No, if there is but a small chance, that his family is here somewhere, he has to find them, before they get hurt or worse. Merrick said to start looking at the local tavern, so that's where he'll go. Man up, their fate depends on you ...

    This is where my story ends, but yours begins. When you're sailing around, keep an eye out on the horizon, maybe you'll notice a ship, with a man and his children sailing happily around. If you do, say hi to them for me. Thank you for reading.

    Oh and in the words of Steve Jobs, there's one more thing. You may have noticed, that some words are bold. Read only those, for a whole new story....

  • The adventure storyline missions take a huge investment of time to find all the additional books and figuring out important locations not to mention player and world interactions like the Kraken, and ship respawns create huge setbacks. That's all fine and dandy and understandably part of the game.

    However, it's incredibly punishing to invest all that time to fail the puzzle challenge and have the entire mission canceled and the journal lost forcing us to sail back to an outpost, and completely restart the whole process. It's absolutely ruthless!

    I would recommend some way to allow players to respawn, whether inside that puzzle game state again, or have them interact with the totem once again... something other than completely canceling the entire mission altogether.

  • So most people will probably think I'm making this up or something, but honest to god this is true. It might be a glitch or some bug but it didn't seem like it. Me and my friend were completing the second tall tale, The Cursed rogue. We were fighting Briggsy and I died. I went through the ferry of the damned and spawned back on our sloop. I ran out of the bilge and into the map section, and there was a lady pirate standing in front of the map. I was about to shoot but she waved. So I waved back and ran off the ship to help my friend. We had no loot on our ship so I wasn't really worried. When I got back on the island I realized there were no ships around. I didn't think much of it and ran back to my ship. I helped my friend, we defeated briggsy, and I told him sit back with Briggsy's skull so I can go see if shes still on. I go to the sloop and she isn't there anymore. I go in the crows nest and see if any ships are around and there are none. So I tell him we're in the clear. We sail off and complete the tall tale and it's done. Now this is where my story gets kinda weird? The lady had glowing green eyes like the mysterious strangers, only one was exposed as she had an eyepatch. Now before u say "op why didn't u mention her eye earlier?" Well It didn't fully hit me till way later. Anybody else has any similar stories? I really am a sucker for lore and story but it isnt fun if i exaggerate or get my hopes up. Its probably a bug or glitch but the lore obsessed side of me wants it to be intentional. Let me note her clothes were not ghostly. The most I remember of her clothing was she had a white shirt and a black hat.

  • Out of all 5 known Skeletons lords, only Captain Flameheart remains "alive". That's why I think we are definitely going to see him in the new Tall Tales as one of the antagonist or even the final boss. There have been signs about his arrival my fellow pirates. Since the Shores of Gold commendations has offered a Gold Hoarder's curse I think it would be cool to have a skeleton one as well, where your body would have some skeleton parts instead of flesh.

    Let me know what do you guys think about this and give me your feedback If you would be cool with another curse as the main grind of new Tall Tale, or If you would like to see something new.

  • So i Think almost everyone has Seen this

    Someone didn't load in fully and its just a skelly

    Why dont do something with that
    Of course just for Cosmetics

    Lets say there is a curse that Turns you in to a skelly
    What can you do with it:

    1. If you have a gold curse, then it Turns you in to a gold skelly
    2. If you have a Eye curse, you turn in to a Shadow skelly
    3. You Maybe can put on Cosmetics (Maybe Not Make-up, just imagen that)
    4. You have Another Death Animation
    5. And other places for skellys, like the Death ship and the Legend Place
    6. And dont forget the NPC's, they shoud be scared or at least react to it
    7. Maybe your name is red but that might be confusing

    Btw about the plant skellys, Maybe like a Merchant curse

    Hope this will happen
    I Think After that much gold that so many Pirates got, and the Start of These curses
    Maybe not

  • So after a tons of hours fun with SoT i became PL. My friends were not so fast, but i just love the game. I kept playing for every event and update.

    What i miss is the grind for reputation. I would not mind to level Gold Hoarder to lvl 500 just to see it rising.
    The Game is more than a year old and rare is doing a very good job. We just need some fixes for the core game now.

    1. Let us level beyond lvl 50. Just have some creator make a lot of different skins for even if they are only different colors or easy ones like bandanas or fruit skins
    2. Give us things to spend our millions of gold.
    3. Open the Tall Tale Quests for Alliances. Give us the Spyglass to search the stars for the island we need to go. Give us a book with riddles to find the map in the water. Give us the compass to follow it to some nasty skeletons


  • Feedback + Suggestions
    1. Option to change your pirate (Instead of deleting your current one with your progress)

    2. Guilds. Perhaps they could cost a specific amount of coins to start the one who purchases the guild could be the captain

    3. Ship names. Being able to name your ship (Like the in game shipwrecks the magpies wing/morningstar)

    4. More passive undersea wildlife to make the environment better. (Manta rays, whales, dolphins, octopuses, sea snakes)

    5. Ashen versions of more things (Ashen version of chest of sorrows where it cries boiling water). Ashen enemies like (Ashen skeletons, Ashen megalodons, ashen krakens?)

    6. More stuff to deliver to the order of souls. You can deliver chests and trinkets to the gold hoarders and to the merchants you cna deliver animals, cargo run items and crates. But to the order of souls you can only really deliver skulls so I feel like there need to be more items that you can hand in.

    7. More curses. If they expand upon the curses they can add the skeleton curse where one of your hands or legs turns into bones. Also perhaps the curse of those mysterious strangers in the tavern could be something pirate legends get.

    8. Bounty hunts

    9. Mermaids. These could guard shipwrecks.

    10. Commendations/loot for PVP players. I'm not sure if this would make the game more toxic or not but for now I would like to earn money from sinking ships since nowadays almost no ships have loot due to the Tall tales.

    11. Different tall tale stories. So the first set of tall tales were about the shores of gold, however I think it would be interesting if RARE could make a storyline about the ancients (See captain falcore on youtube for lore videos)

    12. This may be too much to ask but an icy region would be very nice. I've seen a lot of people requesting this and I feel like it would bring a lot of old and new players back to the game. The theme could be vikings since the game is not Sea of Pirates, it's Sea of THIEVES.

    13. Health bars for skeleton lords

    Thanks for reading! Tell me in the comments what you think

  • the game is incredible and a great variety of creatures in the game (megalodons, sharks, mermaids and the great Kraken legend) but there is an animal that would be incredible if it had in the game: MobDick (would be a creature a little bigger than megalodon and with this creature it could be a loophole to add whales that would drop food or other items when fished)
    the game is sensational highly recommended!

    1 - The Concept
    2 - What Would These Entail?
    3 - Why They Should be Added
    4 - Important Note

    Epics would be a new type of voyage which revolves around small stories or 'missions' in a more directed manner than the normal voyage types. These 'Epics' would involve the player recieving a mission or storyline from a character/journal/discovery, similar to the short stories which have accompanied DLC - but with a wealth of differences.

    These would be permanent and not time limited to allow anyone to experience them at any time. They would also be limited by lore and stories available and thus would be limited in number, tailored by the devs and be a full-on experience whilst still trying to capture the free and non-scripted nature of the game; much like MMO side-quests.

    These would involve a variety of scenarios and would be based around the lore of the 'Sea of Thieves'. Our heroic and curious pirates would follow a trail of discovery in order to unravel the mysteries of the world.

    Along the way, our pirates would find treasure, interesting journals, trade goods as well as encountering sea monsters, skeleton captains and more enemies and boss type enemies as they are added to the game.

    These voyages would also reap rewards for for all three trading companies as you would be doing 'missions' involving all three.

    Firstly, I have been thinking it is a shame that new pirates will eternally miss out on old stories. This would give new players an introduction to, not only the game and how it works, but the lore and setting of the game. One of these epics could even be tutorial based. This would also introduce them to the trading companies and their backstories.

    On top of this, it would give those already playing an opportunity to learn more about the world. I feel that more knowledge of where you are and what you are doing gives people a greater sense of purpose and excitement.

    Secondly, these could have some scripted sections - such as being ambushed or partaking in an outpost siege defence - which could ensure that more players have the opportunity to experience some of the great and epic moments which can occur in the 'Sea of Thieves'. However, emergent moments should certainly remain throughout these 'Epics' to ensure the core feeling of the game is retained.

    Thirdly, this could be used as an opportunity to push players into discovering more of the world such as caves, lagoons and other interesting places which they may otherwise miss.

    Lastly, this would give rare a great opportunity to re-introduce and keep lovable characters such as Merrick in action!

    As I said previously, these should be based on discovery and uncovering the past, and not progressing a story. This would retain the feeling of the game that it is about YOUR story. This will give players the opportunity to understand and learn about the world and it's history in epic, new and interesting ways and NOT lead them through a story ark.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  • I Think this game lacks lore,I understand its there but you have to go a bit out of your way to even understand it and to be honest,Its Amazing! Why? Well this opens yet another opportunity for more content the "Scholars Alliance" you basically go out to the open sea and get paid to learn and figure out the lore. Cave paintings,books,scrolls and finding crews that were lost at sea,even sunken ships could all play a good roll in figuring out lore while getting paid,or unlocking new consumables.
    RARE give us the scholar alliance!

    What do you think?

  • I’m really curious in the lore and I just ordered Athena’s fortunes book and the tales of sea of thieves. You guys know any other books or website where I could get more lore from sea of thieves?

  • So has anyone being able to work out what the cave paintings in the devils raw actually mean or like the law of the lands

  • So as I was sailing in search of a rowboat, I decided to stop by Jim on the way and when I got there I noticed that his voice sounded odd, almost like a demon or something.
    Is this a side effect of the “corruption” captain morrow was speaking of? Or maybe something to do with his “master”?
    What do you think?

  • Come to check out TheFrostE Loot and Lore on Twitch. Always a fun and chill stream to watch on Twitch.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    The other day I was doing some Bounty hunting in the Devil's Roar and something a little weird happened to me.
    Luckily I recorded it:

    So that odd message reads:

    • The world is changing, new dangers there be
    • Between Boundless sky and treacherous sea
    • On rolling waves with Sails unfurled
    • Ships come to plunder this new world

    I've never seen anything like this in SoT before, does anyone have any info on this strange occurrence?

  • Hello guys.
    I have found 2 journals that seems to belong to grace. One on ashen reaches and one on ruby's fall

  • Ahoy Mates!
    By now we've all heard of the truly despicable action of the stinky little barnacle covered lier know as Stitcher Jim.
    Well today, I Cpt. Palooggoo pass judgment upon him for his evil crimes!

  • Part 1: curse of the mystical thingamajig whatsaname
    Part 2: dead man's tale of death and stuff

    As told: by the Dread Pirate Fox himself in a journal that was recovered by Mike the Mutinous, and then further recovered by Three Sheets Neate along with some Mutinous gold, before eventually being recovered back by the Dread Pirate from the wreckage of two ships.

    So where did I leave things off ……oh right …… that blaggard Stinkglass took my hand and fed me to the kraken. Well, I guess I’ll explain briefly how it is that I’m still not dead ………… I’m still not dead ………. There, now that the explanations over, I must confess that I have pondered over the subject for some time. The best thing I’ve been able to come up with so far is that I wore the ring for a great deal of time. Such a long time, that the rings magic must have infused itself with my life essence, slowly but surely building up a resilience in my body to the elements of death, until eventually my body no longer needed the ring to repel the dark energy from beyond. Then again ……… it could have also been the matching amulet that I found along with the ring?

    But I digress …….. Once I’d fitted a hook that complimented my penmanship, I assembled a new crew who were beyond material possessions, such as gold and their health, to help me pursue a noble quest of enlightenment. The only caveat was ….… I wasn’t telling them that. No, they thought we were sailing for Athena’s fortune or some such, when in actual fact I was trying to acquire a spyglass that looked bigger than anyone else’s. Please don’t misunderstand though…….my spyglass is well sized, and many women have told me so.… at sunset or sunrise it looks just as big as others …… even more so when it’s dark. Again …….. the size is more than adequate, I just needed one that “appeared” to be bigger, because obviously …….. mine’s well sized.

    First things first though, I had to get back my ship the “Conqueror’s Bad Firedrake”, because ……??????……. I wanted it. Rumour had it, that it was docked at Plunder Outpost and now belonged to a lazy self entitled Captain, who didn’t quite get how self entitlement worked when he chose “lazy”. Upon requesting the return of the ship, he informed me of an ancient mystical thingamajig whatsaname that was fiercely guarded by tribe’s people, and a lingering presence of death that surrounded the entire island with death stuff. He then said that I could only have the ship back if I agreed to take on this perilous journey in his place, returning the treasure to him once I was done. To which I agreed …..…….. then I just stole the ship instead.

    Next, I needed a treasure map that I could look at when I wanted to ignore people. But my reputation with the Gold Hoarders was low after that thing I did with their maps, I’d stolen them, so I had to visit the Order of Souls instead. I was greeted by a lady who didn’t know how to use a mirror when applying her makeup, and asked if she had an eye infection, then I felt awkward and quickly asked if she had any maps for spyglasses. She then informed me that she’d already foreseen my arrival, because she was on the pier when I arrived, and that my destiny was to be that of a great pirate legend. “The chosen thing or whoever”, who dedicated their existence to helping the Order of Souls gather lots of skulls, so they would have ………... even more skulls. I told her, “That sounds a lot like me, and reflects my character traits almost perfectly”, then I just stole the maps instead.

    Once we were back out at sea everything started to go wrong though. We heard an ominous eerie ominous wailing sound from below the ship, which was eerily ominous. At first I thought it was that blasted kraken back for more, but it turned out to be so much worse than that …….. and ominous. This thing had a look of maliciousness and hunger in its eye’s like I’d never seen before, and the stench was unbearable …………… it was Stinkglass trapped in our brig. I’d only been away from the Firedrake for a couple of days, but the stench was pretending it was years.

    He rose to his feet quickly and demanded a gentlemen’s duel, asking that if he won he’d get his freedom back, and that if I won he’d get his freedom back. But I politely decline with a condescendingly hysterical laugh, and then suggested that it would only be fair if both of us had lost a hand, and that maybe one of us should really enjoy taking the other ones. Then he began to beg, and said he’d heard things, profitable things, of monetary value, that could benefit someone, someone who was a captain ……... but I had no idea what he was talking about. “YOU, you blithering idiot, I’m saying I can make us both rich!”. I turned around to make sure no one was listening but they’d already passed out. “The Eye of Length, the legends were true …… and I just so happen to know where it is”. I said “What …..what makes you, I’m not ….. interested in that. Yeah, we’re doing skulls now, that’s are thing”. He said “Ok, fine, but I overheard the previous captain saying they’re going there right now”.

    I returned to the helm and then looked at one of the skull maps to ignore someone. We went through map after map after map, but it was no use, we couldn’t find any spyglasses because every place we visited was swarming with cursed skeletons. At this point I began to suspect that the maps might be cursed somehow, even though there was no indication on them other than a massive picture of a cursed skeleton. However my fears were later confirmed to me, when one of the crew said that he’d told me the maps were cursed hours ago, but that I’d been ignoring him. I then looked at one of the skull maps until he went away.

    After a quick visit to the brig we had a new destination for enlightenment, “Devil’s Ridge”, which was eerily ominous. I decided to let Stinkglass out because the men were complaining about the lack of air, but also mainly because ….. he wouldn’t tell me unless I did. Now the other ship may have had a couple of day’s head start on us, a crew who weren’t demoralised by pungent adversaries, and a map leading them straight to the treasure, but we had something that they didn’t have ………. oh no wait, we’d lost that, never mind.

    It was very dark when we made our approach towards the island, but I was still able to make out their ship moored next to a waterfall through my well sized spyglass. So we circled round to the other side planning to surprise them, but when we got there Stinkglass immediately jumped ship and ran off into the darkness. We gave chase following the trail of dead snakes into the bushes and accidentally stumbled upon a cave system overlooking their ship. It was perfect, now we could watch their every move without them ever seeing us, there was only one problem ……... they saw us.

    Some of the men fled and got back to the Firedrake just in time to sail off and stop her from falling into enemy hands, while the rest of us preferred the smell of the caves. We all ran deeper into the cave system expertly picking out places to hide, but somehow they were able to find all of us in the big open spaces. We were then stripped of all our weapons and had our thumbs pulled out of our mouths as we were brought before their captain. I should have known ………... it was Jerkglass ……. and he was wearing my ring.

    I’d rather cleverly given him the name of Jerkglass, because he once pretended to be my friend and then threw all of my things in the sea …… and maybe something to do with spyglasses as well ……... but then I wouldn’t really know, because I didn’t see anything happen on one particular night. Anyway, he took one look at me and instantly remembered, asking “Have we met before, because you look like a no good rotten filfy s*****g, and they’re some of me bestest mates”, he just didn’t remember that well. “Oh, nah wait, I remember you. Yeah, you’re the guy with the small whatsaname”, in fact he remembered quite badly. “Actually it’s well sized, but yes, I’m the Dread Pirate Fox”. Then he said “Right, well, I don’t really want to talk to you anymore, so ……. we’re gonna have to kill ya now”.

    It seemed that they’d spent the last couple of days on the island trying to decipher an extremely cryptic riddle map, but were unable to do so, on account of them being …… well, them. So I bartered for our lives and promised to solve the riddle in exchange for our freedom, to which they agreed. But something about the way they were laughing and snickering made me think that they were lying to us, I just couldn’t put my hook on what it was.

    The first clue was easy though: “what looks like a cave, smells like a cave, and is spelt like a cave, maybe it’s a cave”. My deductive powers of reasoning lead me to believe that it might in fact be ……. a cave ……. and it only took me two guesses. The second clue however is where things became far more cryptic: “what you seek is bigger than most, a doorway next to a waterfall, shine a light there to witness a humble boast”. After walking around the waterfall passageway with a light held out for several hours, we finally got lucky and found it, when someone decided to put their lantern away and then pull it back out again. A segment of the cave wall then crumbled away revealing a secret chamber and some poor masonry workmanship.

    We entered the secret chamber with only one last clue keeping us from retrieving the Eye of Length: “Its gaze will amaze, its gaze is ablaze, its gaze is tempered by the nights and the days, on a fitting throne of dust and stone, it longingly awaits a sailors groan, on a fitting throne it rests alone, no words are spoken but a wailing moan”. Good thing it was another easy one, which I solved very easily, almost too easily, so easily …… that …… words can’t fully express how easy it was, it was “that” easy. I won’t even bother you with the tedium of explaining it all, because that would be insulting to your intelligence.

    Anyway, after I accidentally kicked over the banjo and mouth instrument, a bright green light shone revealing even more poor masonry work, but with it the Eye of Length. It was immaculate ……. it was pristine …… it was …… ehh …….. kind of well sized for my liking. I mean, it was ok, I guess, in the right light it looked fine, but ……. I don’t know. Then Jerkglass picked it up and extended it to its full length …. Wow ….. it was almost as big as mine, except it looked ten times bigger, accounting for the current lighting of course.

    He then sent a runner to take the Eye of Length to his ship, which I’m sure he would have done himself, except, he was far too busy snickering while his crew stacked explosive barrels next to us. I was starting to get a bad feeling similar to drinking the grog at Galleon’s Grave Outpost, so I gave the man who was guarding us one of the skull maps to read, and swiped his cutlass when he was ignoring me. “Don’t shoot, you’ll blow da boom booms”, Jerkglass exclaimed to his men, “You can’t win Fox me matey, I got this mystical thingamajig whatsaname see, grants the beholder with the power to not be killed”. I said “No”, then I sliced off his hand that was wearing the ring with my ………. trusty stolen cutlass that’s not to be questioned.

    The loud crying that followed then disorientated everyone enough that we were able to get to our weapons, and begin fighting our way out of the caves. Jerkglass then ran off in a screaming fit, and his men surrendered to us saying that we could go do a skull fort together if we wanted. But I still had to get the Eye of Length first, because ……??????……. I wanted it, and, enlightenment or whatever. So I ran out of the cave and dove through the waterfall heroically, landing safely below, then I stubbed my toe on a rock …… also heroically.

    The sun was now out, and I could clearly see Stinkglass stealing their ship through my ………. through someone else’s …….. small spyglass that I must have picked up by accident. The ship was sailing away quickly, too quickly to catch, but somehow I was able to throw my cutlass without letting go, and briefly swim through the sea like a fish holding onto a cutlass it had just thrown. I grabbed hold of the ladder and climbed up to the main deck only to hear: “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the …. DEAD …. Pirate Fox. Now I’m going to kill you in a place where we have equal footing, and this time you’re going to die …… I mean ….. you’re ..….. you’re going to die again, but, you’re going to stay dead this t …… you know what I mean”. I said “No”.

    He’d hidden the Eye of Length somewhere on the ship, but it was impossible to know exactly where, and that glaring reflection coming from the crows nest wasn’t helping me either. Then, I remembered the magical amulet that I’d never used in a narrative driven context before, and even though it was a long shot, I decided to use it to try and summon the very thing that I wanted the most at that particular moment in time ………. but instead of a blunderbuss it gave me the Eye of Length, which fell into my hand as the ship swayed.

    Stinkglass was not pleased, and vaulted down the stairs, slicing off his belt and flinging it into the sea as he drew his cutlass. Not being one to be upstaged, I drew my cutlass and then unfastened my belt, also throwing it into the sea. A menacing smile slid across his face quite unnervingly …….. I responded in kind by sticking my tongue out. Thunder and lightning began to rain down upon us as we were enveloped by a storm ……. along with some rain …….. which also rained down upon us. Then, as our swords clashed at the exact moment of a lightning strike …….. a random pebble hit the ship, igniting an explosive barrel which sent us both flying off into the sea.

    I tried to throw my cutlass again to get back to the ship but it didn’t work for some reason, so I did the next best thing I could think of, and waited to die. Then I waited some more, and some more, and some more, but I wasn’t dying. In retrospect, maybe I should have tried to drown myself instead of just floating there eating a banana. But that’s when I saw it ……. I’d seen a lot of things in my years sailing the seas, magical rings, cursed skeletons, a ship ferrying the dead, but nothing to ever make me believe in the occult …….. until …….. I saw a fish lady holding a stick …….. or maybe it was a torch. She beckoned me closer with alluring gestures, but just like most of my relationships with women, she promptly sent me away again and I somehow found myself back on the Firedrake.

    Unfortunately Stinkglass was also there, it seemed that the men had rescued him by mistake thinking that he was me, but were then captivated by an elaborately fictional tale of how he had shot me dead with a pistol. Which reminded me …..? there was still a small matter of a duel to be resolved. So I immediately plotted a course for the closest island, which was Mutineer Rock, and then realised that we were already there when somebody told me. After giving her one of the skull maps to read, I then took Stinkglass out to the island alone, knowing that one way or another, this was the last time we would be crossing paths.

    I had taken off the amulet as a sign of sporting conduct and fair play, and then promised him that if he won he’d get his freedom back. But that if I were to win, he’d only get a runner up prize of significantly lesser value. I then handed him a pistol which he immediately fired at me, but was empty. Then I explained that because I was unable to trust him, due to an extremely heightened sense of being able to tell if someone’s a blaggard, we would be walking to opposite ends of the island and only then loading our shot before turning around to fire. If someone were to load their shot sooner than that, they would more than likely be picked off by one of the sharpshooters on the Firedrake with an eye of reach.

    Reluctantly, he agreed, and began walking slowly to his end of the island. Then, when he got there he frantically loaded his pistol as fast as he could, and turned around to see that we’d all gone. Of course, I was able to see the whole thing unfold through my extraordinarily well sized spyglass. Which according to the legend, is supposed to grant the beholder with the power to not ….. not be able to see into the future. But I think a more appropriate name for it would have been: “The magical spyglass which nobody could figure out how to get to work properly”.

    Now, there is a rumour that the original pirate legends know how to get it to work. But ……. I don’t exactly have a good reputation with them after that thing I did with some of their clothes. And …… then I did also want to visit the Devil’s Roar, which sounded eerily ominous in the description given to me by a man made of ash who couldn’t breathe properly. But, as to just what exactly I was going to do next, well, let’s just say that ……. not even somebody with a magical spyglass could see into the future. There was one thing that plagued my mind however, a notion I had, that …….… in a cave ……… there was a ring ……….. an ancient mystical ring …….

  • Ahoy Mates!
    We've all sailed by these two huge rock spires before:
    The Two Spires

    And probably not thought much of em.
    But did you know that the Greater Spire:
    Larger Spire
    Gets stuck by lightning every time someone joins the surver?
    (Though that's not 100% confirmrd)

    Now in one of Captain Falcore's videos:

    He Theorizes that the Greater Spire is the gateway to allow pirates to enter the Sea of Thieves.

    But he doesn't mention the Lesser Spire:
    Lesser spire
    Which is adjacent to the Greater Spire.
    And he also Doesn’t mention how people leave the Sea of Thieves.

    • Which is where my theory comes in:
      So I Theorize that the Lesser Spire was the way out of The Sea of Thieves.
      But it was damaged somehow, that's why it isn't as tall as the Greater Spire.
      Also that explains why it doesn't let you out of the Sea of Thieves anymore when you pass through it, because it was damaged.

    But that's just a theory... a SoT theory!

    Let me know what ya think of this theory lads & lasses, until then see ya on the seas!

  • I really enjoyed the Cursed Sails event and I think Rare really listened to our feedback from the HD. I just wanted to take a brief moment to point out some of the greater aspects as well as some things they could improve on for next events.

    The Positives:

    As I mentioned, Rare really listened to this issue from last time and gave us reasons to keep fighting the skeleton crews. It helped that new accommodations were available each week (at least the 3 intended weeks), but they also provided a lot of loot which gave us an excuse to keep playing even if we already unlocked the accommodation.

    Separating the Challenges from the Quest Line
    I liked that they separated the event into 2 parts. One part being the challenge revolving around the central element of the event, and the other part was the story explaining the event. This way people got to operate at their own pace. I'm usually a solo player, so it allowed me to explore the story on my own and then hop onto other crews for the big fights.

    The Quest Line
    I'm traditionally a single player kind of guy so I need story to keep my interest in games. I have some qualms with the past couple quest lines, but to focus on the good I thought the story arc for Wanda/WarSmith was really interesting and made me care about her and now her as a Skeleton Lord.

    The Skeleton Ships
    I really enjoyed fighting the skeleton ships. They had some quirks, like the weird turning radiuses, but I don't really have an issue with that. I know I'll get some flack for saying this, but they are "Cursed Sails", they shouldn't be moving at all given how tattered the sails are. That aside, they had a really neat aesthetic and the cursed cannonballs gave each fleet an interesting twist.

    Some people have their criticisms of the alliance system, and maybe they have a point, but overall I appreciate the alliance system and don't have any strong feelings toward changing them. Alliances are necessary for teaming up for future events and was just a matter of time before seeing them. I like that they still reward the other crews even if they're not the ones turning in the treasure, but still provide a reason to back stab.

    The Negatives:

    Time Zones
    To be honest, given the nature of my profession this wasn't an issue for me, but I understand why other people were upset that the region times may have prevented them from unlocking some accommodations. I think some of the posts could have been a little more constructive rather than angry, but again, I understand.

    Lack of Variety in Story Line
    I did overall enjoy the story behind the event, but I hope in the future they could make the story more in depth with more variety to the activities. When they said that each week there'd be more to do during the event, I hoped that included more additions to the story as well, but alas that wasn't the case. I understand that there's more reason to focus on the challenges since that has a broader appeal and is replayable, but it would be nice to expand on the stories, or at the very least add more variety to the gameplay. It gets old just sailing from island to island reading the same journals. There should be a greater variety of puzzle solving and activities.

    Lack of Conclusive Ending
    Even if they didn't expand on the story line more, there still should have had a more conclusive and climactic ending. I was disappointed that the fight leading up to WarSmith was the same old fleet fight and that she was just another captain on just another skeleton ship. Sure, she had the WarSmith name and Wanda's identifiable hair, but that's it. I know that since this is a persistent world they can't stop for cut scenes and have NPC's moving around, but there are still ways they could have had animated and cinematic moments.

    It would have been neat if WarSmith's shipped looked different with a more visible bridge so you could see her better. Her ship could have emerged with her cackling and she could have been pointing her sword at the closest ships making intimidating statements. Storm clouds could form over the battle zone with roars of thunder as you fought. When you board her ship she should fight you and say a variety of lines like "I'll destroy the outposts" or "The Sea of Thieves is mine" (anything, even if it's generic). When you sink her ship she shouldn't just explode like the other skeletons. Instead, she would go down with the ship raising her fist in defiance pledging she'll be back. This would have made the fight more fulfilling and conclusive for the event. I know this is just their 2nd event, and they probably didn't have as much time for this as the next upcoming events, but these are ways they could have improved the experience.

    So these were just my thoughts on the event. Overall I thought it was great and any critics are more as suggestions and hopes for Rare for future event (if they ever pay attention to this). What did you guys think of this event? What stood out to you as good and bad moments?

  • One thing I, and other players have stated, is that we need more lore in the game. Rare has sort of reacted to this by dropping random journals into the game, but they're not exactly world building or fulfilling and you don't even remember them after reading them. The journals/lore from the mini campaigns have been the most enjoyable, but again there's no way to easily access them again without having to sail to the islands they're at. If Rare would implement the ability to record the journals after reading them that would give a lot more value to the journals/lore.

    This catalog would have to be well implemented too. It shouldn't just be a list of the last journals you read, but broken into categories and subcategories. For instance, there'd be a category for campaigns and a category for islands. Within the campaign category there'd be subcategories for each mini campaign and with the Islands category there'd be subcategories for each specific island. Not only would this help make sense of the lore for each island/event, but could also serve for puzzle solving and expanding on a greater story. You could have an instance where one journal entry doesn't seem to make much sense on its own, but if you find another entry or two it creates a sensible story.

    What do you guys think? What other ways could we expand on lore?

    From Admiral RRRSole:
    "It should also record all in-game text messages [from other players] as so many of us miss what was written by fellow crew members and others crews.

    As a part of a temp page (only lasting the one game session) it could show who entered or left the crew at what time. This would help catch silent griefers who only join a game to unload the ship's loot into the sea. Another cool feature would be to record how much gold the session made."

  • The Giving Tree
    Some of you may have seen this tree. There is a great big oak that stands on top of the hill on Crescent Isle. Unlike any other tree on the isle, nothing like the palms around it. Most are attracted to this tree, but there must be someone who arrives first. His name was Captain John N. F. He was an early explorer to the sea of thieves. A man known for his greed. He was so greedy that he dared not share his last name with anyone, not even his mother.

    He first arrived nearly a year ago. While exploring the Western edge of the map, his eye caught a glimpse of this magnificent tree. A tree like no other, unique and sole. He turned his sloop towards the island, anxious to see this tree in person. Though he arrived fast, he forgot to drop his anchor, crashing him onto the beach. As the small sloop sank, Captain John N. F. started up the hill towards his prize. He arrived at the top of the hill as the sloop gave out its last bubble of breath. Standing under the tree, Captain John N. F. was mesmerized. The sturdiness of the wood, the reach of the canopy, and the height of its reign over the other trees were too much for Captain John. N. F.
    "You are mine," said Captain John N. F. After speaking those powerful words he surprisingly heard a voice.
    "What is it you seek?" whispered the mysterious voice.
    "I seek to see before any other man so that I can claim what I find first," replied Captain John N. F.
    The great tree began to shake with power as Captain John N. F.'s vision changed. He was given The Sight of The Pioneer. He could now see events and changes weeks, sometimes even months in advance. He could now achieve hidden mysteries before anyone else. Captain John. N. F. was marooned on the island, but this was no burden anymore. He cut down the palm trees to create a new boat that no one has ever seen, The Brigantine. With a new vessel faster and lighter than a galleon, he sailed off to claim the unknown first.

    A few months later he returned. His ship was full of priceless artifacts. Captain John N. F. sat down at the base of the mighty tree once again.
    "What is it you seek?" The mysterious voice asked again.
    "I have claimed all that is new and unique that no one has ever seen, yet my name is still not known! I seek to become a legend," yelled Captain John N. F. Once again, the giant tree shook with power as both Captain John N. F., and his ship changed. Captain John N. F. became adorned with rich purple cloth and golden chains. His ship altered to a deep purple with bright purple and yellow sails. The front changed to a unicorn with a glowing horn. Captain John N. F. laughed with joy and left on his brand new boat, eager to hear those shout his name in awe.

    This time it did not take Captain John N. F. long to return. Less than a week later he came sailing into the harbor, crashing his ship against the dock. He stomped up to the tree and yelled with furry,
    "You did not give me what I seeked! I went out to sea and saw others like me! I was not new; I was not unique! You have accursed me!" In his anger, he pulled out his sword and started carving into the tree 'Captain John N. F. Property.'
    "This will be only my legacy," he sobbed. He sat down with his back on the tree, a broken man.
    "What is it you seek?" whispered the mysterious voice. This time, Captain John N. F. heard the words vibrate from the giant tree. Captain John N. F. looked up at the branches.
    "Give me what I truly desire, tree," he said with a cry, "I have a desire to be remembered for eternity!" For the first time, the tree replied.
    "So it shall be." With the sound of air whipping past his neck, Captain John N. F.'s head fell to his lap.
    "Now you shall be remembered for eternity," proudly stated by the tree. For the first time in its life, the tree was happy.

  • 2 New Lore Paintings for your viewing pleasure.

  • So I touched on the idea that in the earlier builds of the game the voyages you purchased from the various factions had more lore in them. But also I was thinking about the lore in the various emergent encounters such as ship wrecks.

    For example: Imagine your exploring an island and find a journal that tells the tale of a ship and a crew. Imagine if you find several journals (again this is not related to the expansions or DLC) and really give the player a sense of this crew and their adventures. Maybe like Flameheart they too turned into Skeletons.

    Than imagine you randomly come across their shipwreck to loot. Suddenly that shipwreck isn't loot and supply box with no other purpose. It is now a physical part of the lore and story of that crew. And now imagine when you take on an Order of Souls voyage it is to hunt down that very crew. Now it's not just another grind but actually there is a story behind these skellies.

    What if on a voyage you happen to come upon a castaway on one of the smaller islands. And he trades safe passage back to the outpost for his knowledge of some buried treasure.

    What about planting some dialog on merchants related to various voyages or shipwrecks. It's about seeding the storied throughout the world for players to come across and discover.

  • I've had several ideas that would make exploring the seas more interesting. Hopefully some if not all of these could one day be added to the game.

    Monkeys - These would be able to steal items from players such as bananas, bullets, skulls, and even open cages with animals inside. They can be added to the trading faction. They could also be tamed in the future when pets become part of the game.
    Alligators - These would add danger to the island and possibly add to the lore with a unique boss.
    Piranhas - These would add a unique twist when swimming to the islands. They could and swim in a school, similar to the fish, but with the sharks' ferocity.

    Shrub - Being able to cut shrubs would add unique gameplay. These could be increased in density at times to hide objects. having the shrub grow back after half a day in game would allow the islands to keep their vegetation but allow more interaction.
    Underwater coves - Mermaids/Mermen would fit in really well in the lore and an underwater environment would help bring life to all the secrets that sit hidden beneath. A potion that allows the player a limited time of breathing would be a great way to encourage underwater exploration.
    Lighting bonfires - Having the ability to set a fire to different areas with piles of wood already set in place, or even dropping boards, could be used as beacons to either players or NPCs. It would be interesting to see players work together to carry the torch over to the alters and summon beasts.

    I'm sure there are other ways these changes could improve gameplay. Feel free to let me know what you think.