• Saw A Galleon Doing A Skull Fort Thought We Would Make It Harder For Them

  • It's a hard life training new pirates sometimes.

  • Strut your stuff

    i wasnt sure what he planned to do after the fort was done.

  • "This is not my boat" Glaucus the chunky Ninja Pirate! Started off so well. Just had to grab that last bit of treasure and left a gunpowder barrel on the back of my boat with angry pirates in pursuit.

  • stealing skull forts back in the day when skull forts were a big deal.

  • When new paths open up their ways for us, we need to explore them!

  • Sea of Thieves - Mega Keg vs Sloop at Skull Fort - PvP ambush
    I ditched the Pirate Legend clothes for an upcoming project on my guest profile when 2 cuties bamboozled me with the old Alliance/Betrayal technique. Deep down I was hoping they would...
    Rather than forming a new alliance they allowed me to stay in theirs. Shortly after locating them on a map heading for an active skull fort they recruited some friends.
    Due to the fact I was on my other profile, my Xbox wouldn't record on my external HD so what you see is the last few minutes.
    I park my sloop out of range and swim over with a barrel.
    Detonating barrel under their new friends sloop i took a mermaid back to my ship and sailed it straight to the other sloop.
    By this time they were collecting loot. I jumped off my sloop as it sailed by, yielding another gunpowder barrel. I detonated the barrel under the 2nd sloop. This sloop was anchored too far from the fort for the girls to get back to it in time.
    I ran into a watch tower and observed them placing barrels in common walking paths. It didn't really dawn on me until I was running to an ammo chest and heard several of them blowing up behind me.
    And now...... The Video
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  • The Phantom Lady crew gathers for Fort Nite Friday. We meet a brand new young pirate of the seas, Raxis and help him to a claim of over $70K. We then ascend experienced pirates to "LEGEND" and after some mishaps with the offer flag, stand off a rogue alliance crew attempting to sink our new friend (shown in intro). Many more ships succumb to our "Darth" deployment and "Manic" demise attempting control of our forts.

    Enjoy fellow Pirates!

    ~FishTaco321 (first night kb/m!)