• So I just found one of them in the Sand. It is Tier 3 and from the Soul...? What can I fo with it or where can I sell it?

  • Ahoy There Pirates!

    As a player who has been playing since launch, played every content and max in nearly every faction, I'm going to start helping not just new players but anyone! I'll be doing this once a week and will be answering anyone's questions posted in this thread! It can be about anything, adventure, lore, arena, literally anything! I'm clued up in all areas of the game so get asking those questions!


  • As the title suggests, can we get it on the steam store or connect the game to steam in some way?

  • Good day Rare,

    I've been running into issues with disconnecting, but it doesn't seem to be entirely game related. I'm just trying to find a solution to my problem. here's the problem I'm running into.

    When playing with 1 friend of mine, I'm constantly being disconnected from the game. Sometimes it's only 5 minutes (after getting in and logged onto my pirate), sometimes it's almost 40 minutes sometimes it's 6 hours.

    P.S. I'm sorry if this isn't the place to post this. I'll repost it where it needs to go if that is the case. Thank you.

  • So i've succeeded in talking my friend into buying this game to play with me, so i got a few question about the game

    What's the difference between the Anniversary Edition and the Standard one?

    Will both edition will be able to play together?

    Can the Standard edition do the tall tales and play arena mode and such ?

    Since i already got the Anniversary Edition and i really don't know what's the difference between the Anniversary and the Standard one. so i just wanted to ask to get some clarification and be more clear about it.

    Thank you for reading, have fun pillaging pirate.

  • Recently every time I start the game it keeps loading the main logo a few minutes and then closes on its own. I don't understand why this happens since several days ago i could play normally.

    I tried to clear the cache of the windows store and reinstalling the game but it doesn't seem to work. What can I do to fix this? Anyone having the same problem?

  • Heya,

    There are 2 questions that i want to ask:

    1. If the games comes out on steam and i buy it there, can i use my Microsoft Store SoT Account to play the game on Steam with the same Account that ive played on the Microsoft Store before?

    2. Do RARE give the Steam version away to people who bought it from Microsoft Store so that they can play it from Steam (would be great to know bc i know some games where they did that).

    -I'm sorry for my bad english, and i hope that that place here is the right one where i can ask that question. :)

  • Is it only me or does the Athena emissary costume not mach at all with a Male character. I think that they should change it a little.

  • I’d like to know a few things about the fotd and legendary thief progress:

    1. If you activate a fotd, but another crew opens the vault and touches the Athena first, does it still count as a steal if you then take it?
    2. If another crew activates the fort, but then your crew finishes it, opens the vault, and sells the Athena, does that count?
    3. If you sell an Athena at the reaper’s hideout, can it still count towards legendary thief? I think not on this last one, but may be wrong.
      Would really appreciate any answers on this topic :)
  • It's not even fun to go against blunderbuss users, especially with the bugged sword mechanics against them. It is the only weapon that can one shot in the game, it does so much damage at even medium range, and you cant simply get away from people who use it, they can just chase you down and then reload right next to you and theres nothing you can do about it, even if you somehow manage to get a shot off on them you will still be absolutely wrecked in the next second. It is also the easiest weapon to use because it requires a very tiny ammount of aim. It is supposed to be a "close range only weapon" but literally all of the player to player interactions (except ship battles) are close range. So why is it not getting nerfs? Is there something im missing here?

  • Hey there. I was solo playing, driving around the Wilds when out of nowhere an alliance of ghost ships spawned? Having been on a sloop and barely prepared as I was just wandering, it completely destroyed me. Is this a new encounter? I tried looking on the wiki and in the forum, even on reddit. Have never seen two ghost ships pop out with an alliance and a completely new icon (which held a title card). Please let me know if you have any idea about this, it’s really confusing to me.

  • I seen the new trailer yesterday and I am very excited for cats though I’m not sure I can afford one does anyone know if they will be the same price as the parrot or monkey (499 ancient coins ) or more because I hope it’s the same.

  • Im level 41 in gold hoarders I have my title as high as it can go. From my voyages All I’m getting is marauders chests it’s annoying im trying get to pirate legend and when there are no forts up I do voyages mostly gold hoarders I am annoyed that I’m getting chest that are giving me no rep at the 3 highest title I feel that you should have the possibility to get a chest of sorrow and even make captains chest more common. Rare can you please fix this

  • Bonjour,
    Je m'appelle Anthony j'ai 24 ans
    Anthoast pour les intimes
    Voilà je me suis lancé dans le programme du creator crew il y a peu, je stream depuis ma chaîne twitch : anthoastgaming, je mettrais le lien un peu plus bas, je recherche de vils forbans qui voudrais bien m'aider à atteindre mes objectif en venant visionner mes lives, et m'accompagner jusqu'à se saint honneur d'être pirate légendaire, je précise je suis débutant sur twitch, j'essaye de faire des stream de qualité, fait bien commencer quelque part non ?
    Si vous avez des conseil à me donner je suis preneur aussi.
    Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre soutien, à très bientôt sur ma chaîne
    chaîne twitch

  • Some of my friends want to buy the game and were wondering if the game is going to be discounted on march 20th because it's the game's anniversary. (Idk if thats the right category to write in)

  • What is going on? Every single post is 2 years old, is it just me or is there something going on?

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Lately I've been going after the Ashen Tomes...
    But sadly one Tomes of Resurrection eludes me.
    (Curse ye RNG!)

    Anyways, this isn't about me, it's about you sailors!
    So I wanna know: how are your hunts for the Ashen Tomes going?
    Do ya have em all or are like me who hasn't got em all yet?
    And do you see yourself collecting em all in the near future?

    Let me know what ya think, until then see ya on the seas!

  • I suggest a server which is only accessible to players that just started playing SoT and it is loaded to the player after the Maiden's Voyage. The catch? This server is only accessible to new players for 24hrs only and they cannot invite any person to the game! Unless they're also new to the game. (To prevent PvE server holders)

    The new players also have the option to join a friends game should he/she want to avoid the "Temporary Safe Server" and jump right into the full action. This give new players time to understand the ropes while also give the option to go all in. (All progress in the "Temporary Safe Server" should count because it's only available to new players for 24hrs)

    The server auto-shutdowns every 24hrs or so to make sure that any server holders get disconnected.


  • I'm just curious, how many players would actually 100% switch to PvE servers if they actually got added but there was no progression involved? So basically more or less an RP server.

  • With the March update technically being the 2nd anniversary, year 3 of SoT is nigh upon us! It doesn’t feel like it’s been 2 years but wow how far this game has come! Initially the cries of the crews were for more and more content, and rightfully so. Because if this the game has never been more rich and deep than it ever has been with more clearly on the horizon! But the winds have begun to change, and the cries heard from the depths of the seas have changed their tune. The game needs some polish. The barnacles need scraping off. To accomplish this I recommend we switch to bi-monthly content updates. With the time spent in between focused on big repair. Fact is each new update brings a new slew of bugs, and the old bugs thrive for months before getting attention. But extending the time between content would allow each update to feel richer in what it brings, as well as ensuring its thoroughly tested well before it drops to minimize its breakability. And the off time being used for smaller, even semi-weekly updates to fix the many issues we’ve seen as well as look at balancing, would improve the experience greatly for all crews.

    TL:DR - going forward release new content only every other month, with the months in between focusing on balancing and bug fixing

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love completing the Molten Sands Fortress since the new update, but I am longing to get back to the occasional fort spawn across the other three regions. Does anyone know if this next update will bring back the usual forts?

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    Why aren't shanties getting more attention?

    I feel like they are a huge part of this game and could be for example a new emporium or TT reward kind of thing. Official SoT song like: Who Shall Not be Returning, Wild Rose, Stitcher's Sorrow + We Shall Sail Together ofc, etc. could be all made into the in-game shanties.

    It would work just like emotes where u could just choose a shanty loadout you like... (Lets say 5 shanties max)

  • So as time flies right past our eyes, we will so reach the shore of the next Anniversary update. Since Rare gave out different cosmetics to celebrate the 10 million player count, I think it would be nice to give a reward for OG dedicated players who played in the first anniversary update.

  • It seems as though ive been a "Seafarer" for some time. I'm not sure how i go about leveling this up, or even what it means. Would somebody like to help me out?

  • I'm a mod for the sea of thieves runs on speedrun.com and want to know if the community would like a proper leader board to post their times for the parkour course at the seadogs tavern. I can't really make the category without community interest, so let me know if it's something you'd want to see, so you can officially claim you're one of the fastest pirates out there. (Re-uploading this question because I put it in the wrong place before)

  • The past week I have been trying to play the game (regular and insider), but after a few moments my boat will start sinking and the game will boot me out and will give me the almondbeard message. I've reset my WiFi to my Xbox, reset my router, and even tried on other profiles, but I still encounter the same thing every time. Can I get any help with this issue?