• Hey Folks,

    I am aware there was a thread on this a year ago but does anyone know if there is any news to add the flippers on the back as extra buttons or if there is a way to do it? If not then can peeps give me suggestions on what is the most useful thing to map to these in game? Thanks :)

  • Hi,

    As soon as I started playing (sloop, alone) I ran into another pirate in the outpost. We shot ourselves, I managed to kill him and I ran to the ship and left.

    I sailed around the island and saw no other ships. So, I have many questions: why was there only one ship for two players? Is it a bug? The other pirate had his ship sunk?

    Actually, I would like to know how this system works. Does anyone have information about it?


  • I was just wondering if we would get another chance to sail on the seas in another beta? I missed the last over the weekend.

  • Does anyone have a map that can point me where to go to find everything or most of what has been confirmed to be on the seas?

  • Hello everyone,

    only recently I've discovered SoT and so I've been browsing around the forums, watching some videos and thus a few things came up that I wonder about.

    What caught my attention first were the forum badges - whatever the game, I intend on collecting all the possible collectibles and as much of them as I can. That's where hails my first question from; what are all the badges I've missed and are there any more I can receive (for example before the release)? I've signed up for the Insider Program and wonder if there is any other one I could get.

    Secondly, I intend on pre-ordering SoT as soon as I will be able to (in 9 business days due to credit card processing) and I remember seeing an option to already redeem a code which includes the pre-order bonuses, like the Black Dog Pack. Therefore I wonder, I have not missed that opportunity, have I? The Black Dog Pack is still available for me or anyone as long as SoT is pre-ordered before the release at the end of next month?

    Lastly, in regards of the upcoming pre-release beta - do we have any approximate date? Say, weekend prior to release or anything along those lines. I would not want to miss it and as I know myself, I would happen to be preoccupied at the time and forget to check my mail.

    That's all I wanted to know, it's only a matter of time untill I buy Sea of Thieves and I really can't wait.
    Thank you for reading and trying to answer these questions, I'm most grateful

  • Today a crew mate who shall remain nameless chose to ruin the last hour of play by tossing the chests we'd found overboard while I wasn't looking. The crew consisted of me, two people who had just downloaded the game and the troll. When we pulled up to the outpost we discovered 5-7 chests had disappeared, and when confronted the guy told us we'd just gotten trolled hard, we should kill ourselves, slit our wrists etc, the usual. Since I don't know how the menus work on xbox I couldn't explain how to lock the guy in the brig to one of our crew mates and we couldn't deal with him in the intended manner. My question is whether there will be an implemented feature for dealing with such people in the finished version of SoT?


  • After coming into this game and playing in the scale test, I am extremely excited for the game! However, my friend group is in the double digits, and has formed guilds in many games. As such, I was wondering how something like that would be facilitated in sea of thieves. Would there be anything like crews in GTA V under a different name? Will we be able to customize our sail design for easy recognition from ship to ship? Will we be able to join a server a friend is on without joining their crew? Will we be able to rent servers? will we be able to see a list of servers to choose from before entering the game or will it be a total luck of the draw?

  • Solo is unfair and bigger crews destroy 1 man crews
    Answer - Don't fight bigger crews and run away or try to outsmart them by luring them to other ships. - If these methods don't work then play with other players and don't play alone.

    Outpost Camping is a serious problem!
    Answer - You are wrong. If you see a ship at an outpost, you have plenty of time to decide to go there or head to another outpost. Use your head.

    PC Gamers destroy Xbox Gamers
    Answer - This isn't CSGO, there are no crosshairs and the guns are very different than actual FPS Games, and Cannons and Cutlasses are easier to use with a controller. (I played with both)

    There is nothing to do!
    Answer - I will give this in steps.

    1. Its a beta, they are testing the raw mechanics and databases.
    2. They have shown and spoken about upcoming features that adds more things to do.
    3. SOT is a great sandbox to create your own entertainment in.
    4. Ship Wrecks, Kraken Hunting, Skeleton Boss Hunting, Voyages, Titles to earn, Players to plunder, clothing to acquire, events, secrets hidden on the map, the goal of becoming Pirate Legend, reputation. - (These are just some of the things they have announced in the game.)
    5. Make Friends.

    Griefing is a problem
    Answer - Not everyone you meet, wants to be your friend or trust you, but there are players who do and yes there is nothing to gain from meeting enemy pirates at the moment so the Risk outweighs the Rewards in trusting enemies. We do not know what they will add in the future so keep your complaints to a minimal and don't just give up on the game before release.

    The Map is Too Small
    Answer - There is no guarantee that the map will increase in size, but remember that this is a beta and that the developers have been and are still debating the size of the map and to make sure that players don't get overwhelmed or bored from too much sea.

    What is the aim of the game?
    Answer - So far what we know is that there are titles and rewards you receive for reputation from the trading companies. Rare has said that the end game content will be like starting again with the updates in the future. So your known goal is to work with the trading companies and become a Pirate Legend. Where you will be able to get legendary voyages and rewards.

    [Sanctuary Of The Damned] Our Alliance's Discord - https://discord.gg/6NyAZyB

  • Hi, I’m new to the forums and couldn’t find an answer online.

    I was hoping to contact someone at Rare with regards to a personal request. I don’t want to use twitter or reddit as it’s a surprise for a friend.

    My friend, my best man in fact, has moved away to the other end of the country and is about to buy a house (he’s renting at the moment) in a month or so.

    We are both huge gamers and inspired by my games room full of old consoles and games, he is planning on building one himself.

    I’ve told him I will come down to help, when he moves in, but I want to get him something special as a house warming present.

    As we’re both massive fans of this game and have both pre ordered several things from the sea of thieves shop, I was hoping to buy one of the poster and ask some designers to sign it to make it extra special, then I could frame it for his new games room.

    I’d obviously pay for postage both ways and the poster etc... I just don’t know where to ask?

    Anyone have any suggestions? Is there anyone I can contact for this type of thing?

    Many thanks,

  • So, I've just been wondering because I know Rare Employees do read the official forums and what-not but I don't think I've seen anywhere that it said you guys take our suggestions or change the game according to what people say. So, do you guys actually talk about some of our suggestions? I.E Some of the hottest and most agreed upon topic the spawning issue.

    If the case is you guys don't that's perfectly fine, it is your game after all you are to make it how you wish.

  • I noticed that the characters in the betas had tattoos, but I haven't seen any signs of a tattoo parlor. So has anything been said about the ability to change your tattoos or are you stuck with them forever?

  • Is the name of the shopkeeper in The Equipment Shop Tyler or Travis?
    When you walk up to him it says "Talk to Tyler" but when you wanna browse his stock it says "Browse Travis's Stock".
    This should be fixed before the release because it shouldn't be that difficultbolded text to fix and it would probably be annoying to people with OCD if you don't XD.

  • I got 3 skulls and i don't know where can I sell they.

  • With the Scale Test and it´s translation, I now see how much i liked the english version of the game. So will there be the option at release to change my region-locked language into antother language I prefer?

  • I see a lot of people on here asking questions that have been answered time and time again. I'm making this post for newcomers to the game so that they can get caught up with the basic questions that may come to mind. Basically just an FAQ. I think this FAQ should be answered by the community though. So if you are tired of seeing a question pop up over and over again, post the question & the answer below, and i'll add it here:

    1. Why isn't there more content?
      -The Alpha and Beta sessions only comprised of a fraction of the planned content. There will be more at full release. Rare will also regularly hold timed and themed community events.
    2. Why aren't there any upgrades/progression?
      -The developers have stated that they want all players to be on an even/equal playing ground. For this reason, upgrades will most likely be purely cosmetic. Progression Thread
    3. Will there be any Safe-Zones?
      -There has been confirmation that Safe-Zones will not appear in game. You can post your thoughts on the subject here: Safe-Zone Mega Thread
    4. Will we have any mini-games to play?
      -There has been no official confirmation regarding mini-games, but there has been teases in-game and some good evidence uncovered by the community that points to a card game called Karnath Cards. Card game Thread & In-Game Screenshot
    5. Why doesn't the Reply/New Topic button work?
      -If you are affected by this known issue on the forum, there is a fix that may work here.
    6. Why do I keep getting updates for the Closed Beta?
      -Those updates are most likely meant for the members that are in the Pioneer Programme. They have exclusive access to versions of the game for testing purposes. Unless you hear official word from Rare about a test session that you are invited to, then it is recommended that you turn automatic updating off to preserve bandwith. If you would like to learn more about the Pioneer Programme click here
    7. Will there be an Open Beta?
      -There may be an open beta nearing the full release. No exact date has been announced.
    8. Will there be different game modes?
      -This is an on-going debate on the forum. There has been no official confirmation of any game modes, but if you want to see what the community thinks about it, head on over to this thread or this one.
    9. Will there be land animals in game?
      -Yes, chickens, parrots, pigs, and snakes are a few that have been confirmed to be in the full release.
    10. Will there be Clan/Guild/Fleet support?
      -There will be no support for this feature at launch, but it is being looked into as a potential feature down the line. This was mentioned during this Q&A session.
    11. Will there be micro-transactions/how will they work?
      -Yes, micro-transactions will be in the game in the form of direct purchases of cosmetic/interactive items that will not impact player skill or advantage in any way (NOT pay-to-win). Funds from these transactions will go toward future content/updates.
    12. Will there be schools of fish/other underwater life?
      -Yes, it was confirmed in the podcast with the art/design team that schools of fish as well as coral reefs will be added. Link to video at 34:10 here.

    Also, if you want to catch up on any podcasts, insider updates, and other videos that Rare has released, check out this Video Library

    ~ Feel free to correct any statements I make ~

  • I was wondering how you become a tester of the game to play it and give feedback before the game is released. Is this an option?

  • this is a question that has been asked all the time, but we haven't had a definitive answer yet, we are 2 months from release of this game, i ask, rare please, give us a full answer to that, we want to give opinions and feedback, but to do that we need to know what is going or what might be planed and how we can help to make it better.

  • ahoy yall,
    trying to find where i download the beta for pc it looks sick cant wait to try it out

  • What are the commendations used for, occasionally I will get a notification in game after returning a chest to the guy at an outpost that I earned a commendation for something. Is there something we get for achieving commendations?

    I have asked around in game but no one has given me a clear answer.


  • I think it would be nice to have some options for telling the matchmaking system what game I want to play. This can be a solution for the PvE/PvP problem and also for gamers with more/less real life than other players.

    Just options like this:

    • GameStyle: Pirate(Both), Gunner(PvP), Trader(PvE, no safezones, see explanations)
    • Roleplay: Yes, No
    • First preferred Language: e.g. german
    • Second preferred Language: e.g. english
    • Find crew using first preferred language: Yes, No

    Some explanations:
    Gamestyle - I now most of you want to play like a real pirate, but this also means not always to shoot first. For thoose of you who want to play shooter, there is the pvp option. Some guys like me dont have the time to play 3 hours a day, thats why we want to have a pve option so we can get some progress ingame. Also some dont have friends always beeing online and you dont have a chance against a faster 4 player ship.
    PvE does NOT mean there will be safezones, it is just to put you together with players who also want to play pve.
    All the others (on weekend me too) can play like a real pirate - I like the feeling when you see a bigger ship on horizon ... take of the light fast and sail away with 5 treasures onboard, hoping they didn't see me ^^

    Roleplay - Yes you can do that ingame and it feels really good, but not everybody wants to do that.

    Language selection - There are many people who dont understand or speak english, so you can put them in a crew/server with their preferred language.

  • So I had just loaded into the game and headed towards my ship that were parked neatly next to the dock. I heard some cannon fire and started to wonder what they could be firing at. Turns out someone were firing cannon balls at my docked empty ship.

    Which made me curious. What is the point of doing that?

  • Game Discussion Archive

    I was wondering if people are still getting keys for the beta and if so what is the average time wait for the key

  • Hello,

    After playing the closed beta, I am left with the question of whether or not there will be different types of ships available. I know that through customization each ship will be unique but I feel that there is only so much a person can do with only two ships in the game. With the addition of different types of ships, I feel the players will be able to play how they want even more than they currently can. An example would be having ships that are more focused on PvP or for those that really want to grind through the quests, a ship that has less firepower and more speed. Perhaps different combinations of those two characteristics.

    Thank you,

  • #TavernTalk Will the game support split-screen play on Xbox? Will players be able to join alliance or something of the sort? Also, Is there any chance of a large (8 man crew) ship being added (perhaps for limited time events).

    My reason for asking (You wanted stories Rare so here you are)
    It was a normal day on the calm waves. Me and my partner in crime were returning to port with our barnacle chest in the back of our sloop. A fruitless journey. I was once again climbing the ladder to scan the horizon - perhaps of boredom. As I reached the crow's nest, I looked at the nearing docks and the surrounding area. A sail at the outpost. And another. Heading towards it.
    After a brief exchange of word with my fellow sailor we made a decision. Hard port. A U turn and then some. I looked back. Both ships had now turned towards us on full sails. The closer ship, the one that was docked was a sloop like our own. The further, which had now began firing at the first, was a galleon. Full crew. We kept turning until the outpost was visible on our starboard. We headed towards it in the hopes to loop around it and deliver our loot. As we turned I noticed that the ships had broken off the pursuit and were turning the other way, back to the docks.
    When we emerged on the other side of the island, the sloop was once again visible, stationary at the docks.
    "I will attempt to make peace, keep the boat at a distance just in case."
    I jumped into the cold, salty waters that I had become accustomed to. I swam up to the ladder and ascended it cautiously. The enemy was on board their ship. I stood on the pier between their gangway and the outpost. My cutlass was drawn. The enemy, presumably the captain, left the sloop and faced me; cutlass drawn. I put away my weapon. The gesture was mirrored. A sign of peace to the unwary sailor, a reminder of the treachery of pirates to me.
    "I wish to offer you a deal. You may sell your loot and we will sell ours, no fighting".
    My face hit the water as the cannonball swept me clean off the pier. As I was falling I saw the three sails of a galleon, one that did not leave.
    "Run!" I shouted to my new ally.
    I swam to my fellow pirate, who had returned to drag me out of the water. We went around the island yet again and upon arriving at the shore at which we had originally planned to drop anchor I decided to use the chaos to my advantage. I took the chest and hid in the plant-life. I saw the tent a mere 20 yards from where I was. I remained still. I heard voices on the beach. I ran for the tent and claimed our reward.
    I returned to where I had previously heard voices to see a pirate standing on the beach.
    "Care for a truce" I suggested

    As it turned out, while I was sneaking with our chest to get our payment, the other two crews had also called a truce. And within a minute all eight of us were sat on the beach with music and dancing. We moved onto the tavern. The grog was...bearable and the company even worse. It was then that we made the ultimate pact.

    The sloops were sailing off into the distance as the we waved them goodbye. They weren't needed anymore. We were now brothers in arms, bonded by the promise of treasure. All eight of us set sail on the galleon with a new adventure. As we set off a sloop was nearing the docks. It couldn't have picked a worse moment. 4 cannons ripped into the side of the sloop.Twice. It crashed straight into the rocks.

    We travelled long enough to accumulate 6 chests, for 3 crews. Two each... until I found out that another was stashed in the crow's nest. My brother in crime had stashed it there earlier and no-one else knew. WE cashed in an extra chest. Nobody realise, nobody knew, and oblivious to our selfish ways, they were happy.
    It was time for my last goodbye. I allowed my 7 co-workers to kill me. A final gift to them. As I stood at the bow of the vessel I had been calling my home, I watched 7 pairs of hands reach for their guns.
    "Farewell friends"

    Overall I had a lot of fun playing the alpha and I'd like to thank Rare for creating such an amazing game.

  • Does anyone know if we are going to be able to customize our pirates for the Closed Beta coming up?

  • Ahoy! all
    I was wondering if any one new if the beta will use/update the Technical alpha installation, or if it will be a new download installation.

  • Ahoy mateys, I be hearing a lot of chatter amungst the scurvey dogs of the forum about a “Crimson Dog pack” for Pioneers only?

    I played in the alpha and will be playing in the closed beta also and will preorder the game when I get payed the end of the month...

    I’m actually waiting out hoping they bring out a collectors edition or something along those lines with extra in-game features! I’m a sucker for that kinda treasure!

    I was hoping someone from the Dev Team or something could respond clearing this up for me? If I know nothing like a collectors edition is coming I will go ahead with my pre order but don’t want to jump the blunderbus so to speak 😉

  • Hello first of , sry for my english as it is not my primary language.
    Quick question (it is not to flame rly , just to know if this game is for me )
    From what i'v seen , it seems like the progression system is only about achievements and customisation. What will be the "end game goal". Adventure is nice and all , but without clear goal except "reputation" and "achievement" i feel like we are lacking something in the progression path of our character. Can we buy better ship ? upgrade them as the game goes ? buy better stuff ? find loot (equipement for our character or ship) in treasure and stuff ? Do my character will feel stronger 1 year after playing the game ? or just a different look and more achievement point ? How are we gonna feel unique compared to all other guys in few month after the start ? Different skill / class ?
    This game looks amazing tho.
    Cheers for the explanation folks have a sweet day.

  • Hi guys! I have a question. I played the last alpha on December, and I loved the game. But I would like to know when it's the next beta, because I saw recently that they're going to be a beta this month. Anyone know something? Thx pirates! ;)

  • Hi!
    I am very interested in getting Sea of Thieves. I am part of the Insider Program and really want to get my hands on the game. But, I am holding off on pre-ordering as I have pre-ordered some games this year and was sorely disappointed because of the actual quality of the game or being spiked with game-changing microtransactionscoughHelloNeighborcoughStarWarsBattlefront2cough. Can someone please provide me with gameplay or tell me if this game actually runs and plays as well as it looks or has game-changing microtransactions?

  • What are your 3 favorite pirate movies? Number them in a reply and I'll keep track to determine the Forum's pirate-y preferences. Here's my vote as an example:

    1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
    2. Treasure Planet (1999)
    3. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)

    Note: Order doesn't matter, I'll just tally the votes. No voting for the same movie multiple times. Only 3 votes per person. Theatrical releases only (sorry, no Black Sails). Also, add the release year or the name of an actor/actress if you can. You wouldn't believe how many "Treasure Island" movies there are.

    Edit: Switched one of my votes from Muppet Treasure Island to Master and Commander. Sorry Kermit...