• So I that this thought in mind and told a friend (we are both insiders) about it and he thinks it’s a good idea.

    So when becoming an Insider for SOT, you are obliged to make a new pirate. I was shook at first, but realized it was different form the actual game. So I choose my pirate (BTW I loved the new pirate for the Insider Program). So then this came to mind.

    For those who are insiders, can we have the option to switch between our pirates in the actual game & our pirates in the Insider in the actual game of SOT.

    Confused? Let me example more.

    See, I thought about that since we cannot make changes to our original pirates from the actual game of SOT, for those who are insiders and have to make a new one, can have the option [Under “Pirate Settings”] to change our pirate (use the insider pirate we created to use in the actual game as a selection) WHILE STILL KEEPING the same progress we accumulate when we played since day one on the actual game. I just thought about it and wanted to see how everyone else think about it.

  • So, right...how can I put this. So on the Galleon you have the doors where the mid-deck cannons are supposed to be, however there aren’t any down there, they are only there for decorations. HOWEVER, I think that in the future (if it will happen), there will be at least four cannons (2 on each side) in the mid-deck so that we can utilize the cannon doors and shoot below rather up-top.


    What you guys think?

  • Hello, i am curious will this game ever be expand to any other launcher beside the ms store such as Epic, Steam, GOG etc. ?
    This game has been for over a year and a half on the market and its still such a great game from what i have seen on many video so i was just wondering if there is any chance..
    Thank in advanced.

  • For some reason, did the loading time increase because quite frankly—8/10 chances it takes a little longer for me to join back in the game or my boat. We all know that the moment you die, you will immediately spawn in the Ferry, but now it’s like I’m on the “Black Screen of Death” while hearing the sounds of being on the Ferry, AND THEN it puts me in the Ferry before the doors open for me to come back into the real world. That’s when I have to wait “impatiently” until I come in the game after a long time on the loading screen. Yes, I am a XboxONE player, but the loading time is really a kill and will cause stress.

    So has the loading time gotten better or gotten worse?

  • Hello fellow pirates. I was wondering if you would lose your Ancient Coins, i bought with real money, if i deleted my pirate. I know you don't lose your Special Outfits (sea dogs, pre purchase etc.), so if anyone knows, if you lose your ancient coins when restarting, please tell me :)

    Have a nice day!

  • You might know where this is going, so I’m going to simply the suggestion.

    Me...friends...trying to server hop to get all of us (5 total) into two brigs in the same server by using the Repear’s Flag (seen by Hibotc), rather than the impossible asking someone in the game for their boat.

    Like honestly, I really want all 5 of us in the game, and every time we try the RF tactic, it’s to no avail. Has anyone tried it and has it worked? If so, how long did it take for it to work?

  • I know about the events, just want to know whether all of them will come back as they were, with the cosmetics. I know that the pre-order bonus isn't coming back for sure, but I would like to collect everything and do all these special event voyages.

  • For the 'Footsteps of the Pirate Lord' commendation, I played through The Shroudbreaker quest a second time, but my progress still showed only 1/5 for the commendation afterwards. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

  • Disclaimer: Yes, I do understand that in order to obtain Ancient Coins to get animals and the cosmetics via clothing for animals, we either have to do one of the two: Micro-transaction or find this VERY RARE skeleton and shooting it to gain some coins.

    However, there should at least be some type of daunting quest that we can do to obtain the coins, and each time the quest is done, we get at least 50-100 of the coins, but it going to cost you...ummmm...50K Gold to the Pirate Emporium Guy.


    So I am thinking, since we have the Repear's Chest & the beacons to know where the chest are located have have this ominous red glow in the sky. How about there is one or two that glow green and that these are crates of Ancient Coins, carrying up to 200 coins when turned in to the guy at the Emporium at the Outpost. But it is not easy (of course), the icon will be shown on the map (Just like the Repear's Chest) and people will come and try to take it from you. But they spawn in not so much as do the Repear's Chest.

    What do you think about this suggestion you pirates out in the high seas?

  • Hey Everyone, ive been thinking for a while now what could be added to the game that can help bring multiple of friends together, working towards the same goals even though they cant be on the same server due to how the matching making works for fair game play.
    So i thought that a guild system that unites there efforts all under one name/ roof or ship :D

    1. one idea is being able to have your own custom guild name.
    2. Guild Missions - this bringing multiple friends together working towards a bigger goal, all contributing to multiple achievements that unlock cool items for the guild.
    3. Guild Vs Guild in Arena, Game mode that allows guilds to settle there issues on whose the best pirates out there. (Some Kind of Rewards could be given for the winners or some kind of item that could be shown on the info about there guild to show there wins and defeats).
    4. Guild Menu - obviously for, invites but to be able to check on progress and other info that could be necessary.
    5. Guild player banners / Cape, an item of clothing that the guild leader can purchase and customise for the guild out of many different options to make a unique logo for the guild.
    6. Guild Ship Flags - like the banner idea but for ships to represent the guild before a battle has even started.

    please let me know what you all think of this idea.

    looking forward to reading your comments.

  • Here me out, when we spawn in the tavern's all we see is the girls at behind the counter, the mysterious pirate at the back, and Duke. So I am thinking, there should be other pirates/other people in the taverns, but not just the same people, but different pirates (like each tavern will have at least six to seven NPC, different from each other at other taverns around the seas of Sea of Thieves). For instance:

    THE WILDS: - These are ruthless and aggressive NPCs. This is where you will see most of your fighting, rough-housing, and drunkard pirates. They tend to want to pick a fight with you, REGARDLESS of what you do.

    THE ANCIENT ISLES: - These NPCs' are your more sane and simple pirates. You can interact with them without any hassle and they tend to dance, have fun and talk to one another, including you. They are more of those pirates were they are not to aggressive, but will sometimes get a little tough here and there.

    THE SHORES OF PLENTY: - This is where your rich and classy pirates are located. They speak class and are condescending. They will also talk smack about the pirates in the Wilds, and talk more mannerly about those in the Ancient Isles.

    DEVIL's ROAR: - Straightforward, The Wilds' pirates but 2x worst.

  • So I was wondering, do the developers actually look into the forums at peoples post, or is the forums just a place where we talk about stuff and the developers are not keen to notice anything of what’s going on?

    Because I myself and others have made many good ides on what to add to the game. I’ve seen some really good ones and hoping that RARE actually be like, “Oh wow, that’s a good idea. I will message you and we can talk more about it”.

    I mean I have made ideas about adding waterspouts. changing pirate appearances without deleting and starting over, A BIG INVESTMENT IN A FORT FOR THE DEVIL’S ROAR (I have a blueprint of it, along with the idea of the waterspout). I really hope they do read and see post that actually are good ideas.

    So pirates, do they read our forums or not?

  • [This post is not about creating drama, and I promise you it is a suggestion at its heart. Also I write it from memory so I might miss item names and such.]

    After the release of the Anniversary Update I really enjoyed all the new story missions. I done them all alone like I play the whole game like that. I like the challenge. I solved most of it alone, I did not even look up solutions most of the time: it was one of the best gaming in the year for me. Old-school, taking-notes-on-paper kind of adventures. 10/10. I really loved it.

    Then I finally managed to go to the Shores of Gold. I knew it is big. And I enjoyed it... then I messed up. It was my fault, I thought I have the solution for one of the caves. I thought it was a bug. I even opened a ticket, made a video about it. I was stupid. I felt stupid. In reality I just messed up interpreting the clues. But not this is where I given up on the game. It was a shame but not one I can't get over. But it took me more than a hour to give up on this run.

    My next try was worse. Now I know the solution for the vault. I spawned far from the Shore so it took me about 15 boring minutes to go there. Then I transitioned to the Shore... and there was already another crew, vaults open etc... so I started again in a new sessions, I wasn't about to pick a fight and ruin their endgame.

    Third time the charm right? Nope. I solved the vaults. I got the item I need in the big throne statue... when a galleon appear. They sank my boat and killed me 3 against one is hard 2 of them died before me. I respawned on the island with a new sloop, they even messaged me how did I respawn there after they noticed me. I tried to continue in secret but they found me and killed me again and took my item too. I thought about sinking them, but knowing they will respawn here made it pointless. I was outnumbered, I had no way to know where the item is. And I assume they solved it after I left without having to go to the vaults. They should thank me for the free pass to the ending really.

    And this is the point I given up on this. My question was, that I did not ask here or anywhere else (I was in deep disappointment and rage after hours of gampeplay lost like this, it is rare a game does this to me, so I just quit, deleted the game, did not worth the time after this):

    Why the Shores of Gold island is not private session?

    The story goes there are only one Shroudbreaker. Storywise strange that you are attacked by another crew while solving the puzzles on the island that can't be accessed without the one and only legendary Shroudbreaker.

    There are a lot of times when I just accept that others attack me. Every voyage, chest, skull, gem are fair game. We are pirates. We are pirating. But here: it takes too much time and frustration to let this happen. It should be a private session because it does not makes sense to have more than one Shroudbreakers there. I spent around 5 hours on that island only in the 3 runs I tried it. And 2 runs from that ended beceause others got there too. Once I was the second. An other time another crew was. And it just doesn't make sense.

    Of course I do not know if this still works like this. I did not follow release notes after deleting the game. If it is not like this anymore I am sorry for wasting time writing this down. But now that I coming back to the game to check out the pets, spending actual money on the game after buying it on release for full price: I felt like coming clean about this hard annoyance that made the game bad for me at the end.

    So is it wort to try the finale again now? Or I had to fear from other crews attacking me with another Shroudbreaker?

  • Hello! I'm Achromate (i can't see/distinguish the similar colors). My previous posts for this problem:

    I've a request, if it possible, so helpful for who have problems similare to me:
    The Fishing: i've so problem to distinguish what kind of fish i've found and the type of that fish.
    For example the Devl's Fish, i can't distinguish them (or not all).
    I can distinguish if a fish have a light color or dark color. Not so much more.
    The unique fish is the ponds, that i can see "good", because i can find ONLY them in a pond, and i can fish into
    the water and i can distinguish their body drows.
    For all other fish i have so many problems. I always need to fish near someone that have to said me if
    the fish is correct.
    Then if i also finish a type of a fish, sometimes at the end i uses half of lures for fish that i have just ended.

    So why could not you add something that indicate which fish is and the color?
    For who have "Normal eyes" it's not change anything, because they see the colors and they have not
    problems to choose if the fish is the wanted or not.

    For other animals, when i have the cage i can see the name sating above or behind them, why not for fish?
    This is the same thing :(
    Is not an advantage, but a simple feature the simple permit to play fish like other players.

    Thank to all that consider me :)

  • Is there a chance a sort of Police Faction may be added Like British Navy or a French Navy, This faction will Engage people who have done something Illegal or is Engaged themselves. They will Patrol Sea's around Outposts and Maybe some Forts, and may have some Fleets and Convoys. The Fleets and Convoys may be raided and or attacked by either Players, Skeletons, Krakens and Megaladons.

  • This has been a question of mine for a bit. I was waiting at a outpost once for an afk friend and a ship seemed to pop up when I wasn't looking towards the dock, less than thirty feet away from our ship which was close to the island, and had the appearance of just spawning due to its lack of cosmetics, and it's positioning to the dock. A friend and I assumed it spawned when no one was looking. That or someone sailed up without us noticing. I'm not complaining about it, but I would like to know if anyone has hard facts on whether or not the ship could have spawned with us still at the island? Or are there physical limitations to how close you can spawn to another ship?

  • So I feel I'm unable to complete fate of the Morningstar. Every guide I see tells me to head to the Old Faithful Isle, and once I arrive to use the lantern, I see no ghosts or such. Will I ever finish this quest or is this bugged forever?

  • I've noticed that after black relics update the Gunpowder kegs are disappearing after a time (had 4-5of them in the crow's nest) , anyone with same issue?

  • I feel like that censorship is a very controversial thing in this game and many players disagree with how the censor system works. I know that developers are mostly trying to prevent harassment and racism in this game, which is completely on the place, even though its a game about pirates, there needs to be an order. And then there is this thing: Is it better for the game to punish you with some kind of silence or temporary account lock after you have been proven guilty of harassing other players, or if it better for the game to even prevent you from typing harassing stuff at first? Sometimes I think its even better to prevent you from typing toxic stuff in the chat, but then there are moments, when I'm not even able to communicate in my native language, because part of the word for example is an insult in other language, which is really annoying... What do you guys think about censorship in this game, do you find in on the place, or above the limit?

  • I’m quite sure this happens to other people as well. A couple friends and myself play together on Xbox, and when new content drops, tons of pc players come back to the game...

    We try to get one of the new reaper chests, and start heading back to port. A sloop shows up out of nowhere with obvious pc players on it. One of them boards us and just runs laps around us like it’s nothing. He kills all three of us extremely easily, takes the chest, and sinks our ship.

    Later on we go on a few simple voyages after taking half an hour to restock. Then we get attacked and boarded by a galleon full of, yet again, PC players, who do the same thing as before.

    Xbox players can hardly level up since pc players can just easily loot us whenever they want.

    I can’t be the only person that feels this way. I’m sure people play one or two days or so, then get driven away by the PC player base after we grind hours of voyages, just to get it stolen. My friends and I won’t be coming back to the game until crossplay is optional. It’s not fun any more, unfortunately. I love the game in, in general, but this is just stupid and no longer fun when you can hardly even turn in a few cheap chests without getting killed for them.

    When can Xbox players have fun?

  • Did they remove the option to opt-out of cross-play? I suddenly realize I cannot find it anywhere and neither can my friend.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Today I've got a Quick Question for the community:

    Should our Ships Start with Rowboats?


    Let me know your opinions mates!
    Until then see ya on the seas!
    In a tough spot

  • Hi Guys,

    Recently bought this game and I keep getting stuck on "Recruiting A Crew", no matter what settings I choose. I've checked my firewall and confirmed that it's not interferring, I've tried restarting my PC, updating my drivers and seeking around for other options: so far nothing has helped.

    I checked to see if the Sea of Thieves servers are down but that hasn't helped either. Needless to say, I'm a little lost and I have absolutely no idea what to do next. Can anyone help?

    PC specs just in-case:

    CPU: Intel - Core i7-7700 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor
    CPU Cooler: Corsair - H100i v2 70.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler
    Motherboard: MSI - Z270-A PRO ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
    RAM: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory
    Video Card: EVGA - GeForce GTX 1070 8GB SC GAMING ACX 3.0 BE


    EDIT: Resolved by reinstalling the game into my main directory. Cheers

  • Out of all 5 known Skeletons lords, only Captain Flameheart remains "alive". That's why I think we are definitely going to see him in the new Tall Tales as one of the antagonist or even the final boss. There have been signs about his arrival my fellow pirates. Since the Shores of Gold commendations has offered a Gold Hoarder's curse I think it would be cool to have a skeleton one as well, where your body would have some skeleton parts instead of flesh.

    Let me know what do you guys think about this and give me your feedback If you would be cool with another curse as the main grind of new Tall Tale, or If you would like to see something new.

  • Title. This has been happening since yesterday and I’ve been doing nothing but trying to make it work. Does anyone have a fix for this, or knows anything about this? I’m playing on a Xbox one S if that helps. Cheers!

  • I wanted to do an Twitch alert sounds and had a cool idea with the sounds but I don't have the soundfiles from this game so I ask here.

    Have a nice day ^^

  • Hey Folks,

    I am aware there was a thread on this a year ago but does anyone know if there is any news to add the flippers on the back as extra buttons or if there is a way to do it? If not then can peeps give me suggestions on what is the most useful thing to map to these in game? Thanks :)

  • Hi,

    As soon as I started playing (sloop, alone) I ran into another pirate in the outpost. We shot ourselves, I managed to kill him and I ran to the ship and left.

    I sailed around the island and saw no other ships. So, I have many questions: why was there only one ship for two players? Is it a bug? The other pirate had his ship sunk?

    Actually, I would like to know how this system works. Does anyone have information about it?


  • I was just wondering if we would get another chance to sail on the seas in another beta? I missed the last over the weekend.

  • Does anyone have a map that can point me where to go to find everything or most of what has been confirmed to be on the seas?

  • Hello everyone,

    only recently I've discovered SoT and so I've been browsing around the forums, watching some videos and thus a few things came up that I wonder about.

    What caught my attention first were the forum badges - whatever the game, I intend on collecting all the possible collectibles and as much of them as I can. That's where hails my first question from; what are all the badges I've missed and are there any more I can receive (for example before the release)? I've signed up for the Insider Program and wonder if there is any other one I could get.

    Secondly, I intend on pre-ordering SoT as soon as I will be able to (in 9 business days due to credit card processing) and I remember seeing an option to already redeem a code which includes the pre-order bonuses, like the Black Dog Pack. Therefore I wonder, I have not missed that opportunity, have I? The Black Dog Pack is still available for me or anyone as long as SoT is pre-ordered before the release at the end of next month?

    Lastly, in regards of the upcoming pre-release beta - do we have any approximate date? Say, weekend prior to release or anything along those lines. I would not want to miss it and as I know myself, I would happen to be preoccupied at the time and forget to check my mail.

    That's all I wanted to know, it's only a matter of time untill I buy Sea of Thieves and I really can't wait.
    Thank you for reading and trying to answer these questions, I'm most grateful