• My friends and I have been trying to join each others server for a couple of days. Not in the same crew, but instead so that we could pvp eachother and do alliance stuff. I don't understand why this is so difficult and why there isn't already a join server feature. Would really like to see this make it's way into the sea of theives, as it would improve the overall experience.

  • I know a lot of people that want to love this game for its beautiful islands, awesome adventuring, treasure hunting, skeleton fighting, and epic sailing but almost all of those people have given up on the game because of pvp trolls. I get the concept of pvp in this game, it makes sense and it can be really fun but when you can’t even dig up one chest without your sloop being sunk by a galleon or murdered over and over by other bored players it gets realllly old. My suggestion is to create a new guild called the Bounty Hunters Guild. Ships that fire first at other ships and sink them get a gold bounty on them and show up to others on the map. Other ships can then attack the pvp ship for gold and xp towards the guild. Commendations can be added for different size ships killed in bounties as well as amounts of ships and crew killed. It would create a deterrent for players trolling others just trying to adventure while still allowing them to get in pvp fights with people who want to fight at the same time. Its a win win and i think it would draw a lot more people back to the game that got frustrated with just getting trolled endlessly before.

  • One of the things I love most in this game is world encounters/events. My friends and I look forward to the epic battles against players while random ghost ships/megs/krakens spawn and make it a bigger challenge to sink the other player. Here’s a suggestion we all thought would be so cool:

    Have a giant whirlpool spawn. Whether it be in the center of the moving storm or just randomly, it would make for some amazing battles to be going around a whirlpool that is trying to pull you under while having to defend your loot from another crew. There can be a certain way to get out of the spinning water too, like if you turn hard and cut past the center of the whirlpool you gain speed and can break out of it. Everyone I have talked to in game has said it would be an incredibly fun event to have.

  • Hello,

    I hope you are all doing well, some of you might recognize me as a content creator , and some might think its a good thing, but recently it became a Curse in the Arena, as soon as a content creator is recognized, everyone remembers that he is on the "Flaming Jackal", when match starts, everyone wants to attack the Flaming Jackal regardless of the chests and purpose of the Arena. Yesterday we had 4 ships on us, not attacking each other, just making sure we sink over and over again, This happened to me many times, and several other content creators that I sail with. Not to forget bigger streamers like Pace is dealing with the same issue all the time.

    Removing the ship Logo before the Match is essential, make it available during and after the session. Even for Non-Content creators, when Salt is present, certain crews target others prior to the match. Please Rare consider this.

    thank you

    For the most part, Sea of thieves revolves around a rule of three; three ship types, three item types, three companies, three guns. So why not melee weapons? So I believe that there should be three melee weapons the spice up the combat and the two I’ve chosen from (which I admit was a ten minute Google search) is the Boarding Axe and Pike.

    Boarding Axe

    “Common and popular on ships for fighting fires and boarding parties alike. It was used by pirate crews as often as the cutlass. The boarding axe helped pirates climb the high wooden sides of a large ship. It was also very useful in cutting through the rigging lines, bring down the enemy ships sails. The boarding axe weighed around four pounds, and was roughly two to three feet in length. They were a handy tool in opening closed doors and hatches while boarding. The axe was used effectively as a deadly hand to hand fighting tool as well.” *

    The boarding axe is to be a suitable choice for ship to ship combat, specifically as an offensive weapon. The axe will have the shortest hit range of the three weapons and will also be the most damaging. It has a two combo, horizontal swing with a power attack that brings the axe down vertically for an almost guaranteed one-hit kill. Though easily avoidable it can make quick work of a pirate not aware of his surroundings, leaving him open to be cut down like lumber.

    However its unique ability is to be able to pry the boards from repaired holes.

    This is to address the issue some players have with PvP combat where both ships get into a position where neither can sink the other because of lack of cannonballs or the ships have become tangled and unable to fire at each other. To remove a plank, the player will approach the repaired hole and hold the interact button (X on controller, F for PC); this will take the same amount of time as repairing and leave you just as venerable to attack.

    Boarding Pike

    “Pikes were basically long spears with a wooden handle and metal point. The ship board version of the pike was usually slightly shorter than its land based counterparts. They could be thrown at a target, or used held by the sailor while fighting. The boarding pike weighed around six pounds, and was between four to six feet in length. It was a common weapon on board a ship. They were often kept in racks around the base of the ships mast. Because of there length, they would have been most effective against swords and knives in a boarding action.” *

    If the boarding axe is the weapon of choice for the attacker, then the pike is the choice of the defender. It while it lacks a combo, damage and has a very narrow damage arc (much like a pistol or rifle) however it’s true strength is its greater range used to clear ladders and push players off the ship with its knockback (think ball and a pool/snooker cue).

    Akin to the sword lunge, the pike has a charged thrust attack that increases both damage and knock back without moving the player and should any pirate try to block attacks from the pike they’ll discover that it ignores blocks.

    When I wrote this I was more focused on the Axe over the Pike (the pike needs more work) but I believe the Axe will help in breaking those stalemates between two ships too close to broadside or exhausted in cannonballs to finish the other off; it'll no longer be a test to see how long one crew will put up with spawn killing before scuttling.**

    *Quotes from brethrencoast.com ( http://brethrencoast.com/Pirate_Weapons.html )
    ** Not saying it will cover all these issues, there will always be those who want to watch the world burn.

  • So I think a reasonable fix to sword combat would be to reintroduce the slowdown when missing a cutlass strike. However I do feel that this change must be introduced alongside a temporary target lock upon hit with a cutlass. The lock would disengage at the end of the three hit combo. Also I feel that a half second root should be applied to the target if they are hit mid air.

    Blocking would also need a buff in the form of a target lock on the aggressor upon successful block. With this there could also be an increase to the effective arc that the block needs to engage a successful block.

    The delay between gun switching should be removed for players who choose to use a cutlass as well.

  • Piracy's not rewarding or fun. It takes far too long to find a target, and when you do, they'll either have no loot or run away. Sometimes you can swim over, but then you'll have to sink a ship without using a ship, a difficult task. There's almost never enough treasure to warrant the time put in, I can count the number of times I've found someone else with a fort's worth on my fingers after 2 years.

    To encourage piracy, hoarding loot, and actually fighting attackers, I suggest this:

    1. As many have suggested, treasure should gain value the longer it's on a ship. This will encourage hoarding loot, which makes the game more exciting for everyone. I'd also like a Golden Flag, which marks you on the map, gives off a brilliant mark, and makes the treasure gain value faster.

    2. Ships should drop a nameplate when sunk. The nameplate can be sold to any faction, the amount it's worth is equal to 10 times the total level of everyone on the ship combined. This encourages fighting your attackers, ensures there's always a reward for winning, and it encourages players to attack experinced ships, not new players. It could be absurd though, so some careful balancing is a must.

    3. Ships leave a wake that makes any other ships that sail into it go 50% faster. This discorgaes running away, and it adds an extra depth to ship combat. Imagine baiting your enemies into smashing into a rock by making them go faster.

    4. Fix the number of ships per server. It's supposed to be 6, but it's not. It should be 8, what with the Roar, but if there were always 6 ships that would still be good enough. Right now it takes about 45 minutes of searching to find anyone, which is way too long.

  • Ahoy and hello!

    I'm Admiral Barbossa (I know my account name is not like that cuz Microsoft want me to pay 10$ to change it but anyway...) I'm looking for female mates to sail with. If you're curious I'm a male and I had enough with male crews. If you want to get to know and if you're in here is my Discord: TheBossa #3016 also Xbox account: TheBossaaa.

    Arrrrrgh! See ya chum!

  • IMO, the capstan determines too many ship vs ship fights.

    there are now more options to slowing down a ship, including damaging masts, the helm, and the capstan itself with accurate cannon hits. to not include what was recently added, forcing a ship to run into an obstacle or dealing with the actual crew before doing anything are effective and bold strategies (i could go on). but because dropping the anchor of another ship is a lot easier than recovering from it, this has been the meta strategy since day one. it is just too rewarding.

    i could also argue that it has become even more of a meta since players can now damage the capstan and force it to drop while damaging its handles. this is too much for ships with a lower elevation than the galleon.

    thus, i feel as if the capstan needs a re-balance.

  • Does anyone else agree something should be done to make bunny hopping a less effective strategy? It breaks immersion a little for fighting to be pirates bouncing around at high speeds. It also feels like the hit registration sometimes can't keep up with the high speed and changing direction so it might help to slow things down. Healing mid fight also seems to be made a little too easy with bunny hopping. I'm interested what other people's takes on it are.

  • I believe that having the PVP risk element is what makes the game so much fun and worthwhile to play, but I think that having a mechanic in the game to help reduce the "victimization" of players could be very beneficial. Many have suggested a bounty system; which IMO would be great. There could be a tracking system for aggressive actions and betrayals. That way the more "peaceful" players would know to try and steer clear of certain individuals. A possible implementation of that could be progressively colorized red-glowing eyes/clothing, progressively colored ship parts, a marked name, sound cues, any type of visible warning, etc. Something COOL. Not only would this warn other players, it could even be a point of pride and notoriety for the aggressive/backstabbing pirate. There could even be an NPC that you need to give treasure to in order to reduce your "aggro rating" (similar to the EVE Online security status system).

    To continue my proposal, I'll tell you the story that inspired this post: After much pleading, my brother finally bought the game and started playing with me yesterday. I told him how treacherous the seas can be at times and that backstabbing, attacks, and other nasty things can happen. Today we got through two parts of his TT and cleared a fort without any issue. He had REALLY been enjoying the game. A ship came up to us and they offered an alliance to quickly clear a fort, we were happy to join up and before you know it, we were looting the captains key. Of course, as soon as we open the door the alliance is disbanded and we hear an explosion. Our ship full of planks, food, and cannon balls quickly sinks to the ocean floor. The betraying pirates eventually hunt us down, but not before I hide the stronghold chest and blow the stronghold explosive. It was pretty upsetting, especially for my brother, who was new to the game and very much disliked how easy it was to betray fellow alliance members.

    All that to say I don't think he wants to play the game anymore. We are both PVPers by nature (he is high ranked in LoL, I'm a CS:GO fanatic, etc.), but the way in which that situation played out left a very sour taste in our mouth. I do think having something in place as a warning to other players could help mitigate the frustration that more PVE focused players experience, and at the same time give aggressive players a new system to explore.

    I don't accept the proposition that "it's a PIRATE game, if you can't handle it then don't play". We all log-in for entertainment and fun experiences. We were having a blast just focusing on PVE for the evening, and we would have happily traded shots with other players if the situation presented itself. Unfortunately, when a game offers the freedom to totally screw over another player without any repercussions, there will be plenty of people lining up to take advantage, and plenty of people who just don't enjoy the game because of it.

  • I don't agree with the idea of making worlds PVE or turning off combat. Yes, this is SOT and yes people should be allowed to steal and attack. It's the threat of these and the requirements to avoid it that make some of the highs of this game so good.

    However. Trolling is a problem. It serves no purpose, it is not fun. The act of trolling isn't even fun for the trolls - only the result of denying other people their fun. Not only is this not really accurate to the pirate life, it's clearly against the spirit that Rare is trying to enable. Right now, there's no penalty to trolling. There are no negative consequences whatsoever. In fact, there are only disincentives to following the pirate code. That seems a bit backward. So how can we change the calculus?

    My first thought is bounties. Bounties that can only be called against players who have killed you repeatedly: targeted, not random. As this bounty goes up, the danger for the person goes up. First, their bounty gets displayed next to their name. Then, when it gets high enough, they get the equivalent of the Reaper's Mark put on them (the player themselves) with their bounty total right on the map. Chase em down for gold and glory. Not only does this gamify the act of retribution, it makes it risky to keep trolling. Everyone know where you are and can avoid you, and your bounty only goes down when another player kills you. At the same time, this could be a legitimate point of pride for crews that just want to PVP. They've got a huge bounty, but they still get away!

    But there are two problems: 1) it can be gamed. Get two ships and they can just "farm" bounty level and 2) it still relies on other players to actually kill the player, which is hard when no one else wants to even engage. 1) can be solved with timers and cooldowns, essentially.

    But 2) requires something deeper and more integrated: world responses to bounties. As in: what if as you cause more havoc in the Sea of Thieves, the world automatically and invisibly starts to move against you. First, what if the game invisibly tracks your PVP aggressiveness (we have this tech from Arena already) and contributes that to your bounty total behind the scenes in addition to other players actively adding to it. Then, at a certain level of bounty again, enemies start spawning. Again, to provide a risk to this gameplay style that currently doesn't really exist now.

    First, you see more megalodons. Behind the scenes, their aggressiveness toward this specific ship is amplified. Then you get skeleton ship spawns out of nowhere. And at a certain level of bounty (before the getting on the map thing), you get a special gnarly megalodon that is extremely large and aggressive and ONLY targeted at ships belonging to pirates with high bounties. So this will be a very specific thing that will prevent troll crews from being effective in multiple ways. BUT, it's actually still kind of a cool thing for crews that just want to be aggressive. They have to balance how much they go out and attack people or risk being sunk. They have to take breaks more often to turn in stolen chests and the like. And they can farm these creatures if they want to for the meat and loot. Again, these are all good because they give benefits to the aggressive players for doing things OTHER THAN killing people while actively preventing them from griefing in an in-universe way.

    I think this solution maintains the threat of PVP, maintains the joy of playing PVP for those who want to, but also makes it challenging to play only that way. It doesn't take away the threat of other players from those who want to PVE, but it gives you some tangible responses to them that don't just boil down to "git gud".

    Dang I wrote a lot. Oh well. Long and scattered thoughts. But I wanted to share them. I'm sure others have come up with better ideas since.

  • Ahoy Friends & Foes Alike,

    To start off, I would like to let everyone know I am an absolute super fan of Sea of Thieves. I have played since the Alpha, and I'm sinking in dozens of hours a week into this game. Every moment on the seas has been worth every second and the memories created from these play sessions have been priceless.

    These suggestions and feature requests are a culmination of over a 1,000 hours on the seas and from a place of love. I believe Sea of Thieves is, and always will be, a place where stories are born and legends are formed, friends and rivalries are created, and adventure awaits any pirate looking to seek it. Please, if you agree with these feature requests, give it an "up-vote" so we can get these features in front of the devs. Even if these aren't all chosen to be added, just getting some of these ideas seen by the developers can give them an understanding that there is a demand and they can accept them or adapt them however they see fit. Also, please let me know what you think! Let me know if you have any ideas to add and we can all work towards creating a great mega thread of our desired feature. So lets jump right in!


    The Arena has become an absolutely wonderful addition to the game, and I have become obsessed with the current state of it. I completely understand that there is still more to be added to this mode so I look forward to what may come. If I could add any concepts to the pool of ideas that are circling around the developers right now, regarding what they should add next, these are my suggestions...

    • LAND BASED MODES: This is an idea that I have heard many pirates call out for. This idea means that when an Arena match starts, all crews will start on their ships like normal but each ship is locked into place surrounding an island. Then all the fighting will take place on land, giving way to epic sword battles and classed based tactics. The objectives could be endless! Imagine a mode where its just first team to 50 Kills, or every one gets the same map for that island to dig up treasure and bring it back to their ship for points, or a King of the Hill mode where every team is given a lantern color at the start and the objective is to hold a beacon on the island with your lantern color and first team to 120 seconds wins. The options are limitless. I think land based modes could really open some options for the developers and should be considered.
    • OCEAN COMBAT ONLY: Don't get me wrong, I love the X marks the spot formula right now, but only focusing on ship combat to claim victory would be epic. If in the cycle of Arena matches there was one that was just focused on ship-to-ship combat that would really allow for some crazy Arena sessions. Especially if the zone was circled around areas with big rock or weather like the storm and fog.
    • SPECIAL ARENA MODES: Special Arena Modes could be treated like limited time events and could be thrown into the mix every once and a while. Think about Iron Banner for Destiny how that happens for a limited time every now and again. The Special Mode could offer limited time loot just like it too! Some special modes I could think of are...
      Megalodon Madness: Multiple Megs are in the small arena zone and you can gain points for your team by landing shots on the Meg or other crews. Megs can even be seen on the Main Map table!
      Mega Keg Race: Tons of mega kegs are floating in the water just like resource barrels, so watch out! Teams must race from checkpoint to checkpoint and get to the final location first!
      Skeleton Ship War: Skeleton ship are roaming the Arena zone and player must work TOGETHER to take them all out before time expires. The waves begins with just skeleton sloops, but as waves get completed more and more galleons will appear from the depths. The goal is to complete 10 waves of ships before the time expires. If all waves are completed then every team is awarded the 1st place award. If all waves aren't completed then all teams will receive the same penalty to their rewards.


    Adventure has been brought to life with each expansion to the game, and even more so with the addition of the Tall Tales and Hunters Call. These requested features are ideas that can expand upon these new addition as well as the old features. Here are my ideas for how to improve the Adventure mode...

    • SHIP CHANGE IN GAME: The title explains it all! Allowing a crew to change their ship type in game would allow for smoother transitions when more friends want to join or when you need more help taking down an objective.
    • NEW ENEMIES: I think that the addition of new enemies as well as expanding upon already created enemies will really liven up the PvE. For example, I think that for the already established skellys they should add new types like small, single hit, skellys that can spawn in large numbers to make killing large hordes of skellys fun. I also think there could be a new witch skelly that can summon things like waves of snakes or more skellys, heal surrounding skellys, or launch fire balls from its wand.

    Some new enemy types could be something like Ghosts that spawn around grave yards at night. Islands like Lone Cove have large graveyards which could be used to spawn these cool new enemy types.

    Even if these specific enemies aren't added, I do believe that new skellys and new enemies in general like animals who want you dead (boars, bears, jaguar) should be added as well as special variants to each enemy to keep combat fresh.

    • GAMBLING: I think the addition of gambling would be fun and fitting. Right now the only thing you can spend your hard earned money on are quests and cosmetics. How great would it be to sit down at a tavern and play a few round of liars dice, or karnath while you wait for your crew to form up. Or have a gambling table in each ship where you and your crew could wager a few bets while you travel from island to island. This could be a great way to kill time if you dont want to be on the sea doing a quest or if you're on your way to one.
    • LEGENDARY FISH: I think one fun addition would be Legendary Fish. Every 10 levels reached in The Hunters Call would give you access to a new Legendary Fish to go hunt. These fish would take a lot of skill to reel in successfully. These fish would require bait, but rather than the worms we see now, it would require meat like a pork leg or chicken leg to draw the attention of these large fish! Imagine trying to reel in a hammerhead shark, a massive octopus, or huge anglerfish. To reel them in players will have to fight the fish like we do now, but snapping the line could be more frequent if not careful. Also, in addition to fighting the fish players would have to mash a button that is displayed over the fighting fish. This would make fishing for these creatures harder and more rewarding. As a reward, each fish is worth a lot of money but catching multiple of them could reward players a set of clothing and equipment that is unique to each Legendary Fish.
    • MORE SEA LIFE: With the addition of the Hunters Call now is a great time to add more life to the oceans to hunt and be hunted by. Imagine new breeds of shark like hammerheads that only spawn in the Shores of Plenty, or reef sharks that swim around coral reefs! They could even add dolphins to the world that swim up next to your boat when you have all your sails in the wind. With the bioluminescent fish that are now in the game, how awesome would it be to see a swarm of jelly fish glowing in the water at night. If you see them you can jump in them, taking sting damage while you swim around looking for the loot that they are protecting. Or even a pod of large humpback whale to try and harpoon or just watch as they peacefully swim by. All these new additions would breath new life into the open ocean and could also be hunted for meat and to sell to Hunters Call reps.
    • HARVESTING LOOT FROM CORAL REEFS: Every time I swim through a coral reef I wonder about how awesome it would be to see those massive clams, break one open and see if there might be a huge shiny pearl inside. How great would it be to be able to make money from harvesting components and resources/food from coral reefs like pearls or sea urchins? It would serve as a fun way to make money and give purpose, other than eye candy, to the coral reefs.
    • FRUIT FROM TREES: Imaging running along a beach and seeing coconuts and bananas hanging from the palm trees and being able to slice at the bass of the tree with your sword to get them to drop. Or running through a densely wooded island and see apples and oranges hanging from the branches of trees for you to pick off. This idea would make resource harvesting even more natural (no pun intended) and allow you to find food while on the run without having to look around for barrels.
    • PROFESSIONS: A recent idea I've been toying with is the idea of professions. I imagine each profession would give you a unique grind to match what your desired playstyle is. So far I came up with Blacksmith, Cook and Merchant. These professions would give you daily and weekly missions to complete as well as things to craft and sell for XP. As you level up your profession the items that you craft will require more resources for gathering but are worth more money.

    For Blacksmithing you would make weapons from mining minerals found around each region and brought back to the forge found at each outpost. Then you could either sell them to the weapons vendor for quick money and XP or take them directly to a buyer for bonus gold and XP. The buyers would be the npc's that are found on certain islands now. You could even keep your weapon or trade it with another player!

    The grind would be similar for the Cook profession. You would get orders for meals from the tavern keeper. You would then need to go out and collect the required ingredients (fish, meat, fruits and new items found from plants) then cook them to sell at the tavern. You could also sell the food to npc's found on other islands for additional money and xp. Just like the Blacksmith, you could also keep this food or give it to other players for a huge health buff!

    For the Merchant profession, this would be similar to the current MA mission grind which requires you to sail from island to island delivering goods. The differences would be when you accept these missions you're given another ship to sail along side (sailed by npc's) and you need to stay within a certain radius of this ship or you'll fail. You're also required to fly a merchant sail and stay along a designated, doted line route on the main map or you'll fail the mission. The npc ship will sail along this path you and you must sail along with it to keep it safe to make its delivery. This dotted line route is also marked on other peoples maps for them to see. However they don't know where you might be along that route. When you make stops and deliver the cargo you gain money and XP. You can earn money with each consecutive delivery and the more you turn in the more each delivery is worth. This could be a fun way to feel like you're living the merchant life while staying visible to player threats.

    • THROWABLE WEAPONS: Throwable weapons like a dagger or hand grenades could really spice up PvP and PvE. Every player already has a dagger as seen by us using one to cast our vote for quests. These daggers could be similar to Destiny's daggers for the Hunter class as something you can throw one time then need to wait 30 seconds for it to cool down and get it back. They could do a lot of damage but take lots of precision to land.

    For the hand grenades, I imagine these as items you can find rarely, like cursed cannonballs, or they can be forged by someone on your crew in the Blacksmith profession. These would be little black powder grenades that once RT is clicked, the fuze gets lit and the grenade is tossed. There would be a 2 or 3 second timer before it detonates. These would be mostly used for crowd control and wouldn't do much damage to ships. It would send players flying a few feet to either side if they're in the blast radius or kill them if they're already low on health

    • PvE WEAPON BURNS: Every player should remain equal I believe in terms of weapons and weapon damage. I love that a Pirate Legend such as myself can be thrust into an epic battle with players who are still new to the game and I might not win. However; I think one fun thing to add and to grind for would be special weapons that grant bonus damage or effects against npc's ONLY. Imagine the Ashen Sword applying a flaming burn to skellys, or the Kraken Sword applying a layer of ink to skelly's causing them to wipe their eyes and have reduced accuracy. Maybe there could be a sniper that if the final shot landed on a skelly is a headshot, the bullet explodes like a powder keg! There could be a pistol that returns any bullets to the reserve it you nail a headshot with it. Or maybe a blunderbuss that can turn skellys to gold, freezing them in their place for a few seconds, for crowd control. There are so many awesome ideas that could change day to day PvE tactics if there were the same weapons but with PvE only burns on them. These weapons could be something that would require players to do a lot of an activity to receive them. For example, the flame sword would require players to complete the Molten Sands Fortress without anyone on their crew dying. Things like this will add a level dedication to the game that lets players look for the things they want most and grind for them. But if casual players dont try for these items they're not screwed because the weapon burns are PvE only!
    • OVERHAUL SKELETON CAPTAINS: I think that skeleton captains in OOS missions and fort boss battles shouldn't be regular skellys with more health and cool clothes. I think when a captain finally spawns it should be an opportunity for the combat and your tactics to change. This is why I think every 10 level you rank up in OOS, the captain fight should get harder by the captains using new moves on you similar to the moves in the Captain Briggsy fight. These captains wouldn't use all the moves that Briggsy had but maybe just one randomly selected for each Captain. The higher rank you are the more difficult and challenging the fight would become as the pool of moves would grow every 10 levels. These special moves could include the ground slam that sends players flying, the ability to teleport players to a random spot around the island if you get to close, or the ability to inflict burns on you with is sword if it lands a hit. Even if you're already lvl 50, this would change your day to day grind as maxed out players could take on bounties and the target would have all the moves in its pool to select from. Also, the fort boss that spawns should be equal to a level 50 OOS boss fight. The boss that spawns in a fort should be random and you never know what burns and abilities the fort boss will have when it spawns.
    • DAILY AND WEEKLY MISSIONS: One thing that always keeps me coming back to certain games are daily and weekly missions that can offer unique rewards for their completion. The rewards for the daily mission would be significantly less than the weekly one obviously. With the introduction of Tall Tales I think that daily and weekly missions could easily be added. The daily mission could be one of the tall tales exactly how we saw it in the original release, but the weekly mission could be one of the tall tales but altered to make it harder. These missions could also be for the already established factions! For example there could be a Gold Hoarders Weekly Mission that requires players to dig up chests and turn them in before a timer expires, but on the island they're sent to there's nothing but waves of bomber skellys spawning for them! Whether or not the daily and weekly missions are structured like this, I think bringing people back on a daily and weekly basis is important for online games.
    • ROGUE WAVES: Imagine while sailing on the open sea, its calm and beautiful. Then the music changes suddenly to a panicked orchestra. You know that sound, its the sound of an incoming rogue wave! You have only a few moments to look all around your ship and locate the rogue wave and turn to face it head on. If you sail straight into it you'll sail over it just fine. If you're parallel to the wave it'll flip your ship over and do a complete barrel roll in the water. You'll be flung from your ship and when the ship finishing flipping over the masts will be broken and there will be holes in your lower deck that force you to repair it all before you sink. Image the terror!
    • NEW MEG AND KRAKEN ATTACKS: With the introduction of detailed ship destruction I think adding new moves to the beasts of the world would make these fights more intense. There should be a move for the Kraken that wraps around a mass and your crew needs to slice it off before it snaps the mast in half. There should also be a move for the Meg that makes it so when it bites the ship, it doesn't just bite and swim under. There should be a move that makes it so when the Meg bites the ship it holds on and all crew mates need to run up to the beast and shoot/slice it off the ship. I also think there should be a move for the Meg that when she swims by she can occasionally wack the ship with her tail putting holes in the side of the ship.
    • LIVEN UP THE OUTPOSTS: The outposts are in desperate need of some fresh faces and commotion. While I think that no outpost should be safe from PvP engagement, I do think that there should be some more life to be seen at the outposts. More npc's walking around, fishing off the docks, laughing and drinking at the tavern or sitting around camp fires sharing stories. I don't think that you even have to interact with these npc's. I would just like to see more commotion at these outposts to make the ocean feel more open and free from urbanization and population. Some of these npc's could provide daily missions for you however sometime down the road. I would just like to see more life at the outposts even if its not real players.
    • COMMUNITY EVENTS: At each outpost there should be a new booth that hosts a community events representative that talks about current and upcoming community events happening around the open world! These events could be completed together with rival crews to receive your rewards or some events could require you to compete against rival crews! One event could be "Community Fishing Day" and all pirates are called to fish off the docks at a selected Sea Post and turn in a certain amount of fish before the event ends. One event could be a Mega Megalodon that needs multiple crews to kill and the host will tell you where to be and when. Another community event could be a pop-up shooting range that has opened up next to the booth at the outpost and you can compete against your own crew or against rival crews to shoot as many targets as possible before the time expires.

    Again, whether or not the community event are these specifically or not I think that giving the Sea of Thieves player base a sense of community (More than we already feel) will keep players around longer!

    • LARGE ISLANDS (CONTINENTS): One addition I really think could offer a lot of change to gameplay, and bring countless new features down the road, would be the creation of continents. Imagine a continent with a few large cities built on it, giving players a place to buy new items, gamble, forge new items, accept quests and then venture out into the wildness. These cities could also serve as bustling ports for players to dock their boat and display them proudly to other players. There could be large prey lurking in the jungles outiside the towns like wild cats, boars and bear. There could be beautiful meadows, high mountain ranges to climb and massive caves to explore. I imagine little shanty towns and camps sprinkled around the continent that could offer new quests from friendly npc's, a place to spawn or serve as enemy camps to raid for loot. I think one great change this could make for the game is to give players an expansion to ground based PvE and PvP, allowing players to fall into the rolls of their desired class/rolls (Sniper, close quarters fighter, map reader, navigator). The amount of good this could bring to the game is insane! I think it could open the door for a lot of Tall Tales down the road too.


    Well, this about wraps up my comprehensive list of features I would love to see added to the game. I know people have posted some of these ideas as individual requests. I just felt the need to gather all my own thoughts onto one thread. If you guys enjoyed what you read, please up-vote it! If you have additions or critiques also please let me know. I really look forward to hearing what you guys have to say and add. I hope that this can inspire some additions down the road from the developers, or if some of these are already in development, then it can show them they're already on the right track. Thank you all for reading, and happy sailing!


    Stryker Osiris

  • This is a brand new server that i created with my friend just to chat and now i am gonna try and expand it. This is a gaming community server aimed to bring in the more mature/adult gamer to find players, chat with ect
    It is a server for different games, one being sea of thieves
    Must be 18+ and from the EU

  • La HMS TERROR, ciurma storica italiana, apre le porte del reclutamento!
    Utilizziamo il Discord della community italiana SOT.IT: https://discord.gg/42HrQc2

    Per info contattatemi in privato.

  • Tavern Tales

    So me and my friend were wrapping a successful day on the seas. Just cashed in 18k of loot and had about 30 minutes to do something. So we settled on taking out 1 more Meg or Skelly Ship.

    Pass by a wreck and find a Foul Skull and Captains chest. As soon as we get back on the way a Brig starts to chase us. Mind you we were in a sloop. We figured we'd do a drive by drop off of the chest and then give them a fight.

    Drop chest begin fight and realize we are way out gunned and out classed. They out maneuvered us and constantly had us under fire. Realizing we are going to go down we grab the two TNT kegs from the mast and go for broke.

    2 kegs 2 direct hits, with me surviving. I manage to board their ship and they are in salvage mode. Blast 1st guy with the Blunderbuss which he survives but falls off ship, melee and kill the guy in the hold repairing, Blunderbuss the other two guys coming down stairs.

    Both ships sink. When I realize they had Captains skull, spices, red ruby and of course my foul skull.

    I was bummed because no way to get loot...until i turn around and low and behold they had a rowboat.

    Salvage their loot row to plunder outpost cash in for additional 5K.

    All this because they thought we had big loot. Had they won they would have gotten 100 gold instead they lost thousands.

  • Ahoy, everyone!

    There is a high chance you might be recently addicted to the Blunderbuss while reading this, but keep in mind, its a suggestion to make the game balanced, if you are winning all the time due to using the same technique over and over again, that's good for you, but not for the game. It needs a balance to everyone, so PVP battles become dynamic and unpredictable, so feel free to read my suggestion and disagree afterward, I even made you a nice Meme.

    InGame ScreenShot

    All player encounters on the ship deck are close encounters. Within Arena sessions, Blunderbuss is used by almost every single player in the match, and the reason behind this increased usage is evident that it is overpowered. Even if it doesn't kill you, it knocks you back to oblivion; I remember when Blunderbuss was one shot kill at early days after launch, then it was removed, but now it is back again.

    Every encounter I get with a Blunderbuss, I have to jump to open waters or stay at a significant distance to get them since their mechanic is always the same used by all players.

    Scenario One:
    They give you the impression that your sword lunge will get them.
    They Move far the moment you dash.
    You are resting from a missed Sword Lunge.
    Boom, one shot kill you.

    Scenario Two:
    They Drop your anchor, at least one member goes to grab it.
    Boom, one shot kill you.

    Scenario Three:
    Players that do not care about winning the Arena, They spawn Camp at your ship and Blunderbuss you the moment you spawn. One shot kills you over and over again.

    I don't want to seem like I am incapable of PVP from this post. I still win most of my battles, I also sail with some of the finest PVPers in the seas from Rogue Legends and others like HitboTC, but some of them even noticed the same issues. Not everyone is capable of PVP as the waters have many casual players in the game, who do rage quit and never get back due to the reason of feeling useless or incapable in anything they do. Me as a Game developer, making the player feel useless is one of the top factors of driving players away.


    Keep the one-shot kill for Blunderbuss, but make weapons have weight. In terms of Coding, adjust player jump height and running speed when carrying each gun, not to forget cannon launch speed. It should be a straightforward code. This will give a higher chance for the Flintlock player like myself and many others to Evade a Blunderbuss player or someone with two guns. If someone is Carrying two Guns, he will deal very high ranged damage but runs much slower.

    This will add Dynamics to Chasing each other on islands or while swimming, instead of a fixed running and swimming speed for all players going on an endless chase like a dog chasing his tail.

    thank you,

  • The Arena despite being promised as a PvP game mode to really show your skill is not that at all. Instead it is a basic race to gather chests and run. Whoever engages in combat will never win so long as at least one ship ignores it and goes for the chests. The chests are worth way too much on turn in and enable passive players to bypass everyone who is actually competing. With the lack of combat options as well this is not the PvP we were promised on the initial announcement.

    With these complaints there are a number of things that can be done to help this, the easiest ways are changing the values to chests or all the points as a whole.

    Fix 1
    Chest Find: 50
    Turn-In: 250
    Cannon Hit: 25
    Player Kill: 5
    Ship Sink: -1000

    Fix 2
    Chest Find: 100
    Turn-In: 500
    Cannon Hit: 25
    Player Kill: 10
    Ship Sink: -500 (+500 to crews who dealt damage to sunk ship in the last 30 seconds)

    Fix 3
    Chest Find: 100
    Turn-In: 250 and gives a gunpowder barrel
    Cannon Hit: 25
    Player Kill: 25
    Ship Sink: -500 (+500 to crews who dealt damage to ships in the last 30 seconds)

    Alternately with the lack of gunpowder barrels (or the stronghold gunpowder barrel as advertised when the mode was first announced) we need a way to add them as well as curse shots.

    Idea 1
    Gunpowder barrels are given upon chest turn ins (see fix 3 idea).
    Curse Cannon Balls are found in barrels on the Sea Dog (turn in) Galleons. With a respawn time of 2 minutes.
    Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels are 1/4 of the X's on maps and are dug up (no way to tell which is which)

    Idea 2
    Gunpowder barrels spawn on islands like normal and can be found at random (higher spawn rate than normal)
    Curse Cannonballs can be found in barrels but lower chance of high power curses (anchor, sleep, rigging, and ballast).
    Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels can be bought for 1000silver at a Sea Dog Galleon potentially putting you behind but gives a small chance of pulling ahead (plus can be used to ambush at the turn in)

    Finally some players really value using snakes as guards for loot or ladders, they should be added as well as cages for them.

    Idea 1
    Ships spawn with 3 snakes in cages at the very nose of the ship away from player spawn points. They can be moved to areas players value.

    Idea 2
    Snakes are on all islands at a regular density and cages can be found around the islands (with or without keg spawns).

  • I love exploring adventuring and the such. I do not like aggressive pvpers that just stomp people just minding their business. There needs to be a peaceful mode where i can relax and not have to worry about toxic individuals.

  • Join the Royal Navy!

    To whom it may concern,

    Enlist as a sailor or marine in the British Royal Navy today and on the Sea of Thieves you will receive community, success, and entertainment! We have uniforms and semi-daily convoys, where we sail with multiple ships on a server full of SOLELY our discord members. When we do not have a convoy, you will see us besieging skull forts, taking on skeleton fleets, obliterating pirate legends, burning reaper’s marks, and making the crowd roar on Arena! We also occasionally fish if that’s your style too.

    Royal Navy Adventures:

    Discord Link:
    Join the Royal Navy!

    • Lord Admiral von Steinsonne
  • Now i know this will be a disliked post by all the people who haven't become pirate legends themselves, but remember you will get here too one day!

    So as most pirate legends know there isnt much content endgame other than collecting the same stuff you have done for the past 150 levels of rep. So my thoughts is that having a developer team focus purely on making pirate legend content will flesh out the endgame and keep veteran players playing, and give new players more and more to look forward too.

    One such thing could be a page out of the anniversary updates book, being a island or sector of the map being locked specifically too pirate legends, here the PVE section will be tougher, with much more mini bosses (Captains/skeleton lord), and end of voyages having a final boss earning large paydays (Ship battles, Sea monster encounters).

    Another thing that i would love to see is daily challenge and weekly challenges, now for new players they would earn gold and rep for certain factions of their choosing, but exclusively for pirate legends they would earn pirate tokens. Now these tokens once saved up enough (Say 10-20. 1 gained per challenge) can go towards the pirate emporium (Which i take will be the real life money in game store) Now i know this may seem a bit off, taking money out of Rares hands, but A: It would make veteran players keep playing which they probably want, and B: Looking at other games like League of Legends, they have characters that are both Paid with real money or earn after playing for a long amount of time.

    Another thing that i would like to see is a Vault. Now this is a island in the centre of the map, and this could or couldn't be exclusive for pirate legends, but here you can physically see your gold piling up in the middle (Huge pile), and surrounding this pile of gold is 12 barrels, each barrel represents a real month, and after a month the pile of gold goes into one of said barrels and depending on how much you earn't the more full it becomes. After the 12 months your hard earned gold earns you a exclusive trophy for your vault and some other neat things (Exclusive weapons, cosmetics, pets etc). This could also be used as a leaderboard of some kind showing how much players have earn't by them entering your vault.

    And my final idea is weekly bosses. Every week a boss (Could be a variation of kraken, megladon or skeleton lord) will spawn on a island on every server, and if you manage to defeat it you gain a trinket (Meg, giant shark tooth. Kraken, Stuffed tentacle, Skeleton lord, sword/bone/skull). These trinkets can be used on your boat (Like sails, anchors, cannons etc) and can be swapped out. Being able to visibly see your accomplishments and showing others your adventures.

    Tell me what you think below! And please keep it friendly!

  • I see a lot of people are fustrated about how players can just go up and destroy your day with griefing and other activities, so I had an idea.
    Just like the Reapers Mark flag, maybe you could have a peace flag, that made it so your ship stopped taking damage and would be immobile, but you could not do harm yourself, either by cannons or guns/cutlass, then other players could still rob your ship, but atleast not make you totally start from the Bottom, and if some people don't like the idea of getting robbed, then I'm sorry to say, but it is Sea of THIEVES, you could perhaps make a secret storage that could hold maybe 2-4 pieces of loot or so.
    And on a side not, just so you can't exploit the peace flag, there would have to be a sought of cooldown on it before you could take it down again and move on.

    Let me hear some feedback on the idea so we might be able to get it right :)

  • It would be amazing If I could dig a hole and hide my Skeleton key or chest of a thousand grogs from incoming enemy attacks. Hide the chest in your own spot with the risk if being discovered but mislead pirates on the ocean and circle back for my loot a little bit after the fight has settled.

  • Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but I just had this thought this morning and decided to put it out there.
    Do you think that with the newly added expanded ship damage, that Rare could add grapeshot cannonballs? Maybe they split off into 3 or 4 or so smaller cannonballs. I thought that since they'd be smaller, and more of them fired at once, that they could balance it by making it hurt players the same (or a slight reduction), but only create small holes in the ship, never expanding to larger ones no matter how many times you hit them with grapeshots. And/or they could not cause damage to operational parts of the ship (like the mast, wheel, etc), or if they do cause damage to them then make it minimal or stop at a certain point. Could just be a different cannonball added since we have the regulars and the cursed ones at the moment.
    What do you think?

  • I feel that ships respawn too close to objective islands after they've been sunk. I know the map isn't huge, but I still think they should be sent to the other side of the play area.

  • I feel that when healing a player should be slowed a little bit while they are taking a bite of their food. Mostly a PvP suggestion due to people always running around a ship healing frantically.

    A slight penalty to movement when healing will make fights a little more interesting when people can't run and escape while healing.

  • So first off, I don't support the idea of segregating those who use gamepads from those who use mouse and keyboard.

    However I do know that there is a clear advantage for mouse and keyboard in the target acquisition department.

    Possible fix: Give those who use a gamepad a slight aim assist. Whether it be a snap to target on aim, or slight tracking feature, either would help when put against others who have a clearly superior (M&K) input system.

  • I was thinking to add on the Arena experience (besides making game modes for sloop and brig) is a fleet battle where either one galleon and two brigs work together against another fleet of the same build or one brig with two sloops if the lobby is too small. It would also be nice to get a free for all without the need to dig up treasures or a mode where everyone is on an island fighting for treasure and trying to bring it back to some NPC on the beach no ships just land based pvp, thoughts?

  • Hello pirates!
    Well, in my opinion, the game need something more mystic, and i think that i am not the only one with this idea. So, why not give more "functions" to the skulls? They are mystic items that have secrets, but we can only sell them to get more rank and catch more and more to sell again. Since the game have some mystic background, like mythical creatures, ghost ships, cursed cannon balls and shining siren statues, why not have some stones that shoots fireballs, or some special effects for skulls with secrets more than selling them to buy a new hat?
    Adding this mechanic will bring more elements to the PvP and PvE. The focus is not make this some magic game, but make the mystic world full of legends stronger, and even more dangerous. The feeling of find an incredible rare stone that can freeze something, or burn it, can add some really good moments!!

  • Opinions on thieving a new player

  • Hi everyone !

    I'm playing SoT since the alpha and i really love this game. I played through nearly all the updates, and the Anniversary one was the one I was SO HYPED for. I love the PVP in this game (in every games, really) and OH BOI Arena !
    I really love the idea of this game mode (finally playing against some crew who wants to fight and will not flee ! YAAARRRR !) but i think it missed something... I'll try to explain my feeling on the actual state of the Arena and maybe just the actual state of the PVP in the game.

    Arena is a really, really great game mode idea for PVP lovers as i said, specially with all the things added in the anniversary update (Harpoons, health regen and basically "ship destruction").
    The PVP when it comes to ship vs ship is now a lot more interesting than before (and this both in the Arena or in Adventure), you don't just spam the enemy ship, you can now aim special points to hit critical parts of the ships and IT'S AWESOME. Really, it's way more fun than it was before the update and way more "tactical" too. GJ and thanks Rare team for this !

    But when it comes to "Pirate vs Pirate"... It's not really the same feeling and this is where i think SoT missed something.
    The sword fight works really nicely in PVE with skeletons and other weapons deals a reasonable amount of damages, but (without talking of the server lags and of the PC vs XBOX fight) I think the sword moveset should be more "complete" to be really enjoyable in PVP.

    I'll try to explain this point :
    You have only two "basic attacks" with the sword : "The 3 hits combo" and the "Sword Dash", if someone in front of you is parrying, you can only sword dash to break it (even if you can parry and then charge the sword dash to keep some move speed) and I think players need more options to make something that feel less "empty" when it comes to melee combat. (And wouldn't it be great to be able to make some "Epic swords duels" instead of two drunken pirates swinging swords in all the directions ?)

    At the moment PVP when it comes to "Pirate vs Pirate" usually happens like that :

    • Running with a gun trying to make maximum damages and then swinging the sword with left clic.
    • Trying to sword dash and then switch to ANY gun to end the life of your opponent.
      And sadly that's all for a majority of players. (And I don't blame them, I do this too a lot of the time, it works nearly... everytime... And the "Blunderbuss" still One Shot a lot of the time BTW if you're close enough and aiming)

    This is why i think the "Pirate vs Pirate" should be reworked a bit (I'm not talking about a "complex" system like Chivalry / War of the Roses or even Mordhau) but at least a more "complete" one.
    I didn't really thougt of a lot of exemples to resolve this (expecting mechanics that already exists on the games I mentioned before) but maybe a single faster attack (or new weapon like a dagger or something elese?) that stun or bump or make a DoT ? Or a quicker parry that doesn't allow the player to block all the time and just on timings ?

    One other thing to make Arena more enjoyable for everyone : Please make a "ranked" matchmaking, it isn't really fun or even fair to play against crews of players who only played for few days and doesn't really know "how the game works" or playing with a premade crew vs "all random" crews that usually don't even talk to each other during the all game.
    In all the Arenas i made for now (75+) : my crew was at least first or second everytime with 10k+ golds, one other crew was nearly at the same amount of golds and finally the lasts one or two poor crews (who had not already left the game) weren't able to even reach 1k without sinking... I'm not saying "WE R 2 STRONK LELZ" but I think at the current state Arena isn't fair at all for anyone and it usually end in some kind of wierd 1 crew vs 1 crew with others just "spectating" the fights / leaving. (And XBOX vs PC doesn't really make it better at all sadly, i don't want to troll or anything like that but i think other peoples on PC will agree with me : when you encounter an XBOX player, 9/10 times just get in his back and it's a win...)

    So here is all i had to say. Sorry for my bad english guys, I hope everyone can understand what I wanted to say.
    And again thanks and GJ Rare team for the anniversary update ! (and all the others btw) The game is more and more fun patch after patch, it's awesome to see all the changes you made to the game since the begining !