• Ahoy Mates!
    Today, I'm wanna talk about Harpoons:

    The new Harpoons at the bow of each ship are perhaps one of the best/fun new addition SoT has had!

    However, my one complaint about them is:
    They don't match up well with your cannons when ya have them customized.

    So, I've got a great suggestion:

    Add Harpoon Customisation.

    Anyways mates that's all I got for today.
    And would you like to see Harpoon customisation added?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I'm back & guess what I found on this Rare employee's Artstation:

    Cool ship eh?
    It was the reward for year one pirate Legends... Wait!
    That's a Golden Legendary Flag at the top!

    Did you know that Flag isn't currently in the game?
    Believe it or not, I actually made a thread requesting they add this flag to the game a little while back.

    Anyways mates, do you wanna see the Golden Legendary Flag added to the game at some point in the future?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • Hola rare esto es para ver si pueden llegar a pensar en meter nuevos enemigos que no sean esqueletos como npc humanos como bandidos , piratas o hasta una armada real eso estaría padre para el sea of thieves gracias por leer

  • Tall Tales are amazing and something I have always wanted in a game. Sea of Thieves is perfect for it. And when I heard that you get the gold hoarder curse when you complete them, I was ecstatic. Ever since I started my journey back in the beta and first saw a gold hoarder, I knew I needed that curse for my character. I am a huge fan of lore, especially with my own character. I loved the idea of my character taking down THE Gold Hoarder, but then being forever cursed with parts of his body being pure gold. This is why it was a major let down for me when I saw that you have to complete EVERY Tall Tale 5 times. That is completely ridiculous and is something a casual player or someone in school will just never achieve. Playing the Tall Tales twice? Sure. But 5 times is just over the top. That is a total of 45 Tall Tales. 45! That is almost 90 hours of play time! As someone in school I just do not have the time to play this much. I have a life outside of gaming and this achievement is just plainly unachievable. This needs to be changed. Some people look at it like a fun challenge, but it is really just a burden. It doesn't matter if each one has a location change, it is still the exact same thing that you have to do. I'm not saying it shouldn't be a challenge, but this is the exact same repetition that people complained about at launch. A real challenge would be "Complete each individual Tall Tale without dying once". I absolutely love Sea of Thieves, it is actually my favorite game. But playing the Tall Tales this many times is just stupid. It is like watching the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit franchise over and over 5 times. It ruins the excitement because you know exactly what is going to happen and just gets boring.

  • As it stands they keep re-releasing exclusive content in hopes of keeping people happy, but all they're doing is watering down pirates unique twists and combinations.

    Literally throw any gun into a 3d blender and you've got a new custom weapon to please the masses.

    Things that are over released:

    • Perfect Dark figurehead

    • Ebon flintlock

    • Spinal"store promo, mixer release"

    • 6 gear obsidian pack is now also
      watered down and inexclusive.

    What point is there in trying for unique looking cosmetics to have them handed out freely when some people have attended real life conventions or won contests for their items countered to watching 10 streams of arena.

    I don't want "Sea of Same" so could you be mindful of exclusive content and maintain their dignity to some degree, I understand the need for advertisement and deals but surely you can create newer content that would make more sense regarding the contestants, give aways, or even commendation unlocks.

    Even potentially recolouring these special offer cosmetics like you did with the mercenary set, Spinals headband becomes blue ect. Its not hard to preserve some form of exclusivity.

    I understand you said at the beginning all exclusives may be released again but I didn't think you meant numerous times.

    The abundance of third party sales via Ebay is kinda related to the watering down of the limited market simply to stop people overpricing and extorting money, which I respect.

    Potentially opting for codeless exclusives and/or account locked rewards should be considered.

    This is why I'm concerned for sea of thieves and I'm honestly surprised I'd had no official response despite how persistent I've been bringing this up.

    @Rare-Ltd @S0nicbob @Deckhands @Quartermasters

  • Ahoy Mates!
    The Anniversary Update is speedily approaching!
    And with Fishing being one of the key new features, I figure some sailors (Myself included) may just row around the sea in a Rowboat and just fish all day!

    Now, as most of use Rowboat enthusiasts know:
    Mermaids follow you all over the sea and pop up when your at a certain distance away from your Rowboat.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful to them for providing us with the ability to return to our Ships but when your just trying row around the sea, their songs and smoke plumes get kind of distracting.
    (They mess up screen shots too)

    So what I'm proposing to combat this issue is:

    Give us the option in the settings to turn down Mermaids' songs and disable their smoke plumes.

    Their physical presence would remain to prevent camper exploits.
    Kind of like how other Pirates' Mermaids appear to you.

    Anyways mates, I think this would be a welcome QoL Improvement!
    Let me know what you think of it!
    And do tell me of any idea you have for fixing the 'Mermaid Issue'.
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I was thinking we could use a few more Pirate Legend exclusive commendations.
    Here's a few I came up with:

    • Legendary Hoarder of the Mermaid's Treasure
      Sell 500 Mermaid Gems as a Pirate Legend.

    • Legendary Kraken Hunter
      Defeat 50 Krakens as a Pirate Legend.

    • Legendary Hoarder of Lost Artifacts
      Sell 500 Trinkets as a Pirate Legend.

    • Legend of the Devil's Fortune
      Sell 500 Devil's Roar Treasure items.

    Well mates, what do you think of my proposed Pirate Legend Commendations?
    And what other Pirate Legend Commendations would you like to see added?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I was looking through the Arena Webpage the other day.
    And one of the things I noticed from the Webpage was there's a picture of a wall with bunch of pictures on it.

    Now if you zoom in on the far right picture you'll see who I can only assume to be Lesedi Singh manning a Ceremonial Admiral Captain's Wheel.

    That's right mates!
    So how do I know this is the Ceremonial Admiral Helm?
    Well cuz it has the Ceremonial Admiral Colors of Red and Gold.
    And it looks exactly like the Admiral Helm.

    What does this mean?
    Well, this is now the third time we've spotted color variations for expanded ship customisation items.

    The first time being the Royal Sovereign Capstan discovered on a Rare employee's art station:

    The second time was the Royal Sovereign Helm glitch, where it replaced the Regular Sovereign Helm with a Royal one:

    And the latest discovery is the subject of this thread: the Ceremonial Admiral Helm!

    So, with all these discoveries I think it's safe to assume we'll be seeing Color Variations for the expanded ship customisation items coming in with the Anniversary Update!

    Anyways mates, what do you think of this discovery?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • I've been playing this game regularly since launch, and the Skeleton mobs have always been a little lacklustre IMO. They were alright as a little distraction to begin with and the introduction of Gunpowder Skellies helped mix things up.

    I still think they can be good in the context of a Skull Fort, grouping them up and sword lunging over them is still fun and landing a perfect shot on a Gunpowder Skelly is still very satisfying.

    But I really feel like the rest of the game is rapidly leaving them behind and they could do with something of an overhaul.

    This feeling may partly be as a result of generally being more interested in fighting other players, as well as the Skellies on Athena voyages being sword and bullet sponges, but I honestly find Skellies nothing but a chore and a time waster.

    Their AI is quite primitive compared to other stuff Rare has got working since launch; when fighting them I feel like I can see their basic AI ticking away behind their cold dead eye sockets, they don't feel "alive" at all.

    "Oh yay, more left clicking to do!" I find myself sarcastically saying quite regularly these days; there's no skill to taking them on other than sword lunging the odd one who refuses to do anything but block.

    I also find they spawn way too often on islands, ruining what could be a peaceful moment, especially when you hear that telltale "sssssssss" of a Gunpowder Skelly.

    When fishing enters the game I really hope their random spawning gets toned down so it's more common to enjoy the tranquil sounds of the sea and kick back with this activity.

    Having clocked hours and hours fighting these guys you start to notice their flaws and little AI tricks which tend to infuriate too, for example their ability to move backwards faster than you can move forwards while reloading, their ability to consume the benefits of a banana before you can blink, those pesky shots that don't connect on a distant Gunpowder Skelly that really should have connected, and of course their aim bot precision; you could back-flip over these guys at light speed and they would still do a 360 no-scope and shoot you...

    So how to fix them you ask?

    Well during a recent session my crew and I discussed this and I think we came up with a few ideas that could breath life into these literal walking husks.

    IDEA 1

    A more basic overhaul would be to simply give them less health; no Skelly should have any more health than a player does, so two shots from the flintlock, two cutlass combos, two sword lunges, any of these would take down a Skelly, I'd like to think of them like battle droids from the Star Wars Prequels, cannon fodder, cutting through them like butter, with that you could increase their spawn numbers on voyages, making it super satisfying to kill a whole group of them.

    Having said that, and as I mentioned before their random spawns on islands should be decreased dramatically, to allow for more of those peaceful moments (especially with fishing in mind).

    IDEA 2

    A more complex and interesting idea for an overhaul would be to decrease their spawn numbers on voyages but make them more interesting to fight by having the ability to cut off their limbs, think Dead Space, but family friendly.

    You'd aim the cutlass or gun at a specific limb, and a successful sword combo or an on point bullet would take that limb clean off.

    Shooting off their head for example would leave their body running after the head to reattach it. Slicing off legs would leave them hopping or dragging themselves after you, and you could disarm their weapon arm by taking it off.

    I think perhaps you could only ever cut one arm off else it would leave them without an attack and unable to pick up one arm to reattach the other.

    Maybe a perfect point blank blunder shot to the torso would completely blow them apart, leaving all their body parts scurrying back together to reassemble itself; you could achieve the same result you slicing each limb off one by one.

    To finally kill them you would have to take the head off and then destroy it by getting another successful cutlass combo or shot on the skull now desperately hopping around to reattach itself to it's body, using it's jaw for momentum like we saw in the Cursed Sails trailer.

    Skeleton Captains could be made more interesting too, keep the extra health and/or make their limbs harder to chop off but give them interesting abilities and powers that make them distinctive other than a fancy hat and a name plate.

    You could give them the ability to fire curses at the players like ones offered by Cursed Cannon Balls, they could give you other status effects like turning you into Gold, Grass or Shadow, giving you the properties of those skellies for a short time (Gold you cant move fast but also take reduced damage, Grass you take more damage but water heals you, and Shadow you can't connect with anything unless a fellow crew mate lights you up with a lantern).

    Or maybe something really cool like they could summon a Skelly Sloop to attack your ship or a localised storm with the frequent lighting strikes we saw in Festival of the Damned.

    So in conclusion I don't hate Skellies through and through, but like a lot of this game at launch it was missing a lot of stuff, but I could see the potential, which is why I've stuck with it. I hope Skellies are addressed in one way or the other in a post Anniversary update soon, and I'd love to see some of these ideas implemented to give them some more life and make them more interesting to deal with.

    I know Rare said in a fairly recent stream that one of their next big updates will focus on land based enemies, and I hope along with that Skellies get some love and a bit of an overhaul.

    At the very least please make their gun shots actual projectiles rather than the aim bot heat seeking "projectiles" they have now.

    I'd love to hear any thoughts or other ideas you guys may have on this...

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I really like the Golden Legendary Ship cosmetics!

    However the set didn't come with a Flag.

    So it'd be great if we could get a Golden Legendary Flag!
    Maybe have it glow like the sail too, just a thought.

    Anyways that's all I got for now mates, let me know if you aslo want a Golden Legendary Flag!
    Until then, see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Today, I've got a few quick QoL Improvement Suggestions for Skeleton Ships!

    • 1# Skeleton Sloop Ambusher
      You know those Skeleton Ships that pop up besides your ship and attack you?
      Well, they're always Galleons.

    This can be problematic for unprepared/inexperienced solo sloops.
    My suggestion to help this issue is:
    Make Skeleton Sloops spawn on player Sloops, instead of Skeleton Galleons.
    alt text

    • 2# Ammo Box on Skeleton Ships
      I believe Skeleton Ships should have an Ammo Chest on board them.

    Probably on the middle level of the Galleon somewhere.

    • 3# Rowboats Attached to Skeleton Ships
      I think we should be able to attach our Rowboats to the back of Skeleton Ships.

    I believe it would add an extra level of strategy to Skeleton Ships Battles.

    Anyways mates, what do you think of these QoL Improvements for Skeleton Ships?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I've got this problem, I have to buy the Notorious Hoarder Shovel in order to complete the Trading Company exclusive cosmetic set:
    Notorious Hoarder Shovel

    But I don't want to lose the Esteemed Hoarder Shovel:
    Esteemed Hoarder Shovel

    I like the way it looks too much.

    So what do I do about this dilemma?
    I don't know...

    However while pondering this dilemma of mine I came up with a great idea!

    • Why not give us the option to select which level of trading company equipment item we want to use!

    So for example if you buy the Notorious Hoarder Shovel, you'll still be able to equip the Esteemed Hoarder Shovel.

    This way you'd never have to loose any of the Trading Company exclusive cosmetics!

    How I think it should work is: press Y on any trading company cosmetics, from there you can select which level you want to equip.
    I've got a crewde representation of what that'd look like below:

    If this feature ever gets implemented it would fix my dilemma!

    Anyways mates, what do ya think of this idea?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • I'll try to explain this as best as I can but I think every outpost that there is in the game should have AI characters. People sitting in the bar, talking to each other, walking around, and playing music on the second floor. If a player as so goes up to the characters, they either say something about their back story or talk mumbo jumbo. I think this would be good for the game because it wouldn't as empty when you spawn in or when you go to an outpost. I think this will make the players feel more at home when they spawn or cash in loot. Also, I think it would be great for the environment.

    Jovanni Oliver
    Ingame name PopTart203

  • Ahoy there me Hearties!
    There's a ton of new teases in the world right now, and one that I've found particularly interesting is the new dock extensions on all the Seaposts!

    That's right, all 8 Seaposts across the 4 regions now have new extensions on the docks:
    Shores of Plenty
    Ancient Isles
    The Wilds
    Devil's Roar
    They look like they have room for new npcs!

    The one on Stephen's Spoils even has a Boiling pot!

    I don't know exactly what these will be for but hey, we can speculate!

    I believe it's safe to assume that this is where the representatives of the new Hunter’s Call trading company will reside.
    (It even looks like Merrick is sitting on the Dock of a Seapost in this picture!)

    Because if ya think about it logically:
    I think we're going to be able to fish anywhere.
    alt text

    So if the representatives of the Hunter’s Call trading company are going to be on Outposts, then players will never have an incentive to leave the Outpost.
    They'll just catch a fish and sell it directly to the representative of the Hunter Call on the Outpost. (That is assuming we can sell fish)

    So what I think Rare will do is put the representatives of the Hunter’s Call on Seaposts to prevent people from just fishing all day at the Outposts.
    Hence why we're seeing these new extensions on the docks!

    Well mates, what do you think these extensions on the docks are for?
    And do ya think my speculation regarding em is correct?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    The Spire of the Sea of Thieves is a magnificent sight to behold!

    But nowadays, there seems to be a new organization (of sorts) building some monstrosity on the spire.

    I had a look around the place...

    There's not much to see, except a few banners, barrels, building tools, a Crane and some scaffoldings.
    But there is someone there, a mysterious woman with a patch:

    She's very secretive, mostly she just tells ya to buzz off and come back in "one moon's time". (What ever that means!)

    Though she does mention something about a "Spectacle", I wonder what that could be about?

    She also says she's the daughter of the Greatest Pirate ever.
    She's full of it!
    I know that's not true because I don't have a daughter and I'm the greatest pirate ever! (lol)

    I suggest ya head down there yourself and have a look around!
    You may find something I missed! (I doubt it though)

    As for what's this going is be?
    Well, it's probably the foundations for the Fabled Glorious Sea Dog Tavern!
    Though I could be wrong.

    Anyways mates, what do ya think about the new construction going on around the Spire?

    Let me know!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • I missed legend before the update hit, so the first thing I did was jump online to see what i didn't get. Low and behold, I not only get a frickin' sweet sword; I get a hat and cannons to. Yet, all that seems to be popping up is 'MEH, the rewards are late. Where's my free stuff. MEH" I am left confounded.

    There is NO reason for Rare to offer ANYTHING to Legends, or all players, other than giving back to the people who love their game. It was an incredibly kind gesture in a day and age of micro-transaction malarkey. I am happy to wait and want to extend a HUGE thanks to Rare. You essentially are rewarding me for doing something I LOVE. And that? Is a good thing.

  • Dear support!

    I've been Legend for nearly half a year, but despite that, my birthday gift hasn't arrived, what could be the reason?

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Remember the launch Crew Eye of Reach?

    Ah, that was a great Gun... though I'm always hearing sailors say:
    "Where do ya get the Bottle Sniper Rifle, Mr. Palooggoo? It's so Neate, I must have it."

    And I always have to respond with:

    "Well lad, it was a 'launch' thing."

    These sort of incidents sadden me, so you know what I think should be done?

    It should be brought back!


    "You can't bring back time limited stuff Mr. Palooggoo! That's a badge of recognition! When I see someone holding it, I know he was here on launch!"

    Oh, I forgot about that, seems we have a dilemma, what can be done then?

    Hmmmmmmm, maybe they could bring it back with a different color pattern?
    So like the Bottle on the Riffle could be Brown or something?
    And the label on the bottle could say something different aside from "Launch Crew".

    This way the people who don't have the Launch Crew EoR could still get a "Bottle Sniper Rifle", and the people who already have it wouldn't feel unspecial anymore.

    Anyways mates, what do ya think of this suggestion?
    Let me know if you want the "Bottle Sniper Rifle" back?
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Sea of Thieves is a great game with a great concept. I bought the game expecting to have lots of fun with friends and etc.

    I did, but it didn’t last long. It’s fun to do voyages, skelleton islands and etc, but not after you’ve done it time over time again.

    I have no problem with grinding, and I would love to grind this game, but it’s one problem... there is no point.

    Everytime you do a voyage you get gold, and gold can you use on cosmetics. That’s cool and all, but it dosen’t quite give the voyages a purpose. I’m getting bored of doing the same voyages over and over again, just to get to buy a skin.

    This is an awesome game, but I really think you should add something that gives a player an advantage. I know Rare has stated that they will never add something that gives a player an advantage, but then what’s the point of the game?

    I have some sugestions, for example;

    • new canons (heavy canons that shoot harder, light canons that shoot weaker)

    • new weapons (knifes, heavy swords, light swords, rifles, etc.)

    • new ship parts (reinforced hulls, big sails, small sails, etc.)

    • new anchors (automatic anchors, heave ancors, small anchors)

    This game dosen’t have to be buy to win even though you improve the game. You could add new currencys like crafting materials or silver for example.

    This game is such a fantastic game, and I would hate seing another game go down the drain because of poor updates and decision making by devs. No offense, but it’s true. Repeating voyages and events won’t cut it.

    Please take this suggestion into consideration! Remember, this is only MY OPINION, and I respect others opinions aswell.

    Edit: Having something else to spend your coins on does not have to include vertical progression.

  • If you played the game Fable you’ll remember how your appearance turned ugly and evil over time as you did bad things. I think it would be a cool concept that if your toon created an alliance that they later betrayed, your appearance would start to turn ugly and evil. Imagine someone trying to make an alliance but have an ugly and evil look, you would most likely think twice. Obviously a lot of discussion would have to take place on how long the appearance would last and if it would follow when you server hop, but a cool concept nonetheless.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    You know as much as like Duke and all, I'm not the biggest fan of how he's able to be at every outpost I go to.

    So today, I'm asking the community an age old question:

    Should Duke be at every Outposts?

    I'd personally like to see some more Bilge Rats aside from Duke in the Taverns.
    Anyways mates let me know your answers, until then see ya on the seas!
    Mercenary Ship

  • Ahoy Mates!
    In a recent Developer Update Video Joe Neate mentioned that they will be adding the contents of the Mercenary pack to the shops in the near future.
    Mercenary Pack
    The pack contains a set of Clothing, a Sword, a Compass and a Flintlock.
    If ya ask me that's not enough cosmetics to justify adding em to the shops.

    So you know want I think Rare is going to do?
    Their going to add a full Mercenary set with all the Equipment and Weapons.

    You wanna why I think this?

    Well because, as most of us know, the Mercenary Cosmetics are in fact a color change of the Onyx, Obsidian and Black Dog cosmetics.
    Black Dog Set
    EoR, Spyglass, Speaking Trumpet, Lantern
    Ebon Flintlock
    Midnight Blunderbuss
    Onyx Set

    (FYI: There is no difference between the Onyx, Obsidian, Midnight, Ebon and Black Dog cosmetics, they are all part of the same set.
    The only difference between them is their names.)

    With this knowledge in mind nothing is really preventing them from making more Mercenary Items. (Aside from changing the colors on some Obsidian Items)

    So don't be surprised when ya see Rare adding a Mercenary Drum, Spyglass, Bucket, Hurdy-Gurdy, Blunderbuss, Lantern, Shovel and Speaking Trumpet when they add the Mercenary Pack to the shops!

    Anyways mates, do think we'll be seeing more Mercenary Cosmetics in the future?
    Let me know what ya think mates, until then see ya on the seas!
    Green Gem

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Quick Quality of life Improvement Suggestion here:
    I think in order to add more relevance to Sea Posts we should be able to pick up Cages and Crates from them.
    Chicken Cage
    Banana Crate

    This feature I'm proposing could be added to the island inhabitants, making them a bit more relevant as well.
    (Island Inhabitants meaning: Martha the Fierce and Grog Socked Ed etc)

    Anyways mates, what do you think of this Quality of life Improvement Suggestion I got here?
    Let me know!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    When Shrouded Spoils launched away back in November of last year, it introduced us to the idea of expanded ship customisation.
    Expanded Ship Customisation

    It added Customisable Cannons, Captans and Helms with quite the positive reception from the community.
    However it seems Pirates want to customize their ships even more.
    Lately I've seen many threads asking for customisable Captain's Cabins, Ship Lanterns, Helm Compasses and more.

    However for most of those requests I haven't been able to find much evidence for them being added in the near future.
    Except for Ship Lantern Customisation.

    If you look through the Tales from the sea of Thieves book you'll notice that one of the pages has different styles of ship lanterns on it:
    Book screen shot

    And since alot of the stuff in the book has been added to the game since the book's release, it could mean that this image is some sort of tease.

    Additionally another piece of 'evidence' I have for ship lantern customisation is that the wreckage of the Shrouded Breaker has different lanterns than the standard ones that you usually find on wrecks:

    This might be Rare hinting at Ship Lantern Customisation Coming in the future.

    Rare aslo has made quite alot of different lantern designs for the ones we carry with us where ever we go.
    So it's not unrealistic to assume they may have aslo designed some ship lanterns as well.
    Either way only time will tell, but if it's announced for the Mega Update or something else, remember that you heard it hear first mates.

    Anyways mates, do you think ship lantern customisation is coming or not?
    And would you even want ship lantern customisation? (I don't see why ya wouldn't)
    Let me know what ya think mates... until then see ya on the seas!
    alt text

  • With the Athena's Quest, I somewhat miss doing it with having to turn in Animals, rather than shipping Cargo from one place to another (in the old World). So I am thinking, there should be options if you want to do a AQ that is:

    1. Athena Quest (the one where we turn in Animals than Cargo).
    2. Athena Quest (the one where we turn in Cargo than Animals).
    3. DR Athena Quest (where it was only OOS and Gold Hoarders Quest (this was when they were in the process of adding in cargo runs into the quest).
    4. The Current DR Athena's Quest.

    I may confuse some, if so, just let me know. However what do you guys think?

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Today I've got a quick question for ya:

    Should the Ruffian Sea Dog, Grand Admiral and Imperial Sovereign sets get their own Figureheads?

    Let me know your answers in the comments mates!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy there me hearties!
    Alot of teases have been added lately, so I thought I'd make a thread where we can discuss all the new discoveries in one place.
    I'll be listing any and all new discoveries that are found here.

    If you discover anything that you feel is a tease for future Content then post a picture of it in the comments and I'll look into adding it to the teases master list.
    While we're on the subject of the teases master list, let's start it:

    The Sea of Tease Master List:

    • New Findings on the Unmarked Island of N13
      The Unmarked Island of N13 has a bunch of new items scattered around the Shipwreck and the Under water cave system looks like someone is setting up shop in it.
      alt text

    I strongly suggest going over to the Unmarked Island of N13 to see all the new findings yourself!

    • Streamlined Hulls
      All ships types now have 2 cutouts on the bow... what could they be for?
      Streamlined Hulls Brigantine
      Streamlined Hulls Galleon

    • Ship Kichens
      Kitchen areas have been added to the Sloop and Brigantine.
      Is this a tease for Cooking coming to SoT?
      Kitchen Stove and Pot

    • Royal Sovereign Helm
      As of right now if you equip the Sovereign Helm it will spawn with the Royal Sovereig colors.
      Does this mean we'll be getting color variations of the other Cannon, Capstan and Helm sets in the future?
      Royal Sovereign Helm

    • Order of Souls desk
      In each Order of Souls tent you'll find a curious desk in place of where a Teapot once stood.
      What could this be for?
      Order of Souls Desk

    • Lower Bells
      Each ship's bell is now lower than it used to be.
      I wonder why that is?

    • Devil's Roar Fort - Molten Sands Fortress
      There's a new Fort in the Devil's Roar, when do you think it'll be activated?
      alt text

    Well mates, that's all the Teases that have been discovered for now.
    Let me know if ya find anymore!
    And what do you think of all these teases?
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I was heading to the Order of Souls tent to cash in a Skull when I found this new desk in place of the usual tea pot:

    Could this be some sort of tease for future Content?

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I've often heard sailors ask why the Scury Bilge Rat Set is so expensive.
    And to this day no one really knows why.
    But I think I've uncovered the answer.

    Okay so, first off you have to understand how the Sea of Thieves Cosmetic Set system works.
    Every launch set (Sea Dog, Sovereign, Admiral and Bigle Rat) have 3 different variations.
    Those variations being:

    • Sea Dog, Rogue Sea Dog, Ruffian Sea Dog
    • Admiral, Ceremonial Admiral, Grand Admiral
    • Sovereign, Royal Sovereign, Imperial Sovereign
    • Bilge Rat, Scury Bilge Rat, Castaway Bilge Rat

    One of the three Variations always has its items locked behind a level 31 to 50 Trading Company commendation.
    However this is not the case with the Bilge Rat Sets, all three of the sets are purchasable at level 1.

    Then why is the Scury Bilge Rat Set so expensive?
    Well, because it's the 'Locked' variation of the Bilge Rat Sets.
    But instead of being locked behind a level 31 to 50 commendation, it's locked behind a large sum of gold.

    Hope that clears it up for ya!

    Anyways mates, do you think my synopsis explains why the Scury Bilge Rat Set is so expensive?
    Let me know what ya think!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Alot of us PC players enjoy the game we love having the ability to join in a game and meet new people who have an entirely different style of playing games then we do (layed back casual) and we enjoy the encounters we have with people and open mics and the content it brings after reading alot on the reddit and reading some blogs and other things about this I feel like I got a better understanding of this entirely, I understand that they want to balance out the game and give those who like to sit in their living room on their couch with a controller in hand an even playing field and we PC players want that as well, its not that we all want to have an advantage we want it even, we want it to be challenging, and I feel as if you guys are going in the right direction with this by fixing double gunning, (I don't personally use it cause my quick scoping skills are bad) so it won't be a common occurrence anymore, and I think they should implement something like fortnite has from my understanding, but splitting the community kinda makes me feel unsettled personally, simply because I like to play with my controller some days and other days I like to play with my keyboard, and I know there is a distinct difference between the two and I feel as if it would just put PC players who play with controllers at a disadvantage, now I'm not a game developer or anything but I feel as if this is not the right move, rare you are already doing such a great job already, with removing the double gunning, and aim assist for xbox should be next, I don't think implementing pools of servers is the right way to go, I think you should see how the double gunning provention and work on aim assist and see how that works out, don't jump the gun on this one, the last thing you need is your playerbase to be upset and angry with you, looking at the reddit and looking at youtube alot of xbox players are also against this choice the game is an adventure game in a sense right? its not call of duty its not a competitive intense game when your just roaming around, its a relaxing game most of the time and sometimes you get in PVP and its fun but splitting the community into pools isn't the right way, You guys are already making it possible for xbox players to use keyboard and mouse and your removing double gunning add aim assist for controllers there you go you covered all your bases. Please just don't split the community and if you guys do implement it please think about the right way of going about it, alot of us PC people are just worried cause this implementation has killed multiple games and servers on games for us in the past. We love your game and don't want to see it become that one game we use to play before they implemented that one feature that killed it for all of us. just please look into the comments look at the videos check with your community fully before implementing this feature. hell drop a poll somewhere.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Remember the Regional Sails from the time limited Cursed Sails campaign?

    Those were some really great Sails weren't they... though I can never find some good Flags to match the Sails...

    Hey, what if there were Regional Flags?
    Like Flags that look like the Regional Sails.

    There could even be a Neate commendation tied to unlocking them as well?
    Maybe you need to set foot on every island in the region to unlock it's respective flag, just a thought.

    Anyways mates, do you want Flags that look like the Regional Sails? (I know I do)
    Let me know!
    Until then see ya on the seas!