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  • Breaking down the latest Sea of Thieves news!

  • Morning!

    Today we've rolled out a new ranking system for the Forums that we're calling Days at Sea. This new system awards Forum Members with titles/ranks based on how many days they've spent logged into the Forums. The ranks are as follows:

    Castaway / 0-7 days
    Sailor / 8-14 days
    Rogue / 15-30 days
    Seafearer / 31-90 days
    Ship Mate / 91-219 days
    Marauder / 220-485 days
    Master / 486-728 days
    Captain / 729-1019 days
    Commander / 1020-1325 days
    Lord / 1326-1657 days
    Legend / 1658-1988 days

    Rather than making everybody start at 0, we've retroactively awarded ranks based on how many days current members have logged in to the Forums since joining, so many of you are already well on your way to hitting Legend!

    Days towards your next rank will also never be reduced unless you are temporarily banned from the Forums for misconduct. This means that even if you take a break, you can go right back to banking those days when you return.

    If you want to check exactly how many days you've spent at sea so far, simply head over to your Forum user profile and you'll find it next to other stats such as your reputation and post count.

    That covers everything for the most part, but let us know if you have any questions and most importantly, enjoy your new titles!

  • I feel like the game need a big patch of new "non thematic" clothes, its been a more than a year since patch 1.0.6, that bringed us the Executive Admiral, Grand Admiral, Rotten Bilge Rat, Castaway Bilge Rat, Corsair Sea Dog, Ruffian Sea Dog and Imperial Sovereign sets.

    Since then we had really few cosmetics, i find that matter important because in the game, apart for the fun you have with your friend, the only other reward you get are cosmetics and i feel that there has a been a lack of these.
    Yes, okay they implemented some more cosmetics with the Tall Tales, but still just very few! I hope they realese a new patch with more clothes soon!

    See you in the seas,

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Guess what I found on Senior Environment Artist George O'Keeffe's artstation account.

    I know you give up so I'll show you:

    That mates is a Tall Tales Quest book for a Tale called: "Lords of the Sea", which currently isn't in the game.
    Lords of the Sea what could that mean?

    Maybe the symbols on the book will provide some answers.
    Oh, I almost forgot!
    Spoilers ahead for Tall Tales Chapter 8 Revenge of the Morning Star:

    Now that we have that out of the way, we can decipher what the Skeleton Symbols mean.
    It says:

    Huh, I wonder what that means?
    I'll leave it to you mates to speculate on what it's meaning is.

    Anyways mates, that's all all I got for now, let me know what ya think of this unreleased Tall Tale Quest book!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I'm back & guess what I found on this Rare employee's Artstation:

    Cool ship eh?
    It was the reward for year one pirate Legends... Wait!
    That's a Golden Legendary Flag at the top!

    Did you know that Flag isn't currently in the game?
    Believe it or not, I actually made a thread requesting they add this flag to the game a little while back.

    Anyways mates, do you wanna see the Golden Legendary Flag added to the game at some point in the future?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • Pirate Tribune
    May 9th

    Ahoy my Scallywags! Today I write the first diary entry of my long, dangerous, mystical voyages across the vast Sea of Thieves. Last week a large milestone came up in the land of the Sea of Thieves. A group known as the “Sea Dogs” visited me and my fellow crew mates. They seem to have set up a competitive blood seeking death match. I’m not the fighting type and look for more adventure, so I don’t have much experience with these new booty hunters. A group of people have developed a new way to collect food. I believe they call it “Fishing.” They call themselves “The Hunters.” These two new companies have so much potential in the Sea of Thieves and I am very excited to see what they have in store. Lastly, my favorite thing that has come up in the last week are the “Tall Tales.” The guy in the tavern finally has something to say. He started our journey across the Sea to seek out the “Shores of Gold.” I’m not sure if I’m the best pirate fit for the job, but I have a lot of sailing to do to think this one over. It seems that this is the longest journey that the Sea of Thieves has ever had. All in all, this has officially been the best week in Sea of Thieves history and I cannot wait to see what else jumps out of the murky water in the updates to come to Sea of Thieves.

    Captain Pirate Tribune

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I was looking through the Arena Webpage the other day.
    And one of the things I noticed from the Webpage was there's a picture of a wall with bunch of pictures on it.

    Now if you zoom in on the far right picture you'll see who I can only assume to be Lesedi Singh manning a Ceremonial Admiral Captain's Wheel.

    That's right mates!
    So how do I know this is the Ceremonial Admiral Helm?
    Well cuz it has the Ceremonial Admiral Colors of Red and Gold.
    And it looks exactly like the Admiral Helm.

    What does this mean?
    Well, this is now the third time we've spotted color variations for expanded ship customisation items.

    The first time being the Royal Sovereign Capstan discovered on a Rare employee's art station:

    The second time was the Royal Sovereign Helm glitch, where it replaced the Regular Sovereign Helm with a Royal one:

    And the latest discovery is the subject of this thread: the Ceremonial Admiral Helm!

    So, with all these discoveries I think it's safe to assume we'll be seeing Color Variations for the expanded ship customisation items coming in with the Anniversary Update!

    Anyways mates, what do you think of this discovery?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    The Spire of the Sea of Thieves is a magnificent sight to behold!

    But nowadays, there seems to be a new organization (of sorts) building some monstrosity on the spire.

    I had a look around the place...

    There's not much to see, except a few banners, barrels, building tools, a Crane and some scaffoldings.
    But there is someone there, a mysterious woman with a patch:

    She's very secretive, mostly she just tells ya to buzz off and come back in "one moon's time". (What ever that means!)

    Though she does mention something about a "Spectacle", I wonder what that could be about?

    She also says she's the daughter of the Greatest Pirate ever.
    She's full of it!
    I know that's not true because I don't have a daughter and I'm the greatest pirate ever! (lol)

    I suggest ya head down there yourself and have a look around!
    You may find something I missed! (I doubt it though)

    As for what's this going is be?
    Well, it's probably the foundations for the Fabled Glorious Sea Dog Tavern!
    Though I could be wrong.

    Anyways mates, what do ya think about the new construction going on around the Spire?

    Let me know!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    With all the news surrounding the Relaunch of the Insider Program, people seem to have missed the recent announcement about the Wandering Reaper cosmetics!

    Hoist the Reaper's Mark and set sail on the daring Reaper's Run Voyage, battle rival crews and earn the Wandering Reaper ship cosmetics! If you want to get your hands on these, make sure you grab them from Duke before they disappear on March 20th! #SeaOfThieves pic.twitter.com/IfpNx94cch

    — SeaOfThieves (@SeaOfThieves) March 13, 2019

    The Wandering Reaper cosmetics will be leaving Duke's Shop on the 20th of March.
    Now, if ya want em: Remember that you have to have the Legendary Reaper's Commendation to unlock the Wandering Reaper cosmetics.

    Those of you having trouble with this update's Legendary Commendation, make sure you raise your Reaper's Mark flag before you vote for the Reaper's Run voyage at the table! Then keep it flying high until you're done. Then you'll be sure to receive those well earned rewards. pic.twitter.com/tTGsLdR9F4

    — SeaOfThieves (@SeaOfThieves) March 7, 2019

    So in conclusion:
    If ya don't have the Wandering Reaper cosmetics yet, make sure you've bought em before the 20th!
    Good luck mates!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    SoT's twitter has announced that this week won't have a stream due to them using the Tavern for other purposes.

    No stream this week! The tavern will be otherwise occupied as we work on super secret things for our first birthday next week... *air of mystery*
    We'll be back next week in our regular slot, Tuesday 5pm to 7pm GMT! pic.twitter.com/lj8rCLbIzk

    — SeaOfThieves (@SeaOfThieves) March 11, 2019

    What could Rare be doing in the Tavern?
    Let me know your Theories mates!

  • So does anyone know how much the new cargo run items sell for? Also what do the patch notes mean by "Robust" when referring to cargo?

  • Ahoy Mates!
    As you've probably heard, players who achieved Pirates Legend Status in the first year of SoT's life span will be receiving special Rewards on the 20th of March.

    So what does this mean, what will the rewards be?
    Well, we don't know yet.

    But we do know that the rewards will be EXCLUSIVE to Pirate Legends who achieved the status in the first year of SoT's life span.
    You don't wanna be left out when ya find out what the Rewards are.
    So make sure ya got Level 50 in all 3 factions before March 20th!

    Anyways mates, what do ya think these Rewards will be?
    And do you still need to achieve pirate legend status?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • It would be awesome to use the bottom of the sea! Mission for searching treasure under water, maybe the treasure should be guarded by sharks or little octopus.....or it could be between algae or other underwater plants! (maybe some nice corals) :))

  • Ahoy there me hearties!
    Alot of teases have been added lately, so I thought I'd make a thread where we can discuss all the new discoveries in one place.
    I'll be listing any and all new discoveries that are found here.

    If you discover anything that you feel is a tease for future Content then post a picture of it in the comments and I'll look into adding it to the teases master list.
    While we're on the subject of the teases master list, let's start it:

    The Sea of Tease Master List:

    • New Findings on the Unmarked Island of N13
      The Unmarked Island of N13 has a bunch of new items scattered around the Shipwreck and the Under water cave system looks like someone is setting up shop in it.

    I strongly suggest going over to the Unmarked Island of N13 to see all the new findings yourself!

    • Streamlined Hulls
      All ships types now have 2 cutouts on the bow... what could they be for?

    • Ship Kichens
      Kitchen areas have been added to the Sloop and Brigantine.
      Is this a tease for Cooking coming to SoT?

    • Royal Sovereign Helm
      As of right now if you equip the Sovereign Helm it will spawn with the Royal Sovereig colors.
      Does this mean we'll be getting color variations of the other Cannon, Capstan and Helm sets in the future?

    • Order of Souls desk
      In each Order of Souls tent you'll find a curious desk in place of where a Teapot once stood.
      What could this be for?

    • Lower Bells
      Each ship's bell is now lower than it used to be.
      I wonder why that is?

    • Devil's Roar Fort - Molten Sands Fortress
      There's a new Fort in the Devil's Roar, when do you think it'll be activated?

    Well mates, that's all the Teases that have been discovered for now.
    Let me know if ya find anymore!
    And what do you think of all these teases?
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • The BBC has reported that a Crash driver 'swerved to avoid octopus Kraken' in Devon, UK.

    Driver is suspected to have being under the influence of Grog.
    The driver is now facing the long arms of the law...

    Source: Kraken Attack!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    What's the matter with my man Duke?
    He's all frightened. (At least that's how he looks to me)

    And I had one of the oddest conversations with him...
    Here's how it went:

    Cpt Palooggoo: "Ahoy Duke!"

    Duke: "Oh, hi! Um... remarkable weather lately... and have you seen the price of grog? Um... let's talk about you for a change!"

    Cpt Palooggoo: "So... any wild Adventures afoot this week, Duke?"

    Duke: "Adventure! Um... well, adventure, let's see...
    Tina's Grog tastes a bit funny, maybe there's a... weevil in the barrel?
    I... um... I aslo thought I saw a shifty pirate. Or not. Maybe.
    Okay, okay, it's quite right now. Even the Bilge Rats have days off!
    Why don't you follow your nose? Go pole a Skeleton!"

    Cpt Palooggoo: "Alright, well, uh... see ya around then."

    I wonder what's gotten into him?
    Let me know what ya think of this, if anything.
    I'm going to Mermaid's Hideaway to consider this...

  • Sorry if this is in the wrong category, i couldn't find the proper place for my "rant"?
    So, I've played the game since before launch, i joined the pioneer program way back when the SOT hype was at its peak, and boy has it been a journey.

    The game has brought me many great memories both being good and bad, but now i've reached a point in the game where i only really return to see the new updates, or aquire more of that amazing loot you keep putting out for us.

    • But i cannot help but think, is that really it? A new scripted story with a challenge and some new cosmetic options?

    When i first joined the adventure on the unofficial discord pre-launch of SOT, i remember us all sitting back and talking about how a game like this where you shape your own future would be absolutely fantastic, how we get to make a reputation for ourselves and grow our pirate legend from the get go.

    • The game has delivered that; Sorta.. in form of an experience bar..
      The servers are so small that you hardly ever meet the same people, nobody will remember you, or recognize you unless you get extremely (lucky?)
      PVE experiences we get out of the game is pre-scripted, and the story is almost told before the update releases for us to play it, we know what to expect we know what we're getting into.
      The recent update "Shrouded spoils", added fog, and you told us.
      I love fog as much as the next guy, but when i logged into the update, i didn't even go to check it out, because i had already seen it, as i do follow you on social media.
    • You could argue that's a fault on my part, because i'm spoiling myself from the game, that might be true.
      But thinking of it as a way to improve the game, i would love to see new things happen to people when they are on the ship, not in the changelogs you publish for people to read while they are downloading the update, does that make sense?

    Imagine a "mysterious" update just happened one day, you're sailing with your crew like normally, doing your voyages, or scouting for enemies to plunder and what not, suddenly from the water beneath you, light emerges, and singing can be heard from sirens now luring one of your crewmates into the water, somebody have to go get him before he jumps off the boat and gets murdered.

    Ofc. there are many concepts for creatures you can put into the game, and yes many of them are epic, but that's besides the point i'm trying to make, i know you will deliver these eventually, it's only a question of time, my point is:

    I wasn't super surprised when i first saw the meg, because i knew it arrived in the update, i didn't know how big it was, but i knew it was there, there was a whole scripted journey for me to partake in for it to spawn, so it never came as a surprise when it finally did, except for the impulse of finally figuring out the riddle.
    If the meg had attacked my ship for the first time without me directly logging into the game with the sole purpose of trying to find it, and it came to me as a surprise, i feel i'd value these memories so much more, being it with my friends or random people on the seas, i could be completely alone on this one.

    Don't get me wrong, i've loved every update you've punched out so far, and i will continue to play them from here until.. well.. you stop releasing any?

    This leads me to the question, what does the future of SOT actually look like?
    The adventure game that only earns money off of the first purchase from every individual player, what happens to it when the hype dies off, when players lose interest and eventually stop buying, or everybody who ever had interest already have bought their copies?
    What are the plans to keep people encouraged to play?

    So far, cosmetics aren't doing it for me, they are great, but i've unlocked everything i want, and matchmaking making it almost impossible to find a decent crew that talks using microphones, can make the game experience tedious.

    So far, the response to pirate legends asking for more content has just been achievements with higher value to achieve.
    That's not a question of being good at the game, it's a question of playing it the most.

    Will you eventually make economy a thing in the game, one where there is an actual loss?
    Will there be an MMO of Sea of thieves? One where we recruit people in taverns, buy boats, steal ships, plunder landscapes?

    And lastly will the arena gamemode you're releasing, up the playercount or devide the community?

    I don't mean to slander SOT, i love the game, so if i come off that way, it might be because of a language barrier.

    Thanks for reading.

  • I don't know if this is the thread to post about this topic, but here we go. I studied in the United States in the past so I had no trouble playing and enjoying this game but upon graduation I came back to my country (Kuwait) and convinced some friends to get Sea of Thieves but the game kept rejecting their purchase saying that it wasn't available in their region. I even purchased a gift copy and sent it to them to no avail. Will this be changed? Please help as I would love to spread this game to more and more people.

  • Everyone is asking for more ships and bigger ships and I’m all exited for that and everything like the man o war but what about a smaller ship? I play on sloops a lot of my time and I know other players do too. I still like the galleon and brig but when I’ve got no one to play with or I go how i started with a sloop I find it fun and I’d like an even smaller ship that would go faster maybe with a double triangle sail and I’d like it to have the setup of the sloop capital area except put the anchor where it is on the brig and galleon and put the two cannons up there in the capital area because it’s a small boat you you would have them up there also I’d think only 2 canonball barrels 1 banana barrel and 1 plank barrel and how the sloop has the shelf and map table there would be where the barrels are stored then down where the brig and barrels are in the sloop the the map table would be first then the brig. One more thing This ships’ weakness would be its cannon positioning and also I don’t believe it should have a dock for a rowboat judging how small this would be so If you needed to load lots of loot that would be the disadvantage and if you’re being attacked also i believe this ship should have a speed in between the galleon and brigantine(brig) because of its weak cannon positions and it would be more fragile than the sloop its one thing that it needs to survive one would be speed I’ll try and make a sketch some time. I would really appreciate it if you read this and took it into consideration because I think this ship could make a valuable place for players when they have no one being the solo ship that people have talked about so thank you.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I just received a special seasonal Email from sea of thieves!
    (I'm sure many more people have received one as well)

    I read through it and at the end of the long Email I saw this:

    Fireworks Confirmed!

  • I have a little problem... I have the Emerald Mermaid Promotion but I still cant buy the Lengendary Canons 😭 Is there a solution please ?

  • In my opinion, the most Legends U meet in Sea of Thieves are very conceited. They always want to be leader and if U try to be diplomatic - and tell them they should be diplomatic 2, read the pirate code, they start to act like... salty as f...ish. This is just my Experience. What do U think? Have U made the same Experience with some other Legends?

    • Create a Ship Design and Name
    • Fishing
    • New Enemies and SeaMonsters
    • Premium Shop
    • Mini Games (DICE - Cards)
    • BIGGER SHIP up to 6 Players
    • New Instruments
    • Join with more Players... 4 is tooo less
    • New Quest (Dungeon Raids)
    • Endgame Content (Big Landmonster?)
  • Hello all, as I am sure you have already heard, Rare - SoT - has been nominated for several awards this year. The game of the year is one of those nominations. I'm just suggesting that you take the time to click that "yes" button for SoT here:

    Whether you love to "hate" the game or simply "hate" how much you love this game; get out there and vote!!


    I now return to the seas

  • Ahoy Mates!
    The New Forsaken Shores Web page is now live and I've spotted something interesting.

    If ya look closely at The new Ocean Crawler Sloop picture it has new Cannon Customisations on it:

    Here's a zoomed in pic, sorry that it's a little blurry. There's no higher resolution pics of this at the moment

    Well, I think this is a bit of a leak on Rare's part, because they would have mentioned something as big as Cannon Customisation on the Forsaken Shores Web page if it was coming with the Content Update.

    But this does show that more ship customisation is coming Soon™.

  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to make a suggestion to improve forum activity and accessibility to not only the forums but also any news/ updates from the developers.

    I have seen this in other games for example Destiny had an app that you could download to access your character build, news or info, and access the forums. Not everyone wants to be on the desktop or phone browser to reach these things.

    Some features that could be included with a phone application:
    -Push notifications for any news, updates, or streams.
    -Easy Access to forums on the go
    -Push notifications for forums replies/ trending posts
    -LFG where you can add what you are doing and what you need
    -Character reputation check outside of game
    -If guild or clan ever become a thing it could be a good way to communicate with everyone in one location
    -Commendation checks on the go

    I think this will have a huge increase in forum activity from players all over. Its and easy way to provide feedback and suggestions while also keeping up to date with all the latest on our favorite game.

    Thank you.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    We've all heard this news by now:

    After extensive internal and Pioneer testing, we've decided to delay the release of Forsaken Shores to September 27th. Although this may be disappointing news, our focus is on delivering a stable experience. More: https://t.co/erWdsrb0dP pic.twitter.com/aq0RgHf5Gb

    — SeaOfThieves (@SeaOfThieves) September 17, 2018
    Forsaken Shores has been delayed till next Tuesday.
    But what about this week?
    Should we get an Update for the game this week to fix some of the current issues or should they just release all the fixs with the Forsaken Shores content update?

    An update this week would allow them to add a Tease for Forsaken Shores in the world, so I'm all for that!
    Just Imagine going to Thieves' Haven and finding that guy from the Trailer!

    Anyways Mates, let me know what ya think!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    In the latest Developer Update:

    Executive Producer Joe Neate said we're gonna be getting a Behind the Scenes Video on Cargo Runs this week.

    So we'll be finding out more on how thats going to work Soon™ here.
    Anyways mates, are you excited for Cargo Runs?

  • Imagine sailing the seas headed toward this dark, deep, eerie hole in the ocean. You and your brave crew enter it....and BOOM...you enter this new world, maybe a new entire map system! Maybe the world of the skeletons....this would be such a dope idea.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    In the latest Weekly Stream by Rare they announced that the Forsaken Shores teaser trailer will be coming out on Thursday September 6th.

  • Ahoy Maties!
    In the latest developer update executive producer Joe (The Talent) Neate announced that coming this GamesCon we will be receiving lots of Forsaken Shores news.
    Neate also teased that the event will have footage of the upcoming content update.
    Rare will be live on Inside Xbox during the event as well.
    GamesCon will be happening from August 21st to the 25th.
    So be on the look out for lots of SoT & gaming news coming next week!

    Well, thats all the new information (That I'm aware of anyway) on Forsaken Shores, if ya know about anything I missed let me know!
    Until next time see ya on the seas!