• Skellies are always in the worst of places.

  • My Second Video of my Stream from yesterday in Sea of Thieves.

  • My name is Zombie Scown and I know my way around the ships and some lands. Been playing this game since closed beta and have been happy to see that the game is growing ever more exciting.

    I do well in a crew and enjoy a good adventure all around. If you happen to see me in a sloop alone don't be afraid to say hi and perhaps maybe we can team up.

    Pleasure to meet you all.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    Hello there!

    I’m really new on thuis forum and game. Coming from the netherlands, and i’ll do my best to speak and write good enough english during playing the game and on thuis forum.

    I’ve experienst all kind of very cool moments, chats, voyage’s and crew’s!
    And i’m complete hooked on the game. Playing first solo but know mostly open crew.
    The few moments that i really can fully enjoy playing this game by having a nice crew and voyage, are olmost not enough to keep on playing open crew or game at all.

    First to get started with a Nice crew is almost 0. Than i start floating the boat (whitout crew) towharts a ilse when i started over 3 times a new game to get a crew onboard that stay’s. Than finally i have i crew and we are on our voyage. We get spotted by other players. The start bombing the boat. Half the crew leave other half try to survive.
    Then boat sinks, respawn with new crew or no crew at all! I’ll set sail and o ya why not same boat that sinks us moments ago! Yep they shoot again all there cannonballs but now killing everybody and save the boat! We respawning on the boat 7 times because they are on our boat waiting for us and kill us over and over again.
    Now i’ll try to play a guest or whatever for almost 3 ours but stil i am on the ferry of damend or outpost while leave the game, start it and get hit, sink or died over and over.

    This is so ******** for playing or starting.
    For now this happening to my almost every day i play the game.

  • Ahoy! Mates and Maties! I am Captain Killjoy, I have been sailing the sea's since August 2018 and I haven't been able to put down the sword since. Feel free to add me, I love learning new things and teaching people a thing or two. Sadly though I will be gone April 9th as I am in the Airforce and will be going to basic training and will be going through Special warfare school to become a JTAC. I will most likely return in September to continue sailing the seas but until then let's make the most of it.

  • Ahoy there sailors! I'm new to the forums as well as relatively new to the game. Just figured that I would come in and introduce myself. My name is Stitzy and I mainly got into the game because of friends and I don't regret it at all! I have loads of fun playing and stealing loot from other ships as I loot myself into the Pirate Legend status. Looking forward to all this game has to offer in the future!

  • Was looking for something to play with my 13 and 10 year old sons, and decided on this. We play lots of stuff together, but nothing together online, since I don't really do very well with an XBox controller. But, since I can play on PC and they can play on XBOX, we thought this game would be a great time to kill an hour or two on the weekends.

    With that said, I've watched a bunch of the youtube vids so I feel relatively prepared for what can and will happen when we set sail for the first time. The kids are pretty mature, and since they play Fortnite/COD etc... I'm sure they're well aware of what playing with strangers is all about. It's new for me but alas, he we are...

    We'll probably go solo as a family at first, just to get our feet wet (pun intended) and then we'll most likely be on the search for a good seasoned captain to show us the ropes. Hopefully that's easy to find, and we can all just crack up at the debauchary that follows.

    See ya out there...

    English speaking/ Eastern USA timezone

  • When joining a crew or starting a journey, the full crew is listed. Also you can manually see who is in your crew from the menu.

    However it is sometimes hard to notice when someone decides to leave, or when a new pirate has joined the crew.

    I would love a simple on screen notification just to state:
    "Pirate ... has joined/left your crew!"

    That way you know who is around, and in the midst of a fight know who you can count on or if you're all alone.
    It seems pretty helpful to myself to know if there is a new crew member that can help you out, and greet him/her by there name.

  • Festival of the Damned – Beacon Locations

    Below you will find out where to find all the beacons for the Bilge Rat Adventure.

    The Ancient Isles

    Crook’s Hollow
    Devil’s Ridge
    Plunder Valley

    The Shores of Plenty

    Cannon Cove
    Smuggler’s Bay
    Mermaid’s Hideaway

    The WIlds

    The Crooked Masts
    Kraken’s Fall
    Marauder’s Arch

    Devil’s Roar

    Fetcher’s Rest
    Ruby’s Fall
    The Devil’s Thirst

  • For all the People that want the slack gone; THEY NEED TO HANDLE THE INTRO OF THE GAME BETTER!!

    Do yall ever think about a new players experience?? Imagine coming in from a whole different perspective in gaming, coming from flipping Fortnite. Your greeted as a drunken sailor, weirdly grabbing a banana. And thats literally it.. Now its up to you to figure things out.

    I remember queing in with a random, learning later that he literally just got in the game.. I tried to show him around, and he just left... It was so awkward too, I was kind of roleplaying, pretending there was a lot more depth to the game it self.

    I suggest a better Intro to the game. Instead of giving us some paper that says "Sea of Theives" on it. Give us a "peice of paper" that guides us into the game. Like say, after it shows you around your Interface, It tells you to go around the outpost, and it guides you on the different factions.. etc

    There is nothing more fraustrating than going in your boat for the first time, confused, just sailin around the Seas trying to find people. Only to find out thay you needed to go to a Quest Giver.. I know from experience...

    And I am talking more about the Solo Players, or atleast players that start out so.. Checking the game if they want it or not. You cant always expect People to bring 3 other people just to try a game out!

  • I debated on/off getting the game due to reviews on xbox and man have I learned how you can't just trust reviews blindly!
    I'm writing this now because at the moment "Kiwibeard" is keeping us from playing but no harm done!
    First off, the graphics in this game are just... well fantastic to say the least. As you all are well aware of.
    Secondly, I'm speaking from the perspective of the normal "day-to-day" player that before, would've never considered myself a "gamer". This game alone (in the 1.5 weeks I've been playing) has brought me closer to that community, than games such as Battlefield ever could have!
    I love the fact that I can just sail around and wander into strangers literally from around the world. The ability to identify friend or foe is crucial in the game and that requires open mic communications at a scale I've never experienced before. Simply perching on your cannon just because you're not sure if they're going to shoot first, on its own can be a threat great enough for the other ship to react aggressively. Its a interesting my very realistic factor in the game has you bring the human element into the environment at a higher level.
    I love the game.
    Each content release keeps me interested and glued to the remote.

  • I would ultimately love to see the fiddle make an appearance. I know it was talked about in one of the updates I don't know why it was cut from the game, but it would be a good instrument to have. Maybe add a d-pad switcher so you can switch from the hurdy-gurdy to the fiddle. Also new skins for speaking trumpets and drums... they don't quite fit my sovereign theme. I would love to see the black dog, ferry man and mercenary packs available for everyone or have weekly events that give away past limited edition items, like e.g. the day one eyepatch or launch crew eye of reach. Also, customizable cannons.

  • "alt


    It was a night like any other at the Rusty Hook Tavern. A local band was playing some cheerful tunes that everyone was too drunk to properly appreciate. A couple of gullible out of town guests were gambling away their life savings in a game of Hazard. And almost every night, an enigmatic figure would make some kind of dramatic entrance into the tavern, looking to hire some cheap mercenaries for an adventure.

    This night, the mysterious adventurer was young Eredhar, and boy did he fit the profile. Each and every scar on his face seemed to tell a different story. He had a glass eye that glimmered in the room as he looked around for fresh blood. He slowly walked towards the barmaid, gazing at the wanted poster of a Fizzy f**y, a notorious pirate killer. He turned around, towards the middle of the tavern and cleared his voice with a loud cough.

    “I am Eredhar, admiral of the Royal Fleet of Kingdom of Eoland. I was tasked to gather the best sailors at this outpost, that are willing to embark on a transcendental journey that will forever change the life of everyone involved. We are to tear apart the fabric of our very own reality and blur the line between myth and reality.” He spoke with a firm voice, catching the attention of the sailors inside the tavern.

    “The King is more than gracious and offers each one of his subjects, each one of you, enough gold to live two lifetimes!” a deep voice echoed throughout the establishment.

    “As Captain Anon said, you’ll be rewarded royally for your service” Eredhar added, walking towards the door.

    “Where do we sign up, Sir?” one of the men asked.

    “We have contracts back at the pier” Chaser said, looking at the man.

    Thunders started roaring as both the admiral and captain set foot outside the establishment. Eredhar looked up to the sky, black clouds were gathering upon the outpost. One of the newly recruited crew members, approached the captain with a slight shiver in his voice, as the sky opened, and rain started pouring down.

    “Sir, are you sure it’s the right weather to set sail?” he asked as he shivered from the loud thunders.

    “Have no worries, the ships’ masts and hulls can withstand even that harshest weathers on the sea!” Anon grinned as they reached a shabby wooden building, at the end of the pier. At the far end, two mesmerizing ships were anchored.

    “Each recruit will cost you two gold pieces, Eredhar; that’s the price for hiring men from my outpost” a woman addressed Eredhar, tapping her nails on the table.

    “A deal more than fair, Ms. Kat” he nodded, taking a bag of coins and handing it to her, turning towards the group.

    “Now rest, for tomorrow we shall set sail!” he shouted, his eyes measuring the new recruits.


    • Picaroon
    • Bucko
    • Swabbie
    • Hauler
    • Buccaneer
    • Seadog
    • Magnate
    • Captain
    • Sovereign




    Gaining Ranks: everything is based on your activity inside our Fleet. Each day, you will get paid a certain amount of money based on your current rank. With the coins earned you can buy new ranks.
    Work – besides your daily pay, you can earn coins by performing jobs, such as swabbing the deck or smuggling illegal crates. If you’re too lazy to work, you can always go about robbing people.
    Items – Through Eoland’s store you can acquire resources, animals, ranks and even…. Skeleton friends.
    Tavern Games – Tired of sailing? Come and play card games, dice games and even chicken fighting!


    Wait no more and come join us over on Discord!

  • Ahoy! Je suis tout nouveau sur ce jeux et je cherche des gens avec qui jouer occasionnellement le soir ou dans la journée si ca adonne! Je suis pas bon mais peut etre en devenir et ca serait cool d'apprendre avec des gens du meme niveau que moi. Je me considère pas trop gamer, mais j'veux apprendre donc soyez indulgents ;)
    Je vis en Nouvelle-France
    Au plaisir moussaillons!

    Je joue sur PC ScarrTanager

  • Heyo, noob from nz looking for someone to sail with, preferably with mic.

  • Ahoy! My Name Is BOHsB4hoes52

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves to find a crew of pirates to sail with

    Me interests consist of raiding, looting, and going on voyages

  • I just got an Xbox One and would like to group with others to take on the High Sea adventure. I am new to game but have seen it played via streams.

  • I'm from the USA eastern time zone, mostly play afternoon/nights & some weekends. I'm an adult, have a mic, played all the betas so I know what I'm doing for the most part. I can drive, shoot, whatever. Have some tricks up my sleeve. Looking for chill adults to play with that have microphone as well. Idc if you're pc or xbox. Him and msg me on Xbox live my gamertag is: EVOL ROAMS (don't forget the space inbetween)

  • Hey everyone,

    I guess it's about time I made one of these as well.

    I've been around since closed beta, been active pretty much every day on the unofficial discord till a few weeks ago. (accident and then discord stopped working for me for some strange reason) I'm the guy who regularly asked for a t-rex pirate pet, hated on Paul's Aqua obsession and loved Damian's streams. Thx to my previous jobs, I have background in game development and even more in game journalism. (not in english as you can probably tell if you've ever heard me speak)

    I've played about 25% solo, 20% duo and 55% galleon. Here are my thoughts so far:

    I still love the game, but more content is definitely needed. Would love to see more customization, more variations in voyages etc. just like a lot of other people. Like others I have to admit, I expected to see something more on the launch after playing all the betas and scale tests.

    I did encounter a few bugs and random errors, but for an MMO game of this scale, it's nothing I didn't expect, I'm confident it'll get mostly ironed out in time.

    Regarding Rare's communication with the player base, i admit there is room for improvement, but it's still better than what I'm used to from other developers. I'm pleasantly surprised they seem to really listen to constructive criticism.

    I'm strictly against any ideas that would split the player base, like xbox only sessions, BR mode, PvE servers etc. It wouldn't be apparent at this stage, but in a few weeks / months, when the amount of online players goes down (and it will, that's just a fact), it would hurt the game a lot.

    My experience with other players was mostly positive so far. My English is far from perfect (we had student exchange programs in England, but that was over 20 years ago), I understand perfectly, but I have to get used to talk in English again, just need to practice more. So like many other non-native speakers, i'm usualy anxious when using xbox's LFG, I don't want to get yelled at or ruin the game for others. So far, around 90% of crews I've joined were absolutely amazing and welcoming.

    With random matchmaking, that's different story tho... I stay in probably 10-15% of games I join randomly. Either noone uses a mic and since I'm on xbox, text chat is really limited for me, I just don't enjoy the game at all, or I spawn into a crew that doesn't want to cooperate at all, speaks Elvish or whatever, or server hops in 5 seconds after spawning.

    Encounters with other crews were mostly good as well. Yes, there were some griefers, heard a few slurs just as I expected I would, got killed by some outpost campers cos we were careless, but mostly we had fair fights (regardless of the outcome) or even made friends with some. Among the most memorable was one over 6hrs long fight for a skull fort. (we won btw.)

    I'd say I'm a decent player on either type of ship, so in PvP battles the outcome for me is 50/50 regardless of my oponent's ship. Balance is pretty good, I like the idea of a 4men sloop as long we get a 6men galleon as well. I know it's gonna be worse solo players, but it can be balanced with some type of ship movement or durability bonuses for strictly solo sloops, or penalties for bigger crews.

    Anyway, that's it from me, I'll be sticking around this game to see what it'll evolve into, it has a huge potential and I hope Rare can keep the momentum going for a long time. See ya around Scallywags.

  • Greetings Scalliwags! Been playing SoT since closed open beta! I've came to the forums to voice my opinions, search for upcoming content, list my discovered bugs(which I frequently capture using xbox dvr), and just to help others. I'll be making a few more posts when I have the time.

  • My game is currently downloading right now, haven’t played a lick but boy have i watched! playing in the Xbox- GT: Deranged Retina

    ALL HANDS ON DECK, add me up if you want to have some fun

  • Hi All from cental Texas
    Got my Pre-Order on March 5th. Hoping for a Open-BETA this weekend as well.
    Now it's just down to finding a crew to join up with on the Xbox One.
    Maybe an all Texas crew! if others are up to it.

  • Ahoy there!
    I was told about this game not to long ago by some friends of mine and have been in love with it since! I have played both scale tests, albeit the first one for only a little, but enjoyed both immensely.
    Rare has really made something special, that's for sure.
    I hope to find all of you while sailing these seas, and hopefully not as fodder for your cannons!

  • Greetings,

    I've been part of the Sea of Thieves Community for over a year and have been sailing through many sessions. Due to the amount of time invested in this wonderful game, I've managed to gain some knowledge. Thus, I want to offer every single new player the opportunity to have a fun and exciting time in Sea of Thieves. I invite you all to set sail together with me in the next Scale Test.

    All you have to do is post below your gamertag, timezone and we will find the time to play together, even if it's just for an hour.

    Lots of love,

  • I join to insider program, but not get beta-key.
    Maybe i something dont know?

  • I see a lot of people on here asking questions that have been answered time and time again. I'm making this post for newcomers to the game so that they can get caught up with the basic questions that may come to mind. Basically just an FAQ. I think this FAQ should be answered by the community though. So if you are tired of seeing a question pop up over and over again, post the question & the answer below, and i'll add it here:

    1. Why isn't there more content?
      -The Alpha and Beta sessions only comprised of a fraction of the planned content. There will be more at full release. Rare will also regularly hold timed and themed community events.
    2. Why aren't there any upgrades/progression?
      -The developers have stated that they want all players to be on an even/equal playing ground. For this reason, upgrades will most likely be purely cosmetic. Progression Thread
    3. Will there be any Safe-Zones?
      -There has been confirmation that Safe-Zones will not appear in game. You can post your thoughts on the subject here: Safe-Zone Mega Thread
    4. Will we have any mini-games to play?
      -There has been no official confirmation regarding mini-games, but there has been teases in-game and some good evidence uncovered by the community that points to a card game called Karnath Cards. Card game Thread & In-Game Screenshot
    5. Why doesn't the Reply/New Topic button work?
      -If you are affected by this known issue on the forum, there is a fix that may work here.
    6. Why do I keep getting updates for the Closed Beta?
      -Those updates are most likely meant for the members that are in the Pioneer Programme. They have exclusive access to versions of the game for testing purposes. Unless you hear official word from Rare about a test session that you are invited to, then it is recommended that you turn automatic updating off to preserve bandwith. If you would like to learn more about the Pioneer Programme click here
    7. Will there be an Open Beta?
      -There may be an open beta nearing the full release. No exact date has been announced.
    8. Will there be different game modes?
      -This is an on-going debate on the forum. There has been no official confirmation of any game modes, but if you want to see what the community thinks about it, head on over to this thread or this one.
    9. Will there be land animals in game?
      -Yes, chickens, parrots, pigs, and snakes are a few that have been confirmed to be in the full release.
    10. Will there be Clan/Guild/Fleet support?
      -There will be no support for this feature at launch, but it is being looked into as a potential feature down the line. This was mentioned during this Q&A session.
    11. Will there be micro-transactions/how will they work?
      -Yes, micro-transactions will be in the game in the form of direct purchases of cosmetic/interactive items that will not impact player skill or advantage in any way (NOT pay-to-win). Funds from these transactions will go toward future content/updates.
    12. Will there be schools of fish/other underwater life?
      -Yes, it was confirmed in the podcast with the art/design team that schools of fish as well as coral reefs will be added. Link to video at 34:10 here.

    Also, if you want to catch up on any podcasts, insider updates, and other videos that Rare has released, check out this Video Library

    ~ Feel free to correct any statements I make ~

  • Can’t wait to play this game missed out on the alpha.

  • Hi!
    Maybe it is a stupid question but unfortunately I do not know how to get access to the game
    See you on the water c:

  • Hey All,

    Glad to be here! This game is shaping up to be something really awesome and I'm looking forward to it's release!

    I work for another production company (not Rare), and am new to the industry. That being said, it's given me a whole new appreciation for the work and thought that goes in to projects like these!

    Best Regards, and We'll See Ye on the Open Ocean!