• Hello! I had this idea for the Adventure Mode, more specifically the Merchant Alliance. Basically, you would be doing a "protect the package" of a Merchant Alliance ship (of matching size or different difficulties) that delivers goods on a set course to nearby Outpost and Seapost. Meanwhile you have Ghostships and other players in the world that can come and attack the ship you mean to protect. You could even throw in a Megalodon or the Kraken as a possible run in. Once the Merchant Alliance ship has made it to the final Outpost without sinking, you would receive gold/rep for the mission and possibly unlock some new items.

    Just an idea that I had. I think the Merchant Alliance missions are done the fewest and that it would be fun to have a more energetic mission. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks.

  • So I do a lot of cargo runs! I would love the ability to put down and vote for 3 merchant quests in a row (Without having to pick up the cargo).

  • One of the most annoying features I find on SoT is the inability to just start a game and sail off. Anything we usually do requires a little bit of prep.

    I think it would be good to have the ability to pay for cannon balls/food/planks. So on the odd occasion you could just start a ship and get straight into some voyages.

    With limited times in the evenings I have found I end up loosing interest due to the time it takes for us prepare for some voyage and goals we have planned.

    To avoid rich players getting an advantage or players buying crates to complete merchant voyages. They could be made only available at the sea posts and be slightly more expensive than they are to sell.

    This way you could stock up at a port but still have the option to gather and store resources during voyages.

    I think this would also make gold a little more useful. Perhaps even the ability to buy a rowboat as well?

    Anyone else having the same experience?

  • Here's the chicken since I can't upload pics like a goober.
    What if chickens you have caged could produce eggs for your crew to cook up or sell? I think it would at least give caging animals another purpose, and to add incentive to keeping live animals on your boat. Maybe there could be a rare golden egg laid that the gold hoarder would love to buy off your hands, or you could keep the golden egg for yourself for its strong healing properties once eaten. Thoughts?

  • So its no secret that a lot of people dont like doing the merchant allience quest what with loud obnoxious animals, timed quests, and cargo that can break. And while those are not deal breakers for everyone they are for most.
    I suggest another option that may be easy to implament. Why not have merchant ships carring cargo from one outpost to another that can be attacked, sunk, and looted. Ship battle is quite enjoyable and as a faction activity that wont have cursed cannonballs it will be easier and help get newer players aquanted with ship battle that they can later go to the more difficult skeletonships that have cursed cannonballs.

  • Hello,

    James Thomas/JT/BIGsheep here, engineer on Sea of Thieves with a quick note about cargo runs.

    Deliver to Shopkeeper at

    I've been chasing up a bug whereby a crate will carry a delivery note saying "Deliver to Shopkeeper at", or similar. Not very helpful, I know. Well, it turns out that the NPCs around the Sea Dogs' Tavern at the center of the world (K12) aren't quite setup correctly, not least that their landmass has no intelligible name that they'd like to pass on.

    If you get any of the following, try delivering them to the NPCs at K12.

    • Deliver to Shopkeeper at
    • Deliver to The Sea Dogs at
    • Deliver to Shipwright at

    Also, if you're asked to "The Order Of Souls at The North Star Seapost", they mean "Sudds at The North Star Seapost". A delve into Sudds' dark past or a simple typo? I'll let you decide.

  • In its early conception there was rumors that Tall Tales was going to be a voyage overhaul. It is clear now that is not the case, and that's fine, but it means voyages are still very repetitive and monotonous. These are just my suggestions for how the voyages and trading companies could be improved.

    The Order of Souls (OOS) and the Gold Hoarders (GH):

    The OOS and GH voyages should be overhauled to essentially become procedurally generated, non story based tales. Though I can't comment on how easy this would be to implement the principal is quite simple; integrate all the assets, locations and mechanics (constellations, traps, caves, shrines, keys, etc) from Tall Tales into the voyages and have some means of procedural generation give players a book containing riddles, maps, constellations, drawings, etc. The end result for GH voyages would of course be finding numerous treasures and riches while the OOS would be a boss encounter, or rather a series of. The developers have said that they intend to release more Tall Tales updates past The Shores of Gold so every time a new tale releases the mechanics and assets can all be thrown into the procedural voyage mix. This would make voyages a proper adventure with puzzles and intrigue instead of a bland fetch quest.

    The Merchant Alliance and the Hunters Call:

    Integrate the Hunters Call into the Merchant Alliance. I like the idea behind the Hunters Call but in practice I don't think there needs to be a dedicated faction to fishing and cooking. Instead, Merrick and the other members of the Hunters Call would become Merchant Alliance NPC's found at all the sea posts around the map and the Merchant Alliance would become the ultimate passive trading company. Here's how it would work:

    Cooked fish and such is sold to the Merchant Alliance as it would've been sold to the Hunters Call - could be worth a bit more money in my opinion.

    Remove animal voyages and instead have cages spawn frequently near and on top of barrels - encourages players to collect them and bring them onto the ship and makes capturing animals a passive activity like fishing.

    Introduce trapping - traps can be set using the cages to passively capture animals while performing other activities at islands. To do this set the cage down and a 'set trap' interaction should appear (requires the player to put respective bait in the cage - fruit for chickens and pigs, meat for snakes). Leave the cage and after one or two minutes an animal becomes trapped - can be released in case the player is looking for a particular colour and animals can also be captured hands on by the current in game method.

    Trapped animals can be brought onto the ship as per usual and sold to any Merchant Alliance NPC - including old Hunters Call NPC's - for a profit comparable to the prices received for delivering an animal on a voyage.

    The titles, commendations and skins rewarded for leveling with the Hunters Call can all be transferred to the Merchant Alliance.

    Cargo runs should continue to function as dedicated Merchant Alliance voyages that can be purchased from any Merchant Alliance NPC.

  • With the new addition of tall tales adventure mode can still get quite boring as there still isn't much to do and merchant voyages can be tedious and boring. With the addition of merchant ships this would add a new objective to achieving level 50 in the merchant alliance. Merchant ships would roam the seas and would be an often site. They wouldn't be an event and wouldn't be a chance to run into. They should be easy to spot and shouldn't have to require players to hope they get that small chance they encounter it in the server. Merchant ships would carry items such as tea, spices, sugar, plants, etc that could be sold at any Outpost as plunder. The merchant ships would be run by NPCs (which could just be re-skinned skeletons) and could range from galleons, Briggs, and sloops. Depending on the amount of plunder they're carrying will depend on the ship size. High value items would be traveling in convoys such as a galleon accompanied by two sloops. This would add more variety in the game and more to do. With there only being a few ships you don't really get the pirate feel of the game when you don't see any other ships. If there were merchant ships it would add to the pirate experience by letting you plunder ships that occur more frequently and reward you with doing so. And with the addition of merchant ships the addition of bounties can be added as well, leading players to want to hunt down these other pirates for gold. This update would benefit the merchant alliance by adding something else to do rather than the boring and tedious take items from a to b merchant voyages and putting something fun and exciting next to it. This wouldn't get rid of merchant voyages it would simply just be an add on to the merchant alliance.

  • Add cargo missions you can select that are in high demand for more rep/money. This will require you to race. We can call it Sea Prime🤠.
    We can do mail delivery too haha Idk. Something fun though that can bring more excitement to merchant.

  • I know every guild only give you 3 voyages to buy, but since the introduction of cargo runs the animals merchant is lacking to spawn. And the commendations looks very far to complete.

    I think many of us that like animals merchant want to buy 3 voyages .

    So 3 cargo runs and 3 animals

    (Mod Edit)

  • I would love to have the option to buy cages. I know I can get a voyage, get the cages, cancel repeat but it would be so much easier to just buy the ones I want.

  • So does anyone know how much the new cargo run items sell for? Also what do the patch notes mean by "Robust" when referring to cargo?

  • (TLDR at the bottom)

    Cargo Runs are imo a great addition to the Merchant Alliance and it's all I've done for that faction since then. Problem is, they got really boring, really fast. Here's a list of the reasons why it got boring or frustrating and how I think could be improved:

    • REWARD: you get the same gold for every item, depending on its condition. While I agree the reward shouldn't be as RNG as every other item, I think it should vary. Adding an economy system should add another layer to the cargo runs. Let me explain: you get the cargo and a destination, and on the contract you get the total reward written for you, given you manage to get all the cargo in top condition.
      Now, you could deliver it as you normally do for said reward, OR you could be a pirate and sell it to someone else, doing this could get you more (or less) gold, but how can you know where and to who you should sell it? Well talk to them!
      Speak to a character while on a cargo run and there should be an extra dialogue option, they might reveal what type of cargo they need, sometimes the Clothing Shop owner might be in desperate need for clothes, or the Tavern innkeeper might have run out of grog!
      You could also get the opposite, a dialogue in which they say they already have a full supply of said cargo, and if you sell it anyway you will get less than the fixed reward. But why would you do that then? Why not sell the cargo directly to the person who will pay you the most? Well first you have to find them, and you need the time to do so, and there are going to be times where you don't really have time to speak with every person in the Sea of Thieves, like when being chased by a galleon, for one. So you might want to sell the cargo to the first person you see, you might get lucky and get 600 or unlucky and get 100 for example.
      Also remember you are breaking the contract with the Merchant Alliance! This means that while you could potentially double your gold reward you will also lose a small chunk of Reputation with the faction! It's up to you whether you want reputation or gold (once you become Pirate Legend reputation doesn't matter anymore, so you should always opt to sell cargo to the highest bidder).
      And if you don't want the hassle you can always deliver the cargo like said in the contract and get 350 gold, plus REP!
    • CONDITION: the biggest feature that separates cargo from all the other loot is that it needs to be maintained and if not it will get damaged or even ruined, granting a much lesser reward. However plants get another mechanic the other two types of cargo don't have, and that's that when they start to wither, you can just restore them to top condition with water. Once damaged, crates of clothes and bottles stay damaged and there's nothing you could do. I agree that once ruined they should stay ruined, but when slightly damaged I think you should be able to restore them like you can do with plants. With clothes, I think you should be able to leave them in the sun to dry, although I'm still not sure what to do about bottles, I don't think slapping a plank on the them would work like on my ship anyway.
    • PVP: attacking a ship full of cargo will almost always be a waste of time, the bottles will get destroyed and clothes will get wet leaving you with only plants, if you are lucky. Also from the point of view of the crew being attacked, since you only have one destination possible there's not much you can do aside from fighting back or losing all your cargo. For this you can see the first suggestion and try to sell it to someone else while running away. But from the attackers perspective getting cargo (or any loot for that matter) is more of a game of gambling since there isn't much you can do to know if a ship is carrying cargo without actually boarding the ship. And that's where I'd like to introduce a neat new mechanic that should make cargo runs (and any voyage) more exciting.
      You can bribe any Merchant in telling you about an active shipment, you'll pay more than a regular contract, but you can also skip most of the work by waiting for a ship full of cargo at the destination and rob them. To maximize profit you can see the first suggestion and sell the cargo to someone that pays more for each type, or sell it directly there.

    As a side note I'd like for this last thing to apply to the other factions and voyages as well, but since we're talking about cargo I wanted to make it exclusive to that, but just imagine killing another crew while they where digging for treasure or fighting skeletons and get all their loot because you bribed a member of a faction that told you where to go. Lore wise, both the Gold Hoarders or the Order of Souls don't care who brings them gold or skulls, so it shouldn't be wrong for either of them to sell the same voyage to one more crew as long as they get a what they want, and a little more gold as well.

    Also while there's still little information about it, I think THE ARENA will work a bit like this, all the crews will get the same map(s) and fight over the same loot. So it's not like this last suggestion is not going to be in the game anyway, even if it's in a much more larger scale. I think having a smaller version of this in Adventure Mode could benefit both.

    TLDR: economy system so you can decide to break contract and sell the cargo to someone else who will pay more, but you won't get any rep for it; you should be able to restore 'damaged' (but not ruined) cloth and bottles like you can with plants; you can 'bribe' a merchant to tell you if a crew is on a cargo run and the destination so you can ambush them, given they don't decide to sell it to someone else.

    What do you think?

    (I know in the end I deviated a bit from the main topic, sorry about that haha, but I'd like to get some comments about both!)

  • So anyone who has played this game knows that forts are an easy way to level up, basically leaving voyages in the dust on all fronts: Forts have combat, Forts have PVP, Forts have loot, Forts are all centralised (No need to go to other islands), Take less time to complete than voyages etc.

    Voyages should be fun instead of tedious and changing a few things can help that. Now what i think Rare should do is make voyages have a final reward that rivals that of forts.

    Lower level rep (0-20) = Gold hoarders: Captains chests. Order of souls: Villanous skulls. Merchants: Golden animals.
    Mid tier rep (20-40) = Gold hoarders: Grog/Chest of sorrows. Order of souls: Skeleton captain skulls. Merchants: Exquisite spices/Extraordinary minerals.
    High tier (40-Legend) = Gold hoarders: Stronghold chest. Order of souls: Stronghold skull. Merchants: Mega keg/Bone dust.

    I know this may already be implemented in the game to a small degree, but you would be more willing to do voyages over a fort if your guaranteed that better loot at the end as its safer against heavily populated servers. It would also help those level 40's push slightly easier to pirate legend rather than focusing down forts and forcing lower level players to stay away.

    Tell me what you think below!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Quick Quality of life Improvement Suggestion here:
    I think in order to add more relevance to Sea Posts we should be able to pick up Cages and Crates from them.
    Chicken Cage
    Banana Crate

    This feature I'm proposing could be added to the island inhabitants, making them a bit more relevant as well.
    (Island Inhabitants meaning: Martha the Fierce and Grog Socked Ed etc)

    Anyways mates, what do you think of this Quality of life Improvement Suggestion I got here?
    Let me know!
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Merchants captain Johnjah here with a Tip o the seas.

    When running plants you can either throw a single bucket of water over the plants to prevent them drying out every couple of mins or fill your ship so that the water just touches the top of the plant pot.

    If you over fill your boat whilst playing solo fill your bucket and chuck it in the air above your ship whilst it's in the air fill your bucket again with the remaining water. The air born water will splash on deck filling to the perfect level.
    Be careful not to throw the bucket overboard.

    I would like to give you the exact number of buckets required but I don't think we've ever tested it compley but 10 - 12 I would bet on.

    Add. Watch out for skellyships they be after me plants ;)

    Captain Johnjah
    Of the broken mast.

    Superbucket tm

    link text

  • Hey folks; I am a pirate legend, and have been looking to knock out some accommodations with Athena's faction. The one I like to do while my crew is unable to play with me is the Merchants animal voyages. In the current build of the game I am not able to buy anything but cargo runs from the merchants. I want to know is it just me? Is it intentional? Is there a fix? I have tried 4 lobbies, and results remain the same.

  • Ahoy Maties!!

    We made a complete guide to The Merchant Alliance. The video also shows all animal locations (snakes pigs and chickens) on the current islands! I hope you all find it helpful!

    See you on the Seas!

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    -Cook and eat eggs for health
    -Sell eggs as cargo

    • Cover a ships decks with eggs and half eaten bananas making the pirates slip
      -Rotten eggs to be used a throwables which visually impare and/or cause the target to throw up.

    The rest is fluff if your still intrigued.

    I'm sure that everyone has noticed our feathered little friends running around clucking all day. Has anyone else thought about where they come from, where all the eggs are, I'm pretty sure chickens don't have a pouch to keep them in.

    With this is mind as well as the new cooking stations that have been added, with no effect yet, I figured I'd put in my two cents.

    Each island with chicken on has a chickens nest, there could be multiple, one per island or as a random chance like other Loot.
    These nest would act as a spawn for the chickens and then they go about their business and behind is left a small nest with a bundle of eggs, these could be stored in the inventory with an additional option to collect a crate for them like with the banana crates.
    A chance for a large golden egg could also be thrown in which would be carried like a skull and sold for high prices.

  • So I was thinking about Crafting items or reward item that include an added buff or bonus and whilst I do like the idea it also would bring up more arguments about experienced players having the best stuff and an unfair advantage, so with that in mind I think have thought of a creative solution to both add some playful variety to the equipment, weapons and clothing and to create optional tasks for players to achieve each time they enter a server.


    So when thinking about items that give a buff/bonus to a player or crew I figured it would be best suited for the people at a *"disadvantage" *. Who might that be you ask, why the merchants of course carrying precious and fragile cargo.
    With this in mind let's start with the merchants buffs.

    Many merchants sail sloops and what does a sloop lack? speed. My idea is after selling 20-50 cloth the crew unlocks an extra smaller sail to add to the front, back and/or sides from the shipwright, this feature could either be given freely or be locked behind a small amount of gold I. E 1000 gold or so.

    What happens to all those broken bits of glass that break off those fragile **bottles? ** Swept into the sea, I don't think so, why not use that broken glass in those cannons for some real player damage. A well placed shot could cover areas of a ships deck slightly injuring those who walk over. To rid a ship of glass a bucket of water should wash it off deck into the sea.
    Or a scatter shot across a ships deck to give temporary bleed damage to enemy players.
    This could be unlocked by selling rum bottles and the ability to purchase a crate glass cannonballs from a merchant and/or weaponsmith.
    Or a shortcut would be to break bottles yourself and load it into the cannon **manually **
    Alternatively they could be used to tear a ships sails which could reduce speed and be repaired/replaced with gold and/or cloth

    Plants, meh

    Selling snakes could award you snake skin clothing giving **resistance ** to venom damage, or a weapon such as a snake on a stick that deals venom damage.
    A less silly version would include a venom dipped sword but I like the idea if you swing and miss the snake bites you instead for a balance.

    Pigs could include an ivory club or Pork Chopper which gives double knock back, to balance it I would say to make it 2 handed or somehow take up both weapon slots almost like a juggernaut mode.

    Chickens have the potential for some interesting clothing pieces covered in feathers which would allow for no or less fall damage. As well as a weapon covered in feathers or a blunderbuss filled with feathers that could visually impare you for a few seconds.
    This would be perfect as you would use a chickens feathers to literally 'chicken' out of a fight whilst he is blinded.

    For the order of souls you could get a skull wedged into another long bone as a club, this club could be imbued with the souls of the pirates it belonged too causing fear for other skeletons making them run away at a faster rate. Perhaps even cause a GP skele to explode himself out of fear. This would be a nice way to keep the pesky skeletons away whilst your digging for gold.
    Another idea would be to have a one time use item that acts as a beacon. Powered by the skeletons you kill, a flag can be hoisted in the crowsnest that send a big beam of light or a puff of glowing smoke as a SOS to your allied ships incase a kraken appears or what not. A good way to communicate with a ship miles away when your in a spot of bother.

    Not much comes to mind for gold hoarders as it pretty cut and dry about dig and sell. Maybe a larger shovel for a quicker dig after so many chests sold but has a setback of being more fragile causing it to break after a certain amount. Or a special compass that has a tenancy to act as a metal detector finding trinkets hidden beneath the surface of the sands. (kind of like Jack Sparrows compass that lead him to his voyages)

    Sorry it was long but hope you liked my ideas. Got any of your own? Please share them and maybe the right people will see a few gems worth trying out.

  • I've seen a few threads asking for animals and whatnot and I really enjoy the idea of doing X amount of animals to go and find a huge boss that we have to tame or kill.
    Ive seen rock paintings with big boars and bears so someone must have been thinking about it during the development.

    Ancient Scales
    Just imagine after 20 snakes are delivered you can go up to snake Island where a big snake (small enough to get through the caves though) spawns and patrols the island, maybe it slivers around between bushes then like the kraken with a ship it starts to wrap your feet. Perhaps the player can't move to begin with, then as the coiling snake reaches your body you get poisoned and as the snakes eyes reach yours, your bones get crushed and the snake munches you top to bottom and continues on.
    Once the snake is defeated it starts to coil around itself on the floor, it is now your choice to capture or kill, one way to capture it may include 2-4 players playing music and keeping him calm. Even though you have just battled he's still not happy with his situation.

    Tusks of the wild
    Pig boss would be fun. X amount of pigs and then he spawns somewhere like shipwreck Bay. Using mostly charge attacks the pig could charge you for a start of half damage. If the pig charges into a wall he is stunned and prone to more damage. The more health the pig loses the greater speed and attack damage to keep things different.
    This could result in the pig falling back to its hind legs where you are met with two options, capture or kill. Capturing it will require many bananas. You thought pigs were greedy, well how about a giant pig.

    Feathers of plenty
    When the chicken boss sees you it become startled but because it it so fat it is forced to remain still. Beacaue of this, the chicken furiously flaps it wings and a deathing call is let out. Now small chickens on the island are your enemy and will peck at your feet for minimal damage (an annoying side affect to spice up the fight.)
    When flapping its wings, if the chicken boss is hiding in a cave such as on cannon cove, lone cove, cresent Isle, sailors bounty or smugglers Bay, rocks will fall from the ceiling which will damage players if hit on the head. Or when it flaps it wings feathers expload from its body temporarily visually impairing the player much like the snakes poison.
    When captured the chicken still has energy and will occasionally flaps it wings causing X amount of holes to appear on your ship. This is just to counteract the fact there is no interactions with chickens once captured.

    Crabbers Craze
    I dont think I need to explain really. Big ol' side steppin'crab that originally looks like a rock and then jump scares you. The little ones could act as face huggers like in half life.

    An oversized Eagle has been spotted flying over the original three regions and perching on high mountains; plunder valley/outpost, devil's ridge, marauders arch, crooked masts.
    Keep your cannon facing the sky and watch out for the swoop attacks.
    The Eagle picks up players and takes them up into the air and drops them 2 maximum. He could damage the boat by tackling it or by perching in the crows nest and shaking the boat. To get him off shoot with pistols and snipers or just shoot the gun powder in the crows nest for some real damage.

    I'm sure I could thi k of a few more but what are they all without rewards

    If you capture;
    Snake - Gold, Titles, snake themed boat cosmetics (serpents as the helm ect)

    Pig - Gold, Titles, pig themes boat cosmetics (porkchop sails, ivory details on the helm, cannons ect.)

    Chicken - Gold, Titles, chicken themed boat cosmetics (drumstick/feathered sails and feathered details.)

    To Kill rewards
    Snake - snake skin clothing (small resistance to snake poison, maybe)

    Pig - Porkchopper the Ivory sword as well as other ivory equipment

    Chicken - feathered clothing (maybe reduce fall damage)
    The drumstick a new chicken drum that is played with a chicken bone.

    I'll let you guys get creative with the Crab and Eagle.
    What would you enjoy most and ideas for fighting styles or rewards for the mini boss ideas

  • Like the title says, I'm wondering what high merchant rep gets you. Like do you get more crates to deliver or better animals to sell? and if so how many crates per level? (25, 30, 35, 40 etc.)

  • I think it would be cool to give us another weapon type. Perhaps a harpoon/spear that you can use as a melee weapon that hits harder than a sword but slower as well. Perhaps you could throw it with the drop mechanics of a cannon ball but have to pick it back up to use it again.

    EDIT: Two handed Axes based on boarding axes or a maul or mace could be a different slow but powerful melee weapon.
    Also stinkpots has a throwable would be good. They caused confusion and panic during pirate battles.

    If we can free animals from cages, we’d kill less animals but also would have the ability to release them on our ships. It’d be a simple pet system technically. Imagine freeing several snakes on enemy ships. Why not?

  • I don't know why but when we are able to cook food in our makeshift kitchens, why not add food delivers. You know like we deliver cargo, animals, and crates...so why not add cooked or uncooked food? XD.

  • Like many other pirates, my crew and I immediately downloaded the newest update when it dropped and headed straight for Duke. Once we had acquired our Mercenary voyages, we stocked up a little, left port, and began our adventure.

    The server was buzzing with ships, nearly all doing the same thing as us. And while our voyage went smoothly, every time we hit an island that was part of the quest (be it ours or someone else’s) I kept noticing a pattern. The cargo run items were left behind…lots of them.

    Now, that’s clearly a sign that things aren’t perfect, but I think a good number of players can agree that cargo runs were a welcome addition to the Merchant Alliance’s repertoire. Up until their introduction, it had been a long-standing request that we be able to do merchant work while digging up chests or hunting down skeletons.

    Hearing this feedback, Rare gave us cargo runs where as soon as we picked up the items, the mission left our map radial and another voyage could be put down. At its heart, this is a great solution…but the payout for completing a cargo run is meager compared to the effort they require (350G per item for perfect condition, then 250, 150, and 50G for increasingly worse condition). As a result, if cargo is part of a mission (e.g., during Athena’s or Mercenary quests) it is often dropped and forgotten. The effort simply isn’t worth the pay.

    With these Mercenary voyages giving players missions from all three trading companies, this is an excellent time to reevaluate the reward for turning in cargo. I have talked to many pirates since cargo runs were introduced, ranging from brand new Sailors all the way to Athena 10 Pirate Legends. Inevitably some people love them and some absolutely hate them, but more commonly the opinion I get is “Cargo runs are cool, but they just don’t give enough gold so I can’t be bothered doing them”.

    So, if the perceived problem is that the quest is high-effort, low-value, why not increase the worth of cargo to incentivize completion? I mentioned earlier that there are four tiers of cargo condition:

    Tier 1: 350 (best condition)
    Tier 2: 250
    Tier 3: 100
    Tier 4: 50 (worst condition)

    I propose that these values increase to the following:

    Tier 1: 900 (best condition)
    Tier 2: 650
    Tier 3: 400
    Tier 4: 150 (worst condition)

    This value increase would likely make the extra effort associated with transporting cargo worth the risk, especially now that PVE encounters are more active due to the Shrouded Spoils update. At the same time, turning in cargo wouldn’t become the “best” way to level up the Merchant Alliance. Gold animals would almost always be worth more than any piece of prime cargo, but the catch is that they are harder to get in lower level voyages.

    At the proposed rate cargo would provide a reasonable path to ranking up with the Merchant Alliance, especially for players who have not put much time into the faction. As players increased their standing, animal quests would also become more palatable, improving the overall experience. Importantly, a Legendary Cargo Run (lvl 50) would, at best, have a pay out of 7200G (eight pieces x 900G). This is a much greater incentive for completion than the current 2800G, but I would argue doesn’t break the quest because catching black and gold animals (current practice) usually nets more gold.

    Like many other players, I love Sea of Thieves and want to see it continue to thrive. I made this post because I have observed and participated in a behavior (dropping/avoiding cargo) that I believe is ultimately detrimental to the game. It is my hope that the change suggested above generates good discussion on the topic and maybe, if I’m lucky, makes it to a developer’s computer screen. Thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear what you all think about this.



    Even if the values were increased to:

    Tier 1: 600 (best condition)
    Tier 2: 450
    Tier 3: 250
    Tier 4: 100 (worst condition)

    I think that would be better than what we have now. As for the Devils’ Roar, the cargo is more fragile and faces additional environmental risks. That challenge deserves a fair payout, and if you managed to turn in every piece on time and in perfect condition I don’t see why at most a player couldn’t be compensated with 9600G. The risk/reward ratio isn’t going to be so good that it makes other voyage types in that area less desirable, and outside of the Roar it means that at most a player will be compensated with 4800G. Again, by the time you can obtain eight pieces on a voyage there are much more profitable ways to get gold from the Merchant Alliance.

  • Hey everyone! After the addition of randomly spawning skelly ships with their treasure, I've come to think about the ways that this system could be evolved.

    What about merchant ships that spawn randomly around the world, sailing between ports and/or islands, and carrying some trade goods like satin/rum/plant crates, animals or banana crates? So either something players could use on their ventures or sell to merchants.

    It would be awesome to be able to hunt those ships down like real pirates, steal all that's aboard and sell the stuff for gold, or maybe even trade with those merchant ships at sea or at a port.

    To make things harder they could either protect themselves with cannons or be escorted by armed ships. It would be cool to have some variation, though, as for example skeleton ships are almost impossible to solo and I think everyone should get a chance at some merchant's loot. You could also combine this with a "reaper's mark effect" so that ships that have sunken a merchant ship will be visible to other players on the map.

    In my opinion, this would break some of the monotony of sailing around and being attacked by hostile players or skeletons.

  • Hello,
    I am a big fan of the game since its announcement and I just bought it today and realized there is no upgrades for the ships or guns , i think you should put new style of ship sails like the chinese sails or arabian sails which will make the game more beutiful and diverse also you should add a market where you can buy animal cages or merchandise like sugar or tea or cacao seeds then going to other islands to sell and TRADE them for new upgrades or coins this would make the game more enjoyable for both role players and normal raiders

  • Purchase supplies from the ship merchant. Makes for a quicker supply run and we need more ways to spend money! I’m hoarding gold

  • Hello, I’m looking for a crew mate to help me earn doubloons, I still have to do the cargo runs and I’m sick of ransoms joining and just wrecking my cargo because they don’t want to do it, instead of just leaving

  • Is there anyway to make rum bottles unaffected by giant AI threats, primarily the Kraken? The Meg and Skeleton Ships can be avoided, but if one is Kraken’d it’s a guaranteed loss of 1/3 your cargo. I was helping with a Christmas voyage when just such a thing happened causing about 15-20 rum bottles to be instantly destroyed upon getting attacked. It was quite disheartening to see so much of this gift be instantly wasted!

  • Ahoy! I would love to see some form of enemy ship PvE that isn't the skeleton ships. It would be super fun to run into a trading vessel and choose to engage and fight or not. I imagine the trading vessel would have the same types of items as the merchant alliance items and would be easier to destroy (maybe a brigantine or a sloop).

    I'd also love to see admiral ships with a bunch of fancy looking folks on it that ride around in galleons or brigantines that drop gold-hoarder type loot, maybe something that is admiral specific like "Admiral's Chest". It would be cool if the admiral ships attacked or didn't attack based on what kind of ship cosmetics/flags you have (ie. if you're clearly a pirate, you're gonna get attacked. If you have the bilge rat stuff, you're less likely to get attacked, etc.)

    I just think running into other kinds of ships on the seas would make this game a lot more fun. I really enjoy the merchant quests because it rewards me for spending time sailing and the more activity I can get involved in on the seas, the better!