• Okay so I've been thinking about this for a while and would like to see partnered streamer ship set cosmetics added to the game so that individuals can show what streamers they support.
    Also I think it would be a good idea to be able to use the ancient skull to activate Fort of the Damned as gilded Fort of the Damned. plus would love to see a Goonies, treasure island crossover maby even a treasure planet mention

  • I think it would be cool to shoot fireworks in the air whether it be from cannon or pistol, but no ship damage. Make the watch essential for cooking and more.being able to bury items might be extreme, but these are ideas. Add aura borealis for looks or to find treasure. Give the pets passive talents like birds can sing shantys, the cats meow when a voyage has been proposed, and monkeys slowly gather bananas. somehow unlock some pirate cutscenes, some fan made or some by the developers.

  • Hey guys! I was looking at your merch store, and while I saw some things that were pretty cool, I was wondering if you could make epic hoodies for each emissary type?
    Something that looks kinda like these?

    It may already be on your "to-do" list but I wanted to make a formal request!

  • i would love for rare to sell some official flags! they dont have to be the best, i just really want to have the bilge rat flag on my wall. there could also be different types, different sizes, etc. there could be flags for actual boats or just decor. i just really think it would be great.

  • I think it would be awesome if Rare did something kind of like how GTA had special clan flags and such where they would go through some process of being checked and approved to ensure there is nothing lewd or harmful. Its a service I would even be willing to pay to process submissions for should it be implemented right. It could include anything between really decking out and coloring preexisting ship models, and could allow me to get the trans flag I think would rock to be on my ship. I am sure a few people would hate the idea now that I mentioned that but those are my feelings ^_^

  • Is the SoT store ever coming back? I mean I know it says new treasures on the horizon, but I was just expecting those treasures to be for sale by Christmas. I figured it's quite odd the Rare crew isn't doing anything with the store with it being holidays and all. I was really looking forward to buying a green Christmas sweater that I missed out on last year. Sucks SoT merch isn't available this year.

  • Got this hat made to wear during my streams

    You can follow me on Facebook or Twitch @OleWhitt

  • As someone who was late to falling in love with this game, I never got the chance to get or in some cases even see all of the game merchandise that was for sale before, but now that I do love the game as much as I do and have found out that this particular piece of merch existed, I must know: Will the Sea of Thieves Ceramic Tankard Mug be available on the online store again once it’s back up? And if not, is there anyone who would be willing to sell it to me? I need to get my hands on that beauty!

  • Okay, so I realize that the title of this thread can be a little dramatic but just hear me out on this. I have a lot of points to get through and I'll try to keep them as punctual and to the point as possible.
    Firstly, the biggest issue, content. Sea of Thieves was a game with very little content upon release driving many new players to the genre away. That started to change when you brought more content with the first update "The Hungering Deep". It was only onwards and upwards from there with the additions of Skeleton Ships, Increased Fort Spawns, The Devils Roar, and Improved Megaladon/Kraken encounters. However, this is when things took a turn for the worst with one exception. I'll bring up the one positive first, being the Mercenary Voyages, not all of them however. The Mercenary Voyages were only partly good as you had some that had specific routes, meaning that players would have to encounter others along their path. Like what you had in the early days for summoning the Megaladon in The Hungering Deep and hunting the Skeleton Ship in Cursed Crews. Its wise in a big open world game to 'sometimes' bring in quests that force people to go up against others in order to earn a great reward. BUT, continuing on from this notice the use of the word 'sometimes' previously'. I say this as it can get boring if the routes for quests are always exactly the same which is what you got right in your most recent Tall Tales, kind of. The Second main point I'm trying to get at with all this is that all your previous content updates have been LT (Limited Time), so anything you earn or buy from Dukes Shop such as the Wailing Barnacle Set, or the Forsaken Ashes ship sets become legendary in a sort of way. All this 'watch a stream for some basic hull, sails, figurehead nonsense is just that, nonsense. Introduce them into the game, give people a reason to actually play and for the love of god, give your game a shops for kids to spend real money so that you are actually earning money. Might provide bit more incentive for you to stop dooming your own game. I'm bored of typing now but even just those few points should give you a bit of clarity I hope.
    Signing off.