• Ahoy, all!
    It's my second Post so sorry if the Post will look kinda Ugly or/and Messy.

    I have been gathering Things That I think could use a change and trying to find solutions for them.

    Those are the things I thought and found a solution for so far!

    I would be happy to know what you think about those Ideas!

    Reaper's Bones:
    Reaper's Voyage - (Ship/Crew/Pirate Bounty)

    The Bounty Collector (Reaper's Side) will read:

    1. "The Reaper/Flame Wants you to send __ (Name/s) Soul/s to the Ferry Of the Dammed and Bring Their Souls Essence as A proof of your doing."


    2)"The Reaper/Flame Wants you to Sink the Ship of ___ (crew Names/Ship's Name) and Bring "Ship's frame" proof of your doing."

    "Located at The ___

    ( 1) Regions, The Wilds, The Ancient Isles, The Shores of Plenty, The Devil's Roar.


    1. Compass or Arrow Direction.)

    Do so Until The ___ of ___ Th
    (Time and Date, similar to the Merchant Voyages)"

    Survivor Side:
    "It has come to the attention of The Order of souls That A Bounty on your Soul/Ship By the Reaper's Bones!

    You must survive until the __ of the ___th (Time and Date)"


    1. Soul Essence Will be visible only To those who have The Voyage/ The Killed Pirates.

    2. The Targeted Pirate/s will Receive a Clear Warning about the Bounty on their Souls and Ship.

    3. Scuttle ships / Quitting Player with Bounty will award the Reapers with Half of the Total amount Immediately.

    4. Surviving Ships or Pirate/s with Reaper Bounty will Receive half of the total reward of the Reaper.

    5. Killed Pirates Can See and reclaim Their Soul Essence Which Makes them eligible For the Surviving Rewards again. But also Place them Back on The Reaper Bounty.

    6. Pirate/s Souls Essence can be placed into a Chests.

    7. The Hunted Pirates/Ships Will have a Glow/Beacons Lightning them, which can be seen Only by The Reapers with the Voyage.]

    Merchant Vendor:
    A new offers by the Merchant alliance:
    right next to the Senior Trader will be standing the Merchant Vendor,
    this Npc will sell you Resource crates of any type you need.
    from Fruit, wood and Cannon Crates to Ammo and storage crates!
    [from around 5k to 10k per supply crate, depends on the supply crate]


    1. Call Pet: A option to call your Pet to your arm/s,
      without the need to look for it or going to the Pet Chest to pick it up again.

    2. Hide Emote, give the pets a Hide emote as well!
      when the Pirate is using this emote the pet will go to the Pirate and Hide with the Pirate.

    The pets won't make any sounds And their names will be hidden during this emote.

    Respawn Immunity- after returning from The Ferry of the Dammed the Pirate will have a "Ghostly Immunity" which gives the Pirate Total Damage Immunity for 5-10 seconds.

    Upon moving (walk/run/look) and doing any action this drawing any weapon, equipment or supply, will remove the "Ghostly Immunity" Immediately.


    Cutlass- more depth to the cutlass combat:

    1. Well-timed Block will cause a "stun effect" on the attacking target similar to attacking A "Golden Skeleton"

    2. after a successful block allowing a faster Counter-Strike.

    3. faster charge from Block Position.
      (Only from Block Position.)
      Upon taking damage charge will be canceled and stop the animation Immediately.

    4. starting a blocking from Normal Charge will cancel the Cutlass Charge

    5. if both targets attack each other at the same time their weapons will collide and none will take damage, but both will

    [Notes: those changes will be like a "Rock, Paper, scissors" mechanics to the Cutlass Combat.
    Which will cause and encourage players to plan more strategically how to approach and fight their opponents.

    Attacking > Chargeing
    Charging > Blocking
    Blocking > Attacking]

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reduce the Number of pellets to 8/ 9 (deals up to a total of 80%/90%

    Notes: This will give more balance to the game,
    And encourage and cause players to use more than a Single Blunderbuss Shot to take down a pirate.

    [the Nerf will still allow the Blunderbuss to deal High Damage up close and still could allow users to take down Targets with one hit from all the other Weapons,
    similar to the other Weapon Combos.

    And still take one-shot damaged and Low health targets from Close up to a medium Range (1 step up to 6/8 steps away)

    The Murky Depths DLC
    (Disclaimer, this is something I made up, this isn't official/leaked in any way, if it happens to be true it's Purely Coincidental!)

    The DLC will introduce New enemy to the Game, and a whole new Underwater Area to explore and Plunder.

    New Enemy and its Subtypes:

    Feral Merfolk - A single Feral Merfolk will act similarly to the Skeletons we know already.

    Mainly a Danger to Pirates in swimming in the water.

    Killing one Will award pirates with a gold bag of gold to Pick up.

    Feral Merfolk Swarm - those Will Contain Feral Merfolk in Large numbers, in waves and will jump on and attack your crew and ship.

    Driving/Defeating them will award the Pirates with Stolen Treasures by the Feral Merfolk.
    Similar to Megalodon and Kraken

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    A Pirate Stole my Chest of Legends among with some Crates of Precious Gemstones,

    I managed to kill the Pirate but the crate started sinking, suddenly I saw something Snatching the Chest and Crates and Heading to the South,
    once I returned to the surface I ordered my Crew to follow it, and we did.

    We followed it until we reached the Southern Shroud.
    we Immediately turned my Ship to the "Ancient Spire" and telling my story to the Pirate Lord and getting my hands on the shroudbreaker from him once more."

    As we arrive at this "Forsaken Bay" we learn that Southen Shroud Held The Feral Merfolk for hundred of Years from the times of the Ancients,
    Feral Merfolk has been cursed by Cursed Gold and treasures.

    We learned as well that every sunken treasure ends up over here.

    "As we dived into those Murky Depths we saw the legends go be true, and there must Billions of those Creatures down there...

    And they all will be spreading Into the Sea of Thieves...
    we must warn everyone and have them prepare before it's too late.

    that's all that I got so far,
    Please do let me know what you think about those ideas/changes/additions to the game!

    thanks for reading!

  • This is just an idea I had and wanted to see how everyone felt about it. What if we could create "crew islands" where you would spawn at the begining of the game when you were playing with friends in your crew. It would be in the fog so only your crew could access that specific island. You'd be able to go to your harber and switch to bigger ships as more friends joined the game without having to reset. You'd also be able to go back to the island to drop of resources for future adventures. I don't think there should be the full outpost, but it should have the bar and all the item shops.

  • Bonjour,
    Je m'appelle Anthony j'ai 24 ans
    Anthoast pour les intimes
    Voilà je me suis lancé dans le programme du creator crew il y a peu, je stream depuis ma chaîne twitch : anthoastgaming, je mettrais le lien un peu plus bas, je recherche de vils forbans qui voudrais bien m'aider à atteindre mes objectif en venant visionner mes lives, et m'accompagner jusqu'à se saint honneur d'être pirate légendaire, je précise je suis débutant sur twitch, j'essaye de faire des stream de qualité, fait bien commencer quelque part non ?
    Si vous avez des conseil à me donner je suis preneur aussi.
    Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre soutien, à très bientôt sur ma chaîne
    chaîne twitch

  • So while playing today my friend and I got to talking about the Tall Tales and what might be next. We started to talk about the merpeople and thought "How cool would it be if they did some story on them!". During the event, if they did release the new story about the merpeople, they could also release a new monster, the Evil Mermaid. This creature would spawn after the player has been in the water a while. Kind of like the shark, except with a rarer spawn rate. The creature would then drag you down in an attempt to drown you but will release you after taking enough damage. We thought this would add an interesting game mechanic as well as giving us a new storyline and some new lore into the merfolk.

  • So, everywhere on the map is unsafe, island have skeletons, the waters have the krakens and megalodons plus skelly ships, but when you're near a rock in the water you're mostly safe as nothing can spawn on you unless something is already attacking you. That's where the ocean Crawler comes in. He could climb onto the rock and with one of his claws, grab the boat and stop it from moving. This leaves the crew with 2 desicions, they can attack the claw/arm until it breaks off and sets their boat free, or they can try and kill the Ocean Crawler. You'll have to be precise with your shots to hit him in the mouth as any other area would do minimal damage with his shell. Plus he can have a plethora of attack such as a simple stab with his free claw, dealing damage to the ship and damaging players with it. He can grab a player with his claw and start eating them. He can spit out bubbles that if they hit a player, it obscures their vision just like when someone throws a bucket of puke at you, there's a lot they could do with his boss. If someone is sniping him from the crowd nest he can snip it right off the ship. If they attack the claw and run they only get away. But if they stay to kill the Ocean Crawler they could collect Crab meat to cook and possibly a claw to sell.

  • Hello everyone ! I'm pretty new to this game but i think i can suggest something interesting. I don't know if the idea have been exploit or not but there it is !

    A hook Skeleton !!!

    I see a major problem with Skeletons, especially lands ones ; when you go into your ship or underwater they can't follow you and except some Flintlock and rare Eye of Reach ones they're are ... screwed ! They can just watching you dancing/humiliating in front of them.

    But no more trolling from the meatsacks !

    With some new skeleton who replace one of their arms by a mini harpoon-like weapon they can grab you toward their friends and you will pass a very bad day ! In return they can't themself do a lot of damage or at least the same damage as an unarmed skeleton. Alone they're just annoying but with a group of skellys he become a high-priority target if you want to live.
    The only way to escape there hook aiming is to use the environment at your advantage such as a tree, a rock (maybe they can be stuck if they miss for a short period ?) etc ... or simply shoot them on sight ! If they successful grab a pirate they can't grab anyone else for the next 20/30 next seconds and they only spawn with at least 2 others skeletons, in all variants. Just need to make some recognizable clothings or tools.

    Perhaps they can be on board of some skeleton ships but i think they will be overpowered so ...

    What do you think of this ? I'm open for comments if you think it's good or bad and i say farewell pirates.

  • I'm just curious, how many players would actually 100% switch to PvE servers if they actually got added but there was no progression involved? So basically more or less an RP server.

  • With the March update technically being the 2nd anniversary, year 3 of SoT is nigh upon us! It doesn’t feel like it’s been 2 years but wow how far this game has come! Initially the cries of the crews were for more and more content, and rightfully so. Because if this the game has never been more rich and deep than it ever has been with more clearly on the horizon! But the winds have begun to change, and the cries heard from the depths of the seas have changed their tune. The game needs some polish. The barnacles need scraping off. To accomplish this I recommend we switch to bi-monthly content updates. With the time spent in between focused on big repair. Fact is each new update brings a new slew of bugs, and the old bugs thrive for months before getting attention. But extending the time between content would allow each update to feel richer in what it brings, as well as ensuring its thoroughly tested well before it drops to minimize its breakability. And the off time being used for smaller, even semi-weekly updates to fix the many issues we’ve seen as well as look at balancing, would improve the experience greatly for all crews.

    TL:DR - going forward release new content only every other month, with the months in between focusing on balancing and bug fixing

  • I think that if the game had some more weapon to help people find the weapon right for them. I’d say maybe a revolver like pistol with the chamber but it would shoot a harder more damaging bullet but maybe make the bullet not travel as far or maybe make it a bit harder to move it around while aiming. Also I feel you should maybe a assistance alliance So u can buy a bullet crate to take with you to do order of souls on islands and maybe also let the players purchase food and cannon balls and fire bombs


  • I feel that the game would have a better experience for players who have played for a while a new boss to let the players fight something new. I feel with your ocean crawler set you could make a boss out of it maybe a big crab that grabs the bottom over your boat and sends smaller crabs to kill the players and maybe it could use its claws to poke trough the hull and the player has to cut the leg and make it take its leg out. This may not seem like a good idea but wish you could add another open sea boss that makes the game a bit of a challenge or just a new experience. Have a nice day

  • Deadshot Charlotte -
    "There's a fly on that tall tree over there.
    If you asked me to shoot it from here...
    I'd ask you 'which eye?'."

    Many of the NPCs from the cargo run update seem... empty. Each character seems to have their own stories, sharing vague sentences to keep us guessing as to what could be next but right now they seem pointless, you give them the occasional random plant for some reason only to leave them alone on an island with no defense from the multiple threats of the Sea of Thieves, the ones in the Devils Roar just sit there taking volcanic rocks to the face all day... "my immersion dies"
    These characters needs some life and with that comes my first instillation of my "NPC updates". With each character I will try my best to make them unique, giving the players a reason to visit this particular island/individual. If when reading this you have any ideas of your own to share, please leave a comment below.

    Without further ado;

    Deadshot Charlotte - Bounty Hunter

    -Cargo Jetty/ Dock
    A new Jetty has been proped up on the South West coast for the ships that come to do business with finest shot of the known seas.
    (Plans for each NPC, forgive the quality, first time editing and i'm using paint haha)

    -Bounty Hunting Contract

    What's it like, hunting bounties?
    You ask Charlotte, eagerly to learn.

    "Easy. You get a name, you find out where they like to go, you shoot them, you get paid.
    Half of my targets wander up to me of their own accord, just like you did.
    I've got one here for you, if you're interested.
    Honest work for honest pay, that's what I say."

    Made from concept designs of the OOS contact, charlotte will give you a name, face, place and/or the price. Track down your target to earn the reward, question other NPCs as to if they have seen this player pass by.

    Although the Reapers mark works as an alternative, this method makes the "hunter" actaully track down thier target opposed to just look on the map, it would also make the "hunted" all the more tense without them even knowing they're being hunted.

    "You seen this Pirate?"
    You ask the Senior Trader Maureen of Plunder Outpost.

    "Ah yes, I've seen them. Try over at 'The Finest Trading Outpost,' from what I know that one is a keen fisher "
    You board your vessel, ready to finish the contract.

    Upon killing the target, the conract is complete, return to Charlotte for your reward and your next victim.

    -Duck Hunt

    Charlotte's got a rival, Lone Cove known habitants are snakes, pigs, the occasional pirate and skeleton and of course Charlotte. But strangely enough, also lives another creature, a natural born survivor faster than any pirate at full sprint, a single white chicken...

    Unknown as to how it got here, at this point Charlotte just wants it gone. The reason as to why is both strange and also comical. When she initially saw this bird she thought of what most pirates do when they see a chicken, "Lunch!" but claims each time she has taken a shot, a pig blocks it or a skeleton jumps at her from the bushes.

    The last time she tried she fell off a rock face and almost broke her neck. Assured that she has been cursed with bad luck, Charlotte asks for your help. Capture it, kill it, she doesnt care. She only wants it off of this Island.

    "I'll pay you, how's a monkey (500) sound?

    -Shooting Themed Minigames

    Small activities on Lone Cove to pass the time with your crew or others.

    Ninety-nine Bottles on Rum
    Target practice by shooting rum bottles off a fence. 50 gold per bottle *inside the bottle? *, refreshes every sunrise to prevent exploits.

    Skull Capping
    A field filled with skulls comes alive as a horde of skeletons rise up, with brittle skulls they die in one headshot but their bodies are as strong as gold. Kill as many as possible in X amount of time depending on how much is spent. A scoring system could be involved but depends on the games limitations with adventure mode. More or less useful for headshot practice.

    Clay Shooting
    Pay Charlotte 200 gold for 5 throwable discs that explode when shot. Your crewmates thorws whilst you shoot and vice-versa

  • A small adition, designed but not limited to the Devil's Roar, to add the seagulls or other birds perching in trees, when volcanoes erupt these birds fly away.
    Not necessary but I think it would add something to the Devil's Roar to give this region some life amongst the death.

  • Love to see some minor little details for instance St Elmo's Fire, Forgive the copy&pasta but it's easier than me explaining it.

    St. Elmo's Fire is named after the Italian Saint Erasmus (Elmo in English). St. Erasmus is the patron saint of Mediterranean sailors. St. Elmo's Fire is a weather phenominon that occurs when a large amount of atmospehric electricity is present, usually before or after a thunder storm. It is usually seen as a good omen by men at sea, a sign that the very finger tips of God has come down from Heaven to protect the ship from danger.

    St. Elmo's Fire appears as blue flame or sphere at the top of a ship's mast or masts, often for minutes at a time. It does not produce heat or cause things to burn. Sometimes the sphere will break up and dance along the yardarms and upper lines of the ship. On ships with more than one masts the flame may appear at the top of each mast or dance about like a blue flame licking the top of of all the sails.

    Leave it to Ben Franklin to explain this naturally occurring condition in his work concerning electricity in the air and lightning. Basically as electricity builds up in the atmosphere before or storm or disippates after a storm it is attracted to the top of the masts which act as grounded lightning rods. The elctricity causes the tips to brightly glow in a blue or whitish blue light.

    Despite Mr. Franklin's wisdom, the light is still seen today as a sign of good luck or fortune, escpecially when it appears near then en of a tempest. At that time, it is seen as a sign that St. Elmo has watched over the ship through the storm and answered the prayers of her crew.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    Why aren't shanties getting more attention?

    I feel like they are a huge part of this game and could be for example a new emporium or TT reward kind of thing. Official SoT song like: Who Shall Not be Returning, Wild Rose, Stitcher's Sorrow + We Shall Sail Together ofc, etc. could be all made into the in-game shanties.

    It would work just like emotes where u could just choose a shanty loadout you like... (Lets say 5 shanties max)

  • A rare chance event to come across a skeleton rowing around the ocean in a rowboat.

    A novel idea to happen by whilst going about your journey and laugh with your crew as you take the skeletons life, rowboat and any loot he may have.

  • Adding the opportunity to buy supplies, for example, balls or planks, for a small price because the constant search for very people playing man and causes the desire to finish quickly

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    Kind of a major stretch but I already put many ideas in the forums so why not this one? xD

    Mega-Megalodon/Whale Forts:

    So basically a Mega-Megalodon/Whale would spawn somewhere on the map (because this species of fish feeds on pirates (It baits them with the treasure inside)) and it would be a water/flesh themed fortress. It would basically be a normal fortress but the catch is that every 30mins-1hr it would change locations on the map BUT ships would be able to hook onto this beast of a fortress mid-travel. Plus any pirates along the way can do the same.

  • What do you all think about having a third player name color for those you are in an alliance with? We have white for “enemy”, green for your crew, maybe add yellow for allies. This way you know what players you’re actually in an alliance with, and which ones are infiltrating. Now, as someone who does/has infiltrated I will say being able to blend in is nice. Hence me just seeing what the community thinks!

  • Ahoy pirates! Throughout this time playing Sea of Thieves, I have come up with several ideas that I would like to share. Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I have a lot to explain now.

    First and foremost, the sloop customization in specific. It may not be a lot to talk about but in terms of looks, this would stand out. I am no Photoshop expert or good at drawing but just imagine this. Here is your ordinary sloop without the back end covered. Imagine an option (just like closing the hatch/windows) where you can bring down drapes or that cover material to where all sides are covered. For all PvP lovers, this adds mystery for what this ship in specific has but for all those protecting your loot, you are at a disadvantage. That is the first idea that came to mind.

    This is more simplistic to explain, interchangeable hooks, eye-patches, peg legs, and other things I may not know. For all the left handed people out there, you can add these items to your right hand, eye, or leg. This would make the character hold all weapons in the left hand. This is more of a natural feel. This was something small but pretty neat.

    Last but not least, Athena's Curse. This one I may not be the first one to think of it but if not, then I am glad I am the first person to think of this. You're basically a ghost all over your body. Green and ghostly, pretty much. However, when I was trying to think of how to earn it, I only thought of one way. Completing every Pirate Legend commendation and this is pretty ludicrous. Want to know why?

    It is because of this thing here that is stopping us from getting all commendations done. The myth, the legend, the creature not to be spotted...The Shrouded Ghost. I have only heard rumors that you have to contact Rare, pay the company to either give you the commendation or to spawn it in the game for you. I heard this from a friend and I am not going to point names out. Either way, that is the only way I could think of for a person to get the Athena's Curse, if it ever comes to his game.

    Once again these are my ideas and hopefully we can see one of these in the game. If we are all lucky, all of them. Until next time, have fun sailing the seas.

  • Hello,
    i would like to read the log files from the game or use a sot api (if there is any) to write a program that keeps track of your gold when you start the game and when you end it so you can see how much gold you did in a run.
    Is this possible in sot?


  • Hello
    Getting straight to the point. Please increase the reputation in all factions beyond level 50. It should not just max out and make the game pointless to cash things in just for gold.

    I believe once you hit level 50 you become a pirate legend like it is now but from there the level of reputations should still grow. Then at maybe like level 100 you receive the title like Master pirate legend and receive something like new voyages or something.

    I have been playing this game for over a year and love it. But I have been a pirate legend for over 6 months with everything maxed out and it's just getting old doing missions and not working towards any goal besides making gold. Which at this point is useless, unless you create some kind of store to buy supplies or something.

    But sitting at 7 million in gold with nothing to spend it on. And not being able to increase my reputation in anything I am trying to figure out things to do in game. Maybe I just grinded way to hard to fast to reach pirate legend. Just to be disappointed in the end now with nothing to do. I have been considering even deleting my account to just start the game over.

    I am not the type of player that sails around looking for other players to hunt down. I will and do fight back if I am attacked. But that's not my style.

    I am not the greatest at pvp and sometime other players do drive my nuts by spawn killing or form a alliance just to board you, kill you and take your loot then cancelling the alliance. But that's part of the game and I am not complaining, it does make it more of a challenge to do things which makes it fun.

    But this is my suggestion, increase the reputation levels, give everyone the is a pirate legend something to work towards. I have run into about 30 other pirate legends on the seas and when chatting they all say the same thing, "nothing to work towards the game just ends". Which is the main reason why all they do is hunt done other ships because there is really no other point.

    The whole point to this is to bring back a purpose to the game for pirate legends.

    Let me know what you think and let's make this happen.

    Thanks for reading!

  • I think it would be awesome if Rare did something kind of like how GTA had special clan flags and such where they would go through some process of being checked and approved to ensure there is nothing lewd or harmful. Its a service I would even be willing to pay to process submissions for should it be implemented right. It could include anything between really decking out and coloring preexisting ship models, and could allow me to get the trans flag I think would rock to be on my ship. I am sure a few people would hate the idea now that I mentioned that but those are my feelings ^_^

  • I play on a solo sloop 99% of the time. I’ve done FOTD raid solo twice now, but decided I might as well open the crew for extra eyes and guns. Especially since there was a brig and sloop on the horizon.

    First person joins, they have a name like “Player48826844692924” (just a bunch of randomly spammed numbers), once they’re loaded in they take a banana and just stand there in the lower deck looking around, I get their attention by slashing at them. They follow me up but when I’m in the water I see them running in circles near the capstan and wheel (must’ve not seen or heard me jump in the water). I shoot at them to get their attention again, and they follow me up to the fort. Once the raid starts I quickly check the lanterns like usual, and get the active one. The guy tries shooting at invulnerable green skeletons over and over, gets swarmed and dies at the beginning of the first wave (I was running after the gunners). He respawns and comes back up no problem, only to die in the second wave to red skeletons, same reason. He leaves.

    Second person joins (some weird name I can’t remember), big fat mustache and unkempt hair, wearing a white dress, very odd. Have to get their attention too. Same issues, they try attacking invulnerable skellies, and at no point catch on that you need to use the different lanterns (even as they see me changing mine and stunning the skellies with it then shooting. This person spams the sword for some reason, even on sword skeletons that are just blocking non-stop. They die once, after which I hear cannon fire, I return to the ship to find the sloop parked up and firing. I get on, repair ship, get into a better angle, fire back. He boards my sloop only to die in a sword duel. The noob respawns at this point. Once the enemy respawns and starts firing again, I spam “Man the cannons!” while getting an angle again (enemy moved slightly). Noob straight up loads the right cannon as the sloop is pummelling us from the left, and just stares out into the fort’s pier. I run down and try to get his attention by swinging, all he does in response is gets more cannonballs from the barrel and goes back on the right cannon. I get thrown off by a cannonball, then hear him die and he leaves.

    I pummel the sloop with a few firebombs and he goes running off into the horizon with his entire top deck covered in tall flames. Tried to board my ship again and I just blunderbussed him.

  • I think there should be an event where you can buy past limited time cosmetics, for players who wouldn’t have been able to buy them in the past. Personally, the wailing barnacle ship set was my favorite in the game. But I had not been able to play during that time, so I missed the opportunity to obtain it. I would gladly pay double the price for all the ship cosmetics. And I’m sure that this goes for many other players too. Perhaps there could be an event where you could be able to buy a set from a specific update, but then with a higher price or maybe even for ancient coins.

  • les éclairs doivent être supprimer car elle casse les couilles. j'étais avec un ami et nous faisions un fort et les éclairs nous ont tuer 10 fois minimum soit je n'ai pas de chance soit les éclairs sont abuser donc faites quelque chose svp et aussi les balles de pompe ne sont pas directe elle ont une différence de dégat considérable mettant en difficulter ou avantage les joueur

  • I think it would be cool to have something in the game that the players could look at and see everything that was turned in for that particular session.

    Every time my crew and I turn in a massive haul I always wish I could pull up a book or something that lists everything we turned in and how much it was all worth. To REALLY see everything we spent so much time collecting.

    And to help answer the question "How much gold did I make this session?"

    I don't know if this was suggested already or if others feel the same, but I think this would be a neat addition to the game!

  • just made a quick setup bleh bleh bleh wanted the skin!

  • Life at sea can get boring after some time. With the addition of fishing and cooking it's much better than it was, but there is still room for improvement. How about a small simple game? Liar's dice for example (or any dice based game). Not only would it help pass time with your crewmates but it could also get more interesting if players could bet their gold, treasure or even cosmetics. This may not be limited to only your ship though. Add gaming tables to outposts and challenge random players that pass through and maybe find a new method to rid them of their freshly dug up chests.

  • I feel like sunken ship cosmetics would be a very good addition for extra cosmetics. If you don't know what I mean by this, I mean cosmetics such as the wailing barnacle set. Cosmetics that show that your ship had been under water, such as ships with coral, barnacles or seaweed. Since we have the black market now, we could have a variation of the Wailing barnacle set, perhaps with another type of fish as it's theme. I have gotten inspiration from the Pirates of the Carribean movie with the Flying Dutchman ship and crew. I feel like these types of cosmetics would fit well with the game, since we have a lot of royal clothing and ship livery (Admiral) and we need more pirate cosmetics.