• I don't know how and all I can find is things people talk about but I don't want to report something and accidentally leak it

  • Rare, you are missing a treat with introducing these mercenary quests and yet its THE SAME QUESTS!?
    Mercenary means sword for hire basically so why are we digging up treasure?
    If there were NPC humans, for instance trade vessels going to and from ports, Mercenary voyages could be to escort them, or attack them.

    Or as people have said previously, a bounty system, a crew going out of their way for pvp should get a bounty on their head.

    If there were more humans in the world beside a lonely tavern keeper, actual pirate societies like Nassau once was, so much scope could happen in terms of content!

    Events such as the “civilised world” trying to encroach on the Sea of Thieves, getting the players to band together to protect a certain outpost! Giving us reason to band together as pirates besides X marks the spot.

  • I am part of the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme and I can only say so much about it because of the terms and conditions I have to follow. However, upon starting Sea of Thieves Insider, I had came to the customization menu and was worried that if I picked a character, if that would overwrite my character on the actual Sea of Thieves game.

    Will it do that or is it completely different? Are they two different saves or how does it work? Thank you!

  • Hello i am DauntedCube,

    I have been playing Sea of Thieves since 2016. I have loved every moment, every session of my time in this game. I want to give something back to this game and this community. I want to ask the @Deckhands and @Quartermasters if they need a new Deckhand an extra hand to help them if so hit me up and tell me the details.

    I would really love to help this community and Rare for the wonderful game they created!