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    Not sure where to post this so sorry in advance. I haven’t played since alpha/beta and have recently hit the game, I’m trying to join the insider program but it says my pirate can’t be found. I’m logged in with the same MS account as my Xbox gamertag so I don’t know what to do.

    I downloaded the insider game version from the store, I know I need to be registered to play, but even that doesn’t want to play nice either, it says I need to have the game installed. So any help is much appreciated thanks in advance 😁

  • A new faction called the Imperial Faction should be added. To go along with this a new set of cosmetics should be added called the commodore set (kinda like a British red coat). The person at the island will then tell you to hunt a pirate ship in a certain area or to go build a fort on a certain island.

    For 100,00 coins you can purchase an island and make your own faction. For 30,000 coins cosmetics can be made for your faction. In order to make money you could sell cosmetics and supplies, such as wood cannon bales bananas etc. the faction would last forever and when you spawn into the game, you spawn at you island fort. In order to build you faction you could invite friends to join it and establish ranks

    1. A new weapon called a Musket with a bayonet should be added, it would be an eye of reach with out a scope, and instead would have a bayonet. This would allow for gun fire and melle

    2. A new ship called the 3rd Rate. Since Sea of Theives does have its limitations (you can’t have a ship with 50 guns on each side), a 3rd rate or man o War would have cannons on two decks and be 3 decks tall. It would be pretty much a galleon but reskined, tuffer, slower, and with more guns. This ship can accommodate 6-12 people.

    1. A new faction called the Imperial Faction should be added. To go along with this a new set of cosmetics should be added called the commodore set (kinda like a British red coat). The goal of the faction is to hunt pirates and build forts on islands.

    2. For 100,00 coins you can purchase an island base and make your own faction. For 30,000 coins cosmetics can be made for your faction.italicised text

  • Me and my bud been insiders for 5/6 weeks working towards figurehead... but today we both log on and main screen wants us to start new pirate... um help 😭

  • So I only recently joined the insiders (as I didn't know it existed). I've pre-ordered it and everything.

    So I started playing the insiders, enjoying starting off once again wearing tatty clothing XD. So there I was, sailing solo in my little sloop when I heard cannon fire. Now in my experience I only hear cannon fire when a ship is attacking me (be player or skeleton) or skeletons firing pathetically at me from islands halfway across the seas. I was curious as it was neither so I scanned my horizons as the noise continues. It was then I spotted a large skeleton galleon, attacking another sloop. For some reason I felt like they needed help, as I would hate to be in that position.

    I immediately dropped all sail (singular), and found out, I was against the wind. I still pushed through the waves to fight the skellies. As I advanced the sloop was still fighting, not just a skeleton ship, but also the Crested Queen. They were in quite the pickle.

    When I (finally) arrived I unloaded cannon fire into the skeleton ship, but they can shoot both sides and I was solo. I turned the wheel so I would continuously spin and repaired the holes. One of the other sloops members were yelling to form an alliance, but I had bigger problems. I yelled back "Aye." But waited till after. The skeleton ship sank soon after but the queen still circled the other sloop.

    I anchored close by and repaired my own ship. Now if you remember, the actual hungering one had to be summoned by two crews, so the beast was designed to attack both ships. This one was different. She only attacked the other sloop. So I used this to unleash hellfire upon her when she passed. Amidst the fighting I found it funny that one of the other crew members used a tiny rowboat to just collect the skeleton ship loot and row back. I was laughing so hard at that.

    Eventually, a final pistol shot (from me :) ) killed her, and I yelled "Well played" and I got a "Thanks!" back. I joined their alliance and let themselves recover. They were nice enough to give me an ashen crate of extraordinary minerals as a thanks. I kinda wanted them to keep it all but, I accepted it.

    They sailed off one way I sailed the other, we both got some rewards from each other by being in the alliance. It was nice to find another crew that isn't so focused on killing. I raise my tankard off to that duo!

  • Insiders have the ability to the new features, and whilst I enjoy testing these I feel Rare hasn't thought about what happens next. Insiders have a head start with alot of the new features and I feel it might create a bigger divide in the playerbase.
    Yes, anyone can join the insider but some people like a fully developed update without spoilers.

    I dont mean PvP or any gameplay features but more so for the voyages to be released, 1st timers to a new kind of voyage might feel left out if they are with an insider who has already done it 3/5/10 times.

    Im trying not to break any NDA with this but feel that Rare should maybe limit some features and think about the advantage they are giving players who don't mind the increase chance of game crashes.

    I can't really think of any way to prevent my concerns other than limiting the insider to X amount of hours a week.

  • I'll try to explain this as best as I can but I think every outpost that there is in the game should have AI characters. People sitting in the bar, talking to each other, walking around, and playing music on the second floor. If a player as so goes up to the characters, they either say something about their back story or talk mumbo jumbo. I think this would be good for the game because it wouldn't as empty when you spawn in or when you go to an outpost. I think this will make the players feel more at home when they spawn or cash in loot. Also, I think it would be great for the environment.

    Jovanni Oliver
    Ingame name PopTart203