• I've done a very quick research and it seems that they've stopped adding them after the Forsaken Shores update(There are overall 3 scar vanity items If you don't count player creation generated ones), which is a real shame in my opinion.

    It would be cool If they added a new ones that could be a reward for Megalodon or Kraken slaying commendations, maybe even the Tall Tales as a mark of experience and overall indication that the player has been through many adventures that left scars on them.

  • With a discussion going on about Private Servers on social media I wondered what people though about this idea...

    Some believe that Private Servers should still offer the same reward experience as Public Server.
    It is my opinion that Private Servers should be restricted so that it is not an easier way to earn Gold and Rep.

    My crewmate suggested

    Private Servers could only reward Gold and Rep for the Merchant Alliance
    This is an interesting thought... in a similar way that the Arena only provides Rep for the Sea Dogs.

    Meaning that items are still sellable if found - this might also be a friendlier approach to capturing animals and completing orders for the Merchant Alliance.

  • Yeah Rare I know...I know...this has been requested multiple times by probably thousands of users. But please hear my personal request for wanting gifting.

    I have a bit of coin to spare and I love this game and say what you want about micro transactions in a full priced game....but honestly as long as they are okay on price, tell you what your getting and are cosmetic only then I'm perfectly okay with them. SoT fits that bill so of course I'm willing to support the game with a bit extra. However as I can only get things for myself I'm limited by what I'm going to actually use. However I have friends who don't have said coin to spare and I'd love to be that guy...I was able to be nice to one friend by buying the 2 bundles as a Xbox gift since we live in the same country (although from what I hear she didn't receive the proper amount of coins) but even then..that was only 2 things and didnt give her alot of options. So please some hint that gifting is in the works so I can support this game more and my friends/crew get a fun pet to play with or some new emotes to mess with

    1. Maelström-Enhanced storm of middle area with an eye in the middle pulling the ships inside, causing increasing damage by getting closer. Any ship that would reach the middle of it would receive massive damage.

    2. Heavy rain-Enhanced storm of great area, without lightning strikes, very quickly filling the ship with water.

    3. Light rain-Common storm of small area without lightning strikes, slowly filling the ship with water.

    4. Crushing waves-Medium area of significantly larger waves with a slower occurrence that can push the ship to other direction. (Possibly pushing players themselves into the sea If they are not careful)

    5. Stronger wind and Water currents-Rarely encountered sea occurrences that could either speed/slow your ship a lot.

    It would be cool to see at least few of these things making it into the game. Some may say its unnecessary, but I think that we've really conquered the sea bit too much lately and we are hardly ever truly endangered by the current sea hazards.

  • Don't get me wrong, I love this game, even though being mostly just reskins, the addition of monthly updates bringing regular changes into the Sea of Thieves has been so far one of the best things implemented into the game lately.

    I also understand that Seabound Soul TT was a mere prep to whats coming, but I hope that once new Tall Tales drop, it won't be in a form of monthly drip feeding tale by tale for next 9 months. I'd rather wait longer and play all the new Tall Tales at once, rather than getting one part every month for example.

    I'm really curious, what do you think about this matter, did you get used to monthly updates so you wouldn't mind or even prefer getting one tall tale per month, or would you rather wait longer for the whole pack?

  • After exploring the Maiden Voyage upon leaving the Old Sailor's Isle, you encounter the real shroud for the first time, I think it would be way cooler, atmospheric and ominous, If "The Shroud was always present in the Adventure/Arena. It would definitely make the players think twice before accidentally sailing into open sea and realizing something went wrong only after hearing the red sea music and water turning red, slowly making holes in their ship.
    Right now I can't come up with any cons that this feature would have, other than players actually getting lost in it, but thats the point, right?

  • Listen folks, me and my friends have thought of private lobbies? this could be an interesting topic to openly discuss to get other people's opinions on this, i think this would be good so that some gamers like peaceful sailing without the worry of others bothering them, this could be a decent paid subscription process as it would be to often if it wasn't paid for. Posted this on SoT's twitter aswell, lets try get this notcied?

  • Hello, I’m a solo player who uses the sloop a lot and I like the design of the larger ships. Unlike the sloop other than the size has a closed back which would look nice on the sloop and more fitting to the size as well. The sloop doesn’t look like a very good boat for open seas, from the open back and cloth roof it looks like a boat used for off shore fishing or a inland boat I do understand the design choice though but a closed back would look nice too

  • I feel there needs to be more piracy related commendations for adventure mode. Give players more reason to make attempts to steal items. I know a few of the mercenary voyages have theft commendations, but there needs to be more.

    Maybe add theft commendations that are vendor specific:
    Gold Hoarder Privateer: Grades I-V
    Order of Souls Privateer: Grades I-V
    Merchant Alliance Privateer: Grades I-V
    Hunters Call Privateer: Grades I-V
    Athena's Fortune Privateer: Grades I-V

    Maybe add special daily voyages that require the reapers mark. Make the reward good, but risky.

    As far as how much should be stolen via value in gold I'm not sure, but as a whole its an idea.

    Yes obviously there will also be necessary activities to encourage people to actually collect items. With this obviously we need more gold sinks via cosmetics, or other things...

    *Ship trade ins
    -Allow players to maintain their place in a server and use the shipwright to scuttle their current ship in favor of spawning a different ship class, up or down. Make the cost significant in gold.

    *Buy storage crates
    -Allow players the option to buy a storage crate from a vendor at an outpost. Have this crate come loaded with 40 cannonballs, 15 planks, and 16 bananas. Have the cost be high, but reasonable. I feel this would help to not only make a player feel that their gold has more value and reduce the labor needed to collect items from barrels at islands. A storage crate is very handy when taking the stock off an island.

  • I started the daily voyage and a minute later before I even got to the island the game disconnected and didn’t give me my voyage back. Was wonder if @Rare-Community-Managers Could help out and fix this to give me my voyage back.

    Thank you

    • KindaBoot306538
  • Hello
    Getting straight to the point. Please increase the reputation in all factions beyond level 50. It should not just max out and make the game pointless to cash things in just for gold.

    I believe once you hit level 50 you become a pirate legend like it is now but from there the level of reputations should still grow. Then at maybe like level 100 you receive the title like Master pirate legend and receive something like new voyages or something.

    I have been playing this game for over a year and love it. But I have been a pirate legend for over 6 months with everything maxed out and it's just getting old doing missions and not working towards any goal besides making gold. Which at this point is useless, unless you create some kind of store to buy supplies or something.

    But sitting at 7 million in gold with nothing to spend it on. And not being able to increase my reputation in anything I am trying to figure out things to do in game. Maybe I just grinded way to hard to fast to reach pirate legend. Just to be disappointed in the end now with nothing to do. I have been considering even deleting my account to just start the game over.

    I am not the type of player that sails around looking for other players to hunt down. I will and do fight back if I am attacked. But that's not my style.

    I am not the greatest at pvp and sometime other players do drive my nuts by spawn killing or form a alliance just to board you, kill you and take your loot then cancelling the alliance. But that's part of the game and I am not complaining, it does make it more of a challenge to do things which makes it fun.

    But this is my suggestion, increase the reputation levels, give everyone the is a pirate legend something to work towards. I have run into about 30 other pirate legends on the seas and when chatting they all say the same thing, "nothing to work towards the game just ends". Which is the main reason why all they do is hunt done other ships because there is really no other point.

    The whole point to this is to bring back a purpose to the game for pirate legends.

    Let me know what you think and let's make this happen.

    Thanks for reading!

  • I'm not sure exactly how long this as been busted but the enemy's quest table shows as your quest table so sneak missions arent as worth it now.. I can't gather much information. Please fix this..

  • I sometimes play with a ton of people at a time in an alliance. Sometimes completely friend controlled, sometimes mixed control with randoms. Often times we play for long hours, and eventually people need to drop to sleep or other reasons which leaves the crew on their ships, or mine, to manage a ship the can be bit taxing to handle with less help.

    At other times we find ourselves with a few of our friends being left out of the fun due to ships being of smaller size.

    I feel that a player ship should be able to be changed to a different type while maintaining the current server and alliance. Make it a shipweight option, slap a gold or doubloon price on it, and have it function by scuttling the current ship and spawning the new smaller, or bigger ship, at a nearby island.

    Players wishing to preserve their old stock will simply need the foresight of using a storage crate, or two, so the stock can be offloaded, then later re loaded to the new ship manually.

  • Ahoy there fellow pirates of The Sea Of Thieves. Due to some small disagreements with a few members of me crew...well lets just say I be on the lookout for a couple (Or even a few) new faces to sign up. Here be a few things about us and hopefully it catches ye interest.

    We are an Crew of 6 currently. (used to be 8 but remember those disagreements i told you about?...)
    We are a very respectful crew who cares a lot about anyone committed to our alliance and our jokes and banter never intend to harm anyone, only to have a small laugh.
    We accept all genders and races. doesn't matter who you are as long as you can play well with others and work efficiently. Oh and have fun at the same time.
    We are a friendly crew most of the time and we always avoid pvp whenever possible, but will attack if attacked.

    Our crew are from very different places around the globe and aren't always on together (Hence one of the reasons I am here) so we will usually be able to find a slot for you.
    Discord? If you stick with the crew long enough then you might be welcome to join.
    Do we play other games? yes we do but if you catch us on another game don't hesitate to ask.
    I hear you asking "what do we get in return" well A good solid crew, lots of gold and rep (If you need it) also quite a bit of a laugh as we often stumble upon the stupidest stuff.
    Are there any specific requirements to join? only 2. No Squeakers and no noobs please bring at least some experience along.

    Do we have ranks? working on those.
    I'll wrap up here since I've been going on a bit. But I hope I have at least interested some of ye. especially if ye are having issue finding a solid crew. Ye can msg me over Xbox Live, or Twitter @Mayorsam01 or sail over to Sanctuary Outpost where you you may find me with a mug of water and Lydia Or Keira (My Parrots) (I'm not a fan of that grog stuff)

    This be Captain Dom. Alliance Commander. (Pirate Legend 31 HC, 49 SD, 50 GH, 50 OoS and 50 MA) (Been on the seas since launch) I wish you all a great voyage and hope you will be interested to join our friendly crew. Good day.

  • I think it would be awesome if Rare did something kind of like how GTA had special clan flags and such where they would go through some process of being checked and approved to ensure there is nothing lewd or harmful. Its a service I would even be willing to pay to process submissions for should it be implemented right. It could include anything between really decking out and coloring preexisting ship models, and could allow me to get the trans flag I think would rock to be on my ship. I am sure a few people would hate the idea now that I mentioned that but those are my feelings ^_^

  • Ahoy !
    It's cptain Alpha here !
    I think you guys should make it that allainced crews has there alliance members names in a different color(yellow) just like your teammates has their names in green so you know if an enemy is boarding your ship.
    I've ran into this problem a few times and would love to see that added to the game

    Best regards, cptain Alpha

  • Hey guys first of all I wanted to inform you that there's a new festival bundle in the Microsoft store that includes the: Crib dub emote, hide emotes bundle, all festival weapon skins and 1000 AC.
    Since they don't say anything about it.
    Now to my problem, I've bought the bundle but didn't get the emotes and weapons skins I hope they fix this problem and give everyone who bought it their stuff.

  • I really enjoyed the last skin pack but i suggest some based off fire , water or ice . It can be nice

  • In person opinion I think the new add-on is dramatically difficult to do solo, I've scuttled numerous of times as well as been killed by geysers over and over. Yes I could just join a crew but I like soloing and it just kind of has a extreme difficulty I can't handle.

  • I play on a solo sloop 99% of the time. I’ve done FOTD raid solo twice now, but decided I might as well open the crew for extra eyes and guns. Especially since there was a brig and sloop on the horizon.

    First person joins, they have a name like “Player48826844692924” (just a bunch of randomly spammed numbers), once they’re loaded in they take a banana and just stand there in the lower deck looking around, I get their attention by slashing at them. They follow me up but when I’m in the water I see them running in circles near the capstan and wheel (must’ve not seen or heard me jump in the water). I shoot at them to get their attention again, and they follow me up to the fort. Once the raid starts I quickly check the lanterns like usual, and get the active one. The guy tries shooting at invulnerable green skeletons over and over, gets swarmed and dies at the beginning of the first wave (I was running after the gunners). He respawns and comes back up no problem, only to die in the second wave to red skeletons, same reason. He leaves.

    Second person joins (some weird name I can’t remember), big fat mustache and unkempt hair, wearing a white dress, very odd. Have to get their attention too. Same issues, they try attacking invulnerable skellies, and at no point catch on that you need to use the different lanterns (even as they see me changing mine and stunning the skellies with it then shooting. This person spams the sword for some reason, even on sword skeletons that are just blocking non-stop. They die once, after which I hear cannon fire, I return to the ship to find the sloop parked up and firing. I get on, repair ship, get into a better angle, fire back. He boards my sloop only to die in a sword duel. The noob respawns at this point. Once the enemy respawns and starts firing again, I spam “Man the cannons!” while getting an angle again (enemy moved slightly). Noob straight up loads the right cannon as the sloop is pummelling us from the left, and just stares out into the fort’s pier. I run down and try to get his attention by swinging, all he does in response is gets more cannonballs from the barrel and goes back on the right cannon. I get thrown off by a cannonball, then hear him die and he leaves.

    I pummel the sloop with a few firebombs and he goes running off into the horizon with his entire top deck covered in tall flames. Tried to board my ship again and I just blunderbussed him.

  • This isn't a game breaking problem but why will they including selling empty collector's chests????? The ashen collector's ones kinda makes sense as in 'Oooh they might be cursed or have hidden meaning' so the factions are interested but selling normal empty boxes for the OoS or GH or M? Why would they be interested?! This just seems as an extra way to make a quick buck or something and adds nothing to the experience.

  • There's a major problem with the newly introduced Black Market 'Archives'. As we all know, the major rewarding factor of Sea of Thieves is having a piece of limited time cosmetics. The fact that the idea of re-releasing the exact same items with the exact same color scheme was even brought up is laughable. Many people strive to play Sea of Thieves at specific time periods to obtain time-limited cosmetics. What will be the point of trying to play the game when the updates come? To get at a cheaper price??? That won't affect anyone with millions upon millions of gold. (Unless the price increase will reach 5mil+ a piece or so, which I doubt will be the case).

    Please reconsider releasing the exact same colors of time-limited cosmetics as that would ruin the experience for anyone who joined during that time period. Adding a new color gives the player-base the missed event items themselves while giving respect to the players that played the content during its period.

    This problem is reaching an absurd level with the constant re-release of limited content ever since the release of the Mercenary Clothing Set with the Midnight Blunderbuss [Purchasable Hard-drive] following soon after, after that the Victorious Sea Dog Blunderbuss with its permanent 240 win cap after being announced as time-limited, and god knows what's next.

    It's honestly starting to feel like a scheme set up by Rare to extort money or play time from its fans. I hate to assume the worst but based on evidence from the Dev Update/patterns of re-release it seems this plan is going through.

    Please keep this part of Sea of Thieves untouched.

  • Can we get an option to save outfit presets? I don't like having to put on every item individually to change into another outfit of mine. I'm sure this option has crossed everyone's mind at some point.

  • Okay so I feel pretty confident in this one.. I enjoy a little solo slooping here and there. I know others do to.. what about adding a way to control the sails while on the helm. For example you could say "the shipwrights have noticed pirates have a hard time managing their sails by themselves.. or even with a crewate during combat. So they've 2 pedals that you can use to control your sails." Not sure how anyone else feels about that but might as well shoot your shot right? As for voyages please just make them a little more worth it. Remove bottle and parchment quests. Also guildeds?? Please :)

  • When clapping near someone or a group playing music, the clapping should sync up to the beat of the song. Small thing, but a cool detail that could be added.

  • Does anyone know the measurements of the sloop? Length width height. As well as the sail measurements?

  • So lately I've been thinking about this, and I'd say this would be a great idea to add to the game as another gamemode, like Arena. How it would work: The players spawn on an island, X amount of players depending on the size of the island. For instance, spawn ~8 players on islands like Crooks Hollow, or ~5 players on islands like Snake Island. The players get 10-15 minutes to fight and kill as many enemy players as possible, with kind of the same point system used in Arena, but only receiving points for damaging/killing enemy players. If possible, you could add X-Marks-The-Spot maps, and when you dig on the X, you receive a small amount of points, but it has to be much less than the points from damaging/killing enemy players, so the gamemode won't turn into another PvE gamemode. I would say killing someone gives one 10pts, and when it comes to damaging players i'd say every 1/10th of the health bar = 1pt. The X-Marks-The-Spot maps could probably give the player ~2-3pts per X. It would also be an idea to let everyone spawn with 5 Coconuts, or at least some healing. So when you die, you respawn with full ammo and food. It could also be an idea to place more ammo boxes on islands for this gamemode, as there will be a lot of gunfights. Personally I would love to see ~10 players fighting on K12, the Arena island in the center of the map, because there's just so much vertical difference in the island.

  • I just got jebaited out of $30 for some hot pixels, but they are nowhere to be seen in this game.

    The Sea of Thieves comic did not have a single female that was morbidly obese, 80 years old, deformed, toothless and looks like the result of 20 generations of inbreeding. Official SoT female characters are all thin, young and at least mildly attractive. So you can imagine my consternation when I found out all the in-game female characters look like disgusting freaks of nature... Clearly, Rare thinks that is appealing since it's being shoved down the throats of the players.

    This game needs some serious injection of animu babes.

  • Please Rare for once actually take time to fix combat before adding things like fire bombs. Hit reg is broken again, the invincibility glitch has been a thing since August and hasn't even been addressed yet, weapons often don't shoot when fully aimed in, and the health glitch is back, and yet you choose to add new overpowered weapons. Not to mention adding commendations that require certain equipment then not fully fixing the equipment reset glitch. So many good players are leaving this game because of broken combat so take a month or so to fix all this and more before continuing the monthly updates. Ubisoft did this with Operation Health in R6S and while it didn't do much at least they acknowledged that they needed to do something. I love the game but PvP needs to be one of the main focuses ALONG with PvE, not only PvE.

  • What is happening in this game right now? I just got out of a fight where some dude was shooting me with a tankard while I ate my upsidedown fruit and tried to defend myself with a cutlass held bladeside. I have also noticed floating items such as spyglasses and swords just out in the middle of the water. Is this something other people are seeing or is my game broken again.

  • I have been playing SOT for the better part of 2 months, and have really loved the game.

    During my time on the sea of thieves, i have gathered a few ideas that could be Really cool if implemented, so hear my out.

    Im going to split this into a few parts: the stuff that needs to be in the game, the stuff that would be pretty cool, and just straight up nutty ideas/ long term ideas.

    Part 1:

    1. A title for the box of secrets (I found one yesterday, and this bugs me now more than ever xb)

    2. Some better hats. I know it’s always easy to just say what’s wrong, and not give suggestions, but I always find myself with only 1- 2 options that fit the colour scheme of my outfit. So this would be more of a plea to focus on hats over other clothing atm.

    3. A free pet... cos like... keeping promises and stuff (I have bought pets btw, just thinking about those who do not wish to promote micro transactions, or do not have the money to purchase them)

    Part 2 (the “cool if implemented” ideas)

    1. More ship customisation. Eg. Map table (not map), quest table, mast, harpoons, etc. (+ rowboats take on ships colour when at outpost?)

    2. New map marking options. This would be achieved through either different colours or shapes. In order to keep our random quests and voyage markings separate. I know a lot of people tend to just not mark bottle quests and skelly captains orders in order to not get confused. This quality of life change would get a lot more people interested in picking up and doing those random quests.

    3. While on the topic of quests.... let us remove the random quests we don’t want from the wheel. They are really annoying while doing Athena’s and other quests, or put them on a completely separate wheel.

    Part 3.

    New map parts

    1. A binary opposite to devils roar with draugrs instead of skellies, and draugr ships instead of normal skelly ships, with ice and stuff.

    2. A shrouded area. The place would be discernible in the Red Sea as a slightly discolored area. This area would not have any islands visible on the map. (Introduction of light fog that only slightly discolours view, instead of completely blocking it)

    Atmosphere building:

    1. Coral reefs, and other wildlife. To build on the already deep and natural atmosphere. This could include turtles, dolphins, an occasional whale to hunt (that swims away until it has really low health, at that point it attacks)
      Turtles lay eggs, that can be sold to seaposts. (Occasional golden egg for achievements and money).

    If you read all of it, thank you! I would love some feedback

  • so like since we can tear down the mast of ships, wouldnt it be like onfollowing to add the Chainball too? cause the chainball was specificly meant to take down the mast of ennemy ship on order to catch up to them and deal devastating damage, please make this reach the top and lets make this happnd, since its a pirategame the chainball shud be here too