• In person opinion I think the new add-on is dramatically difficult to do solo, I've scuttled numerous of times as well as been killed by geysers over and over. Yes I could just join a crew but I like soloing and it just kind of has a extreme difficulty I can't handle.

  • I play on a solo sloop 99% of the time. I’ve done FOTD raid solo twice now, but decided I might as well open the crew for extra eyes and guns. Especially since there was a brig and sloop on the horizon.

    First person joins, they have a name like “Player48826844692924” (just a bunch of randomly spammed numbers), once they’re loaded in they take a banana and just stand there in the lower deck looking around, I get their attention by slashing at them. They follow me up but when I’m in the water I see them running in circles near the capstan and wheel (must’ve not seen or heard me jump in the water). I shoot at them to get their attention again, and they follow me up to the fort. Once the raid starts I quickly check the lanterns like usual, and get the active one. The guy tries shooting at invulnerable green skeletons over and over, gets swarmed and dies at the beginning of the first wave (I was running after the gunners). He respawns and comes back up no problem, only to die in the second wave to red skeletons, same reason. He leaves.

    Second person joins (some weird name I can’t remember), big fat mustache and unkempt hair, wearing a white dress, very odd. Have to get their attention too. Same issues, they try attacking invulnerable skellies, and at no point catch on that you need to use the different lanterns (even as they see me changing mine and stunning the skellies with it then shooting. This person spams the sword for some reason, even on sword skeletons that are just blocking non-stop. They die once, after which I hear cannon fire, I return to the ship to find the sloop parked up and firing. I get on, repair ship, get into a better angle, fire back. He boards my sloop only to die in a sword duel. The noob respawns at this point. Once the enemy respawns and starts firing again, I spam “Man the cannons!” while getting an angle again (enemy moved slightly). Noob straight up loads the right cannon as the sloop is pummelling us from the left, and just stares out into the fort’s pier. I run down and try to get his attention by swinging, all he does in response is gets more cannonballs from the barrel and goes back on the right cannon. I get thrown off by a cannonball, then hear him die and he leaves.

    I pummel the sloop with a few firebombs and he goes running off into the horizon with his entire top deck covered in tall flames. Tried to board my ship again and I just blunderbussed him.

  • This isn't a game breaking problem but why will they including selling empty collector's chests????? The ashen collector's ones kinda makes sense as in 'Oooh they might be cursed or have hidden meaning' so the factions are interested but selling normal empty boxes for the OoS or GH or M? Why would they be interested?! This just seems as an extra way to make a quick buck or something and adds nothing to the experience.

  • There's a major problem with the newly introduced Black Market 'Archives'. As we all know, the major rewarding factor of Sea of Thieves is having a piece of limited time cosmetics. The fact that the idea of re-releasing the exact same items with the exact same color scheme was even brought up is laughable. Many people strive to play Sea of Thieves at specific time periods to obtain time-limited cosmetics. What will be the point of trying to play the game when the updates come? To get at a cheaper price??? That won't affect anyone with millions upon millions of gold. (Unless the price increase will reach 5mil+ a piece or so, which I doubt will be the case).

    Please reconsider releasing the exact same colors of time-limited cosmetics as that would ruin the experience for anyone who joined during that time period. Adding a new color gives the player-base the missed event items themselves while giving respect to the players that played the content during its period.

    This problem is reaching an absurd level with the constant re-release of limited content ever since the release of the Mercenary Clothing Set with the Midnight Blunderbuss [Purchasable Hard-drive] following soon after, after that the Victorious Sea Dog Blunderbuss with its permanent 240 win cap after being announced as time-limited, and god knows what's next.

    It's honestly starting to feel like a scheme set up by Rare to extort money or play time from its fans. I hate to assume the worst but based on evidence from the Dev Update/patterns of re-release it seems this plan is going through.

    Please keep this part of Sea of Thieves untouched.

  • Can we get an option to save outfit presets? I don't like having to put on every item individually to change into another outfit of mind. I'm sure this option has crossed everyone's mind at some point.

  • Okay so I feel pretty confident in this one.. I enjoy a little solo slooping here and there. I know others do to.. what about adding a way to control the sails while on the helm. For example you could say "the shipwrights have noticed pirates have a hard time managing their sails by themselves.. or even with a crewate during combat. So they've 2 pedals that you can use to control your sails." Not sure how anyone else feels about that but might as well shoot your shot right? As for voyages please just make them a little more worth it. Remove bottle and parchment quests. Also guildeds?? Please :)

  • When clapping near someone or a group playing music, the clapping should sync up to the beat of the song. Small thing, but a cool detail that could be added.

  • Does anyone know the measurements of the sloop? Length width height. As well as the sail measurements?

  • So lately I've been thinking about this, and I'd say this would be a great idea to add to the game as another gamemode, like Arena. How it would work: The players spawn on an island, X amount of players depending on the size of the island. For instance, spawn ~8 players on islands like Crooks Hollow, or ~5 players on islands like Snake Island. The players get 10-15 minutes to fight and kill as many enemy players as possible, with kind of the same point system used in Arena, but only receiving points for damaging/killing enemy players. If possible, you could add X-Marks-The-Spot maps, and when you dig on the X, you receive a small amount of points, but it has to be much less than the points from damaging/killing enemy players, so the gamemode won't turn into another PvE gamemode. I would say killing someone gives one 10pts, and when it comes to damaging players i'd say every 1/10th of the health bar = 1pt. The X-Marks-The-Spot maps could probably give the player ~2-3pts per X. It would also be an idea to let everyone spawn with 5 Coconuts, or at least some healing. So when you die, you respawn with full ammo and food. It could also be an idea to place more ammo boxes on islands for this gamemode, as there will be a lot of gunfights. Personally I would love to see ~10 players fighting on K12, the Arena island in the center of the map, because there's just so much vertical difference in the island.

  • I just got jebaited out of $30 for some hot pixels, but they are nowhere to be seen in this game.

    The Sea of Thieves comic did not have a single female that was morbidly obese, 80 years old, deformed, toothless and looks like the result of 20 generations of inbreeding. Official SoT female characters are all thin, young and at least mildly attractive. So you can imagine my consternation when I found out all the in-game female characters look like disgusting freaks of nature... Clearly, Rare thinks that is appealing since it's being shoved down the throats of the players.

    This game needs some serious injection of animu babes.

  • Please Rare for once actually take time to fix combat before adding things like fire bombs. Hit reg is broken again, the invincibility glitch has been a thing since August and hasn't even been addressed yet, weapons often don't shoot when fully aimed in, and the health glitch is back, and yet you choose to add new overpowered weapons. Not to mention adding commendations that require certain equipment then not fully fixing the equipment reset glitch. So many good players are leaving this game because of broken combat so take a month or so to fix all this and more before continuing the monthly updates. Ubisoft did this with Operation Health in R6S and while it didn't do much at least they acknowledged that they needed to do something. I love the game but PvP needs to be one of the main focuses ALONG with PvE, not only PvE.

  • What is happening in this game right now? I just got out of a fight where some dude was shooting me with a tankard while I ate my upsidedown fruit and tried to defend myself with a cutlass held bladeside. I have also noticed floating items such as spyglasses and swords just out in the middle of the water. Is this something other people are seeing or is my game broken again.

  • I have been playing SOT for the better part of 2 months, and have really loved the game.

    During my time on the sea of thieves, i have gathered a few ideas that could be Really cool if implemented, so hear my out.

    Im going to split this into a few parts: the stuff that needs to be in the game, the stuff that would be pretty cool, and just straight up nutty ideas/ long term ideas.

    Part 1:

    1. A title for the box of secrets (I found one yesterday, and this bugs me now more than ever xb)

    2. Some better hats. I know it’s always easy to just say what’s wrong, and not give suggestions, but I always find myself with only 1- 2 options that fit the colour scheme of my outfit. So this would be more of a plea to focus on hats over other clothing atm.

    3. A free pet... cos like... keeping promises and stuff (I have bought pets btw, just thinking about those who do not wish to promote micro transactions, or do not have the money to purchase them)

    Part 2 (the “cool if implemented” ideas)

    1. More ship customisation. Eg. Map table (not map), quest table, mast, harpoons, etc. (+ rowboats take on ships colour when at outpost?)

    2. New map marking options. This would be achieved through either different colours or shapes. In order to keep our random quests and voyage markings separate. I know a lot of people tend to just not mark bottle quests and skelly captains orders in order to not get confused. This quality of life change would get a lot more people interested in picking up and doing those random quests.

    3. While on the topic of quests.... let us remove the random quests we don’t want from the wheel. They are really annoying while doing Athena’s and other quests, or put them on a completely separate wheel.

    Part 3.

    New map parts

    1. A binary opposite to devils roar with draugrs instead of skellies, and draugr ships instead of normal skelly ships, with ice and stuff.

    2. A shrouded area. The place would be discernible in the Red Sea as a slightly discolored area. This area would not have any islands visible on the map. (Introduction of light fog that only slightly discolours view, instead of completely blocking it)

    Atmosphere building:

    1. Coral reefs, and other wildlife. To build on the already deep and natural atmosphere. This could include turtles, dolphins, an occasional whale to hunt (that swims away until it has really low health, at that point it attacks)
      Turtles lay eggs, that can be sold to seaposts. (Occasional golden egg for achievements and money).

    If you read all of it, thank you! I would love some feedback

  • so like since we can tear down the mast of ships, wouldnt it be like onfollowing to add the Chainball too? cause the chainball was specificly meant to take down the mast of ennemy ship on order to catch up to them and deal devastating damage, please make this reach the top and lets make this happnd, since its a pirategame the chainball shud be here too

  • This is a simple one and I’m sure it has been mentioned in the past but having more wildlife in the ocean would be amazing. Dolphins, whales, different kinds of sharks (maybe a big great white?), bigger fish in deeper regions (i.e. - tuna) and/or giant schools of fish.

    Sea of Thieves has one of the best environments in the industry, and I genuinely feel like more diverse wildlife to fill up the ocean would make the experience of roaming the seas so much better. Imagine dolphins swimming in front of the ship or a massive whale breaching the surface of the ocean in the distance! So much potential!

  • les éclairs doivent être supprimer car elle casse les couilles. j'étais avec un ami et nous faisions un fort et les éclairs nous ont tuer 10 fois minimum soit je n'ai pas de chance soit les éclairs sont abuser donc faites quelque chose svp et aussi les balles de pompe ne sont pas directe elle ont une différence de dégat considérable mettant en difficulter ou avantage les joueur

  • I would suggest that you post an Looking for group search where you can gibe away your ship when you would leave.
    We all know how tedious it can be to fill up your own ship. So how to help other when you are just about to leave the game?
    And get an full ship in return when your starting.
    Also you can add an voyage like athenas to new players if you want.

    Overall it would spread positivity and you can start to engage pvp faster or get on voyages quicker.

    If you support this idea and you think its a great idea help to spread it.

    PS: If you‘ve seen this on reddit - I posted it there :).

  • I want to start over in Sea of Thieves because I had found a pirate that I really liked in the Insider Edition. However, I had purchased the Sea of Thieves Special Edition Controller which gives the Ferryman Clothes and Guns. Thinking about starting over, I was wondering that if I did, will this transfer to the new pirate or is the set gone forever?

  • Dev's of Sea of Thieves. If you can read this, then I want to let you know that I have loads of ideas for the game that is, Sea of Thieves.

    Now, we've all seen that you have been working hard to make the game as optimal, fun, competitive, and fair for those who are having trouble. My ideas consist of many topics.

    Combat-wise, what if the fireball that is coming out, instead of just setting things on fire, can also be used for other purposes. Such as setting plant skeletons on fire (skeletons with plants that heal). It would burn off their plants and make them have no more healing properties. Also, if the fireballs were to be on a ship, if it is below deck and it's spreading, the smoke could cause the player's character to take damage from inhaling too much smoke, and, if they are in there for more than their health, they would die from asphyxiation, but only if the fire is in an enclosed or tight space such as being below deck.

    Now, ship wise. We need a frigate in the game. A ship of a crew of 5, with 5 cannons on each side and having a ramming front, doing more damage by ramming ships than other normal ships.

    Cannonball wise, grape shots and chain shots. Grape shots, being a cannonball shot that explodes into small metal fragments that damages players and ships. But you have to be close to the ship to have effective damage. Chain shots, two cannonballs chain together fired out of a cannon that are designed to tear down masts and sails faster than hitting a mast of a ship with normal cannonballs, seeing that hitting a mast with a normal cannonball is proven to be difficult for players who have a hard time aiming for the mast.

    Event-Wise. Say there's a special skelly ship that is a man-of-war. But players cannot have a man-of-war. It would give more loot than a normal fort and a fort of the damned. Whenever it spawns on the server, it would bear a Reaper's Flag, showing where it is. You could take it on on your own with your own crew, or with an alliance. And it doesn't spawn in as you find it. It will be sailing on it's own as it has spawned into the map. Depending on the zone it spawns in determines the type of loot you get. To make it more obvious for players to know that the skeleton man-of-war has spawned is to have a sound que for the whole map to hear. Thus making it more clear to the players that something is going on.

    Alliance wise, what if you were to make an alliance of three ships, but you want to share an Athena's or a voyage with your alliance. What if you were to conquer and divide on the voyage you have and share it with your alliance. Discuss it for which ship does which, and set out to complete the voyage as an alliance/team. Thus saving time, and making more profit off of voyages due to saving time with your alliance you have to help and profit from voyages.

    If you do see this topic, please respond and be sure to take some of these ideas into consideration for future updates onto Sea of Thieves.

  • When me and my friend were fighting the event; shown as a ship in the sky, we beat all the waves but realized our loot haul was quite lacking after that. Most of the loot sinks while you’re fighting, so it can be really frustrating when the whole point of PVE is to add a trade off to make it worth the time put in. I would suggest making the hoot within the area stay floating until you beat it, as such you could get everything from the sunken ships. Potential for loot would also make more players likely to go the event if they know loot could still be floating around. As of now, many avoid it like the plague and just wait for a fort to appear instead.

  • After a while of doing quests and selling them, we see a Fort of the Damned skull in the skies. Our sloop goes to the big skull in the hopes of intercepting whoever is doing the Fort and stealing the Athena & the loot for ourselves. We see the skull from not too far, my partner and I decide to shoot ourselves in the cannons towards the Fort in the hopes of hiding in the island until they finish the fort. Everything goes great, they kill the Skeleton Lord Graymarrow and before opening the door with the key, they spot us and kill us. Once we respawn back on our close-by ship, we decided to sail towards the fort in the purpose of sinking their ship, killing them, get the key, and take it for ourselves. Once arriving, we sink them, thinking that we had won the battle. We dock our sloop next to the entrance of the fort, and then we notice, the door is still closed, and there's no sign of the key anywhere around. We look and look for the key thinking they had hid them, up and down, inside and outside of the island, but nothing. After 5 minutes, we notice they come back in their same ship. We shoot & fight, and guess what, we kill them once more. We keep looking for the key, up and down, inside and outside of the island, and nothing. They once more come back, after 5 minutes... we die. Our ship is respawned faaaaaaaaaaaaaar away. We notice the Reaper's chest moves away from the island. We track it and meet with our already-met fellas. We chase, we shoot, and see the Athena on their ship from afar , with the rest of the loot. We chase, not being able to catch up, we are on the sails and helm fully focused in order to not miss a bit of wind going on our favor. We are still not able to catch up. They drop gunpowder barrels, we miss them, they jump from the back of their ship towards ours, we kill them. They do that, over and over... and over, and over, over & over then over and then some more gunpowder barrels again. They did not manage to get on our ship once, nor hit our anchor once and we still couldn't catch up to them. They head towards Plunder Outpost, just pass by it, one of them drop in the island with the Athena and manages to sell it, their ship is still continuing to sail pass the outpost. They already sold their main objective. We keep chasing, same story. They jump out the back of their ship onto ours, we kill them not letting them get onto our ship nor hit our anchor. We then notice they are heading towards another outpost, guess what, same thing happens, once jumps out with an Reaper's chest, sells it, respawns back into their ship. They did this, 4 times. Us, continuing to chase them, did not manage, EVER to catch up to them. At the end, they sold everything from outpost to outpost and ended up crashing their ship into the last outpost to call us pu**ies and noobs. We had perfect sails, they did too. We had a man on the helm, they did too. They had a big advantage against our crew, why did we have none, some type of power-up boost, or longer grapple rope. We were the underdog, forever. We had sunk their ship twice already, they manage to get back in less than 10 minutes, that's the time you have to stack up planks and bananas onto your ship's barrels. In my experience of playing this game after so long, and continue to see this is a problem the game has, I followed to ALT+F4 from the game. Our main point of this whole story is:

    Why is a ship that has been sunk, able to return to their place of death in so little time? Not sure if it's difficult or not to have someone that has been entirely sunk fully change to a new server.

    Why are we not able to catch up to another ship unless their slow down their sails or hit their anchor? We already have power-up cannonballs that can anchor a ship or make its crew dance. Shouldn't be too hard to implement some type of boost on the ship that's on the back, or simply have longer & better working harpoons when the ship is on the move.

    Why is someone that is being chased, able to leave the helm and their sails and still able to jump out the back of their ship to get to someone else's? Have a reset time of every 15 seconds the sails are unattended, they slowly move to the sides, or even randomized bumps in the water that makes your anchor randomly get dropped off and if you are on the ship you must catch it before it hits the floor of the ocean.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that has experienced this before in the game after playing it for so long. Hope we can have the devs have a read at this.

  • I recently downloaded the new SOT Insider after not playing for quite a long time. Was about 2 minutes into the tutorial and my baby woke up. After coming back to a server timeout screen, I restarted. Have been unsuccessful in finding a way to replay the tutorial. Thought it would pickup where I had left of, maybe . . But no, just brought me into the regular game, back at the bar.

    Is this something that is known, or is there I way to restart the tutorial.

    I tried to delete saved game data (XBOX) with no such luck. Wasn't any data saved.

  • Hi,

    After coming back to play the Anniversary update me and my group of friends are really amazed at all the content added, and it has reinvigorated our enjoyment of the game.

    Due to this we are hoping to give our two cents in terms of the future and hopefully feeling like our ideas made the game we like that little bit more personal if any of them show up in game in the future.

    So thank you for reading the below and thanks for the Anniversary update :D


    Melee weapons:

    Rapier: + faster than cutlass, longer reach, more attacks in one combo, maybe 4 or 5 instead of cutlass' 3
    - Weaker damage, no block, no charge attack, does not stagger enemy

    Axe: +Highest melee damage
    - Slowest, one hit in the combo, can still be blocked by cutlass.

    Ranged weapons:

    Rifle W/O scope + faster than sniper, higher dmg than pistol, Balance of pistol and sniper
    - Less dmg than sniper,more bullet drop than sniper, slower than pistol, longer reload than pistol

    Blowgun + puts status effect on enemies
    - does almost no damage, low range similiar to blunderbuss
    (Could be varied to have a drunk blowgun, poison blowgun, sleep blowgun which requires 2 hits to not be too annoying, balancing is hard.)

    Immersion/little things to do:

    Play at blackjack tables with friends in taverns, or strangers, either way.

    Ambient wildlife, dolphins/turtles and the like, would feed into the cooking system really well. Perhaps dolphins if fed a fish will let the player hold on to them for a boost of speed underwater?

    maybe have some animals give 2 resources when killed, one for eating, one specifically for sale, chicken feathers, snake venom, shark teeth.

    Chickens, if fed, can lay eggs (one piece of fruit provides a few eggs. or more depending on the quality of fruit to make it worth it ofcourse) , constant source of food on long voyages if kept in chicken cage.

    Ambient birds of prey that just dive into the water, then come back out with a fish and fly away (Simulate an ecosystem without needing to actually make an ecosystem)

    Food being cooked bounces just a little in the pan to give it some animation to go alongside the crackling sound

    Being drunk makes you more resistant to pain... i've not tested if this is a thing, but if it isnt, yeah, this could be funny.


    Lures that you can put in the water that increase chance of higher level or make fish easier or some kind of positive fishing effect for all who fish near to said lure for its duration, improves co-operation and can be shown by some kind of subtle visual effect like chum in the water etc.

    Swamp area alot more land than base area to accomodate the swamps, less islands but bigger. Crocodiles could lay in wait in brush covered areas ready to pounce, piranhas could swarm injured players but not fully healed players, muddy water slows player movement massively. Giant frogs. Very poison filled area.

    Snow area. Polar bears make the land more dangerous than the sea in terms of enemies, icey water causes you to run out of oxygen quicker when under it, seal meat provides a heat buff to reduce any cold effects and allow icey water to be nullified when it comes to prior mentioned oxygen effects. Sea lions are the unique sea enemy, or orcas or maybe narwahls. Have to navigate ship through icey waters.

    Stormy area. This area could have very well defined North and south locations so the player has to use those two points to navigate. Giant Maelstrom whirlpool sits in centre of the area (Mother of all krakens home?) Weather is worse closer to centre. Have to navigate thick fog wall to get into area. Unique land enemy could be from fiction such as Naga/skeletal Naga, Unique Sea enemy could be deep sea creatures that have risen to surface due to the never ending storm Giant squid/Giant angler fish/Baby megalodon as they are safer in the stormy area from Humans, basically the size of a shark, but faster, angrier and much tougher and only in the maelstrom area. The megalodon baby would also give more background to the amount of megalodons players encounter.

    More challenging fish that play slightly differently, a sport fishing kind of fishing where the prior mentioned lure is all but neccessary and these fish are capable of unique abilities that require the player to react quickly to keep the line on them, E.G fish that intentionally slip under the boat or swim down and you have to not do anything to allow the line to let them do what they want until the fish surfaces again.

    Customizable interiors of ships, cooker cosmetics that kind of thing, storage barrels are probably best left to avoid confusion during gameplay

    Diving bell:

    Capacity of 2 for Diving bell

    Dungeon like areas that need diving bell to reach (Not actually dungeons ofcourse) could be abandoned mermaid towns

    Similiar to rowboat as in found in open world

    Can only have rowboat or diving bell

    Enemy Variety:

    Crab enemies that sit on ocean floor or on beaches, maybe both.

    Giant crab boss like the megalodon but on land see giant mudcrab from skyrim.

    Bounty hunt missions on NPCs? These could work kind of like the skeleton crew killing missions but with a more tracking focus, using the lantern to find footprints and journal entries to find out what island someone is hiding on, got the idea from the crackshot bounty hunter npc. Im not sure if human npc enemies are something that is actually wanted and if not then ignore this suggestion, lol.

    Been playing abandon ship, and thus thought of some kind of human enemy, similiar AI to skeletons ofcourse but just a different look and perhaps one or two different behaviors like dying quicker but attacking faster.

    Monkeys that stay at the top of trees making alot of noise when your near and throw coconuts at you, basically similiar to snake but without the bleed and easier to hear from a distance. (can hit the coconut with a melee weapon to return it to sender might be fun)

    Could add davy jones like enemies (Underwater fish zombie people that only prowl diving bell areas) quite resistant to all but head damage, not immune, just resistant.

    Quality of life:

    Little bait and tackle box for bait on the ship, say ontop of a shelf above cooker

    Option to set cosmetics for ship and player to favourite so when you open the customise menu you start on a favourites menu by default and can quickly equip your favourite look.

  • Is there anyone else who is having this problem were you work your tail off to find that nothing is double

  • This fight is not fun at all. Taking nearly 45 minutes of constant deaths, spawning back in being attacked already
    (essentially making it harder as I don't even start with full health anymore)
    More running away than actual fighting to find food to maybe die a little less.
    And at the end of all of the struggle, 10k for his skull. That's it.

    This tall tale, for being the grand finale, for being an "epic fight" isn't anything more than an overly difficult, infuriating slog of a battle.

    It needs a rework. It absolutely can be a tough fight, but not like this.

    Take away the bananas, idk why Skeles eat in the first place.
    Limit how many skeletons can spawn and how many at once there can be.
    Increase the speed of the barrels respawning their stock for food
    Introduce a mechanic that "weakens" the gold hoarder.
    And please, a loot pile that makes it all worth the effort. Even if its 30k and only an item or 2 that carries the weight of the value to make it easier for the crazy solo pirates or deadly duos.

  • Life at sea can get boring after some time. With the addition of fishing and cooking it's much better than it was, but there is still room for improvement. How about a small simple game? Liar's dice for example (or any dice based game). Not only would it help pass time with your crewmates but it could also get more interesting if players could bet their gold, treasure or even cosmetics. This may not be limited to only your ship though. Add gaming tables to outposts and challenge random players that pass through and maybe find a new method to rid them of their freshly dug up chests.

  • Gameplay Guides + Tips

    Sick to the back bone of this game! Ok so u make an awesome new quest that every1 is buzzin about but u never thought of the snakes out there hogging the fort and stealing the ritual skulls .. 5 times now and so we decided to head to the fort, ram their boat, die and then go back and ram their boat! This is not a game anymore it's other players waiting for us to complete the quest so they can steal it! Surely u knew this would happen so why???? Or they make an alliance, we get the stuff, the break the aliance and Rob and kill us .. what is the point in even trying to play the game!

  • Hear ye', matey. I've got some booty to drop into this 'er lagoon...

    Sorry about the lame intro, thought it would suit the theme. But yes, to the point/s.

    I have been playing the game for a short time now and I have really been enjoying it. But there are some grievances I have that I'd like to express through some though-out suggestions for the game.

    So here's the list I would like to share:

    • Add one extra crewman slot to each ship size, as playing the game and doing stuff on the ship always makes you feel like you're one pirate short of a fully effective team.
    • Add the ability for friends to join your server without joining your crew, so alliance fleets are easier to arrange.
    • Add the ability to buy crates of cannon balls and other supplies from the shipmaster at the docks of outposts.
    • Add a new feature in the future where pirates/alliances can claim territory over a fort so they can have pirate coves? So players feel more impactful on their surroundings and maybe also have basic outpost options for annexed forts. Defending your ship while at an outpost is awkward but with a fort, you can have cannons all around to protect your ship while dropping off loot.
    • Change the Grappling hooks to one in the front that shoots a 270deg facing straight, then one on the top facing backwards.
    • I know this is probably a far cry but being able to maybe change the layout of your ship or change the position of the cannons would be great as customization of ones ship to suit their style would be awesome. Like having the ability to upgrade or buy a secure door for where you spawn in your ship would be great so it prevents players from spawn killing you if you live in a place with terrible internet connection. It's a painful experience.

    That's all the ones I'm willing to share, the other ones you have to buy with Ancient coin ;). But they're just ideas and suggestions. I look forward to any new features for the game. I really am having fun... just can't stress the idea that I'd love to have one more crewman slot for each ship haha!