• Ahoy! Looking to put together a roleplay crew (Brig or galleon depending on how many people are interested) for long play sessions (8 to 10 hours) on Tuesday and Wednesday nights starting around midnight. Basic idea would be forts, fleets, kraken, megs and anything or anyone else that dares gets in our way. As far as when I refer to role play I'm merely referring to the aspect of having a captain and dedicated crew spots, and basic character backgrounds. All are welcome, Just have the mindset of having fun. I look forward to having a grog at the tavern as we recount are glorious tales of adventures. Cheers!

  • Not sure where I could suggest an idea for the private server after this update video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUerKPukJHM but immediately it made me realize a very potential feature that a lot of Machinima Filmmakers or the Creator Crew players would enjoy very much in Private Servers.

    The idea is this: "Storyteller Mode" (Spectator View) for Private Servers.

    The way it works is that any ship can have a single extra Pirate/Player onboard the ship as a spectator:

    For example:

    • Galleon = 4 Players +1 Spectator (5 Players)
    • Brigantine = 3 Players + 1 Spectator (4 Players)
    • Sloop = 2 Players + 1 Spectoator (3 Players)

    And as the spectator, while they have no physical or visible corporeal form (Completely invisible with no details) they can freely fly around the entire Sea of Thieves world and observe the entire scene (Thus using any capture device or Xbox's built in DVR to record footage.) Also, since they are like an actual ghost they can also phase through walls and objects to set up the ideal picture setup for recording a shot that tells the story on screen.

    Combine that with the option to disable the Player's HUD and you have the power to make Sea of Thieves Machinima!

    Creator Crew can benefit greatly from this as well. As fun as having the ability to stream any wild adventures of a pirate who says nobody can't be able to create a visible, if not authentic and creative quality in visible storytelling through Spectator vision? (Once again, Machinima)

    Heck, you might be earning cool rewards based on how well done the Storyteller Mode is utilized:

    Regularly you could earn:

    • Doubloons - For average video editing that shows a fun, acceptable quality.
    • Ancient Coins - For incredible Non-Linear, if not semi-professional video editing for making an excellent Machinima Film.

    Any opinions about this killer idea? Thought it's a cool one based on the recent Dev Video update mentioning Private Servers, Heck, I would love to hear what Rare would think about this.

  • Not sure if people in the community are getting the same glitch, but its causing me great pain (figuratively not literally). I have the seeker of grand adventure commendation, but the title wont show its unlocked. I spent hours achieve all the commendations and am not satisfied because of this one title glitch. hopefully it will get solved in a future patch, or ill find some way to fix it (assuming its just me). alt text

  • Hey Rare so basically I love the color green and everytime I look all I see is the mercenary jacket which is nice....but it doesn't quite do it for me. Now I may be a pirate but I do prefer some formality in what I wear so if someone could hint to duke that I'd pay well for him to umm...."borrow" the admiral set and dye it a nice Emerald Green. Oh and if he's not convinced then mention that We'd be buying multiple as an alliance uniform. That would be around 800 (more if we gather more members before you finish) Doubloons. What do you say Duke? We in business?

    (By the way The Emerald Alliance (name not finalised) is recruiting https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/topic/99694/emerald-alliance-recruitment-2-0-must-have-microphone-and-be-15-or-older/1 )

  • Disclaimer: Yes, I do understand that in order to obtain Ancient Coins to get animals and the cosmetics via clothing for animals, we either have to do one of the two: Micro-transaction or find this VERY RARE skeleton and shooting it to gain some coins.

    However, there should at least be some type of daunting quest that we can do to obtain the coins, and each time the quest is done, we get at least 50-100 of the coins, but it going to cost you...ummmm...50K Gold to the Pirate Emporium Guy.


    So I am thinking, since we have the Repear's Chest & the beacons to know where the chest are located have have this ominous red glow in the sky. How about there is one or two that glow green and that these are crates of Ancient Coins, carrying up to 200 coins when turned in to the guy at the Emporium at the Outpost. But it is not easy (of course), the icon will be shown on the map (Just like the Repear's Chest) and people will come and try to take it from you. But they spawn in not so much as do the Repear's Chest.

    What do you think about this suggestion you pirates out in the high seas?

  • Hey Everyone, ive been thinking for a while now what could be added to the game that can help bring multiple of friends together, working towards the same goals even though they cant be on the same server due to how the matching making works for fair game play.
    So i thought that a guild system that unites there efforts all under one name/ roof or ship :D

    1. one idea is being able to have your own custom guild name.
    2. Guild Missions - this bringing multiple friends together working towards a bigger goal, all contributing to multiple achievements that unlock cool items for the guild.
    3. Guild Vs Guild in Arena, Game mode that allows guilds to settle there issues on whose the best pirates out there. (Some Kind of Rewards could be given for the winners or some kind of item that could be shown on the info about there guild to show there wins and defeats).
    4. Guild Menu - obviously for, invites but to be able to check on progress and other info that could be necessary.
    5. Guild player banners / Cape, an item of clothing that the guild leader can purchase and customise for the guild out of many different options to make a unique logo for the guild.
    6. Guild Ship Flags - like the banner idea but for ships to represent the guild before a battle has even started.

    please let me know what you all think of this idea.

    looking forward to reading your comments.

  • Diving head first into Sea of Thieves PC, we find ourselves wondering what we've truly got ourselves in for. With many class A moments, join Jolly, FD and many others for a review over the many hilarious moments of our SOT Stream

  • I would like to see option's for button combos to equip items quicker and not be restricted as much, on a controller you can only have 3 buttons as what you like without sacrificing something i.e d-pad left and right and right stick click.
    An option to add to this would be buttons combos (if you would like) for example, hold lb (that brings up your item wheel) and you press up, down, left or right on d-pad to quick select items you have set them to in the settings.
    This would add four more options and would allow the new text chat option, push to talk and 5 items on a "quick slot"

  • I wound really like to see more things you can do with harpoons.
    One of these would be, to be able to get rid of attached enemy harpoons, by either slashing it with a cutlass or by interacting with the harpooned place (the same as repairing).
    This would create the problem of places where harpoons could hit and their interaction with holes in the hull.
    But if they ever improve harpoons in ways of, for example climbing across the rope, it would require a way to get rid of harpoons.

    Even in the current state, a way to remove attached harpoons is necessary.

  • Just a simple one when you have push to talk mapped on controller an option to toggle would be nice thanks

  • The other night my crew and I started and completed Tall Tale Chapter 9 for the second time since it came out. While during our first run, we were full of excitement over this new thing, this time around my crew were less than amused with the fight, unfortunately :c Even though I was mostly fine with this chapter, I feel compelled to write down their critiques/suggestions on their behalf to hopefully help improve the experience for other people who might feel the same way!
    Note: we were a 4 man galleon.


    • A crewmember was far from a fan of the platforming part. It was thought that it belonged in a game with more elaborate jumping and climbing than what we have in Sea of Thieves.
    • We thought that ringing the bell would signal that a check point had been reached and that the crew members who had fallen ahead would respawn at that check point if they died. This was NOT the case and added to the frustration of those who hated the platforming part.

    The final fight with the Goldhoarder received the most critique out of every other part of the final chapter.

    • The fight went on for too long. Those of us who had done this before also felt like it took even longer than the first time we did this.
    • The fact that there are only 3 moves the Goldhoarder makes (teleporting, smashing and summoning other skeletons), made it repetitive and probably added to this idea that the fight was going on for too long.
    • Crewmates lamented that they could not interupt any of said moves in any way possible.
    • There was no visual indication how low the Goldhoarder's health was. After he was eating the first banana, we felt like we were close but this turned out to be only halfway through (or so it felt). He ate like 4-5 more bananas after the first one.
    • Crew members also lamented not being able to interrupt the Goldhoarder from healing up.
    • While there were numerous barrels around the room, the point was made that in this case, the barrels should not spawn/contain any planks or cannonballs unless they're necessary for a mechanic in this fight. Food is scarce enough already as is with 4 man trying to beat down a powerful skeleton.
    • While my crewmate and I were on the Ferry, the Goldhoarder got killed in the mean time. Upon respawning, we spawned on the ship instead of the room to witness the final part to the chapter (much to the dismay of my crewmate, who had missed out on this part as well the first time we did it. Lots of cursing ensued).


    • Regarding the platforming part: when 1 crewmember (regardless of the size of the crew) rings the bell ahead or passes a mermaid statue, ensure that when the other crewmembers die, they spawn at that point. While this does make it so that some people can sit back and wait on one person, it will ensure a lot less frustration, as it is true that platforming can really ruin some people's day. Those who will want to (try to) platform will do it regardless.
    • Regarding the Goldhoarder fight, please add a more clear visual indication as to the state of the Goldhoarder himself. Is it possible to stain his clothes after x% health or add grime to his face? Possibly some neat smokey particles of him slowly disintegrating or tweaked animations?
    • Remove planks and cannonballs from spawning in the barrels in the room unless they're used for mechanics in the fight.
    • Speaking of which; additional new mechanics? You have introduced this amazing new system of being able to bring masts down on ships and the like. A suggestion would be having him spawn on top of wooden scaffolding and there being a broken-ish cannon in the room that you got to use to bring the scaffolding down in order to continue the fight.
    • An additional new mechanic suggestion would be using the planks to build ladders to reach the Goldhoarder who might spawn on top of wooden platforms up high, while he takes some shots at you and your crew (so they could take cover but still note who the Goldhoarder is aiming for so that those who aren't being targeted can go get the ladder built, climb up and stop him).
    • Finally, please ensure that players who are dead while the Goldhoarder is getting killed are able to respawn right into the room. I believe you have already once said in patch notes that you have ensured this, but in our case it seemed not to have worked, unless the window of opportunity is very, very small.

    That's all! Quite a bit. Thanks so much for reading (hopefully!) and for your hard work. I love the Tall Tales and chapter 9, while clearly not the favourite chapter of my crewmates, I continue to find absolutely stunning. Can't wait to see what else you have in store!

  • Really simple, this would work with all sets in the game. If you dont have a complete set it would be left what it is currently. Basically have 3 custom outfits which can be switched immediately within a new category called "sets". I am forever changing my cosmetics and have many sets but 3 custom ones should be enough. If you would want you can have an all "Hunter" Set. It will save you the hassle if you wear just forsaken shores or whatever.

  • Is there a chance a sort of Police Faction may be added Like British Navy or a French Navy, This faction will Engage people who have done something Illegal or is Engaged themselves. They will Patrol Sea's around Outposts and Maybe some Forts, and may have some Fleets and Convoys. The Fleets and Convoys may be raided and or attacked by either Players, Skeletons, Krakens and Megaladons.

  • A dueling mechanic that allows two pirates of the same crew to fight, assuming that both pirates want to take part in it. I've been wondering why this isn't a thing. It would make it possible for people to practice against friends and the likes. If there are flaws in a system like this feel free to tell me as I haven't thought of any

  • There should be a new “ship” type that functions like a small plane. It will be crewed by at max 3 people. The plane will function like a sea plane meaning it can land on the water and if you run out of fuel for the propellor which will help you fly then it will just function like a very small very slow boat. The fuel will be bananas you will put them into a funnel next to the steering shell and that will add more power to the plane which will be displayed on a gauge attune to the compass on ships. It will have one weapon a single cannon pointing down from the middle of the plane thusly meaning to attack ships planes will have to perform bombing runs and fire down upon ships they are attacking. Pirates will also be given parachutes in the plane but they can also spawn out in the world in barrels they will be able to activate after falling for more than 2 seconds and will slow down your descent and stop all fall damage. If the plane runs out of fuel in mid air it will just slowly begin to glide down before touching down wherever it descends too. There shall be 2 controlling devices a steering wheel for going left and right and also a yoke to control up and down they shall be right next to each other in the front of the plane. The plane shall be designed similar to all the ships meaning it’s made out of wood and seems sort of hodgepodge like cracks in the wall the rudder is missing parts some of the propellor is broken. There Will also be walking space between the wheel and the cannon where barrels and supplies can be store at the back of the plane will be a hatch which pirates can use to get out of the plane when landed or Jump out of in the air.

  • What I had in mind is a new "AFK" yes/no toggle line in the crewmenu, just like brigging a crewmember. If the majority voted yes the player turn ark and is not able to move anymore, but at the same time cannot be disconnected for inactivity (They are still part of the crew and get the same rewards).

    I really wish this was a thing because: I usually play with friends and we have run into the same problem over and over: someone has to leave for a bit to eat dinner or to go for a walk with their dog and have been disconnected after coming back. The rest of the crew then waits for them to reconnect before they complete a quest or turn in loot.

  • It hasn't occurred to me until I was playing with a new friend yesterday, but the first thing new players see is the intro animation which outlines the factions. Since it doesn't mention the Sea Dogs or the Fish Bois, he has no idea of their existence - it would be a nice small change that could have a genuine impact for first timers.

  • Pls add playable skeletons where u can select skeletons like how u chose ur ship skeletons cannot hurt other skeletons but they are encouraged to hurt other pirates since skeletons can’t hurt each other they should get stronger the higher level they are in a new faction-Flameheart’s Crew it’s the skeleton equivalent of pirate legend and u have to get to level 50 in the factions of Gold Hoarder’s Minions where u defend the treasure in a skull fort the other faction graymarrow’s legacy (it makes sense to the lore bc graymarrow is dead but his legacy lives on) u bury treasure flamehearts crew voyages would be burying treasure in a fort and defending it from ai pirates and players getting level 50 in flamhearts crew would let u become a skeleton lord and get the burning blade ship u get the voyages heading to a portal invisible to humans in ur ship to arrive at an island in the sea of the damned instead of selling plundered loot head to an island and bury it to get money and reputation in graymarrows legacy hair items and face paint would not be transferrable to skeletons but everything else is able to transfer and there would be skeleton merchants to sell stuff and a skeleton shipwright through the portal mentioned above

  • This has been a question of mine for a bit. I was waiting at a outpost once for an afk friend and a ship seemed to pop up when I wasn't looking towards the dock, less than thirty feet away from our ship which was close to the island, and had the appearance of just spawning due to its lack of cosmetics, and it's positioning to the dock. A friend and I assumed it spawned when no one was looking. That or someone sailed up without us noticing. I'm not complaining about it, but I would like to know if anyone has hard facts on whether or not the ship could have spawned with us still at the island? Or are there physical limitations to how close you can spawn to another ship?

  • I've heard quite a few people I've sailed with question as to why we can't change our ship without abandoning the whole server. It has been a question that pops in my head from time to time when I play it. Now that I've been playing it more, it is a more prominent thought that always crosses my mind. Being able to scuttle the ship you have to have a new one replace it? If there is a flaw in some sort of mechanic like that that prevents them from creating it, do tell me.

  • I love this game! I really do. But I find it very frustrating when I literally glitch through an entire tall tale (trickster) (extremely difficult enough as it is with boobytraps and excessive amounts of skelly waves) just to get all the way through it and the skeleton Captain glitches out and deapawns. Plenty of music but no captain.. Even after attempting to Aggro in 4+ different ways to try and complete my quest, nothing... Finally had to quit! By that time I didn't even want to play anymore and felt like well what the heck was all that work for? A solid 2 and a half hours + of work down the shoot and nothing to show for it except the feeling of lovely to have to go through that all over again! You guys are RARE.. Cmon.. Y'all have worked on this in the past but it's still affecting the game and are you guys are going to lose serious supporters over these kinds of foul ups. Players don't like spending hours doing something just to get to the end and have to trash their campaign and say oh well better luck tomorrow.

  • So I was recently doing the Ancient Isles Dark Relic voyage from Duke and at one part of the voyage I had to go to Plunder Valley to fight four skeleton captains (which all turned out to be gold ones.) and they were spawning near the top of the island which made it impossible to weaken them with water effectively. On top of that the waves that spawned were always the same (all melee wave, pistol wave, all blunderbuss wave, all pistol wave again.) All in all it was a pretty annoying fight waves of gold skeletons where I spent way more time than anticipated trying to complete the voyage.

    My first idea is to have skeleton wave spawns always have some diversity, preferably with at least one keg skeleton per encounter. I feel this is a must for any time you go up against at least two gold skeleton waves. Not every wave mind you just like every other wave or something, and rarely for a wave with a skeleton captain.

    My second idea way to change the way players attack gold skeletons. Instead of swinging your sword and having it bounce with a bit of a delay maybe you can have a combo of three or four quick swings that bounce off (like quick forceful chops that all bounce) then you have to take a breather similar to a sword lunge, but you can still move around afterwards. I feel like attacking them with sword does next to nothing and I just want it to feel more impactful and do more damage.

    My third idea was to change the way gold skeletons attack and get attacked by players. I'd like all gold skeletons to attack slower, reload weapons slower, aim slower, miss moving targets more often, and eat bananas really really slow. Also gold skeletons should not be able to be knocked back or staggered by anything. I think this would make gold skeleton fights more entertaining and active (instead of slashing in one spot forever then deciding to find a gunpowder barrel to kamikazee with.)

    Forth idea don't make gold skeletons spawn on top of Plunder Valley, or anywhere not near water for that matter.

    Let me know what you think about these suggestions and other ways you might improve any skeleton encounters on islands or on ships.

    P.S. I might just be salty because after completing the voyage I didn't even get the commendations, so I wasn't even able to buy the new stuff from Duke. On top of that my game bugged out on me halfway through my play session, but that's a topic for my SoT support ticket.

  • The customization that is currently available for the ships is nice. Pick which ship you'll sail in. Pick what to put on your ship in the customization bix for your ship, Then sail. But have you ever felt like it's a bit restricted after a while? No real way to change anything on your ship after that. Everything from the look of the hull, to the ladder, placement of barrels, the map, and the other things that could be changeable, are frozen in place. Now am I saying we should just be able to pick it up and put it in our spot of choosing? No because i easily see a stacking competition taking over the seas. But the ship should have some adjustability to make it feel more unique.

  • After the ship gets hit a few to many times, it seems like more of the ship becomes patches than parts of the ship. Shipwrights should have the ability to fix it and make it whole again, probably for a fee. Its not required to keep your ship afloat, but I paid quite a bit for my hull and I'd like it to look nice for longer than the first outpost I spawn at

  • Hey there fellow swashbucklers,

    During E3 week everyone that played was give the Spartan Hull, Figurehead and sails, since then we missed 3 parts to complete the cosmetics.

    Now that has changed, Everyone that logs on and plays during Gamescom (August 20th untill August 24th) will receive the Cannons, Capstan and Helm and not only that! Everyone that missed out during E3 and didnt get the previous cosmetics the will receive the full ship!

  • Give us the option to play SoT in another language than our system language (PC).

    As a German who speaks English, I usually prefer films and games in their original language and Sea of Thieves is no exception. I'm annoyed by translation errors, jokes getting lost in translation and miscommunication with other players who don't speak German.

    Why is this possible in every game except Sea of Thieves?

  • The sloop has two hatches that can open and close near the map. I don't believe I have seen hatches used on any other kind of ship. They could be added, or maybe an optional add on to the ship you could get at the shipwright. Just a thought.

  • Salut les Flibustiers et amis Céphalopodes parcourant les Océans !

    En attendant une traduction officielle du Community Code of Conduct dont Joe a parlé dans la vidéo Dev Update d'hier... je vous propose ma version de la traduction. Je pense que c'est un document assez important donc je me suis dit que j'allais sortir une traduction aussi rapidement que possible.

    Le Code est consultable à ces endroits :

    J'espère que ça vous plaira et que ça pourra aider d'une façon ou d'une autre !

    N'hésitez pas à me partager votre avis ;) !

    Merci et... Restez Frais !

  • So most people will probably think I'm making this up or something, but honest to god this is true. It might be a glitch or some bug but it didn't seem like it. Me and my friend were completing the second tall tale, The Cursed rogue. We were fighting Briggsy and I died. I went through the ferry of the damned and spawned back on our sloop. I ran out of the bilge and into the map section, and there was a lady pirate standing in front of the map. I was about to shoot but she waved. So I waved back and ran off the ship to help my friend. We had no loot on our ship so I wasn't really worried. When I got back on the island I realized there were no ships around. I didn't think much of it and ran back to my ship. I helped my friend, we defeated briggsy, and I told him sit back with Briggsy's skull so I can go see if shes still on. I go to the sloop and she isn't there anymore. I go in the crows nest and see if any ships are around and there are none. So I tell him we're in the clear. We sail off and complete the tall tale and it's done. Now this is where my story gets kinda weird? The lady had glowing green eyes like the mysterious strangers, only one was exposed as she had an eyepatch. Now before u say "op why didn't u mention her eye earlier?" Well It didn't fully hit me till way later. Anybody else has any similar stories? I really am a sucker for lore and story but it isnt fun if i exaggerate or get my hopes up. Its probably a bug or glitch but the lore obsessed side of me wants it to be intentional. Let me note her clothes were not ghostly. The most I remember of her clothing was she had a white shirt and a black hat.