• Life at sea can get boring after some time. With the addition of fishing and cooking it's much better than it was, but there is still room for improvement. How about a small simple game? Liar's dice for example (or any dice based game). Not only would it help pass time with your crewmates but it could also get more interesting if players could bet their gold, treasure or even cosmetics. This may not be limited to only your ship though. Add gaming tables to outposts and challenge random players that pass through and maybe find a new method to rid them of their freshly dug up chests.

  • I'm one of those seemingly rare players who always does fleets when they pop, and up until this update I was constantly frustrated with fleets de-spawning just as I get to them due to the fact they were so near the edge of the map, and by the time I had stocked up it had gone.

    However finally I'm able to do them on a consistent basis, the new locations I feel are perfect, they offer the same environmental obstacles with islands and rocks and are now so much easier to get to with them pretty much being near wherever you spawn. It also creates the added threat of player ships as you'll have a much greater chance of encountering them with the locations central rather than right at the edge of the map.

    I do, however still have a couple things I feel need changed. I still feel there needs to be a bigger loot payout as currently after sinking the captain you get roughly no more than 10k gold, and when you can do a regular fort in the same time without the drain of resources, no wonder I'm able to solo them without any player ships even attempting the challenge. I also feel there needs to be greater availability of resources as when you do a fort, all the resources you need (fruit) are supplied for you with multiple barrels, however this isn't the case with fleets, as although you will occasionally see barrels or a ship wreck, you rarely have enough time to supply between waves. I suggest that each ghost ship sank drops a fruit, cannon ball, and wood crate each, with varying amounts in each, making it easier to supply throughout.

    Overall this new update is a definite improvement to the previous build however more needs to added in order to get more players doing them so they become the enthralling ship battles they should be.

  • Gameplay Guides + Tips

    Sick to the back bone of this game! Ok so u make an awesome new quest that every1 is buzzin about but u never thought of the snakes out there hogging the fort and stealing the ritual skulls .. 5 times now and so we decided to head to the fort, ram their boat, die and then go back and ram their boat! This is not a game anymore it's other players waiting for us to complete the quest so they can steal it! Surely u knew this would happen so why???? Or they make an alliance, we get the stuff, the break the aliance and Rob and kill us .. what is the point in even trying to play the game!

  • So I just betrayed a crew at the Fort; I know, shocker! but they spawned literally one island over! Why is betrayal a legitimate part of the game when it's impossible to achieve? We were a sloop vs a brig and after sinking them twice our supplies were running thin and we'd only managed to acquire the Athena and a couple of Chests. They ended up getting everything else because we lost the battle of attrition as they would respawn with supplies and were getting acquainted with our strategies. Losing a battle should put you far enough away for the winning crew to atleast get most of the treasure out of the fort.

  • Hear ye', matey. I've got some booty to drop into this 'er lagoon...

    Sorry about the lame intro, thought it would suit the theme. But yes, to the point/s.

    I have been playing the game for a short time now and I have really been enjoying it. But there are some grievances I have that I'd like to express through some though-out suggestions for the game.

    So here's the list I would like to share:

    • Add one extra crewman slot to each ship size, as playing the game and doing stuff on the ship always makes you feel like you're one pirate short of a fully effective team.
    • Add the ability for friends to join your server without joining your crew, so alliance fleets are easier to arrange.
    • Add the ability to buy crates of cannon balls and other supplies from the shipmaster at the docks of outposts.
    • Add a new feature in the future where pirates/alliances can claim territory over a fort so they can have pirate coves? So players feel more impactful on their surroundings and maybe also have basic outpost options for annexed forts. Defending your ship while at an outpost is awkward but with a fort, you can have cannons all around to protect your ship while dropping off loot.
    • Change the Grappling hooks to one in the front that shoots a 270deg facing straight, then one on the top facing backwards.
    • I know this is probably a far cry but being able to maybe change the layout of your ship or change the position of the cannons would be great as customization of ones ship to suit their style would be awesome. Like having the ability to upgrade or buy a secure door for where you spawn in your ship would be great so it prevents players from spawn killing you if you live in a place with terrible internet connection. It's a painful experience.

    That's all the ones I'm willing to share, the other ones you have to buy with Ancient coin ;). But they're just ideas and suggestions. I look forward to any new features for the game. I really am having fun... just can't stress the idea that I'd love to have one more crewman slot for each ship haha!

  • I have recently noticed that every time I would start up a new game, the skins I would have previously put on for my equipment (such as the lantern) would be reset to the sailor skins. It is simply just a bug in the game that resets all your equipment skins.

  • So I that this thought in mind and told a friend (we are both insiders) about it and he thinks it’s a good idea.

    So when becoming an Insider for SOT, you are obliged to make a new pirate. I was shook at first, but realized it was different form the actual game. So I choose my pirate (BTW I loved the new pirate for the Insider Program). So then this came to mind.

    For those who are insiders, can we have the option to switch between our pirates in the actual game & our pirates in the Insider in the actual game of SOT.

    Confused? Let me example more.

    See, I thought about that since we cannot make changes to our original pirates from the actual game of SOT, for those who are insiders and have to make a new one, can have the option [Under “Pirate Settings”] to change our pirate (use the insider pirate we created to use in the actual game as a selection) WHILE STILL KEEPING the same progress we accumulate when we played since day one on the actual game. I just thought about it and wanted to see how everyone else think about it.

  • Please add true optional crossplay to adventure mode. I can't play the game and enjoy it because I just get stomped by PC players with their perfect aim and all that jazz.

    I really enjoy this game. I love sailing. It's relaxing. But I just can't enjoy it because I'm so on edge that I'm going to come across a PC player. They always just spawn camp me or just spam jump and dodge while perfectly nailing me. It's just not fun.

    Before people come here and tell me to git gud or stop being a baby, shhhhh. This is a feedback/suggestion thread. This isn't a debate thread. People always say "but fighting PC players are easy" which is just a lie or you must be god tier, because they have every advantage over us Xbox players. If people still want crossplay, they can enable it!

  • I started doing the Rag & Bone crates for Shipwreck Bay I had a day for a few crates to deliver after delivering to the one sea post the other crates were already too late. It didn't give me enough time to deliver and no I wasn't slacking I was too busy delivering them. I suggest:

    1. Slow Day & Night cycle a lot
    2. Sync game time with real time (for immersion)

    I don't care how it works but the time should be slowed down a lot to give us plenty of time to deliver them. If I or anyone was wasting time and slacking then fine but for those who are always busy like me we should have enough time to deliver them all to the sea post or I will just lose interest on doing them. I somewhat did right now.

  • Kinda annoying that we can’t get people reported in game - we have to rely on getting gamertags and reporting them on xbox (if people are on xbox), otherwise very toxic people always remain on sea of thieves.

    Im practicing PvP and dont mind being sunk, but the man sinking me threw transphobic language and slurs my way and misgendered me as well. I have him caught on a stream and I have a gamertag as well.

    Toxic language, baiting me into reacting being sunk by him.

    Rare, is this what you want your game to be? If not, then give us that in game reporting system! Yes people will abuse it because they are salty but if it means getting rid of people who are like that, then add it.

  • Since launch I been playing Sea of Thieves and still to this day I experience so much lag it's making my ping go higher than 100 it's unplayable most of time, my internet isn't the best but it is good enough that I shouldn't have to deal with it. Here are my issues since last night

    1. I would teleport from one spot to another
    2. Skeletons would be a distance from me then become The Flash towards me
    3. I would be aiming at a skeleton like the one with gun powder barrels but somehow I miss? It's due to lag so that didn't register as I hit the gun powder barrel so instead I apparently missed (it does the same with everything else)
    4. Interacting with anything doesn't register. Example (Getting on the ships ladder but miss it even though I pressed the prompted to get on)
    5. Rowboats is a motherload of all lags. Undocking/docking it would lag, When I would row the boat I would get serious lag I was flying in the air like ET a couple of times while rowing the boat from one island to another while I had a friend doing their thing.

    I could go on but those are the biggest ones I can think of a top my head, one more I would rubber band constantly. Here are some ideas I can give out for the solution if Rare has them or not

    1. Acquire more region servers around the world
    2. Get newer more, better, stable servers if can

    I am not sure what needs to be fixed but whatever it is please focus more on that for now than adding more things to help the servers run more stable and smoothly. I have a download of 300 Mbp/s and my upload is 30 Mbp/s.

  • So, right...how can I put this. So on the Galleon you have the doors where the mid-deck cannons are supposed to be, however there aren’t any down there, they are only there for decorations. HOWEVER, I think that in the future (if it will happen), there will be at least four cannons (2 on each side) in the mid-deck so that we can utilize the cannon doors and shoot below rather up-top.


    What you guys think?

  • I am more of a pistol + Sword guy I like using my flintlock but the ammunition's is really low to 4, I don't have an issue with that but it would be nice that we can carry ammunition on us like a holster around our waist so when we run out from our flintlock or any gun we can refill more from our holster anywhere we are instead of going to a ammo box all the time. I don't care if it is limited which would be more realistic.

  • As a legend the skeletons are so much harder to kill to the point where it takes 4 or 6 shots. Legends should have a 5 or 10% damage boost should be good enough nothing really to op. I understand that Rare doesn't want upgrades against players for balance is fine. But I don't see any harm increasing damage boost 5 or 10 percent against skeletons.

  • The skeletons on islands spawns every second now as a legend even helping out new players with their voyages to the point that can't even do the voyages at all even with treasure chests. I suggest that have them only spawn once or spawn after we dig up the chests.

  • Anyone other fellow streamers out there ever think about ideas of allowing your viewers have the ability to see your stats?

    Personally, I feel it'd be cool to to see an interactive Twitch Extension for the Seas.

    What would be involved within the extension?

    • Pirate Stats
    • Top 3 Islands Visited
    • Number of Ships Sunk (Player/Skeleton)
    • Number of Kraken/Megladon Kills
    • Number of Forts Raided
    • Top 3 Loot Items Sold
    • Show a Preview of your Pirate's Appearance
    • Favourite Weapon Used (Including Powder Kegs)

    Obviously, this list can be expanded a lot more.
    Think of this idea as how you see other games that are more of a Competitive Game Vibe and how you could implement that idea into Sea Of Thieves and make a great Interactive Extension.

    I hope this could become a possibility and have the ability to add an extension to a Twitch Stream and show your viewers some fun stats.

  • I feel like the sea is always crowded. Expanding the sea with more islands or maybe towns will help make it feel less crowded. It's annoying that I have to constantly watch out for other players because Shoot first ask questions later. If I want to do that I will go to Arena. The point for Adventure mode is sail with other players to go on adventures, but no one does it the proper way like it should. Another reason is more voyages to do as well.

  • If anyone sees this post who are not into role playing this post is not for you. I would love to see a new mode for Sea of Thieves a MMO RP for people who like role playing. (I am not referring MMO RP to WoW, RuneScape I am referring to GTA V RP aka FiveM) Sea of Thieves doesn't have to be redone. What it could have is the

    1. Character can be separate from the main classic Sea of Thieves we could either transfer the character or start from scratch
    2. There is no player slots instead there is a crew/friends list we can add in game so we can keep track who is part of the crew
    3. Any ships can't get picked anytime we start off a sloop then we improve our reputation we can unlock then purchase bigger ships over time that we can spawn our own ships so that we can do different things
    4. Continues from (3) Example: A friend of mine wanted to do a quick easy Tall Tales while I wanted to work on my Legendary Voyage it would been nice that he was able to spawn his own ship while I can do my stuff to make things go faster by adding (cargo ship) it doesn't have to have cannons
    5. Guilds would be nice to see. Create a guild then have a hideout to pick out but it should be in ruins then we can repair it with wooden planks we collect also should have option to upgrade/expand by repairing other rooms that are either boarded up or not. Hideouts should be our own storage to keep resources in have it saved when we log off.
    6. When we log off our character and the ship everything else should be still there instead of just disappearing and the ship just sinking.
    7. The sea should be 2x as big as the fanbase of the Sea of Thieves so that can big enough so we don't sail into everyone like every single minute. It be more immersive for it to be rare (no pun intended) to spot 1 or 2 people
    8. Partnering up with other guilds would be fun and immersive
    9. Voyages should be saved for example being in a middle of a voyage then if I log off it should be saved so when I log back in I can resume the voyage
    10. Purchase resources instead of finding it, still be able to find them as a option. Selling them to other players or trade them would be so immersive to make businesses and make money.

    To those who won't be interested into the new mode I am suggesting I am not saying it should be forced just stick with the classic current Sea of Thieves. This new mode should be an option for those who wants a more immersive experience and it will help keep the game fresh. All these are ideas so if Rare can look at these ideas but make it better more balanced. This game is meant to be played years by years so this new mode should help that. I do have fun playing this game I am just suggesting a more immersive experience. This should improve on making stories & lore.

    PS: Maybe release something to fill out why we want to join that mode to improve the immersion. I am in role playing servers that needs to be whitelisted by filling out the information why we want to join and it does help a lot to have a lot of people who wants to have a immersion experience. Might have a couple of people that will ruin it but a lot better than a dozen.

  • Unsure if this has been suggested or not, but here’s a quick example:

    I figured that, since defeating the Kraken a lot gives you kraken stuff for both your pirate and your ship, I figured that me defeating the Shrouded Ghost would’ve rewarded something really cool, but upon checking I got nothing which was kinda disappointing since the mythical Ghost is so so rare. The title itself was amazing to have but imagine being able to show off such a cool achievement through ship or pirate cosmetics. The same could go for the defeat of Ancient Terror, Crested Queen, Shadowmaw, and The Hungering One.

    Just a small suggestion so we have more stuff to waste our gold on XD

  • It would be nice to see to have walk boards for our ships when we dock at outposts so we don't have to jump every time and hope to make it or fall in the water. It would also make more sense for delivering cargos at outposts and seaposts too so don't have to be hugging the ports all the time with our ships and less chance of scraping our ships

  • Ahoy,
    Today we discuss with a friend about the fact that we can't change weapon in the ferry of damned and it could be, we think, a nice add to balance PvP.
    Example : you are killed by a player on your ship, this guy can change his weapon and surprise you but you, you can't. And when you reappear, with that add, you can choose the first weapon you have in your hand. When you have the sword and you want to switch for a gun (for example) you loose 1sec to make this move and shoot, and it could be too much if the other guy find your spawn quickly because he were ready and already knows your weapons.

  • For some reason, did the loading time increase because quite frankly—8/10 chances it takes a little longer for me to join back in the game or my boat. We all know that the moment you die, you will immediately spawn in the Ferry, but now it’s like I’m on the “Black Screen of Death” while hearing the sounds of being on the Ferry, AND THEN it puts me in the Ferry before the doors open for me to come back into the real world. That’s when I have to wait “impatiently” until I come in the game after a long time on the loading screen. Yes, I am a XboxONE player, but the loading time is really a kill and will cause stress.

    So has the loading time gotten better or gotten worse?

  • You might know where this is going, so I’m going to simply the suggestion.

    Me...friends...trying to server hop to get all of us (5 total) into two brigs in the same server by using the Repear’s Flag (seen by Hibotc), rather than the impossible asking someone in the game for their boat.

    Like honestly, I really want all 5 of us in the game, and every time we try the RF tactic, it’s to no avail. Has anyone tried it and has it worked? If so, how long did it take for it to work?

  • Not sure if people in the community are getting the same glitch, but its causing me great pain (figuratively not literally). I have the seeker of grand adventure commendation, but the title wont show its unlocked. I spent hours achieve all the commendations and am not satisfied because of this one title glitch. hopefully it will get solved in a future patch, or ill find some way to fix it (assuming its just me). alt text

  • Hey Rare so basically I love the color green and everytime I look all I see is the mercenary jacket which is nice....but it doesn't quite do it for me. Now I may be a pirate but I do prefer some formality in what I wear so if someone could hint to duke that I'd pay well for him to umm...."borrow" the admiral set and dye it a nice Emerald Green. Oh and if he's not convinced then mention that We'd be buying multiple as an alliance uniform. That would be around 800 (more if we gather more members before you finish) Doubloons. What do you say Duke? We in business?

    (By the way The Emerald Alliance (name not finalised) is recruiting https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/topic/99694/emerald-alliance-recruitment-2-0-must-have-microphone-and-be-15-or-older/1 )

  • For the 'Footsteps of the Pirate Lord' commendation, I played through The Shroudbreaker quest a second time, but my progress still showed only 1/5 for the commendation afterwards. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

  • I know we can always restart the game if we want to, but it'll cost us our beloved pirate who we have been playing with for ages. I'd love to see a back up option for your pirate. Even if it's on your own console, or just a single slot. It'll be awesome to have a pirate back up in case you don't like to restart. Or if you wish to go back to your first pirate and stuff.