• TLDR :

    • Flameheart may spawn on a Tall Tale/Quest destination, creating a highly risk situation for low rewards
    • Checkpoints nearly removes the risk of doing Tall Tales, I think this is not in adequation with SoT spirit


    I recently redo all the Tall Tales in solo to get the Golden curse and finished it yesterday, so I thought it would be good to give a feedback

    1. Restrictions to Flameheart spawn

    For the 30 Tall Tales runs I have recently made, it happened 5 times that Flameheart or an Ashen Lord was already on the island. Among those 5 cases, 3 were for boss fight (Briggsy or Greymarrow) and 2 were for intermediate items uncovering (and no checkpoints).

    In the case of boss fight, this was not a matter personnaly because I have just crashed my ship onto the island, played the fight safely and use the checkpoint to get the token back on the spawn of my ship.

    Concerning the other cases, it was more cumbersome but the salvage of the item would not trigger a checkpoints, wich meant that I had to save my ship. This translates in having to constantly look up for the ship to see if any bullet was hitting it and so it took a unneeded long time to complete.

    I have the feeling this is only a solo sloop problem, because one could stay in the ship to repair the damage of the ghost ships as they do not fire an absurd amount of bullets. For me, it really decreases the fun of doing the Tall Tales/Quest you are doing because that's not like another crew you could trick, Flameheart's going to stay there until he disappears or someone completes it.

    It also happened that when I spawned on Dagger Tooth, I had Flameheart spawned just on the island nearby.

    1. Tall Tales Checkpoints

    While I have been really happy to save a lot of time thanks to the checkpoints and having a feeling of safety to focus on the tale, I feel like it made things to easy compared to what I was right after the Shore of Golds update.

    For example, the Art of the Trickster (6th tale) was completely changed by the checkpoints. The risk and the dexterity was in the center of the quest.


    The only risk left is that there is no checkpoints before ungrounding the barrel-key and placing it in the trap lair, so if you make a mistake and bomb it while traveling or making your way through the traps, you can just go back to the moment where you discover it and try again, while you had to redo all the tale since the beginning (something that caused a lot of ragequit from my crew back then).

    You can even abuse the system to gain time, as in the Revenge of the Morningstar (8th Tale). You dont need to take the items with you, you just need to unground them both, then you can just reload the quest to have both of them on your ship again.


    I understand that the checkpoints reduce a lot the frustration of the player from doing them but I feel like this is step too far in the reduction of the risk, because it is nearly riskless and easy money (8k/quest).

    Thanks to those who read the whole text!

  • Hey devs and others! Weapons recently have started to grow stale. Blunderbombs and Firebombs are nice but are consumables and more of a luxury to have. We have 3 weapons all used for different things and cannot be dual wielded. So what if we could?

    Obviously they need to be balanced like we can’t have two swords that act the same because we’d be dead in seconds. So here are my thought on dual wielding(minus snipers because that’s op and it’s a two handed weapon): we will have an off hand and a main hand.

    For sword, we can only dash with main hand and off hand sword will have more staggered hits rather than a combo. So 3 hit combo with main sword and one hit with the off hand after the 3 hit combo. Also, there can be a charge attack like the dash where instead of launching forward, we just wind up our arms from the back and kind of poke opponents which deals 75% damage(this is kinda iffy).

    For pistols, we can only aim with main hand while the off hand is more of luck when shot. Along with that, to reload, only the main pistol can be reloaded but the player must put away the off hand pistol to do so. In short, you can shoot two bullets at the same time or any other configuration but, the reloading can only happen for main hand pistol and requires you to put the off hand back in its holster(for the other hand to put the bullet in).

    For blunders it’s simpler. You can dual wield but dual wielding will result in the blunders becoming inaccurate because the big weapon can’t be pointed. So people could get past the shots if they stand in the middle of the blunders because the blunders will shoot off to the sides rather than directly in front.

    Lastly, knives. I think it would be interesting if knives were introduced. For their mechanics, knives can only be thrown. They will deal a quarter damage to health but there is only 4 that can be carried. So what happens when you throw them? They can’t be reloaded so player will be able to receive them from the dead bodies OR find a small supply of them in ship barrels, like consumables but it’s a main weapon slot.

    Well that’s all I have so tell me thoughts and/or different ideas in terms of balancing!

  • Blunderbuss- Does less damage, increased knockback, slows the target when shot
    Eye of Reach- Damage is increased the further you are from the target, making it more of a sniper. At a specific point it becomes a 1 shot. This means it deals less damage up close.

  • As a lower sensitivity player I feel that the game could use the extra sensitivity sliders like we have for the Eye of Reach, Flintlock, and Blunderbuss, for the Cannons, Harpoons, and Spyglass.

    I play with 800DPI and use 2.0 mouse sensitivity in-game ( ~16.4cm 360 distance) which is already noticeably higher than my usual sensitivity in other games ( 23.5~24cm 360 distance) despite this however Cannons, Harpoons, and the Spyglass are incredibly slow at this setting which requires me to exclusively use WASD to aim my cannons and harpoon shots which naturally is incredibly inaccurate annoying to line up shots and as well as makes using the spyglass in even remotely rough waves incredibly difficult as it requires me to essentially yank my mouse across the entire height of my mousepad to counteract the movement of the waves.

    This completely does not allow me to have any granularity or control when using these tools and weapons and gets greatly irritating.

  • Everyone knows what dungeons are right? Like going through a bunch of rooms with puzzles, and PvE and a Boss at the end? Yeah Okay so here is how it goes:

    The Pirate Lord sells New Voyages that send you to Biome Themed Dungeons with randomly generated rooms and randomly generated puzzles. These Dungeons spawn at random Islands with Portals that send you to the dungeon. Each Dungeon has 3 Rooms + a Boss room.

    When you start the voyage, you are given a rough shape of the island drawn from a first person view, which shows your experience as pirate legend by giving you harder maps after learning them all. Once you arrive, you are led into the Dungeon by footprints that can be seen holding a lantern.

    Some Random Rooms that spawn could be:
    -Defending an anchor from skeletons and if they drop it, your platform lowers into lava.
    -A Trickster Gunpowder is on a platform you have to push through a tunnel of traps, you have to get it to the end of the tunnel without it exploding or it resets. You are also being attacked while doing this.
    -There are 3 Empty pools in a large room, Skeletons with Water Barrels on their backs walk up to you while fighting. Around them is a gunpowder skeleton. You are to kill the water barrel skeleton while in the Empty pools to fill them.
    When they are all filled, you go to the next room.
    -(Mini Boss Room) A Shadow Lord is in the middle room, with an Eye of Reach. You cannot kill him until he is lit up. You have to stand on 2 platforms that have clear sight of him to throw Bombs into the middle, which temporarily shines light at him allowing you to shoot. Skeletons with supply crates on their backs spawn in the middle.
    -You have a room of Skeletons below you, and you are given pages that describe a certain skeleton that needs to be shot from above. If you miss or kill the wrong skeleton, you die and it resets. You have to kill 3 random skeletons and pay attention to all of them like a spy mission.
    -In a dark room a bunch of Skeletons holding Trickster Barrels (that can sprint with them) are guarding large Unlit torches. They have rags over their faces, so they cant see. If you make any noise or step on any pressure plates they will run toward you and explode. The unlit torches spawn in multiple different spots randomly and you have to find them. (An example of how each puzzle is somewhat randomized so its not muscle memory)
    -You have to use Wood to build a bridge vertically up a large vertical tunnel, below are spikes, and when you cant reach up the bridge, you have to move up a floor to continue it. Once the bridge is complete, it drops and you get to the next room. Skeletons are attacking you while building.
    Boss Fights:
    -Wilds Boss: A Kraken Skeleton is active in the middle sweeping its head across the middle platform youre standing on. In order to activate its damage phase, you have to shoot harpoons at large ropes when they arent blocked, Sending Log traps into the skull of the kraken, knocking it to the ground. Active Gunpowder drops from the ceiling (with an extended fuse that cant be defused) and you have to carry it to the downed kraken. 3 Gunpowders kill it, and it gets harder the later damage phases youre on.
    -Shores of Plenty Boss: You stand on a square platform with water beneath of it, and sharks in the water. A large Tiki Golem emerges from the water and starts slamming the platform with his multiple arms, either crushing you or knocking you into a pool of sharks. You have to throw a fire bomb on top of his head for him to go under water to put it out. If you shoot his eyes while fighting, a Shark flame is lowered from the ceiling. When grabbed, sharks ignore you holding it in the water. You are to get the lantern and put im under water, to deal damage to him in the water without dying.
    -Each Biome Dungeon has an entire ship set, an entire outfit set, weapons, and items that can be randomly unlocked after completing it.
    -The cosmetic drops are not from commendations, however there still are dungeon commendations and Titles, "Slayer of the Ancient Golem," "Dungeon Lord," "Kraken Banisher" Idk just concept.
    -You are given Rep and Gold for completing a dungeon

    Those are some examples of Dungeon puzzles and bosses, they would be made for playing in a group rather than solo play although I guess they could just make them easier for solo or more simple but that is a lot of work. With every Dungeon, Skeletons carrying supply crates spawn to make sure you never run out of food. I really feel like this would add more replayability to sea of thieves, it wouldnt be a new event everyone sees in the sky, it would be a completely randomly generated puzzle that you have to figure out everytime that grants unique rewards when completed. This would make Pirate Legend feel worth it to me.

  • One of the most annoying parts of the game is that everytime I exit a session, I have to go all the way back through the “press any button to start” screen and skip the animation that follows. I think, like most other games nowadays, you should just end up in the menu (adventure/arena/emporium screen) instead.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    I don't know how everyone will look at this, but I would love to see something like crafting in SoT. Like merging 2 different cannon balls to get a rare one, or something like this. What u all think about it?

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    possibly one day we will get emissary voyages for the devils roar, possibly only if you level up your emissiary while staying in the devils roar. sounds interesting to me.

  • This prevents mermaids from giving away tucking, and also rids the horrible mermaids spawning across the map from you. It would be more consistent and very handy

  • Monkeys- Patch up holes if you give them wooden planks and cook food when you give them food
    Cats- Slowly auto regenerate health when nearby them
    Parrots- Bring things back to the ship, and call out events if placed in the crows nest, or nearby ships

  • -The Boarding Pike: Can be used to charge past multiple enemies with a continuous line of damage (not much steering) and also to propel yourself upward. Very handy in pve and great for hopping from your ship to another.

    -The MatchLock- A rifle with no scope, and a bayonet and could only be shot when aimed. The shot without aiming is a melee hit. Does slightly more damage than the flintlock, and reloads very slowly. So make your shot count or use the blade!

    -Climbing Axe: A rope is tied around your arm and attached to the axe. It can be thrown, stuck to enemies or surfaces and then pulled to them. Its main use is to climb up ships and does VERY weak melee damage (banana health type damage).

    -The Buckler: A small shield that can be used to sprint at people while blocking your chest from being shot, but your legs would still be vulnerable. The Shield blocks some damage from explosives when blocking but does not stop knockback.

    -Potions? but idk how to implement without it being not fun... And I am tired of items that only help you when found. I would rather it be an infinite use but need to be refilled type thing.

  • The only cosmetics implemented now are through duke? why? add new cosmetics to all of the stores. These color changes to old skins are boring. The last good thing that happened to cosmetics was with the extra feminine clothes, and I only like them cause my character is female.

    Ship cosmetics from duke... why have they sold a new flaming sail over and over? and nothing else? some tattoos... okay tattoos, that is hardly interesting.

    None of the cosmetics are worth working for recently. I wanted the unicorn one for order ghost fleets but even then the commendation was longer than i wanted, ill probably get it eventually but MAN! The cosmetics just arent interesting anymore, flame item after flame item after flame item, and they couldve released ghost gear with the ghost update too, and didnt.

    Really I just want cosmetics also being added to the regular store and not just duke.

  • Whale Hunting, Giant Crab Boss, Electric Eel, Hermit Crab Boss, Giant Clams with Pearls that can be sold, Mermaid artifact pieces, Giant Sea Turtle Boss (drops Shell armor), Jelly Fish catching. And thats all i got...

  • -Large Birds fly around when you are sailing the seas. They can swoop down and grab your crewmates. The birds go down in 1 hit, but once they have grabbed you, you can only hit them with a sword. Swording 3 times will drop you from the birds grasp.
    Birds Carry you to circles of sharks.

    -Whales that if bumped into, will spray water up, knocking your ship to the side.

    -Crabs spawn on all islands and can pinch you, but only if they are threatened.

    -Squids will flee from you but drop large ink sacks that can be thrown to blind enemies when the squid is killed.

    -Jaguars can randomly spawn on larger islands in the Ancient Shores and move quickly, making them harder to kill
    -Spiders spawn in all islands in the Ancient Shores and bite dealing poison when stepped on or walked into. They also leave webs that can slow pirates.

    -Black Caiman spawn on larger islands in the Wilds near water, and have a lot of health and a strong bite. They sneak up on you.
    Scorpions spawn in all islands in the Wilds and sting when stepped on but do not deal poison.

    -Anacondas spawn in the Shores of Plenty and wrap around your character, requiring a sword or teammates to free you from it.
    -Sea Urchins spawn in the beaches of The Shores of Plenty and cripple when stepped on.

    Okay so basically thats about it. Something to make the biomes more unique and with slight gameplay differences. Also the birds is the most important thing here, so if you dont like anything else please like the birds.

  • Ghosts fly around in the fog, trying to disorientate your ship. You have to pay attention and shoot them when you see them or they will grab your wheel and turn it, drop your anchor, turn your sails, and raise your sails.

    This would make fog more interesting as its intention is to make things spookier, so a battle in the fog would be quite difficult and quite spooky. It works too because a larger ship has more players to manage this and a smaller ship has all of these things closer so a solo player could also manage dealing with ghosts in the fog.

  • Double Gunning is a strong thing, money is at an all time high with not much to buy, so how about this! When you die, you lose your weapons (excluding the sword) and you have to pay for your weapons back in the weapon locker on the Ferry of the Damned.

    All weapons cost $250 to purchase back. When you buy a new weapon skin, you get a free weapon use.

    Also New Ammo Types:
    Grog Bullets- Makes your enemies drunk
    Incendiary Bullets- Sets your enemy on fire
    Poison Bullets- Poisons the enemy
    Kraken Bullets- Ink the enemies screen

    Okay thats all the interesting things I can think of

  • When Spawned in, your ship spawns in with a new item "The soul of the Ship," a ship in a bottle, that can be looted by enemy players when you are sunk. The Soul of the Ship varies in size and can be sold to any faction.

    The Soul of the Ship has a sloop, brig, or galleon in a bottle depending on the ship, and the bigger the ship, the more it sells for. The Sloop soul is sold for 1500, the Brig sells for 2000, and the Galleon for 2500 big ones!

    It CANNOT be looted by the players whom own the ship, even when it sinks, but it can be hidden like the emissaries can.

    This would make pvp more rewarding as there is always something to gain, but never too much. We all know it sucks to chase a ship for ages only to receive no reward!

  • WE ALL KNOW how lack luster pirate legend is. So here are some things I wish pirate legend had that would provide little to no advantage but still feel like you have gained from it.
    Pirate Legend Privileges:
    The Pirate Legend Hideout can be used to spawn your ship at any outpost unless it is occupied or has a ship nearby. Cannot be used shortly after being sunk
    Purchasable Tools:
    Merchant Alliance- Crates of Food, Planks, and Canon Balls
    Gold Hoarder- Empty chests
    Shipwright- Rowboats
    Order of Souls- Ammo Crates
    Hunter's Call- Supply Crates
    Reapers- Gun powder barrels
    Sea Dogs- Bomb Crates
    Tavern- Free Grog (make everyone else pay lol)

    So basically give something nice to us pirate legends PLEASE!

  • I get bored of fighting the kraken. The tentacles are boring, it feels kinda jank whenever you get sucked up, and the loot makes it incredibly unrewarding.

    So I would like to suggest that the krakens head pops out of the water during the fight. How it would work:
    -The Krakens head pops out and sucks the ship close to it with its mouth
    -The players onboard have to shoot its eyes, to stop this
    -The Krakens head is a damage phase
    -The Kraken has 3 damage phases
    -Tentacles take 3 shots to kill
    -When 5 Tentacles are killed, the Krakens head pops out to suck the ship
    -All loot drops under the head when it is killed
    -Special Loot Drop: Kraken Chest, a small chest that sells for 2000-2500, Protects the player from being attacked by the kraken unless stolen, to which it summons the kraken.

    It would be super cool to see what a kraken looks like as we have only seen skulls. Would be super cool to see its face and make gameplay more exciting. Fix the old rather than making improved new stuff.

  • So there is an axe model in-game and basically I have naturally conditioned melee with mobility due to the swords movement and utility. So here is the idea:

    The Climbing axe: when equipped, a rope is wrapped around you. It sticks to surfaces and you can then pull yourself to it, whether you are in the water essentially harpooned to a ship or pulling yourself up a cliff. When you reach the axe you can jump up from it and keep climbing.

    You can also use the Climbing Axe to keep players tied to you. Lets say someone is running to loot, you throw the axe (skillfully) at them, and the rope is tied to you, so you can now prevent them from selling unless they break it with a sword or kill you.
    CONTROLS: Activating the throw is right click (sword block) and to throw it would be left click. You could also just use it to hit by just hitting left click. The damage is less than the sword. When reeling yourself in, it would be a constant left click then right click back and fourth grabbing the rope and inching yourself towards your destination.

    I think this would be SUPER fun and it would be a nice change to ship combat as ladder camping is quite boring.

  • Advanced Cooking, okay that sounds, complex?
    But let me explain:
    Cooking isnt an really "Hard thing", basically everyone can Cook something, that is fine, but for an Roleplay Point of View Its nice when someone is like the ship's cook, the person who is really good in cooking and stuff, let me explain a little bit further:
    The Cooking mechanic is REALLY basic, its just pressing 1 Button basically, but what if you can have spices? You could cook the meal and spice things up?

    On every Island are Plants, but what if some of these Plants can be collected and used for spice up the Meat that is burning on the stove? you would need to perfectly balance the amount of spices, if you do to many the Meat isnt healing that much, but if the Meat is spiced perfectly it heals more, also how about a Trading Faction that wants to have rare spices?
    Just some random thoughts ;)
    Also you could cook new stuff, like Fish Soup, if you mix various Fish species together you will get different soup, and every Soup has an different level of Healing or other Effects. So you can really like do a "Cookbook".
    What would you guys say?

  • If I leave a server, it's for a reason. Today I was trying to collect the journals for one of the tall tales and I was repeatedly being sunk from a brig (who knew I was solo on a tall tale, mind you). I thought fine, that sucks but at least I'll server hop and not lose too much time. And guess what? Everytime I tried finding a new server I kept getting paired against the same reaper brig who was circling the island I needed to go to.. :/ I get it, it's a pirate game. I'm not salty that I was outplayed. What DOES bother me is the matchmaking on this game. As of the time I write this post, I'm still trying to find a different server so I can do my own thing without having to worry about griefers. Will 5 be the lucky number? I'm not holding my breathe.

  • Hi Rare I suggest reading and considering what I’m about to say. I think you’ve done an excellent job coming up with new and creative content and a progressing story through the months. But, you guys need to take a month or two off and sort this game out.

    Every patch you push more people away by supposedly fixing bugs only to continue having them and if anything, bring more in. I am always the first to test upcoming content, watch developer updates, and engage in Sot events but this has gotten out of hand.

    Combat needs a makeover along with other bugs within the game that inevitably leave the community in rage because the game can be unplayable. You guys have kept to your word and delivered content monthly that just gets better and better but I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say: Take time off and rework the game.

    We have plenty of content to keep us busy and we’d much rather have a working game than a broken one. Everyone would be more than happy to chill and wait for these bugs to be fixed before more content releases. You’d even attract players who have quit because of this.

    Rare, I hate to see people angry over the game because I know you guys are ambitious, creative, and passionate developers. Think about this for everyone because this would dramatically better this game. Thanks devs and please consider this.

  • what does sea of thieves mean by updated the bootup image?

  • Dear Reader,

    I made this topic because I recently found out that Sea of Thieves (Windows Store Edition) Keeps running in the background while the game is closed. I think this is a serious bug because this does take CPU time And Network while it's closed.

    Is there any way this can maybe be avoided / fully closed?
    Thanks for reading.


    [Task Manager/App History]

  • there is a place in another dimension pirates visit every once in a while, the ferry of the damned, but pirates have always wondered what lies beyond this dimension, what would you think if the sea of the damned was part of the sea of thieves, new places to explore new threats like the ferryman's ship may contest you with his ghostly skeletons working to fight off any player.

    pirates are able to get triple the reward by getting chests, skulls, and crates of the damned, this expansion could be sure to fulfill your exploration needs by having the ability to search islands of the damned while on your voyages to find lost souls and what fate sent these souls to the sea of the damned itself. if you feel like facing off ghostly threats now is your chance to do so, in this months monthly update, the seas of the damnedalt text

  • my friend says that you can get athena's on gold hoarder level 75 voyages, community is this true though?

  • (you need at least 3 reputation to post again wait 120 seconds)

  • i would like to put something out there that it is troublesome when you are trying to do a flameheart fleet solo, not because i'm bad, but when things are already bad enough a skeleton ship or a reapers emissary comes and destroys me when i'm in a bad place. this is really annoying
    especially if a galleon contests me. i know the game is called sea of thieves, but doesn't every pirate need a moment of piece sometimes?

  • I recently watched a video explaining how being pirate legend doesn’t really give anything exciting apart from a title, more cosmetics to buy and voyages that merge gold, merchant and order of souls voyages together.

    So I think now is a good time to suggest great ideas to the devs so that being a pirate legend is more worth it.

    I’d like to suggest a vault upgrade for your ship that can only be acquired whilst being a pirate legend. This upgrade would provide you with a small storage space where you can hide 3 pieces of loot for example a chest and two crates from merchants. This would protect those 3 items from being stolen from other pirates when boarding your ship, the others would have to sink your ship in order to access what was inside the vault.

    To explain further, the video I watched suggested that being a pirate legend should give players privileges that make their time more pleasant. This is where my idea comes from. It’s a privilege to be able to hide 3 pieces of loot away from players so that they can’t steal it when boarding your ship, only after sinking you are they able to acquire it.

    If we want being a pirate legend more exciting we need to suggest more ideas. Small additions like this will add up to a great experience after grinding for the title. I’d like to know peoples opinions, thanks!

    • Storms should be a bigger threat; deal more damage, have tornadoes to spin a ship around (which could be used to your advantage!) if hit and knock off a few planks so you need to repair. I want my adrenaline pumping when I've got so much loot and being chased that I decide to go into the storm not knowing if I'll come out of it or not. Chasing other pirates into a storm would also be a gamble. Rogue waves could also play a part, but then again simply adding tornadoes to storms might be enough.
    • Eye of the storm. You need somewhere to rest from all those tornadoes ;P
    • Fog is small and uninteresting. I actually LOVE fog when it covers and island, holy krapken I was on this small patch of land and didn't realize the giant island right next to me and it made me feel so small. But on the sea it's meh. Maybe there could be a way to summon the fog.. could be interesting while in a fight.. what about smoke cannon bombs?
    • While on the topic of weather, being able to see storms and fog on the map would be a cool addition to tactical combat, knowing where the fog and storms are. Yes I know you can just look up to the sky but adding it to the map can spark the idea; "okay let's go for it" in sea combat.
    • Harpoons need more use. I want to hunt animal life with harpoons, fishing is great (I actually disliked it in the beginning because I saw no use for it) but harpooning wild life is also cool (uh.. in-game of course save the wales in real life don't get me wrong).
    • Mega is too easy (on sloop, even while solo). Please buff.
    • Sea dragon kind of boss. Think Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    • Let me spend (any kind of) coin to fill the ship with supplies.
    • So far I've been stuck 5 times. Can the game detect that I have not moved for a minute on land and let me commit sudoku?
    • Swimming above water while pressing shift does not give me any sort of animation like it does under water giving the impression swimming under water is faster while it is not.
    • Island (possibly outpost) invasions. Defend an outpost from hybrid human sea monsters and gain a reward. This would also cut off an outpost temporarily which makes having 200 chests on board and wanting to sell asap even more nerve racking.

    The most important thing to change: every time I boot the game I am deafened, please load my sound settings before the game boots (it's on 5%) :P