• So this is gonna be a bunch of feedback and suggestion that some friends and i compiled and i don't want to make a different topic for each.

    The praise first:

    1. Thank you for fixing the Kraken. Not getting pulled through hulls anymore makes the fight actually enjoyable.
    2. The amount of content tall tales brought is amazing and quite enjoyable to play through. Getting that much content for free is rare these days (Ha! see what i did there. :P)

    Now to some feedback on current things:

    1. The skeleton ship raids really need some love. Yeah i get it forts are easier, people don't like a challenge yadda yadda. But i for one don't want to do forts 24/7 and when a ship raid finally spawns its gone before you get there in 99% of the cases.
    2. I feel like the sloop needs some buff because of the new damage model, for obvious reasons i guess.
    3. Now third goes for all ships: one shot shouldn't instantly drop your anchor, if it gets destroyed by multiple hits and due to that the anchor drops, fine. But aimbot skeletons and volcanoes who just slightly hit your anchor and making it drop is ridiculous at times.
    4. The rep and gold you get for meg and kraken should be higher imo, it's special fish/meat afterall and yet it gives so little.

    The third section is about future things that could be a great addition, mainly things that came up during our tall tales voyages.

    1. Gold hoarder voyages using the star telescope.
    2. Order of soul voyages using the ferryman lantern to free lost souls
    3. Bilge rat adventures where you have to discover more lairs of the trickster. Or maybe even random traps on island to spice things up.

    Thank you for reading, enjoy your day.

  • Crossplay Between PC and XBOX
    As a Sea of Thieves fanatic that plays a controller, I find it very uneven that Xbox players are forced to play with PC players. While I wield both a controller and a keyboard depending on what I’m in the mood for, I can advocate that it is completely unbalanced. I enjoy playing with my friends on other platforms, but I believe that it should be optional. Especially in arena. It is so ridiculous how much of an advantage you have in PVP on PC. As an unbiased player, I think that there should be a setting where you can switch between crossplay.

  • While sailing in SoT, I was going to Galleon's grave to sell a skull, i hit anchor right before hitting the dock, and whooooosshhhhhh i flew off my boat and it was upside down. While upside down the ship was fully functioning, yet it was all upside down, my pal and I raised the anchor and it sailed away, upside down. The boat sailed for a solid 10 minutes before it sunk, but that was the greatest time I have ever had on SoT.
    If you want game clips of the even, go to these gamertags
    Mike K 9711

  • So today my brother and i set out to try and set a record for the most fish on the boat at one time. Since there was no way to look up the record we set 300 as a nice round number and filled that up. I was wondering if rare could confirm or deny if thats the record for most at once but more importantly I notice an issue. i turned in 300 fish and only went up exactly one level in the hunters call from level 21 to level 22 at right about the 10 o clock mark. This seems like a bit of an undercut considering it took about 7 hrs to complete. It may be time for a rework of the xp system in the hunters call faction unless it was intended to be that hard. Either way I'm gunna grind it to 50 but at this rate it seems like that will take longer than it did to originally reach pirate legend. As you can tell i love the fishing i just feel like the xp should be a little more rewarding. The money system is fine, i earned about 21k gold so that is 100% worth the effort. Have any of you had more than 300 fish in your barrel at a time and how do you guys feel about the Hunter's call experience rewards?

  • sep galeone 2.0

    Good morning to all pirates,
    for those of you who don't know us, we are Sea of Thieves Italia, a community of Italian Sea of Thieves players. We have a very active Discord Server on which we have been organizing numerous events for a long time and we propose activities to involve players both in the game and in the community.
    In particular, we are very proud of the private Crews/Clan system that we have created. The members really like the Role Play environment created between the different crews and the pirate atmosphere that has resulted from it.
    The recent introduction of a fictitious currency inside the Server has improved things even more, involving more and more pirates in our adventure.

    But we are not here to advertise, on the contrary we are here to put on the table a proposal that we believe could be useful to the whole international community of Sea of Thieves.

    As some of you may already know, platforms like Discord allow you to create BOTs that improve and facilitate interations and daily life on the portal, adding features and upgrades.
    It is thanks to these BOTs that we were able to create the Crews/Clans system and the internal economy of the server.
    To make these BOTs, developers need to provide APIs that allow programs to receive the information they need. Many games have made these APIs available so that you can collect some game data such as GT, factions levels, hours of play, achievements, single achievement progression for each faction etc.
    This data would allow the creation of infinite features for those like us who care about this game and want to see it grow with their community.

    However, Sea of Thieves doesn't offer these APIs to date, and it's very difficult for us to create something interactive with the game.

    Currently, the only possible way is to access a paid service that, however, only provides very little information about the players and only concerning the Xbox achievements and not directly Sea of Thieves.

    What we propose to developers is that they can make APIs available so that realities like ours can use them to create and develop features for external platforms such as Discord and engage players even more.

    • We can give an example:

    Within our server we give a role Legendary Pirate lvl 10 to all those who achieve this goal in the game.
    At the moment the only way to do it is to have a screenshot sent with the levels of Athena and assign the role manually. As you can certainly understand, this type of process becomes complex when you have large communities like ours (almost 4000 users).
    With the API instead it would be possible for example to configure a BOT that, when a user becomes PL lvl 10, is able to automatically assign the role of Pirate Legendary lvl 10 in the Discord server by making a simple verification of the player's information through the use of the API provided.

    We would like to conclude by specifying that the API would not allow in any way to create cheats or anything like that, but would only provide information about the game to be reused externally.

    sep galeone

    In the following Gif, you can see the actual Bot for the Server Economy, that gives a certain quantity of 'server money' after an user register his GamerTag xbox, and the api returns the statistics taken from the hero/public that you make public (and are visible also from Xbox App).

    gif bot use

    Thank you all for your Consideration!
    Sea of Thieves Italia Community Staff

    Sea of Thieves Italia Official Discord Server HERE (where the BOT is in)

    sep galeone 2.0

  • Hello Rare!

    I'm here to give you my feedback on Tall Tales, after completing them 5 times, with every commendation.

    • The Shroudbreaker
      This was nice and smooth for the first time, a bit boring farming it, but the variations was good.
    • The Cursed Rogue
      I'm not sure why the boss is a woman, but whatever at first I liked it, farming wasn't a pleasure. If you are playing it with more than 2 people (brig,galleon) there is something really wrong with the scaling off the boss. She gets a ton of HP, will write about boss scaling later in this feedback.
    • The Legendary Storyteller
      Liked it at the first run, farming was neutral. Journals are horrible.
    • Stars of a Thief
      Liked it at the first run, farming was a negative experience, it taken too much time.
    • Wild Rose
      Liked the idea behind that, but it was too out of context for me. Farming was very negative and long.
    • The Art of the Trickster
      Liked it at the first run, farming wasn't that bad after you master the traps at Sailors' Bounty. PvP is a huge pain in neck while farming this.
    • Fate of the Morningstar
      Liked it at the first, hoped Greymarrow will be much more baddass after seeing his ghost. Farming was not bad, and not too long, I actually enjoyed it.
    • The Revenge of the Morningstar
      I can't decide which tale I hated to farm at the most, this , or Shores of Gold. I think this. At the first, it was great, but disappointing. We was on a sloop, and we grabbed 3 gunpowder barrels. After starting the cutscene, you can easily locate where will Greymarrow spawn, so we put the barrels here, and exploded them after he spawned. He died in 10 sec after spawning. While we farmed it on a brig, it was a nightmare, and here is the point when I talk about the bad boss scaleing. When we was on a brig, Greymarrow survived 11 gunpowder barrels, and took a lot of shots and swings to die compared to the "sloop difficulty" it took only 3 barrels and 10 sec of fighting. Because of this, it was far too long and boring to farm.
    • Shores of Gold
      The other one what I really liked at the first, excluding the copy-paste boss fight, and the unpleasantly made "piles of gold" aka. retextured rocks in boss chamber. Farming was a nightmare, it took like 25-30m each run just to get from Morrow's Peak to Shores of Gold. The Kraken token needs to be run around the whole cursed island, five times. While you are in the trap phase, players can sink your ship, that's just dumb. If you are on a sloop, especially when you are doing it for the first time, and everyone wants to see what Shores of Gold hides. In the trap phase the respawns are totally broken if one us get throught a capstan the door closes, and the other one have to fight his way through alone, again. I don't want to believe this is inteded, to do it alone while you crew is ahead. The boss scaling is wrong here too, and the boss fight is disappointing, because it's a copy-paste of Briggsy and Greymarrow's moveset again. Nothing unique. The Pirate Lord dialog at the end is awkward, really awkward. It's about glory, not about treasure, what the hell? We're pirates for god's sake, it's obviusly about treasure and gold.

    Afterall, I liked the Tall Tales, and I don't liked farming them, especially the journals. It was a good lore expansion too, worth playing it. Your attempt to "bring players together to complete Tall Tales" are 100% failed, only met instant hostile players in all Tales we played (with an alliance offer flag on). The Tale rewards are "meh", some of them better, some of them not. I expected a bit more from the Gold Hoarder curse, it's just another layer of texture, not a mesh, disappointing. Most of them was bad at every replay because of the lack of variety. Yeah, We needed to go to other islands, but it was always the same. Get X, go to Y,repeat, just the islands changed. Also, there is just not enough gold in the Shores of Gold. It's just, Shores of Vaults and traps. There is only small piles of gold, I expected a few meter tall piles of golds when entering the boss chamber.

    So I liked them, but would never play them again.

    Best regards.

  • I was playing the shores of Gold Tall Tale with my friend WobblierAbyss46 and we were at the bit where you have to get into the headless statue to open the door, we placed the gold hoarder coin on the ground so we could move our ship. Then we went through a server merge and the Gold Hoarder coin disappeared and we failed the mission. It is ridiculous that we spent on this mission to be screwed up by a bug. Please get this sorted out.

  • Please add some counter to toxic players during Tall Tales quests. I just finished killing Briggsy and getting the skull when a galleon came up, sank my one-man sloop at the island, killed me, took the skull, and left. THERE GOES 2 HOURS OF MY LIFE FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Tall Tales are one of the most fun things added to this game but they are ruined by slimy members of the community. Please add some counter to this, whether it be that players can't pick up Tall Tales loot that isn't theirs, or have the loot respawn where it was dropped if it's not sold by the same crew who earned it, or have Briggsy respawn when the quest isn't completed or the skull isn't sold by the right crew, or at least have the quest still get completed when the skull is sold. Personally, I think the best counter to toxicity like this would be to just have private servers. Private servers would be restrictive in that there would be no skeleton forts or skeleton ships, but it would make it a much more enjoyable experience for players simply doing quests and the storyline. Casual players don't enjoy wasting hours of their life just to get nothing in return and have to restart the quest over and over, it drives people away from the game.
    (I've bolded the things that I think are viable suggestions)

  • The "out of bounds", or "Devils Shroud"" that contains the arena should be far deadlier, or incur a point penalty for crossing it.

    I just had a team run from me, go far out of bounds, only to turn around and be able to escape while they mitigated the damage.

    They basically cheated with that tactic and won the match with fewer than 500 silver.

  • Add pooping. Vomit is simply not enough.
    Poo for loot Yay. \o/
    Use poo in canons; Use poo to feed imaginary crab pet; Use poo to blind enemies; Use poo on plants to make them healthier.
    Pooping is the next step after cooking, with all we eat now, we need to evacuate.
    Pooping is the next thing.

  • In its early conception there was rumors that Tall Tales was going to be a voyage overhaul. It is clear now that is not the case, and that's fine, but it means voyages are still very repetitive and monotonous. These are just my suggestions for how the voyages and trading companies could be improved.

    The Order of Souls (OOS) and the Gold Hoarders (GH):

    The OOS and GH voyages should be overhauled to essentially become procedurally generated, non story based tales. Though I can't comment on how easy this would be to implement the principal is quite simple; integrate all the assets, locations and mechanics (constellations, traps, caves, shrines, keys, etc) from Tall Tales into the voyages and have some means of procedural generation give players a book containing riddles, maps, constellations, drawings, etc. The end result for GH voyages would of course be finding numerous treasures and riches while the OOS would be a boss encounter, or rather a series of. The developers have said that they intend to release more Tall Tales updates past The Shores of Gold so every time a new tale releases the mechanics and assets can all be thrown into the procedural voyage mix. This would make voyages a proper adventure with puzzles and intrigue instead of a bland fetch quest.

    The Merchant Alliance and the Hunters Call:

    Integrate the Hunters Call into the Merchant Alliance. I like the idea behind the Hunters Call but in practice I don't think there needs to be a dedicated faction to fishing and cooking. Instead, Merrick and the other members of the Hunters Call would become Merchant Alliance NPC's found at all the sea posts around the map and the Merchant Alliance would become the ultimate passive trading company. Here's how it would work:

    Cooked fish and such is sold to the Merchant Alliance as it would've been sold to the Hunters Call - could be worth a bit more money in my opinion.

    Remove animal voyages and instead have cages spawn frequently near and on top of barrels - encourages players to collect them and bring them onto the ship and makes capturing animals a passive activity like fishing.

    Introduce trapping - traps can be set using the cages to passively capture animals while performing other activities at islands. To do this set the cage down and a 'set trap' interaction should appear (requires the player to put respective bait in the cage - fruit for chickens and pigs, meat for snakes). Leave the cage and after one or two minutes an animal becomes trapped - can be released in case the player is looking for a particular colour and animals can also be captured hands on by the current in game method.

    Trapped animals can be brought onto the ship as per usual and sold to any Merchant Alliance NPC - including old Hunters Call NPC's - for a profit comparable to the prices received for delivering an animal on a voyage.

    The titles, commendations and skins rewarded for leveling with the Hunters Call can all be transferred to the Merchant Alliance.

    Cargo runs should continue to function as dedicated Merchant Alliance voyages that can be purchased from any Merchant Alliance NPC.

  • The one thing holding me back from really enjoying the sea of thieves experience is the lack of a banking, or storing system to store items between play sessions.

    I would love to see some sort of bank implemented at the taverns!

    This would be a place that you could stock up on materials and food, so the next time you play you can simply gather your supplies and go.

    Currently you need to mindlessly grind for an hour or so gathering materials, finding food and cooking it before each session.

    This banking system would allow us to hop on for an hour or two, fish for a while, cook it up, and finally store it in the bank to have food ready for my journey over the weekend.

  • Wasn't really sure where to put this, in terms of bug reporting however I thought this was pretty amazing. I'm sure most of you know you can harpoon onto the megalodon, and it takes you for a pretty wild, hypersped ship ride, but this was a strange occurrence

    Video of bug in question

    If anyone knows where I should report this as a bug, please tell me. This glitch is able to be reproduced. If you grapple a meg and tow yourself towards it while it charges this may happen.

  • Since the big update is here more food is available in the game. What I know there is no fast/easy way to select specific food. Only with tab or Q button (on keyboard)

    So what do think guys a food selection wheel is it a great idea?

  • So I've played a couple matches in the arena and it is really fun. However, I've got two major points of feedback (i.e. "complaints") about the mode.

    Feedback Point 1: I hate trying to sail a galleon by myself. It has not happened the majority of the games I have played, but when it does, it is immensely frustrating. As someone who only has a limited amount of time to play and no friends to play with, I do not want to spend half (if not any) of my time hopping between lobbies looking for a four man crew. A better match-making system could help, but I would also suggest that if too many players leave the game at the start (lets say, within five minutes), then the game would consolidate the remaining players into evenly distributed groups (without breaking up private parties).
    P.s. I used to use Discord for LFG, but now with less play time, I can't spend the ~1 hour it takes to find a full crew and get everyone joined together while dealing with how stupid the Win10 Xbox app is.

    Feedback Point 2: I hate getting spawn killed. It has happened way more times than is enjoyable. I would be waiting on a black screen for ~30 seconds, an then - before I even got the chance to tell where I was on the boat - I would be killed. Maybe we should get a couple seconds of invulnerability after respawning, or at least get a chance to rotate the camera a bit before other players know where we are.
    P.s. I have my game installed on a SSD, so I don't think that that is the problem.

    Conclusion: This Game mode and it's core gameplay loop is really good, it just has two major problems that can ruin the fun.

    Thanks for all your hard work Rare :)

  • A new faction called the Imperial Faction should be added. To go along with this a new set of cosmetics should be added called the commodore set (kinda like a British red coat). The person at the island will then tell you to hunt a pirate ship in a certain area or to go build a fort on a certain island.

    For 100,00 coins you can purchase an island and make your own faction. For 30,000 coins cosmetics can be made for your faction. In order to make money you could sell cosmetics and supplies, such as wood cannon bales bananas etc. the faction would last forever and when you spawn into the game, you spawn at you island fort. In order to build you faction you could invite friends to join it and establish ranks

    1. A new weapon called a Musket with a bayonet should be added, it would be an eye of reach with out a scope, and instead would have a bayonet. This would allow for gun fire and melle

    2. A new ship called the 3rd Rate. Since Sea of Theives does have its limitations (you can’t have a ship with 50 guns on each side), a 3rd rate or man o War would have cannons on two decks and be 3 decks tall. It would be pretty much a galleon but reskined, tuffer, slower, and with more guns. This ship can accommodate 6-12 people.

  • I am absolutely amazed at the anniversary update! Rare has done such a good job in adding fun new content to the game, and I hope that continues. After cooking and fishing for a while, I have just one thing that I want to suggest. Cooking and finding ingredients can take a while, so why not make things interesting by giving certain food items buffs?

    For example,

    1. shark meat can give a 20% speed boost when swimming for X amount of seconds
    2. Golden Chickens give you Slow falling(no fall damage) for X amount of seconds
    3. Kraken Meat lets you breath underwater for 1 minute
    4. Golden Pig meat overheals your health bar by X percent for X seconds

    These are just a few examples of certain things that can be added to make cooking more interesting and rewarding. While the examples I have given above may be too OP or not feasible, these are just some early suggestions/ Ideas that can be changed and balanced by the developers

    Buffs from food is a mechanic that is seen in many different types of games, ranging from MMO games like world of warcraft to indie games such as Stardew valley

    P.S I don't know if there is a chef outfit but if not please make one that would be amazing

  • Hello! I know that you have so many things to do, but thank you to help who have vision problems, like me, who can't see the differences from colors, Before this update i had problems "only" to see enemies (and now in the arena the problems are bigger), and also for cooking i can't see when something is cooked.

    Thank you so much Rare

  • Just wanted to say, I love the new update. Hat's off to the folks at Rare.

    I had a great time fooling around with the new update this evening. Rough in places and a few odd yet severe lag spikes, plus a voyage ending bug, but whatever, I had a great time this evening and I think Rare deserve a huge round of applause for the latest update.

    I haven't even scratched the surface of all the new stuff yet. When you look at it as a whole package though, between fishing being a thing you can do to chill out while you're waiting for your mates to get on. Arena if you want some instant gratification and Tall Tales rounding out the lore, adding some much needed flavour and story telling, I feel like Sea of Thieves is really turning into the game that I imagined it would be at launch.

    Congratulations. Keep up the good work!

    Can't wait to get stuck into some more piratical adventures.

  • If you try to join a game during a fight between a skelly ship you will meet an indefinite black screen, this may not be the case for some but this happens all the time for me. If you are voted to be locked up in the brig while stuck on the black screen you will bypass it. When you load in you will have no access to your equipment but will have obtained unlimited inventory space, so as a single individual you can pick up, lets say ... 500 hundred canonballs!? & then use the cannon without ever having to stop, the same can be done with any resource on the the ship.

    When you pull up your equipment wheel you will see nothing until you have picked up a resource, it may seem as if you have been given unlimited resources but that is not the case, as once you've given/used all the resources in your inventory your pockets will be empty. However, if you die while holding the resources they will disappear and the only way to put them back is by passing them on to another crew mate. I see this as a possible exploit and needs to be fixed.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    I'm not sure if this is the right area to post this and it isn't my first time saying this but the lag is getting really bad in Sea of Thieves. I have started playing again recently and the lag was horrible, about 1000 ping then back to about 150 which is average for me in Sea of Thieves but not it's back up to 600+ ping. It's low for other games so I really think it's server-side. Some of my friends have also been experiencing this. This is also concerning since the new update is 2 days away and I really don't want the Arena spoiled with ping issues. Anyone else having this problem. I'm on PC btw.

  • I’m sure many other players can relate to this, but I have noticed time and time again that combat in SoT needs some serious changes. It’s good, but can be a lot better.

    Firstly, PvE. Skeletons with guns are too difficult to deal with. They have God tier accuracy, 99 out of a 100 times getting a shot to hit you, even when you are jumping all over the place, and since the recent changes to reload speed, they have ridiculous reload speed too. When I’m trying to complete an order of souls quest, I quite regularly come across a wave of gold skeletons on a large island with at least 2 sniper skeletons on their team. This is impossible to deal with, as when I’ve got my bucket full of water ready, I attempt to go near them to be killed before I can even take out my blunderbuss because of the weapon animation. Waiting for a storm to rust them isn’t an option as it will take hours to move there in some cases, and trying to take them to the ocean won’t work either as the sniper skeletons don’t move as they don’t need to. Either decrease skeleton accuracy with guns or make them do less damage. In regards to skeletons on cannons, I have no issues with that, that bit’s nailed👌.

    Lastly, PvP. Main issue, gun animation. I understand why it was implemented, to stop double gunning. And I was happy when it was first introduced. Emphasis on WAS. It didn’t stop double gunning for a start. It only made it half a second slower. I still see people regularly double gunning in SoT, and it irritates me beyond belief. Mainly because the only people it largely effects are people using swords! People who double gun can just shoot one bullet from their sniper then one from pistol, the other player is dead. But when someone’s using a sword, it’s on gunshot and at least 3 or 4 sword swipes. When switching back to a gun in the heat of the fight totally ruins the flow, as it only about half a second, but it stops the flow of using the sword after. It messes you up. By the time I’ve got my Blunderbuss back out after 3 sword slashes, the other player already has his second gun out and kills me instantly. It’s an unfair advantage. I don’t see why people using cutlasses were even effected in the first place, as the animation was to stop double gunning, not intended PvP gameplay. I would really like to see this animation removed if you are using a cutlass as one of your weapons. It would improve gameplay immensely. It would actually fulfil it’s intended purpose of discouraging double gunning and promoting skill based gameplay.

    I hope that this post will be seen and either acted upon or responded to giving reasons for and against these changes.

    Pirate Legend Athena’s 8

  • Ahoy Mates!
    The Anniversary Update is speedily approaching!
    And with Fishing being one of the key new features, I figure some sailors (Myself included) may just row around the sea in a Rowboat and just fish all day!

    Now, as most of use Rowboat enthusiasts know:
    Mermaids follow you all over the sea and pop up when your at a certain distance away from your Rowboat.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful to them for providing us with the ability to return to our Ships but when your just trying row around the sea, their songs and smoke plumes get kind of distracting.
    (They mess up screen shots too)

    So what I'm proposing to combat this issue is:

    Give us the option in the settings to turn down Mermaids' songs and disable their smoke plumes.

    Their physical presence would remain to prevent camper exploits.
    Kind of like how other Pirates' Mermaids appear to you.

    Anyways mates, I think this would be a welcome QoL Improvement!
    Let me know what you think of it!
    And do tell me of any idea you have for fixing the 'Mermaid Issue'.
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • I have a perception disorder, what that means in my case is that everything seems to be as loud as the loudest thing in the room. If I'm in a big room where people are talking on one end and loud music is playing on the other, the people whispering is heard as unintelligible murmuring at the same volume as the loud music. It makes it hard for me to be in crowded public places and can result in some extreme stress, migraines, and occasionally physical nausea and pain.

    I play on PC, and when I have the option, have most music, separate sound effects (if given as a choice), and ambient sounds muted in games. It makes it so I can play comfortably without my disorder interfering with my ability to play.

    One thing I've learned playing with my friends is that the music slider and sound effects slider are important to not be muted. I have noticed that my friends seem to know when we are being attacked by a Kraken, Megalodon, Skeleton ship etc. sooner than I do and the reason for this is because the indication for most of these fights starting is based on change of music.

    Meanwhile the sound effects slider is everything from waves crashing against the ship to cannon fire from an island we are passing. If I have the sound too loud, cannon fire and gunshots makes my head buzz and migraines to occur. If I have it too low, I can't hear that I've missed a hole while repairing and I'm slowly filling up with water, or that my helm has reached center point while I'm visually tracking the way I have to go.

    What I would like to see implemented, if at all possible, are different audio sliders for different musics and sound effects.
    I would appreciate the SoT team looking into this for players like me and other who encounter the same kinds of issues in our lives.

  • Alright, so I hit Pirate legend last week. Since then I have various things that I'd like to put my 2 cents in about.

    Level 50 Missions
    Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchants. No matter what you are doing the spawn rate of skeletons is insane. I can understand more skeletons being on Order of Souls missions, after all that's what you signed up for, but skip to my "Skeletons" section for that rant. If in on a Gold Hoarders mission I'm there to have the fun and difficulty of navigating a map to find lost treasure, not kill wave after wave of skeletons. These missions should have very little skeletons spawning during them. Merchants, cargo should have little skeletons and animal pickup should be very little. It feels like higher level players are punished with a difficulty increase that nobody asked for. Trying to deliver a pig? Sorry heres 3 barrel skeletons that will blow up your pig for you.

    Regardless of what you are doing you run into skeletons. Okay that's mostly fine and dandy. However, it is not fine and dandy to fight skeletons that spawn in waves of 4-6, have a 90% hit rate with guns, and often times you have 4+ with guns at any time. If it's not guns it's "here, let's spawn wave after wave of barrel skeletons forcing you to sprint away because they can almost move as fast as you can when you're sprinting. Barrel skeletons should move slightly slower than the player moves when he is carrying a barrel. After all they are skeletons that should basically have rigor mortis. It's a pain in the behind to have to run away from whatever I'm doing every 2 minutes because I hear a fuse light. Oh yeah and all the skeletons have infinite ammo and infinite bananas.

    My suggested changes:
    -Make Athena's Missions all similar to Gilded Voyage of Legends. Loot should be worth the journey and as of right now a bunch of marauders and a few villainous skulls isnt worth dozens of firing squad skellies and a chest barely worth 6k.

    -Skeletons should be limited to 5 bullets max just like the player but I think they should have and rng table of anywhere between 1 and 5. Once they run out of ammo they should be forced to stop using their gun and go to hand to hand combat. Barrel skeletons can do the same since as it stands if you take a skeletons barrel somehow or a spectral skelly blows up while its invulnerable it just stands there until you kill it.

    -Gun skeletons need a tracking nerd and an accuracy nerf. Its rediculous to fight 4+ skeletons if all of them have a 70+ % chance to hit you. Its fairly common on anthena's to get 4 or 5 handgun skeletons spawn and all just run away out of sword range and pepper toy with bullets often getting hit multiple times in a row by several skeletons.

    -also please either take the random missions found in barrels out or make them worth something. Tired of trying to loot something and getting a garbage mission to take up a spot on my wheel with 1 seafarers chest on it. Or make it so we can discard them.

  • Hey guys,

    Is there ever going to be a sea of thieves screenshot option? Right now, I am using windows + print scrn. Problem is sea of thieves is only 1/3 of the screen shot. My other desktops take up the other 2/3rds of the image. Do you think you can help me out by providing a way to take screen shots like F12 in steam?

  • This is a really good game. Simple, looks gorgeous, original and fun.

    However, it just feels like it needs a second part. It feels fine for a first instalment, but there are so many things you can work in, I don't think you can do it by simply releasing updates or DLCs:

    • Definitely, it needs more interactions with other players, or at least, the option of having it. There's no way to gather a big crew all toghether, but there are options to sail without seeing any other pirate in hours, that's for sure.
    • Gathering different crews is just impossible. I know you are looking at that, but still, there's some need of having a freely chosen servers system.
    • Those interactions could be way more complex (trading, dueling, creating large groups while in game...).
    • In-game dynamics could depend much more on other players. E.g. reputation system, factions, guilds...
    • Different guns, boats, boat perks, armor.
    • Different kinds of NPC's and different kinds of quests, or simply the possibility of exploring and also getting profits from that.
    • A realistic big map, not only formed by isles, but rather having some true peninsulas or small continental lands.
    • The possibility of practicing true trade (buying and selling different products whose prizes vary in the market), of taking part on brigades to stop pirates....
    • Consequently, the possibility of being a propper pirate, i.e., stealing stuff from traders, running away from brigadiers and so on.

    I think those suggestions are basic stuff, but I could imagine also some examples of other extremely demanding requests, like the possibility of building or editing boats, having a modest crafting possibility (refuges, boat parts...), or a simple abilities system.

    Don't get me wrong, the game is great as it is, and this suggestions are not "salty requests". I'm just saying that a second part of Sea of Thieves introducing changes like those I mentioned above in a near future would be simply great

  • The term "Double Gun" mean using 2 firearms in rapid succession as if it were ONE burst. (You are able to use 2 guns) I know RARE have recently put a patch in place to prevent this (Adding an equip animation apon changing your weapon) however I am finding more and more cases of players getting around this patch. What makes it worse now is that other players are NURFED when it comes to fighting against it cause the only way to fight a Double Gun quick swap is to Double Gun quick swap.

    I do have clips of Players bypassing the patch to use Double Gunning like before. If this gos unfixed, next update's Arena will be flooded with Double Gunning Exploiters, and will make the overall experience "Unenjoyable".

    *If you've encountered Double Gunning, One shot kills, since the past update, please inform RARE of this issue. It has Happened to me far too frequently and I can not be the only one!. There is a loophole past the patch.

    Clip Recorded apr12,2019

    (EDIT: The clip has been REMOVED to be edited to fit community guidelines; Also to check to see if this was an example of double gunning and will be reposted with a conclusion soon after. Thank you everyone for the Feedback.)