• The sniper needs to be HEAVILY nerfed. Combat makes me so mad because you never feel like a pirate. It feels like you are playing a first person shooter game because everyone just uses a stupid sniper. Even with the huge nerf to hip fire accuracy, people still just scope down the lines and use it like a shotgun. It completely ruins the feel of combat and destroys the image of what a pirate it. In arena I can't even spawn in because someone camping just shoots me once and then one sword slash and I'm dead. This is not at all how combat should be. I already know that so many people are gonna shoot down my idea because that's just how toxic this community is, but I don't care.

  • In person opinion I think the new add-on is dramatically difficult to do solo, I've scuttled numerous of times as well as been killed by geysers over and over. Yes I could just join a crew but I like soloing and it just kind of has a extreme difficulty I can't handle.

  • Everything seems to be really laggy recently, and I am pretty sure its not my internet, as everything is loading just fine. Its just SoT that is laggy. Is there something going on or do I need to do something?

  • This isn't a game breaking problem but why will they including selling empty collector's chests????? The ashen collector's ones kinda makes sense as in 'Oooh they might be cursed or have hidden meaning' so the factions are interested but selling normal empty boxes for the OoS or GH or M? Why would they be interested?! This just seems as an extra way to make a quick buck or something and adds nothing to the experience.

  • There's a major problem with the newly introduced Black Market 'Archives'. As we all know, the major rewarding factor of Sea of Thieves is having a piece of limited time cosmetics. The fact that the idea of re-releasing the exact same items with the exact same color scheme was even brought up is laughable. Many people strive to play Sea of Thieves at specific time periods to obtain time-limited cosmetics. What will be the point of trying to play the game when the updates come? To get at a cheaper price??? That won't affect anyone with millions upon millions of gold. (Unless the price increase will reach 5mil+ a piece or so, which I doubt will be the case).

    Please reconsider releasing the exact same colors of time-limited cosmetics as that would ruin the experience for anyone who joined during that time period. Adding a new color gives the player-base the missed event items themselves while giving respect to the players that played the content during its period.

    This problem is reaching an absurd level with the constant re-release of limited content ever since the release of the Mercenary Clothing Set with the Midnight Blunderbuss [Purchasable Hard-drive] following soon after, after that the Victorious Sea Dog Blunderbuss with its permanent 240 win cap after being announced as time-limited, and god knows what's next.

    It's honestly starting to feel like a scheme set up by Rare to extort money or play time from its fans. I hate to assume the worst but based on evidence from the Dev Update/patterns of re-release it seems this plan is going through.

    Please keep this part of Sea of Thieves untouched.

  • Can we get an option to save outfit presets? I don't like having to put on every item individually to change into another outfit of mind. I'm sure this option has crossed everyone's mind at some point.

  • On February 6th, Slow Down when swinging was removed

    This caused the sword combat behaviors to spiral into a messy, non tactful sword play where players eagerly and constantly mash their swing button, while running at their opponents with no thought. For a Brief period, the block function did not work with this change sometimes. They eventually fixed blocking, but that still did not help.

    Because since then, blocking attacks was a detriment due to how someone swinging at you could run around and hop in full speed while you are forced to keep pace with your blocking, standing completely still. This also inadvertently made it more difficult for Controller users.

    The developers did not see these dynamics.

    This is still present.

    (They also added the gun switch delay during the same time)

    To balance the sword more, they added No sword combo-ing on environment.

    A change wanted since before 6th of February. This change nerfed the crazy button mash of sword combating, but only a little. As it did not really penalize the players.

    Before the 6th of Feb, players would sword combo into moving slow. This was obviously undesirable, and why this change would be the better fit to come out before the drastic No Slowdown on swinging change.

    To truly nerf the sword. They added Longer cooldown when missing a Swing.

    The sword was obviously overpowered, the guns were less desired and had their own problems, However. This change was still doing very little to simmer down the power of the sword. Because of how hitting the environment gave a differing cooldown from missing completely. You can try this yourself.

    Even for charge attacks, missing completely versus hitting the environment have different properties that are still present.

    As of the Seabound soul update, I missed this:

    Hitting the environment with a sword strike will now correctly classify as a miss and delay the player from striking again for the full cooldown.

    They did something! But a bit too late for me I feel. This mostly affects charge attacks hitting the environment as you wont be able to dodge hop out of the halt. This will force players to make use of the next section which they need to fix, and I pleaded them to fix ever since they added it.

    Due to the differing cooldowns, and the terrible feedback of the animation when missing completely, players found themselves having a hard time switching off of the sword and into something more useful like their food (banana).

    Without any Insider Testing, they released Switching from Sword Any time...

    This has helped the frustrated players who did not get to switch away from the sword, and also gave others a Win button.

    On the very first day, as soon as I spawned in the tavern, on simply reading the patch notes, I found out that you can now do the Shovel Trick with the sword. This granted exploiters a Vortex that combos into infinite strikes, as well as Macro or Practiced techniques where you Strike Twice, Block-Hop through your opponent and behind them to repeat the cycle.

    This is also still present.

    With the added fix from the section above, I bet you this will be the new "exploit"/"Feature" discussion that you guys will have.

    Ever since then, the sword has not been touched directly as the balance between the guns and the sword seemed to have balanced out, mostly due to the guns, but things are still shaky as many of the issues and more are still present.

    This whole sword combat Balance is like a wobbly Jenga tower.

    Hit reg fixes for the sword gave the range of strikes more consistency.

    A general fix between the gun and the sword where things should be more consistent. For the sword, it did not change much of the current dynamics. Players outed frustrations for not catching other players, or being caught in a stun. Despite the fact that mid-air pirates still cannot be halted, things did get a bit more consistent with the expectancy in Range, and the footsies.

    Ever since that first sword change...

    Countless videos and gameplays from other players with sword combat, I noticed a huge lack of vision and awareness. The player swings wildly in hopes to hit. This was not the case previously (before the 6th of February). This is all due to the Dynamics and how players are encouraged to constantly jump before being halted by a stun, and the speed at which the opposing pirate runs out of the Field of View. This all creates a very Visually mess of fights as well. That slowdown prevented these kinds of things from happening.

    The blocking, the vision, the ease of use and then counter-playing was much more apparent with the slowdown. The gun changes would have been better if the sword wouldn't have changed, but they did both. Which caused a reactionary slew of patches to the sword that eventually lead to this mess. A passable mess, but no longer as fun and dueling as the Old sword. Just that slowdown was a very big component to the balance of the weapon, its ridiculous how different this weapon is from then.

    The Insider sword change that did not last a Week.

    A big while ago, I lost all hopes on the melee combat ambition of Sea of Thieves when I got to witness and try a terrible sword change worse than anything we have gotten. Nobody on the Insider forums liked it, and the developers retracted it quickly. I essentially gave up on the game as this was evidence to me that they had very little ideas on how to improve melee.

    And I pretty much did give up. I played the game long enough to be satisfied and was afraid that a Live service would do something like this ever since release. My fears came through and now im one of the skeletons that spawn which you will shatter.

    Now I only get the pleasure of talking about the sword change for this one last time.

  • I've been playing this game since launch and it's always a blast to come back every few months to see what's new. One thing I've been hoping to see though is to be able to recreate my Pirate. My character's body build is way to big in his chest for jackets to look good on him. I've wanted to wear certain jackets or have different colored hair but black hair is the only thing that looks good on my pirate. I also know my friend has been annoyed that his character had a cut on his back that he didn't see when he selected his character.

  • Okay so I feel pretty confident in this one.. I enjoy a little solo slooping here and there. I know others do to.. what about adding a way to control the sails while on the helm. For example you could say "the shipwrights have noticed pirates have a hard time managing their sails by themselves.. or even with a crewate during combat. So they've 2 pedals that you can use to control your sails." Not sure how anyone else feels about that but might as well shoot your shot right? As for voyages please just make them a little more worth it. Remove bottle and parchment quests. Also guildeds?? Please :)

  • Hello,

    Fire and Doubloons are too OP, long story short; they are causing an imbalance in the game, allow me to explain.


    After Arena was added, Adventure became barren, and you can hardly find a ship, later on, with the Dark Relics DLC. The reaper chest was added; it was an incentive for players to return to Adventure and fight over it to earn some doubloons that are needed for Black Market items.

    After Rare saw that as an auspicious thing, they added MOAR things to sell for doubloons, now you can almost sell anything in the game for doubloons, This caused Reaper Chests to lose their value. The glowy beacons in maps are nothing but a colorful glow of particles, as there are many other and easier ways to earn doubloons. I have thousands of doubloons that I do not know what to do with, just like the gold I have.

    Same goes to Fire:

    Fire is too OP, and I'm not talking about Solo Slooping or anything related to the ship. But to skeletons, skeleton Types needed some mechanic to be able to defeat them. Goldies needed Water, and Shadow skeletons required light. It's taking players half of the time necessary to finish fort of the Damned as everyone is just spamming fireballs. Fire is effective against Goldies and Shadows. This ruined the experience of skeleton types, might as well turn them all into standard bone skeletons.

    Fireballs should not affect Goldies, as they should not work on them as if you are throwing them on the floor, on the other hand, fireballs should pass through inactive shadow skeletons, bring back the purpose of skeleton types.

    Please calm down on adding more of what players like, cut down on doubloon related items. Also, apply the necessary logic to fire regarding skeletons.

  • Something many of us want is the option to re-roll our pirate without losing our hard earned cosmetics especially limited ones we can’t get back. Another thing we all want is more PL content. Why not mesh these together? Make it so once the re-roll is an option it remains one only for PLs. This would be beneficial by giving PL’s something that has been long desired while also adding an extra legit incentive for players to hit PL should they be less than satisfied with the character they’ve obtained.

  • Ok this is long overdue. I'm sure everyone has wanted to change their pirate at some point in their Sea of Thieves career, but the fact of losing progress completely detours anyone from doing it. I am a big fan of stories in games. I have had my character for over a year now and I am ready for a change, but that would mean losing a years worth of progress. I recall hearing in a developer update or something along those lines that there would be a way to change character without losing progress after the mega update, but here we are and I don't hear a thing about it. Even if it would cost money or in-game gold then I am totally down. I really just want to start a new journey without losing everything I worked towards for over a year.

  • I personally think that the sword shouldnt be nerfed anymore, nor should it be buffed. I think they need to change how sword combat works. However, since thats not happening, I propose we buff the sword rather than nerf it, as it is pretty much useless against anyone with a blundy, and now its even more useless as if you miss once against a blunder player youre pretty much dead. So I think we should give the sword its mechanics before the sword nerf.

  • Theres a lot of posts/moaning been made regards to been attacked and losing everything during a tall table quest.
    What about creating a flag to symbol you are on a tall tale which may help been randomly attacked?? Despite people constantly replying it's the nature of the game, this may help on some occasions???

  • Please Rare for once actually take time to fix combat before adding things like fire bombs. Hit reg is broken again, the invincibility glitch has been a thing since August and hasn't even been addressed yet, weapons often don't shoot when fully aimed in, and the health glitch is back, and yet you choose to add new overpowered weapons. Not to mention adding commendations that require certain equipment then not fully fixing the equipment reset glitch. So many good players are leaving this game because of broken combat so take a month or so to fix all this and more before continuing the monthly updates. Ubisoft did this with Operation Health in R6S and while it didn't do much at least they acknowledged that they needed to do something. I love the game but PvP needs to be one of the main focuses ALONG with PvE, not only PvE.

  • What is happening in this game right now? I just got out of a fight where some dude was shooting me with a tankard while I ate my upsidedown fruit and tried to defend myself with a cutlass held bladeside. I have also noticed floating items such as spyglasses and swords just out in the middle of the water. Is this something other people are seeing or is my game broken again.

  • Pretty straightforward, allow the use of in game gold and doubloons to be exchanged for ancient coins for the emporium.

    Make the exchange rate something like:

    1 million gold in exchange for 100 ancient coins

    1000 doubloons in exchange for 100 ancient coins.

    There's already the ancient skeletons who drop ancient coins. Why not make gold and doubloons more useful.

    I know in my circle of friends gold and doubloons are nearly worthless due to the over saturation of those currencies. The bilge rat black market does help as a currency sink, but why not do more. Give more incentive to collect anything and everything and I feel the game could be revitalized.

  • This is a simple one and I’m sure it has been mentioned in the past but having more wildlife in the ocean would be amazing. Dolphins, whales, different kinds of sharks (maybe a big great white?), bigger fish in deeper regions (i.e. - tuna) and/or giant schools of fish.

    Sea of Thieves has one of the best environments in the industry, and I genuinely feel like more diverse wildlife to fill up the ocean would make the experience of roaming the seas so much better. Imagine dolphins swimming in front of the ship or a massive whale breaching the surface of the ocean in the distance! So much potential!

  • Yesterday when me and my crew where testing the new update we came across what i presume is a bug (really hope it is) As we usually do, each ship we saw we'd send out one of us to see what voyage they were up to, to see if they were worth either sinking or letting them go.

    However every ship we went to had the same issue, on their voyage table we'd only see our own voyages and not their's.

    We all tried on multiple ships (about 10 minimum) and it was the same case each time, we'd see our own voyages on their table and not their's. We tested it to make sure, each enemy ship we went to, we were able to go to their table and an option would come up to 'vote to cancel', showing it was our own voyage, then we put one of our crew hidden behind their chair to see what would happen if we completed the voyage and sure enough, it then disappeared.

    I sincerely hope this is just a bug that will be patched ASAP (nothing mentioned about this in patch notes as far as I'm aware) The 'tucc' strategy is one of the most loved and enjoyed ways of playing by the community and if this really isn't a bug and a genuine change, they've made a huge mistake. I dread to think where this game would be without all the content and buzz created around the community when 'athena tuccs' became popular. Removing this would mean you wouldn't be able to tell what voyage they were on, making the whole process of stealing something like an athena this way near impossible.

    My assumption is this is a bug, if so please fix ASAP, however if this is a change, it has to be reverted.

  • Think some work needs to be done to improve the emporium. After every update the store just collapses, takes ages to load, people aren't getting purchased coins and just overall even when there's no update it doesn't seem to run very smoothly. I understand there's a lot of traffic post-patch with people wanting to check out the store but most mainstream games I've played haven't had the problem this store has. Just a thought but its frustrated me for a while now.

  • Will their be an option to change pirates without losing progression in the near future. Cause I really do want to change my pirate once again into someone else. Remind you that I’m LVL8 Athena.

  • les éclairs doivent être supprimer car elle casse les couilles. j'étais avec un ami et nous faisions un fort et les éclairs nous ont tuer 10 fois minimum soit je n'ai pas de chance soit les éclairs sont abuser donc faites quelque chose svp et aussi les balles de pompe ne sont pas directe elle ont une différence de dégat considérable mettant en difficulter ou avantage les joueur

  • I think it would be cool to have something in the game that the players could look at and see everything that was turned in for that particular session.

    Every time my crew and I turn in a massive haul I always wish I could pull up a book or something that lists everything we turned in and how much it was all worth. To REALLY see everything we spent so much time collecting.

    And to help answer the question "How much gold did I make this session?"

    I don't know if this was suggested already or if others feel the same, but I think this would be a neat addition to the game!

  • I want to start over in Sea of Thieves because I had found a pirate that I really liked in the Insider Edition. However, I had purchased the Sea of Thieves Special Edition Controller which gives the Ferryman Clothes and Guns. Thinking about starting over, I was wondering that if I did, will this transfer to the new pirate or is the set gone forever?

  • Dev's of Sea of Thieves. If you can read this, then I want to let you know that I have loads of ideas for the game that is, Sea of Thieves.

    Now, we've all seen that you have been working hard to make the game as optimal, fun, competitive, and fair for those who are having trouble. My ideas consist of many topics.

    Combat-wise, what if the fireball that is coming out, instead of just setting things on fire, can also be used for other purposes. Such as setting plant skeletons on fire (skeletons with plants that heal). It would burn off their plants and make them have no more healing properties. Also, if the fireballs were to be on a ship, if it is below deck and it's spreading, the smoke could cause the player's character to take damage from inhaling too much smoke, and, if they are in there for more than their health, they would die from asphyxiation, but only if the fire is in an enclosed or tight space such as being below deck.

    Now, ship wise. We need a frigate in the game. A ship of a crew of 5, with 5 cannons on each side and having a ramming front, doing more damage by ramming ships than other normal ships.

    Cannonball wise, grape shots and chain shots. Grape shots, being a cannonball shot that explodes into small metal fragments that damages players and ships. But you have to be close to the ship to have effective damage. Chain shots, two cannonballs chain together fired out of a cannon that are designed to tear down masts and sails faster than hitting a mast of a ship with normal cannonballs, seeing that hitting a mast with a normal cannonball is proven to be difficult for players who have a hard time aiming for the mast.

    Event-Wise. Say there's a special skelly ship that is a man-of-war. But players cannot have a man-of-war. It would give more loot than a normal fort and a fort of the damned. Whenever it spawns on the server, it would bear a Reaper's Flag, showing where it is. You could take it on on your own with your own crew, or with an alliance. And it doesn't spawn in as you find it. It will be sailing on it's own as it has spawned into the map. Depending on the zone it spawns in determines the type of loot you get. To make it more obvious for players to know that the skeleton man-of-war has spawned is to have a sound que for the whole map to hear. Thus making it more clear to the players that something is going on.

    Alliance wise, what if you were to make an alliance of three ships, but you want to share an Athena's or a voyage with your alliance. What if you were to conquer and divide on the voyage you have and share it with your alliance. Discuss it for which ship does which, and set out to complete the voyage as an alliance/team. Thus saving time, and making more profit off of voyages due to saving time with your alliance you have to help and profit from voyages.

    If you do see this topic, please respond and be sure to take some of these ideas into consideration for future updates onto Sea of Thieves.

  • The title says it all! One thing I believe would keep people coming back regularly, ontop of all the great DLC we already have, would be the addition of Daily and Weekly challenges.

    These could operate somewhat like the Bilge Rat adventures but instead would focus on different tasks from around various parts of the game to give new and endgame players a sense of direction when sitting down to play.

    These challenges could be either given out specifically from each faction or maybe from a board hanging up in each tavern with a "To-Do" list stabbed to it.

    These could be relatively simple tasks to complete and could get done in 10 to 25 minutes each and grant gold for completing in addition to any XP earned for delivering/completing things. For example...

    • Kill 10 Grass Skellys: 1,000 Gold
    • Deliver 2 Snakes to Any Outpost: 1,200 Gold
    • Deliver 1 Splashtail to Any Seapost: 500 Gold
    • Get the Red Lenatern From the Well of Fates: 1,000 Gold

    These daily challenges could just be generic easily created or generated so that will just give players something to do each time they log in.

    These particular missions will be a little harder to complete and each could be completed in one long sitting or a few medium length sessions each week. They'll dish out greater rewards and XP as well...

    • Deliver 10 Pieces of Megaladon Meat to Any Seapost: 5,000 Gold
    • Completed a Fort: 8,000 Gold
    • Form an Alliance with Two Other Ships: 8,000 Gold
    • Kill 500 Skellys: 10,000
    • Complete a Tall Tale Without Dying: 15,000 Gold

    Obviously these are just some examples thrown together to showcase the concepts but I believe this framework could serve as a major addition to the game and would allow an endgame player like me a sense of direction when I sit down to play solo or just want to be apart of the world.

    What do you guys think?

  • I could just be dense but I don’t think sails on a ship were so low that it blocked a pirate’s line of sight.

    The sails have caused several problems for me (it’s worse when the banners pop up for completed voyages or when approaching islands and such). One of them being not seeing barrels in front of me because i can’t see the seagulls or my attention is briefly diverted elsewhere and prevents me from seeing them before the waves cause the ship to dip or rise enough that the sails block the seagulls from my line of sight.

    Why do I bring this up in particular?

    The fact that kegs are now randomly spawned in the water. It’s not as bad as it was when they first were introduced when Reapers Chests were in the game, but there is the occasional bunch of barrels that have kegs in them.

    It’s annoying when I can’t see a group of seagulls which signals a bunch of barrels (you can tell the difference between barrels and shipwrecks because barrels have a small amount of seagulls that don’t fly in a particular pattern, and shipwrecks have a large flock of them and they fly in a circular motion in one spot), and I end up being the unlucky git who runs into kegs.

    It’s a few and far between chance of happening but when it does, it’s often at inconvenient times. And the explosions often knock you off your ship, and because of the slow load times you dont get back to your ship in time, or it kills you and again, slow loading times prevent you from getting back in time to save your ship.

    Merely a suggestion, unsure if anyone else shares my strife, but this is just my own suggestion and feedback.

  • After a while of doing quests and selling them, we see a Fort of the Damned skull in the skies. Our sloop goes to the big skull in the hopes of intercepting whoever is doing the Fort and stealing the Athena & the loot for ourselves. We see the skull from not too far, my partner and I decide to shoot ourselves in the cannons towards the Fort in the hopes of hiding in the island until they finish the fort. Everything goes great, they kill the Skeleton Lord Graymarrow and before opening the door with the key, they spot us and kill us. Once we respawn back on our close-by ship, we decided to sail towards the fort in the purpose of sinking their ship, killing them, get the key, and take it for ourselves. Once arriving, we sink them, thinking that we had won the battle. We dock our sloop next to the entrance of the fort, and then we notice, the door is still closed, and there's no sign of the key anywhere around. We look and look for the key thinking they had hid them, up and down, inside and outside of the island, but nothing. After 5 minutes, we notice they come back in their same ship. We shoot & fight, and guess what, we kill them once more. We keep looking for the key, up and down, inside and outside of the island, and nothing. They once more come back, after 5 minutes... we die. Our ship is respawned faaaaaaaaaaaaaar away. We notice the Reaper's chest moves away from the island. We track it and meet with our already-met fellas. We chase, we shoot, and see the Athena on their ship from afar , with the rest of the loot. We chase, not being able to catch up, we are on the sails and helm fully focused in order to not miss a bit of wind going on our favor. We are still not able to catch up. They drop gunpowder barrels, we miss them, they jump from the back of their ship towards ours, we kill them. They do that, over and over... and over, and over, over & over then over and then some more gunpowder barrels again. They did not manage to get on our ship once, nor hit our anchor once and we still couldn't catch up to them. They head towards Plunder Outpost, just pass by it, one of them drop in the island with the Athena and manages to sell it, their ship is still continuing to sail pass the outpost. They already sold their main objective. We keep chasing, same story. They jump out the back of their ship onto ours, we kill them not letting them get onto our ship nor hit our anchor. We then notice they are heading towards another outpost, guess what, same thing happens, once jumps out with an Reaper's chest, sells it, respawns back into their ship. They did this, 4 times. Us, continuing to chase them, did not manage, EVER to catch up to them. At the end, they sold everything from outpost to outpost and ended up crashing their ship into the last outpost to call us pu**ies and noobs. We had perfect sails, they did too. We had a man on the helm, they did too. They had a big advantage against our crew, why did we have none, some type of power-up boost, or longer grapple rope. We were the underdog, forever. We had sunk their ship twice already, they manage to get back in less than 10 minutes, that's the time you have to stack up planks and bananas onto your ship's barrels. In my experience of playing this game after so long, and continue to see this is a problem the game has, I followed to ALT+F4 from the game. Our main point of this whole story is:

    Why is a ship that has been sunk, able to return to their place of death in so little time? Not sure if it's difficult or not to have someone that has been entirely sunk fully change to a new server.

    Why are we not able to catch up to another ship unless their slow down their sails or hit their anchor? We already have power-up cannonballs that can anchor a ship or make its crew dance. Shouldn't be too hard to implement some type of boost on the ship that's on the back, or simply have longer & better working harpoons when the ship is on the move.

    Why is someone that is being chased, able to leave the helm and their sails and still able to jump out the back of their ship to get to someone else's? Have a reset time of every 15 seconds the sails are unattended, they slowly move to the sides, or even randomized bumps in the water that makes your anchor randomly get dropped off and if you are on the ship you must catch it before it hits the floor of the ocean.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that has experienced this before in the game after playing it for so long. Hope we can have the devs have a read at this.

  • I recently downloaded the new SOT Insider after not playing for quite a long time. Was about 2 minutes into the tutorial and my baby woke up. After coming back to a server timeout screen, I restarted. Have been unsuccessful in finding a way to replay the tutorial. Thought it would pickup where I had left of, maybe . . But no, just brought me into the regular game, back at the bar.

    Is this something that is known, or is there I way to restart the tutorial.

    I tried to delete saved game data (XBOX) with no such luck. Wasn't any data saved.

  • Hi pirates!
    So, in general I absolutely love this game. Even though a lot of my friends say SoT is nothing special and they talk about it as an inferior game. But I think Sea of Thieves is different kind of game than majority of other popular games.

    You must be able to ( and I think this is what actually makes this game unique) enjoy what is given to you. In this instance I mean awesome visuals, adventurous quests and spontaneous meetings with other crews that may result in a new friendship or battle.

    My suggestion is to have some kind of shallow water in SoT. I would love to be able to escape from a larger ship by sailing into shallow waters where only better crews can be safe from hitting the ground. I honestly think this isn't an unrealizable addition to the game and I hope we'll see something similar in the future.

    That's all! Thanks to all awesome developers at Rare!

    Patrik P.