• Hello there,

    since the newest update and the ability to toggle off crossplay (kinda) Xbox players, who use a controller for gameplay, can't use a keyboard for communication anymore.

    Now I don't know if this is intended or not. The point of the new setting is to be matched with other players using the same peripheral equipment, but in my opinion the game should let you choose if you want to use the keyboard for gameplay, for text messages or for both.

    Communication is still important in the game and using your keyboard to quickly type messages is easier than using the pirate chat wheel and/or emotes to get your point across.

  • Just like to start with, this is not a 'rage post' because I've lost 1 Arena game, this a post I've been meaning to write for a while, after 150 games played and 128 wins in the past 2 weeks. This post is basically underlining the fact that Arena, although one of my favourites, is currently the most frustrating game mode I have ever played and is in a dismal state IMO.

    One of the reasons as to why the game mode is in a bad state is the constant high ping rates. Now I play in the UK on an Xbox One S with 100mbps wireless internet connection, make of that what you will but this has made for smooth gaming experience on most other multiplayer games I've played. Same goes for adventure mode, the vast majority of my games are absolutely fine and play smoothly. Arena on the other hand seems to be a complete mess in every game on both sloop and gally, extremely high ping rates most games making simple things such as reloading the cannon a nightmare. It makes PvP gameplay extremely choppy with myself and other players rubber-banding constantly.

    Another thing is hit registration, a problem that has improved in recent updates, but still needs work. I'd say at least once a game I see cases where bullets don't register, whether it's myself firing for no damage or an enemy hitting myself or my crew mate to no damage. Work still needs to be put in to eradicating this issue, as it's probably the most frustrating problem of the game in general as it plagues both Adventure and Arena.

    For me Arena has the potential to be such a fun game mode, but it's being held back by constant server issues making it such a frustrating experience. I'd love to be able to say I'll continue to play this game mode for months to come because it really is a great experience when it runs smoothly, but as it stands, as soon as I've completed my 240 wins, I'm out and back to adventure.

  • Yeah Rare I know...I know...this has been requested multiple times by probably thousands of users. But please hear my personal request for wanting gifting.

    I have a bit of coin to spare and I love this game and say what you want about micro transactions in a full priced game....but honestly as long as they are okay on price, tell you what your getting and are cosmetic only then I'm perfectly okay with them. SoT fits that bill so of course I'm willing to support the game with a bit extra. However as I can only get things for myself I'm limited by what I'm going to actually use. However I have friends who don't have said coin to spare and I'd love to be that guy...I was able to be nice to one friend by buying the 2 bundles as a Xbox gift since we live in the same country (although from what I hear she didn't receive the proper amount of coins) but even then..that was only 2 things and didnt give her alot of options. So please some hint that gifting is in the works so I can support this game more and my friends/crew get a fun pet to play with or some new emotes to mess with

  • Ahoy there !

    Legendary pirates lack rewards for their achievement.

    In the idea of the curses of the Order of Souls, or Gold Hoarders.
    Here is a suggestion:
    A legendary curse allowing to have the same bright eyes as the mysterious strangers.

    In this idea, a set inspired by the mysterious strangers could also be added to the rewards of legends.

    Here are little cosmetic ideas for this often forgotten accomplishment

    Thanks for reading me.
    Cheers !

  • Hello Rare. So I recently got a friend into Sea Of Thieves and she's really enjoying it but Her favorite color is green and she is struggling to find a good cosmetic set to wear. Mercenary doesn't work and The green dress isn't her style. So as you probably have guessed. she asked me to request more green cosmetics that work well on Female characters. I'm thinking an Emerald Admiral (Or something like that) set for the black market could work as she likes clean cosmetics not rough ones.

  • What are Minor Suggestions?
    These are suggestions in which is not THAT important, but to at least have in the game because why not.

    Here are my Minor Suggestions:
    Boat Trail - So when on a boat IRL of course, you will see the trail it leaves behind. Why not at that into the game, just to bring some aesthetics to the sailing experience.

    Flute - OK so...I think these will be cool having to play music on along with the other instruments that is already in the game.

    Diamonds - Uhhh...I know that Gold is the top currency in the game, but would be cool to add in diamonds as well. You have Gold, Sapphire, Emeralds, and Ruby Gems...why not add Diamonds.

    Dolphins - They will be jumping out from the waters at times, mainly in the Ancient Isles and Shores of Plenty area of the map.

    Crabs - I mean come on, they look cool, and can clamp on to your hand and will damage you at 2% of health. Like it will clamp on to you, and your character will automatically shake it off.

    I think that is all I have. What are your thoughts?

  • Hi,
    Just an idea, here !
    Speaking with my girlfriend, we thought of a feature to make the start of the game faster.

    The possibility of paying in gold to fill the stock of the ship rather than going back and forth again and again on the outpost at the beginning.

    Something that is not necessarily optimized.

    Boards, coconuts, simple cannonballs.
    No fire, no other fruit, no cursed cannonball.

    Maybe 100gold for 5 stack of each.

    This could make the start of the game more enjoyable and faster and a new way to spend our gold.

    Thanks for reading.

    See you on the seas !

  • Fix these issues please

  • Sea of Thieves and Rare creators,

    I was given the opportunity to play SoT with game pass and I was very excited. I have heard great things about SoT and I do love an adventure. However, like many massive multiplayer online games, there are player issues. From research after playing, I have found out that the community has been divided between those who want to keep SoT as is and those who want a single-player/local co-op option.

    I do understand why people want to keep it as an MMO only and how making a single-player storyline or a local co-op would defeat the entire purpose of why the game was created, however, I do not think that the purpose of SoT is to crush and totally annihilate new players. Thanks to the other players on the server, I am rather disappointed in the game and definitely will not spend money on it. I was trying out this game with an older friend of mine who enjoys videogames very much but adapts slower to videogame mechanics than other people online. This game is rated for teens, so I figured that we would have some time to figure out how to steer ships and shoot skeletons. Low and behold, spawn killers got the better of us. I understand the point of the game is to find buried treasure and fight other people out at sea. Except, those who attacked our ship stayed on our ship after they had taken all of our belongings and continued to kill us after we respawned. It was obvious we were new players. Our characters were still in their underwear, our sail was tattered, we hardly had anything to take to begin with, and our ship had plenty of holes in it already from crashing into land from our attempts to learn how to control our ship. Yet, these other players stayed and continued to kill us right after we came back from the Ship of the Damned. They finally left us alone thanks to another ship that started to attack our half-sunken, half-aflame ship. To kill other players JUST to kill other players is not a good sport and we were killed so fast by these other two who had advanced weapons, magic spells, and fancier clothing that there was no way to get their gamer tag. The only time I was able to get a good look at them was from a distance where their gamer tags were too small to read.

    I understand that this is not the game developer's fault. This is a common problem with PvP MMO's in general (World of Warcraft has MANY but because of how they have starter towns and lower-level areas, players can enhance their skills without threat of more advanced players) and it is nearly impossible to catch every single group that chooses to witch hunt and spawn kill. By not having a local co-op option or a storyline option (or having the fallen players spawn in a safe zone to collect themselves), new players will be incapacitated by those online who choose to witch hunt/spawn kill and not likely to play the game again. This is a pirate game, not Call of Duty. The point of the game not to just kill people. But even FPS's, like Call of Duty, has a single-player/local co-op option for those who are not skilled and want to gain those skills.

    This was, unfortunately, a disappointment and I hope there will be at least an open discussion about adding an option for those who either want to play alone (and offline) or with those that they choose (and offline) while still having the main option an MMO server. I disagree that adding those kinds of options will take away the reason why this game was created. I think that it would open it up to a larger variety of people. Those who want an MMO, they can have their MMO. Those who want to just play with their friends, can just play with their friends. And of course, those who just want to sail the open ocean, battling NPC's, learning lore, and finding the booty of famous pirates all by themselves, can do just that.

    We dearly enjoyed our time learning to sail and navigating the seas. We enjoyed reading what the NPC's had to say and the story that seemed to be coming out of what items we found. Even after we were killed the first time by our attackers, we were enjoying it. It is a game after all. But that faded fast as we became utterly helpless.

    Maybe another pirate game similar to SoT but with just a single-player or local co-op could be an option for Rare. Keeping it as an MMO only game will keep these problems going. It is just the way some people think is okay to play.

    Thank You for creating a wonderful concept.

  • Perhaps we are just unlucky, but out of the 5 Arena matches my crew and I last played, 4 of them have started in the middle of the storm. Off to a rough start, surely, but with the recent increased chance of getting hit by lightning, made fighting off enemies on your deck a lot more difficult and less fair, in our opinion.

    While during 2 of those matches, the storm moved on and no longer became a burden to the players, for the other 2 matches, the storm almost seemed to move along with the players.

    Again, perhaps we are just unlucky or out of shape, but in general I feel like the storm doesn't have a real place in Arena anyway. Therefore I would ask for storms to be removed from the Arena.

    Alternative ideas/suggestions are of course welcome too!

  • I hope I posted this in the right place.
    Brybrymarsh (scrap) aka ssNightShadow
    So after playing this game a ton and adding in a new crew and steaming. I have come to really enjoy this game. First when I started I got pooped on all the time, then instead of raging and complaining, I just got better. Forts got a lot better, and my ability to defend and attack a lot better. Love this game!

    Forts are great, I dont think there is more to say, adding the bosses great touch.
    The voyages need work in my opinion, at level 45 for example gold horders; I got one, started it, and it was 4 chapters I believe, completed it, turned in and at the end it wasn't worth it. I spent the same amount of time if not longer doing the voyage recieved less loot then the fort. Maybe the progression needs to be a little better, the quests need to be worth more the higher rep you become. If this is implemented already maybe tune this little better.

    The meg spawns great dont think there is an issue there!
    The kracken doesn't seem to spawn enough in about 100 hours of game time only ran into the kracken one time.
    The shrouded ghost would be cool to spawn a little more.
    I saw a post about adding in something like a sea dragon this would be really cool to see.

    Lastly the only thing to maybe add is daily quests that you can recieve that would be one great haul a day.
    Possible a weekly quest that would be even better but only once a week better than the daily. Maybe a voyage with all merchants!

    I've only noticed two bug, where the rep doesn't show after you turn in.
    Secondly island names dont show as well. I believe you can turn this off when hub is deactivated, but at the time of this happening it wasn't turned off.

    The game is amazing, and is far better than when first released. I cant wait to see what happeneds in 2020. Keep up the good work! Thank you all for making such a fun game to play! Thank you community for being such amazing people as well.

  • Hey y’all! I’ve been streaming for almost a year now and can’t seem to get out of my creative rut with my logo lol! I’d like to make it myself so I’m just looking for ideas. Any ideas are super helpful! I’m a variety streamer but I’m basically sticking around a pirate theme. This is what I had created in the beginning and I really like the more “simple” design of it! alt text

  • Hello, I’m a solo player who uses the sloop a lot and I like the design of the larger ships. Unlike the sloop other than the size has a closed back which would look nice on the sloop and more fitting to the size as well. The sloop doesn’t look like a very good boat for open seas, from the open back and cloth roof it looks like a boat used for off shore fishing or a inland boat I do understand the design choice though but a closed back would look nice too

  • Buffing the Eye of Reach to do 80% damage wouldn't change anything besides how many sword slashes must be dealt to kill a player. I just think that with the Cutlass being changed that maybe buffing the Eye of Reach can make the sword great again.

  • Ahoy Pirates! Here's a list of feedback/suggestions thought of by myself and the SoT Community...

    ~New Content Additions~

    -New Land Creatures (Friendly)-

    • Tortoise- Hides in shell once provoked, used in Merchant Trading. Found in tropical green islands.
    • Turtle- Can be captured in net (not killed), sold to Hunters Call.
    • Chicks- Found in Chicken nests, placed in a basket, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.
    • Lizards- Can kill Chicks, move fast, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.
    • Land Crabs- Can be sold to the Hunters Call. (Many variants: e.g. Hermit Crab, Red Crab, Coconut Crab)

    -New Sea Creatures (Friendly)-

    • Whales- Can be seen squirting water out of the sea, and jumping. Also can bump into ships causing some hull damage.
    • Dolphins- Can travel in pods of 4-6. Can be seen jumping out of the water occasionally, used to add more friendly sea creatures to the game. Potentially can lead you to floating loot.
    • Sea Crabs- These are bigger than the usual Land Crabs, they are slower, but if the player gets too close, they will try to attack. Causing low damage.

    -New Land Creatures (Hostile)-

    • Poison Dart Frogs- These are very small frogs, that can spit small amounts of poison at the player. They are found in tropical areas, but can leap away if the player comes too close and looks at it. This meaning it's very hard to kill with a weapon. But the player shouldn't worry, it can't deal lots of damage. It's only there to make the game more colourful and thriving with life, and of course to make the Pirate's life harder.
    • Crocodile
    • Rats- These rodents can infest your Ship, stealing food... what a pest... Arghh!

    (Any others you'd like to see? Comment them below!)

    -New Sea Creatures (Hostile)-

    • Sea Serpents- Have the ability to wrap around a Player's body, dragging them under. Can be killed and drop Sea Serpent's tooth (Rare). Most commonly found in underwater caves.
    • Sirens-Disguise themselves as friendly creatures, e.g: Castaways, once interacted with will attack the player. Can drop gems/gold/chests stolen from other pirates. (Credit: @Zevaryian)

    (Please comment on any others in the comment section!)

    Random Events:

    • The Ocean Crawler- These are hidden under sand, close to islands and grab the ship with both pincers, causing hull damage. To kill it the Player must use the Cannons/Guns to crack the shell of the pincers, then use the Cutlass to slice the exposed flesh, for the most effective way. This is a random event and will trigger once a ship has come into the area. This can attack all types of ship. Once killed drops loot, Hermit Chest, and Ocean Crawler Meat.
    • Kraken Variants- Just like the Megladon has variants, why can't the Kraken? One could squirt ink at you instead of sucking you up, etc. (Credit: @Zevaryian)
    • Whirlpools- Open up randomly across the sea, causing any nearby Ships to be pulled in! Can be escaped from by going fast enough, however, this causes hull damage. (What’s funnier than being swirled around while frantically trying to escape?)
    • Castaways- Can be found on an island, big or small. Just as rare as a 'Message in a Bottle' or 'Golden Artefact', once found, he can either be captured and handed to Bilge Rats or the player can drop him off at their desired island. Dropping the Castaway off may result in more or less money than capturing them, it’s a gamble. (This will link into the ‘Wanted Pirate’ posters around outposts).
    • Rogue Pirate Raid- NPC Pirates take over an outpost, like the Skeleton Fort, however, the Outpost cannot be used properly until all the Rogues are killed. After they are, you can go around to all the shops and the Inn, to claim a reward, for being a good sport. The three traders will also give you Reputation for your help.

    ~Ship Ideas~

    Ship Customisability:
    (All can be bought from the Ship Market)

    • New Lantern designs. [Shape]
    • New Map designs.
    • New Barrel designs.
    • New Mast designs.
    • New Harpoon designs.
      *New Bell designs.

    -Ship Cosmetics-

    • Arena Ship Designs - Add Arena ships designs to Adventure. Earnt by winning matches using specific ship design. E.g: 'Lucky Clover Wins Grade II' unlocks 'Lucky Clover Flag' Credit: @KlutchxKing518 Original Post

    -New Ship Features-

    • Ship Name engraved above the entrance to Captain's Quarters, and on the sides of the ship/rear. (Adds a more personal touch to your Ship!)
    • Walk The Plank-Players who have to leave the game, whistle on the ship has the option to 'Walk the Plank'. This would make the plank have an actual use, and would be fun to watch a scurvy pirate jump to his long-awaited fate. Even the sharks would love this feature! Free Snacks!
    • Dice/Card Games- Long voyage ahead? Why don't you stand around a barrel and play some games! This would make long voyages more entertaining, and create panic moments when there's an enemy ship coming your way!
    • Barrels Spawn- When a ship sinks, the Cannonballs/Planks/Food barrels spawn above the wreck in the sea.
    • Closing doors- Doors should be able to be closed on the Galleon.
    • Fire Spreading - Fire should gradually make it's way up/down the mast. This makes it more realistic and gives people time to respond to the flames making their way up to their gunpowder kegs.

    New Character Content

    Character Customizability:
    (All can be bought from the Clothes Shop)

    • Glasses
    • Commendations should be able to be worn as badges on clothing.

    New Curses:

    • Curse of Legends - Received for completing Pirate Legend Commendations. Adds a light mist around character.
    • Cure of the Skeleton Lord - Gives character skeletal features, earned by completing: The Cursed Crews and Cursed Sails commendations.

    New Equitable Items:

    Musical Instruments:

    • Harmonica
    • Guitar
    • Flute
    • The Music Box- Used to keep snakes calm during voyages, can be placed and activated on the ship. (The one in Taverns and Shops)


    • Drunken Sailor - Sell 100 Chests of 1000 Grogs
    • Happy Birthday - Only available if it's a sailors birthday, checked against Xbox Account Birth date.
    • Deck The Hulls - Available from December 1st-January 10th.
    • Bosun Bill Holiday Shanty - Available from December 1st-January 10th.
    • We Shall Sail Together - Unlocked upon becoming Pirate Legend.


    • Blowgun- Shoots a dart from a small tube, can be tipped with Snake Poison/Dart Frog Poison to cause nausea and poison to the enemy. (Similar to cursed cannon balls, tipped arrows are rare).
    • Coconuts- These can be placed into cannons and fired at ships to cause some damage, and if hit near a player will fill their screen with milk!

    Pet Additions:

    • Default Pet- Have all players be given a basic pet (Brown Monkey/Red Parrot).

    Pet Interactions

    • Making certain noise if another pirate is in water.
    • Parrot ability to mimic sounds e.g. Gunshots, Skeletons, Gunpowder fuses, etc.
    • Ability to be given small items to carry e.g: Skulls/Artifacts/Gems. (Pet will follow you) (Credit: @Zevaryian)
    • Ability to be shot at other pirate's ships and steal small loot, however if shot, will drop loot. Pet will not be injured. (Credit: @Zevaryian)

    Trading Companies Suggestions:

    Order of Souls

    New Loot:

    All of below replaces Villainous, adds greater variety and could come with extra commendations too.

    • Gilded Skull: Dropped by Golden Skeleton Captains, this skull is immensely heavy and the carrier is slowed down due to the weight.
    • Ivy Skull: Dropped by Wild Skeleton Captains, this skull blends in very well with bushes, grass, etc. Can poison the carrier, occasionally.
    • Ghastly Skull- Dropped by Shadow Skeleton Captains, cannot be seen well in the night, however, with a lantern, it can be uncovered.

    Rogue Pirate Marks

    These marks can be exchanged to Duke, for doubloons, and some rare customisation options. They are a patch of cloth, think of them as ‘Dog-Tags’, the more experienced Rogue Pirate you kill, the rarer the Mark will be.

    • Mark of the _____ (Common – like Castaway)
    • Mark of the _____ (Uncommon- lie Seafarers)
    • Mark of the _____ (Rare- like Marauders)
    • Mark of the _____ (Rare...er- like Captain’s)
    • Mark of the _____ (Rarest- like Chest of Sorrow, Chest of a thousand grogs, etc.)
      (Spaces left for the tier name of the Rogue Pirate)

    Gold Hoarders

    New Loot:

    New Normal Chests:
    Check out @Cows-n-Muffins Chest Designs here

    • Legendary Chest- Golden, with diamonds engraved. 2000-2700 Gold.

    New Cursed Chests

    • Hermit Chest- Ruby red glow, with a pair of pincers sealing the chest down. It houses a crab in it..? Yeah... also I forgot to mention it's going to be really hard to keep this chest still! So, make sure you keep an eye on it! 1295-1750 Gold.
    • Kraken Chest: Found floating in the ocean after defeating a Kraken, or, is held by one of the tentacles and make the Kraken drop it by shooting it with cannons. It's best to keep this chest somewhere secure, you'll often see a tentacle come out of the chest and try to damage anything around it. Even the ship hull. Can be exchanged at the Gold Hoarders for gold.

    Merchant Alliance

    Merchant Items:

    • Crate o' Feathers
    • Jar o' Venom (Also used to tip darts with poison)

    Hunters Call

    Hunters Call Items:

    • Serpent Tooth
    • Crab Meat
    • Hermit Crab Shell
    • Ocean Crawler Meat

    Outpost Ideas:

    • Card Games- Located in the Tavern, players can play games such as Card games, Dice games, etc. To win Gold! This gives players a reason to not be too hostile towards others on the Outpost, well not during the game anyway!
    • Barber Store- This would make the game more realistic, having an NPC stand behind you, while you're sitting on a barrel. This could also make it so the NPC may not do the correct haircut every time, which adds some humour to it.

    New Gameplay Additions

    • Weekly Voyage- This Weekly Voyage could be a big voyage, which happens at the end of every week. This could be a high number of chapters Voyage and even have a mix up of the 3 Traders in there. The Voyage would be just as rewarding as taking on a Skeleton Fort.
    • Pirate Legend Only Tall Tale - Possibly a backstory of the Pirate Lord? What is the origin of the shipwrecked galleon in the Pirate Legend's Hideout?

    If you have any other ideas, comment them below and I'll add them to the list. All credit will be given. This isn't complete yet, and I will be checking back daily.

  • Can the wailing barnacle hat and jacket please be brought out again for the people who where either new to the game or not playing at the time considering there is a new set now?

  • We all love hunting Megalodons, but it can be very hit or miss as to whether or not you actually find one. So I thought why not have a way to add some more to do in Hunters Call as well as a consistent way to hunt megs. I give you Hunters Call Voyages! Hunters Call Voyages would have the player sail to a Island to dig up a new item added with these voyages, Chum Crates! The player would then be given a location on the map (I.e O 21 C 24 etc) The player would then sail to that spot of the map and dump the Chum Crate into the ocean triggering a loud growing noise followed by, a Trophy Megalodon! These would be slightly larger then normal megs as well as have a bit more hp. Upon defeating these Trophy Megs the player would get the standard meg loot except for Trophy Megalodon Meat in place of normal meat, which be worth substantially more xp then normal. As you climb the ranks the voyages would work as follows. Ranks 1-10 Trophy Hungering One small chance of Trophy Crested Queen, ranks 10-20 Trophy Crested Queen small chance of Trophy Shadowmaw, ranks 20-30 Trophy Shadowmaw small chance of Trophy Ancient Terror, ranks 30-40 Trophy Ancient Terror (very)small chance of Trophy Shrouded Ghost, rank 50 slightly increased chance of Trophy Shrouded Ghost. This is by no means a prefect idea there’s definitely room for improvement but it’s just something I thought up. Would love to see something like this in game though. Feel free to give ideas/feedback

  • This community has been divided into 2 sides for a very long time. On one side we have a player base that just wants pvp and constant fighting and on the other side we have a player base that wants to play pve missions, forts and Tall Tales. Currently the situation is that people that try to do the pve aspect of the game just get third partied by the pvp players. Because of that the only thing that can pay of in the game is to sit around and wait then just attack the pve-ers when they do not expect it. When that happens pve players can do nothing becouse they have no experiance in pvp combat. Further more, nowdays more and more people are leaving the game because it just isn't fun for them. And atop of all that pve players don't get any proggress. In the end it all comes down to pve players leaving the game and all that we are left with is a whole lot of heavy pvp-ers, which for them is exactly what they wanted. Simple solution to this would be to give players a choice if they want to play on online server or on a coop server where only friends can join either on the same ship or on the diffrent ship. I know that this would sperate the whole comunity into two but that is already happening so i think something needs to be changed or this game will lose half of its player base.

  • Within the Athena's Fortune book it's said that the gold hoarders will take all their gold from the outposts to the Shores Of Gold. My idea is what if at the beginning of each monthly update the tents at outposts were empty and the amount of the "decoration" gold behind/beside them would gradually increased depending on how much treasure/gold players had sold to them.

  • I just want to start by saying I love this game. Everything from the art style to gameplay, it's beyond any other game I've played! I started playing back when the gunpowder skeletons were first introduced (I can't remember when that was) and I've been a committed player ever since, being sure to play every update the day they are released. That being said, every now and then the game does get a little stale for me after playing for a few hours. I've kinda hit a point where I don't really know what to do in the game because I get a little bored. I've got pirate legend, completed all the tall tales and gotten most rewards from the events and such. I feel like the game could do with more random encounters to sort of excite players and breathe new life into the Sea of Thieves. I have a few suggestions on how this could be done.

    First of all, I feel like skeletons are getting a bit old as every new enemy type has been some kind of skeleton (skeleton ships, pirate lords etc). I'd love to see something new to mix things up.

    Mermaids - I don't just mean the ones that take us back to our ships. I'm talking about the evil looking ones that have paintings of them on multiple islands and were even shown in a trailer (again I can't remember which one). These guys could lurk around sunken ship wrecks or guard mermaid statues to add a little difficulty to obtaining some decent loot as well as making the oceans feel more treacherous.

    Whales - Not everything in the Sea of Thieves has to be out to kill you. It's nice to just take in the sights sometimes because the game is just that pretty! With this in mind, how cool would it be to have whales jumping out of the water next to your ship! I think it would make a nice change and give players some memorable moments. There are certain maps that can be found around the game next to merchants that have images of whale tails splashing in the water, yet there are none to be seen in the game. Again, it would bring some new life into the empty waters of the Sea of Thieves. They would make for some awesome screenshots too.

    Dolphins - Similarlly to whales, dolphins could swim next to players ships and jump out of the water. The player could even interact with them by feeding them fish that they have caught and in return, the dolphin could have a chance to come back with some kind of loot depending on the rarity of fish.

    Crabs/Lobsters - Yet another creature that's been featured in multiple trailers yet hasn't made an appearance in the game. There's even crab themed ship cosmetics but crabs are no where to be seen! They wouldn't exactly do much, just act as another food item that the player could sell to the hunters call. Lobsters could also be a viable option as there are lobster trap looking cages around outposts. These could be caught by simply placing a trap in shallow water and waiting around 5 minutes. There could be different rarities like the fish that are cought for the hunters call and also act as another food source.

    Sharks - Okay, so I know sharks are already in the game but hear me out. Normal sharks (not the megaladons) only spawn if your in the water for a certain amount of time. I hardly ever encounter sharks that often because they're pretty easy to avoid. I do however have an idea on how to make them much more of a force to be reckoned with. Sharks could circle smaller islands, such as lagoon of whispers, making it much more of a challenge getting loot or bounties off of what are considered easier islands.

    And that's pretty much it! Hopefully someone at Rare sees this but if not, at least it's fun to just come up with ideas. I don't normally post stuff like on forums, I hardly visit forums at all to be honest but like a said earlier, I love this game and want to see it succeed and I feel like these suggestions would null some players complaints about the game being boring or whatever. I'm excited to see what the future holds for the game and I'll be a loyal player for a long time yet! If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to post anything suggestion related in this thread and I look forward to seeing what other people think!

  • Hello
    Getting straight to the point. Please increase the reputation in all factions beyond level 50. It should not just max out and make the game pointless to cash things in just for gold.

    I believe once you hit level 50 you become a pirate legend like it is now but from there the level of reputations should still grow. Then at maybe like level 100 you receive the title like Master pirate legend and receive something like new voyages or something.

    I have been playing this game for over a year and love it. But I have been a pirate legend for over 6 months with everything maxed out and it's just getting old doing missions and not working towards any goal besides making gold. Which at this point is useless, unless you create some kind of store to buy supplies or something.

    But sitting at 7 million in gold with nothing to spend it on. And not being able to increase my reputation in anything I am trying to figure out things to do in game. Maybe I just grinded way to hard to fast to reach pirate legend. Just to be disappointed in the end now with nothing to do. I have been considering even deleting my account to just start the game over.

    I am not the type of player that sails around looking for other players to hunt down. I will and do fight back if I am attacked. But that's not my style.

    I am not the greatest at pvp and sometime other players do drive my nuts by spawn killing or form a alliance just to board you, kill you and take your loot then cancelling the alliance. But that's part of the game and I am not complaining, it does make it more of a challenge to do things which makes it fun.

    But this is my suggestion, increase the reputation levels, give everyone the is a pirate legend something to work towards. I have run into about 30 other pirate legends on the seas and when chatting they all say the same thing, "nothing to work towards the game just ends". Which is the main reason why all they do is hunt done other ships because there is really no other point.

    The whole point to this is to bring back a purpose to the game for pirate legends.

    Let me know what you think and let's make this happen.

    Thanks for reading!

  • I'm not sure exactly how long this as been busted but the enemy's quest table shows as your quest table so sneak missions arent as worth it now.. I can't gather much information. Please fix this..

  • I thought I made my last post about the sword, but turns out they added a patch after I made that post. And turns out they really do have problems trying to implement the sword.

    But lets get to my suggestion!

    Some background!

    I am in the opinion that the sword at Launch, before they removed the slowdown on February of 2019, was the best sword in the game. All of the mechanics had a dynamic that worked with eachother.

    As soon as they removed slashing slowdown (When you were striking 1, 2 and 3 strikes you were slowed down) the sword has become very wild and button mashy and visually messy.

    Lets start from the sword that we have now...

    Bring back 0.5 stun

    Without it, people will just run and eat, and use double guns.
    I do not think need to go into more detail. I want to mention something about this regarding Insider, but im not sure Im allowed...

    Bring back the slowdown, BUT...

    Only for the 2nd and 3rd strike. Before february, there was actually a minor exploit where if you slash while blocking, you would ignore the slowdown for the first strike until you started your 2nd swing. This was great, but it was not a feature. This would help better if something like this was made as a feature rather than an over sight.

    The slowdown was a BIG part of what made the sword combat great, mostly because it made the blocking player able to block, visually it was easy to tell who to block and where.

    As soon as they removed the slowdown and allowed players to run full walk speed while swinging, they had to fix blocking multiple times...

    Keep: No Sword combo on environment

    Something that should have been implemented before February 2019.

    Keep: Missing and hitting Environment being the same

    Keep: Sword wielding time

    The uh, arming time when switching to sword to prevent Stow/unstow exploit. Keep that.

    Make Sword charging while blocking, and Normally, the same

    To go with the theme of there being no exploits to learn, why dont we make the Block+Charge... happen regardless of holding block? Just make the fluid sword charge that lets us hop and sword dive into the water just be the same input as holding down charge attack without blocking. No need to obscure it behind blocking first.

    This is where I say "Done and done" and clap my dust riddled hands with this post, but we know these changes wont happen. I have been an advocator for this for a long time now, I see that they add in an addition that should have been in for a while, but only do it too late, and with another broken mechanic.

    More times than not, they have REMOVED mechanics than actually refining them.

    I really want to emphasize how much the sword combat has wildly changes since they removed the slowdown for the sword. Just that ONE removal completely ruined the sword. It ruined blocking, the visual of fighting, the dynamic of 2 sword wielders. It was messy, its still messy, and mindless.

    Slowdown mechanic, Stun, all forms of punishments, even if its just those 2 are there to keep players in check and learn from their mistakes. Instead, people are finding exploits that completely forego those mechanics. The sword as it currently is, is the most "Solid" in terms of being free of bugs and exploits, but the dynamic is still mindless and messy as it was since February. Literally nothing has meaningfully changed with updates to the sword since that month.

  • I sometimes play with a ton of people at a time in an alliance. Sometimes completely friend controlled, sometimes mixed control with randoms. Often times we play for long hours, and eventually people need to drop to sleep or other reasons which leaves the crew on their ships, or mine, to manage a ship the can be bit taxing to handle with less help.

    At other times we find ourselves with a few of our friends being left out of the fun due to ships being of smaller size.

    I feel that a player ship should be able to be changed to a different type while maintaining the current server and alliance. Make it a shipweight option, slap a gold or doubloon price on it, and have it function by scuttling the current ship and spawning the new smaller, or bigger ship, at a nearby island.

    Players wishing to preserve their old stock will simply need the foresight of using a storage crate, or two, so the stock can be offloaded, then later re loaded to the new ship manually.

  • So a few months ago they change how letters of recommendation worked (For the better) but I think having it be 1 for each faction should be changed. What if I don't play arena? What if I'm a Pirate Legend? Do I have useless letters now? My proposal on how they should alter it is each month you get 1 for each faction like it is now but have the ability to revoke a letter and use it on another faction.

  • My friends and I have come to notice that definitely not everybody is eagerly waiting for patch notes as soon we know it's patch day. We have found that it is actually surprisingly hard to get people to turn in your gifts, because they seem to either not know that there's stuff happening at Reaper's Hideout or don't know where to turn the gifts in.

    I've filled the table with 15 gifts and stayed on the same server for about 2-3 hours afterward. Nobody ever turned in anything and when I was ready to log out, I went to the Hideout, intending to turn in my own stuff myself, but it all had gone. Either it despawned or somebody had taken it, thinking it had to be turned in to Jim and left it somewhere else. I was very peeved.

    My suggestion: with every new update containing an event, add a one-time splash screen type banner or pop-up to the frontend menu briefly announcing what's new and where to find the patch notes. Players would have to press X or Esc to get rid of it before they can have access to Adventure, Arena, Emporium etc.

    Examples of games that have this: Destiny 2, League of Legends (according to a friend?)

    You might say that there is already a window in the frontend menu with "What's New", but I would argue that it is too small and too easily ignored.

    We had to hold a sloop at gunpoint and extensively tell them what this event was about and force them to turn in our gifts. While that is one way of doing it, I also liked the idea of leaving many gifts behind on the table and people being delighted to see that! But people just don't seem to go to Reaper's Hideout :c

  • I think it would be awesome if Rare did something kind of like how GTA had special clan flags and such where they would go through some process of being checked and approved to ensure there is nothing lewd or harmful. Its a service I would even be willing to pay to process submissions for should it be implemented right. It could include anything between really decking out and coloring preexisting ship models, and could allow me to get the trans flag I think would rock to be on my ship. I am sure a few people would hate the idea now that I mentioned that but those are my feelings ^_^

  • I've had it happen WAY too many times where I die, wait a little to spawn in the ferry of the damned, then wait for the doors to open, and once I'm loading back into the world I find myself waiting literally a solid 30+ seconds, by which point my ship is fully sank and I respawn next to it at a random island.

    This is by far the most frustrating thing in this game. You forget to eat a banana or two, you don't get below deck in time and the meg bites the ship, or a skelly ship headshots you with a cannonball. As you're dying you hear the water flooding in. By the time the doors in the ferry open, your heart is pounding with adrenaline, only to slow down to a bored and annoyed crawl when you realize your ship is long gone before you even open your digital eyes. You sit at the black loading screen, slowly listening to the action music fade into nothingness, and turn into the singing of birds overheard, and the island shore waves.

    I've found myself many times yelling out loud "I can hear stuff! I can hear the water flooding in, the objects already loaded! They're making sound so they're there! Just let me walk around!".

    GTA V has no issue transforming the map into a blurry mess, and have you sink into, and float above the roads, or spazzing players around the screen, just because your internet happens to not be loading things in fast enough. But it's way better than getting frozen to the spot until everything loads to its full, beautiful, HD, eye-candy glory. I don't want eye-candy, I want to repair my ship!

    This is a perfect example of TCP and UDP (protocols for sending data). TCP waits for everything to be there before sending it, UDP doesn't. TV programmes use UDP, and I'm sure you've seen image and audio corruption due to the weather or antenna placement, that's happening because not all the data is being delivered, but it's better than just cutting out into a silent black screen (like in this game).

    Sea of Thieves is like TCP, GTA V is like UDP. Please me Sea of Thieves like UDP.

  • Hey guys first of all I wanted to inform you that there's a new festival bundle in the Microsoft store that includes the: Crib dub emote, hide emotes bundle, all festival weapon skins and 1000 AC.
    Since they don't say anything about it.
    Now to my problem, I've bought the bundle but didn't get the emotes and weapons skins I hope they fix this problem and give everyone who bought it their stuff.

  • About a year ago I purchased the limited edition ferryman controller, I also got the code for the ferryman outfit and weapons, but after a while of using the ferryman eye of reach it just disappeared from my armoury. Does anyone know how I can get it back? Plz help rare.

  • The sniper needs to be HEAVILY nerfed. Combat makes me so mad because you never feel like a pirate. It feels like you are playing a first person shooter game because everyone just uses a stupid sniper. Even with the huge nerf to hip fire accuracy, people still just scope down the lines and use it like a shotgun. It completely ruins the feel of combat and destroys the image of what a pirate it. In arena I can't even spawn in because someone camping just shoots me once and then one sword slash and I'm dead. This is not at all how combat should be. I already know that so many people are gonna shoot down my idea because that's just how toxic this community is, but I don't care.

  • In person opinion I think the new add-on is dramatically difficult to do solo, I've scuttled numerous of times as well as been killed by geysers over and over. Yes I could just join a crew but I like soloing and it just kind of has a extreme difficulty I can't handle.

  • Everything seems to be really laggy recently, and I am pretty sure its not my internet, as everything is loading just fine. Its just SoT that is laggy. Is there something going on or do I need to do something?