• A couple of weeks ago I played around with the idea of recreating some of the Sea of Thieves mechanics in VR to explore how they might work (in VR). And so, I did! The result was a basic scene with a couple of different experiments, and I thought it would be fun to share this with you guys.

    The mechanic I really enjoyed making was the flag. I recreated the ‘flag-box’ for virtual reality and came up with some control schemes which actually let you raise the flag itself. I really like it. It feels amazing. Other things I included are the sword, digging, a steering wheel and a lot of random objects. Go and see it for yourself!

    More information: https://www.reddit.com/r/Seaofthieves/comments/df5esq

  • Playing this game few months, every day is new blast of joy in this game.
    But Thieves Haven is something different, such great love and passion with this Island. So i decided to draw fan art of it in Photoshop using only mouse and lasso tool!
    Have you guys draw anything? Let's share it together ! (hope Rare boiz will notice us :D) Cheers ! Here's the Picture

    Thieves haven

  • In teaser trailers and such ive noticed red and yellow sails with a white fleur de lis on them. Theyre beautiful and Id love to see them in game sometime. Greek mythology inspired figureheads would be amazing as well. I know I for one would love to see a minotaur on the front of my ship. Also, call me a completionist, but we need Forsaken Ashes wheels cannons and capstans as well. Putting the team arena sails in game, such as the purple one with the crown would be awesome as well. The arena team ships have nice sails and I wouldnt mind using their paint schemes and sails in adventure mode. Lastly, PLAIN SAILOR HULLS IN VARYING COLORS. some figureheads are hard to match with, like spinal, and I think more people would use it with a plain color hull as opposed to, say, shark hunter.