• I think it would be useful to dig up an Ashen Key at Morrow's Peak Outpost. Me and my friends couldn't open one in the Devil's Roar and we had to travel all the way to the Ancient Isles to grab one.

    Also I think emergent events should be limited to one at a time or none during events such as fleets. Today me and my crew experienced a Skellie ship and a Kraken whilst doing a ghost fleet. We sunk and lost everything and found it quite frustating to have to start fresh.

  • I love the new update and the lore that came with it. I like the addition of the new loot and everything about the new update except one thing. The event seems too easy. The ships circle an island and don't really veer off or turn and fight and will only occasionally launch a few wraiths that either miss or do minimal damage. Don't get me wrong I like free money, but I don't really feel that it's fair that one could make around 50k loot with minimal effort.

  • You could essentially bribe some corrupt NPC guarding a passage to a new map or parts of the map. You would meet more experienced players there because it'd cost a lot of gold. The new islands could be in different biomes like artic, where your ship could freeze. Some special events could be happening only there, like teaming up with everyone around to kill some giant monster and then fight for the loot with others. You could gain access to special vendors that sell exclusive items... Sky is the limit.

  • Tall Tale: The Mermaids Call

    New tale about finding more information about mermaids (And maybe their curse?).

    • New underwater temples deep beneath the ocean not near islands (maybe near the random rock spawns).
    • New Chest: Mermaids Chest - gives x gold & x doubloons.
    • Curse: Gills & Fins (Cosmetic only)(Different colors purchasable after unlock?).
    • New item: Rebreather(?) - Tool(Like shovel, etc). Allows the user to have x amount of oxygen to breathe underwater longer. ( x many charges/cooldown)(Can unlock cosmetics for it like other tools).
    • New Reputation: Siren's Call - Related to mermaids. Gold from mermaid gems highest paid vs other reputations. (maybe even some doubloons) Location of an underwater outpost. (Beneath Mermaids Hideaway?)

    Underwater Temples:

    • Mermaid Gems / Mermaid Chests.
    • Coral Skeletons that can walk normally underwater / swim (But maybe has a certain range that it wont leave just like skeletons on shore to make sure its not too hard, or they can just chase you to your ship and climb aboard). (Climbing aboard would be sick).
      -Coral Skeleton Bosses - Coral Bounties.
    • Lore about Mermaids / Pirate Legends / Karen / Megan / Skevin.
    • Once temple is looted, temple sinks into the ocean never to be able to enter again (along with the random rock if its attached to that? or uncharted mini island?)

    New Mechanic: Ship Salvaging

    • New ship type 1 - 4 players (pick the size like sloop, brig, gall). Instead of harpoons has metal claws that sink into the ocean to grab a sunken ship to bring to the surface, or almost to the surface. (Once ship is looted, it breaks apart due to change in pressure).
    • More ships on the bottom of the ocean randomly, to salvage (vs cosmetic ones that we currently have).
    • Loot being Wood / Cannonballs / Chests / etc.
    • While salvaging a ship, fend off waves of Coral skeletons that invade the ship? or invade the waters? Have to defend the metal claws? Claws have X health, if 0 drops salvage ship?

    New items:

    • Rebreather(Name?) - X charges? gives x oxygen or increases oxygen capacity by x?
    • Grappling hook - Twirl grappling hook rope to launch self onto higher elevation? (Faster area climbing) Can hook barrels that float in the water? (Like harpoon) Speed of twirl increases distance?
    • Mermaids Chest - Gold & Doubloons?

    Ship Cosmetic:

    • Mermaid styled ship
    • Ocean colors / Mermaid Colors
    • Mermaid Cannons / Wheel / Capstan / Sails / figurehead.
  • Ahoy ye scurvy dogs!
    I really love this game, but I have a hole in my heart for more monstrosity, hence my idea: Leviathan the great sea serpent. It could be a raid type of event, like the fort of the damned. To summon the great beast, you would have to sacrifice 3 megalodon meats (as it is the leviathan’s favourite feast) at a certain, predetmined spot. Once it has been summoned, its location could also appear on the map, so other players could join the fun. The encounter itself, would consist of the Leviathan’s body making a circle around your ship, trapping you in an “arena” where you have to fight yourself free. Abilities would include a kraken type bash with its tail, depositioning your ship, biting a good chunk out of your boat, and even breathing fire to ensure maximal chaos on board. It certainly would take a great deal of trickery, thievery and piratery to slay this legendary monster!

  • Ahoy There Pirates!

    As a player who has been playing since launch, played every content and max in nearly every faction, I'm going to start helping not just new players but anyone! I'll be doing this once a week and will be answering anyone's questions posted in this thread! It can be about anything, adventure, lore, arena, literally anything! I'm clued up in all areas of the game so get asking those questions!


  • ¿El progreso de este reto, se tomará en cuenta si dos o más barcos de mi alianza lo están realizando?

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    A new sea monster is needed, don't you think?

    A megalodon, kraken? Only two sea monsters in a game where 70% of the game is on the sea. This would be like the megalodon, disappearing near shallow shore and appearing randomly. The rarest whale would be the moby's whale.

    Depending on their rarity, they would be different sizes, different spawning rates, difficulty and amount of hits it takes.

    Upon defeating Moby's whale it will drop random loot and one athena chest, and a random emissary flag as of course a ship was swallowed.

    This could also be a new bilge rats, or a completely new system of community events.

    • Mic or chat
    • voyage focused
    • Man the cannons
      Gamertag: ITZ CODE412
  • Ahoy, all!
    It's my second Post so sorry if the Post will look kinda Ugly or/and Messy.

    I have been gathering Things That I think could use a change and trying to find solutions for them.

    Those are the things I thought and found a solution for so far!

    I would be happy to know what you think about those Ideas!

    Reaper's Bones:
    Reaper's Voyage - (Ship/Crew/Pirate Bounty)

    The Bounty Collector (Reaper's Side) will read:

    1. "The Reaper/Flame Wants you to send __ (Name/s) Soul/s to the Ferry Of the Dammed and Bring Their Souls Essence as A proof of your doing."


    2)"The Reaper/Flame Wants you to Sink the Ship of ___ (crew Names/Ship's Name) and Bring "Ship's frame" proof of your doing."

    "Located at The ___

    ( 1) Regions, The Wilds, The Ancient Isles, The Shores of Plenty, The Devil's Roar.


    1. Compass or Arrow Direction.)

    Do so Until The ___ of ___ Th
    (Time and Date, similar to the Merchant Voyages)"

    Survivor Side:
    "It has come to the attention of The Order of souls That A Bounty on your Soul/Ship By the Reaper's Bones!

    You must survive until the __ of the ___th (Time and Date)"


    1. Soul Essence Will be visible only To those who have The Voyage/ The Killed Pirates.

    2. The Targeted Pirate/s will Receive a Clear Warning about the Bounty on their Souls and Ship.

    3. Scuttle ships / Quitting Player with Bounty will award the Reapers with Half of the Total amount Immediately.

    4. Surviving Ships or Pirate/s with Reaper Bounty will Receive half of the total reward of the Reaper.

    5. Killed Pirates Can See and reclaim Their Soul Essence Which Makes them eligible For the Surviving Rewards again. But also Place them Back on The Reaper Bounty.

    6. Pirate/s Souls Essence can be placed into a Chests.

    7. The Hunted Pirates/Ships Will have a Glow/Beacons Lightning them, which can be seen Only by The Reapers with the Voyage.]

    Merchant Vendor:
    A new offers by the Merchant alliance:
    right next to the Senior Trader will be standing the Merchant Vendor,
    this Npc will sell you Resource crates of any type you need.
    from Fruit, wood and Cannon Crates to Ammo and storage crates!
    [from around 5k to 10k per supply crate, depends on the supply crate]


    1. Call Pet: A option to call your Pet to your arm/s,
      without the need to look for it or going to the Pet Chest to pick it up again.

    2. Hide Emote, give the pets a Hide emote as well!
      when the Pirate is using this emote the pet will go to the Pirate and Hide with the Pirate.

    The pets won't make any sounds And their names will be hidden during this emote.

    Respawn Immunity- after returning from The Ferry of the Dammed the Pirate will have a "Ghostly Immunity" which gives the Pirate Total Damage Immunity for 5-10 seconds.

    Upon moving (walk/run/look) and doing any action this drawing any weapon, equipment or supply, will remove the "Ghostly Immunity" Immediately.


    Cutlass- more depth to the cutlass combat:

    1. Well-timed Block will cause a "stun effect" on the attacking target similar to attacking A "Golden Skeleton"

    2. after a successful block allowing a faster Counter-Strike.

    3. faster charge from Block Position.
      (Only from Block Position.)
      Upon taking damage charge will be canceled and stop the animation Immediately.

    4. starting a blocking from Normal Charge will cancel the Cutlass Charge

    5. if both targets attack each other at the same time their weapons will collide and none will take damage, but both will

    [Notes: those changes will be like a "Rock, Paper, scissors" mechanics to the Cutlass Combat.
    Which will cause and encourage players to plan more strategically how to approach and fight their opponents.

    Attacking > Chargeing
    Charging > Blocking
    Blocking > Attacking]

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Reduce the Number of pellets to 8/ 9 (deals up to a total of 80%/90%

    Notes: This will give more balance to the game,
    And encourage and cause players to use more than a Single Blunderbuss Shot to take down a pirate.

    [the Nerf will still allow the Blunderbuss to deal High Damage up close and still could allow users to take down Targets with one hit from all the other Weapons,
    similar to the other Weapon Combos.

    And still take one-shot damaged and Low health targets from Close up to a medium Range (1 step up to 6/8 steps away)

    The Murky Depths DLC
    (Disclaimer, this is something I made up, this isn't official/leaked in any way, if it happens to be true it's Purely Coincidental!)

    The DLC will introduce New enemy to the Game, and a whole new Underwater Area to explore and Plunder.

    New Enemy and its Subtypes:

    Feral Merfolk - A single Feral Merfolk will act similarly to the Skeletons we know already.

    Mainly a Danger to Pirates in swimming in the water.

    Killing one Will award pirates with a gold bag of gold to Pick up.

    Feral Merfolk Swarm - those Will Contain Feral Merfolk in Large numbers, in waves and will jump on and attack your crew and ship.

    Driving/Defeating them will award the Pirates with Stolen Treasures by the Feral Merfolk.
    Similar to Megalodon and Kraken

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    A Pirate Stole my Chest of Legends among with some Crates of Precious Gemstones,

    I managed to kill the Pirate but the crate started sinking, suddenly I saw something Snatching the Chest and Crates and Heading to the South,
    once I returned to the surface I ordered my Crew to follow it, and we did.

    We followed it until we reached the Southern Shroud.
    we Immediately turned my Ship to the "Ancient Spire" and telling my story to the Pirate Lord and getting my hands on the shroudbreaker from him once more."

    As we arrive at this "Forsaken Bay" we learn that Southen Shroud Held The Feral Merfolk for hundred of Years from the times of the Ancients,
    Feral Merfolk has been cursed by Cursed Gold and treasures.

    We learned as well that every sunken treasure ends up over here.

    "As we dived into those Murky Depths we saw the legends go be true, and there must Billions of those Creatures down there...

    And they all will be spreading Into the Sea of Thieves...
    we must warn everyone and have them prepare before it's too late.

    that's all that I got so far,
    Please do let me know what you think about those ideas/changes/additions to the game!

    thanks for reading!

  • Hello! I'm a developer and i have a question for you.... what you are going to do with communities of this game?
    The heart of this game are the communities, without these communities this game would already died, so why you are not interested to give more tools at developers to improve communities and communities event? I'm not talking only about private server (also client hosted) in order to make events, but also simple APIs.
    For now the only api it's what the xbox offers (the 6 basic statistics and a part of achievements), but it's not really enough to improve a good app to improve the life of a community. And now, with the new "FLAG" missions ALL activities with that flags, like merchant, souls, gold orders, distance made with ships....all of them with flag equiped doesn't work anymore (no gain of sells/distance on statistics), so also the xbox api goes useless. Congratulations and thank you to ignore something that can be helpful also for communities (and not only in game).

    Best regards

  • Sea of Thieves Books of Lore


    You can bury your earned treasure, hand in your Book of Lore and make double the money.

    The General Idea

    So everyone that played the game lost some treasure and they usually want it back.

    On the Defender's Side: This will add a new mechanic which increases the amount of gold you can get plus if you lose your treasure it will give you more time to get it back from the people who sunk you.

    On the Attacker's Side: This will possibly allow the Defending team to stockpile on loot for you to steal.

    The Specifics

    So you've amassed a significant hoard and would like more than what the Gold Hoarder's have to offer. With this update a new faction 'The Lore Keepers' would sell you a Lore book (similar to TT books) but with blank pages for you to shape your legacy. With the treasure you already have, you will receive an extended adventure where you'll have to bury your treasure once more but this time it is signed under your name! Once you take your treasure to a designated island which is determined by the Book of Lore you can bury one piece of treasure in there. If you do so, the Book of Lore generates an 'X marks the spot' map on the first page of your Book of Lore and it creates a new 'Blank Page' with instructions on where you can dig your next piece of treasure. Once you're done digging all of your treasures, you can hand in your Book of Lore to gain double the amount of gold for every buried piece of treasure.

    Unfortunately on your way back a mighty sloop outsmarted your crew and sunk you, stealing your precious book of treasures. They now have the chance to steal everything that you've buried, but they'd have to dig them back up again! Since you and your crew buried them in the first place, you will now have an advantage on the knowledge side of things. You can either go back and attack them, hide in an island you know where there's a really good piece of treasure, or you can wait at the nearest outpost for an all out war.


    On the visual side of things the Book of Lore can change visually as follows by burying treasure based on these factors:

    Gold Based

    0-2500: Plain Weathered, Leatherbound Journal

    2501-5000: Sturdy Leatherbound Journal that deserves a slap

    5001-10,000: Black Journal with Golden Adorments etc.

    10k1g-20k: Skeletal Journal with emeralds and golden teeth.

    20k1g-100k: Black Ashen Journal with flaming gems all around (Similar to the Magma's Grail)

    100k1g-500k: Ghost Journal similar to Athena gear. (If you want to add a serious fear factor, make this level and beyond trackable like the FotD key)

    500k1g-1mil: A Book of Lore that resembles the design of the Wonderous Box of Secrets, maybe can also have a chipped off piece from the Shrouded Ghost.

    Treasure Based

    Initial: Plain Weathered, Leatherbound Journal

    If you have any loot: Sturdy Leatherbound Journal that deserves a slap

    If you have any fort loot: Skeletal Journal with emeralds and golden teeth.

    If you have any Athena chests buried: Ghost Journal similar to Athena gear.

    If you have any Reaper chests buried: A slick Black Journal with a few Skeletal runes on it resembling the Reaper chests. (If you want to add a serious fear factor, make this level trackable like the FotD key)

    (The issue for the treasure based visuals is I have no idea which visual should be prominent over which)

    This update wouldn't be a Mega-Update, instead it would be a Fort of the Damned scale of an update.

    If you've read this far, thanks and I hope you liked the idea. Please considering commenting your thoughts and sharing a link to this thread for more people to chip in their thoughts.

    Also upvote the post!

  • Bonjour,
    Je m'appelle Anthony j'ai 24 ans
    Anthoast pour les intimes
    Voilà je me suis lancé dans le programme du creator crew il y a peu, je stream depuis ma chaîne twitch : anthoastgaming, je mettrais le lien un peu plus bas, je recherche de vils forbans qui voudrais bien m'aider à atteindre mes objectif en venant visionner mes lives, et m'accompagner jusqu'à se saint honneur d'être pirate légendaire, je précise je suis débutant sur twitch, j'essaye de faire des stream de qualité, fait bien commencer quelque part non ?
    Si vous avez des conseil à me donner je suis preneur aussi.
    Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre soutien, à très bientôt sur ma chaîne
    chaîne twitch

  • Whenever I see crates, I only see "oh, this thing gets me about a thousand gold!" and then I sell the one with the weird white cloth and only net a hundred.
    crate edit
    I can't tell the difference between any of these, and why spice is worth more than cloth and sugar, so I think it'd be cool if they each had a cosmetic Broze/Silver/Gold/Jeweled difference between each one, either a single painted board or a frame around each. It's definitely imperative when it comes to the Reaper's Hideout, every time I have to Google which of the four is the one that the creepy babe takes.
    I also think it'd be nice if they could be obtained naturally in the world. Island NPCs can currently only be used for cargo runs so they're pretty limited, I think it'd be nice if talking to them had a chance to give you a crate, asking you to deliver it to the Merchant Alliance.

    Another major change I'd like is to the Skeleton Thrones. Currently they're pretty limited. However, Rare's been wanting to push for more Skeleton Lord involvement and accessibility in the game. Sitting on a throne grants the crew a map with the location of a Skeleton Lord, enraged that its throne was tainted. With so many thrones, each Skeleton Lord would be procedurally generated, based on player cosmetics, having a matching set of clothes (including those in the Black Market Archive, gotta make the player jealous). They'd also have a chosen selection of the pre-existing Skeleton Lord abilities, as well as throwable options.

    Largely, I hope that the selling value of each item is looked at. Rare has been adding so many opportunities to get quick gold and high level loot, that many chests and skulls have lost so much value (not even mentioning the poor Merchant Alliance voyage items...)
    Those were the larger recommendations of mine, but I also feel like some smaller Quality of Life changes would be nice:

    • Grogball, Limpball, and Venomball should be made to throwable options, making them far more accessible, especially to PvE players against skeletons.
    • Holding a resource crate while looking at a barrel allows you to fill the crate's inventory directly.
    • Allow the player to sort resources in their barrel by dragging and dropping, rather than being queue-based sorting.
    • Completed Commendation categories (such as Bilge Rat's Shrouded Spoils and Legends of the Sea, or Tall Tale commendations) should be relocated to the end, so that incomplete commendations are prioritized higher and together.
    • The player should be able to sort Reputation in their menu (or it should be made smaller so the player can see all 8 categories of Tall Tales, Bilge Rats, and six major trading companies).
    • Skeletons at cannons on islands should be cosmetically unique and drop cannonballs on death (particularly to balance how powerful these gents are, they've sunk my ship more than any player or monster has. Alternatively, just give them blunderbombs, because gosh they're a nuisance!)
    • Flames of Fate should be made more accessible: Drowning gets blue flames, Kraken gets purple flames, gunpowder barrels gets red flames,
    • Random encountered ashen Skeleton Captains types should be chosen randomly, rather than just the default skeleton type,
    • The player should be able to buy up to three voyages if their voyage inventory is full of mercenary voyages but no standard voyages. (I've been saving my mercenary voyages for my friends but now I'm restricted when I play alone because my voyage inventory is full, despite having nine mercenary voyages)
    • Secondary Use on instruments should play the harmony of a song, rather than the melody.
    • The Alliance Flags should be flown underneath the main flag, so that you can keep customization while befriending other pirates.
    • Lanterns should break through fog,
    • Lanterns should still be equipped while running (I like being able to see).
    • Boss enemies encountered and killed on the sea should mark your map with a skull; to help collect loot if your skeleton ship sinks away, and to show your Pirate's pride in monster hunting.
    • A golden Fishing Rod of The Wailing Barnacle should be available for sale if the player has caught one of every single type of fish in the game.
    • And catching 50 of a particular fish should net you a figurehead of that fish.
    • And the Hunter's Call should have voyages to be on the same level of the other Trading Companies, featuring the travel path of sea monsters to hunt down, but instead of dropping loot, they drop trophies (teeth or eyes to turn in).
    • Please I just love the Hunter's Call give them more love,
      With all these suggestions, I sound entitled... I absolutely adore this game, and don't expect a single one of these to be added, I just hope that any of these are considered and would help gameplay if they're offered.
  • If you're gonna do a Meg event Rare please increase the spawn rate. I sailed around for over 3 hours today and didn't see one meg. I was sailing in open seas and avoiding islands. For half that time I had crew mates sailing on different servers doing the same thing and they didn't get any either.


    • Before I go further with this idea I want to back up a few steps and get there… So please bear with me. I would like to suggest something regarding the current relevance with the “Hungering Deep anniversary” and the notorious “Shrouded Ghost” topics.

    Many, (including myself) have yet to see the ghost meg. As much as I love the rarity of it, I do think it is possible to increase the chances of seeing it.


    • First off, we can introduce tiny colored crystals (Like we’ve seen in “The Revenge of the Morning Star”, that little red beauty.) Instead of red, we can introduce new colors affiliated with the Megalodons. Buying one of these from Duke or the Mysterious Stranger in the taverns or possibly the arena island before you set foot on your adventures would greatly increase, but not guarantee, the chances of running into that Meg. We can discuss the prices regarding this in the thread but 15,000 for a color, 20,000 a color, and so on. Perhaps 55k gold coins for the Shrouded ghost (White crystal).

    • Here’s where it gets interesting. Now that we have special crystals that increase the chances of megs, once killed, Megalodons that appear while using the crystals will drop a special item. (Something glowing of course!) It can be something to awaken the “Old Mother” chained by the ancients!* Once you obtain THREE of these items you can go purchase a quest that will have you kill a skeleton boss. This will be a normal Order of Souls type voyage. That boss will drop an item along with 2 maps showing 2 different islands with an X marks the spot location. Once you’ve obtained the 3 meg items and the 3 skeleton items you can put them together. This will form a special totem of sorts that will initiate the spawning of the Lightning Kraken.

    • This boss isn’t your typical kraken. This would (Like previously mentioned) be a community event within your server. (We don’t want to run into these things by chance now do we?) There needs to be some level of difficulty so there’s not huge lightning krakens in every server. The benefit of having an alliance of four ships is that making an alliance takes time, additionally finding everything to spawn the meg takes time. But if you find some like-minded people in your server you can do this very quickly and reap the rewards.

    Let’s discuss the kraken! Well, first off its black with colored glowing spots (of course). The lightning kraken will spawn inside of a storm. Lightning and storm clouds above, AND a whirlpool below. The head of the kraken will be visible and poking out of the center of the whirlpool. (We can finally see a head with eyes!) The only way to be dragged into combat is having your four alliance ships with the totem items on each! Once you’ve gotten your alliance of 3-4 ships you can sail near the whirlpool. It will automatically drag you into it so you’re now sailing at a slanted angle. All ships will automatically drive in circles around the kraken. Tentacles on the left and right of the ship inside and out of the whirlpool. In order to take it out you must shoot a series of cursed cannonballs. The tentacles will change colors so you know which cursed cannonball to hit it with.

    • Some sort of lightning chest / Chest of Sorrow hybrid. The chest will leak water but will also send out a shocking lightning bolt that effects the players around it or the health of the one carrying it.
    • The chest will be of extremely high value.
    • 4 chests will spawn. One for each ship participating in the alliance.
    Additional loot will spawn for a nice payout.

    • We can possibly add some sort of oils you can get to cover the cannonballs into each corresponding tentacle color. There can be lore behind that, but you can store them in a storage crate and coat normal cannonballs in them to hurt the kraken. For example, if you have four ships you can have the 3 totems on 3 of the ships and colored oils on the fourth ship. Once someone shoots the tentacle with the colored cannonball, all the other ships can shoot it with normal cannon balls to damage it. It would be fun to create the reasoning behind that in lore! So start commenting below!

    • Creative Ideas:
    -Ghosts0ap –Shaaswat Sharma

  • Just playing SOT then an idea popped into my head...

    With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, why not run an alliance event to celebrate Unity? Double gold/points/doubloons when running an alliance.

    Keep the spirits lifted on the sea's :)

  • The fort of the damned is a great idea and definitely brings a challenge for all players, however the issue with it is that once activated it just becomes a regular fort for all players to attack. This shouldn't be the case. One crew has decided to take it upon themselves to gather all the lanterns and to find a ritual skull in order to start the fort. Me and my crew did this, defeated the final boss only to have other players swoop in and sink us to take all the loot, not only that but throughout the fort we had 2 other ships attempt to attack us so we blew all our resources on them. The fort of the damned should be a private fort that a crew can attack without the stress of other players, the challenge then should lie within sailing to an outpost to sell where the protection is no longer available and they're not invisible on the map due to the Reapers bounty that you collect from the vault. To balance things out you could maybe make it harder to activate the fort but to add such a valuable thing to the game that requires players to activate it and then make it a public occurrence is very unfair to the crew that went through the effort (such as myself) and then to loose it all due to some players who were waiting for us to finish it.

  • So while playing today my friend and I got to talking about the Tall Tales and what might be next. We started to talk about the merpeople and thought "How cool would it be if they did some story on them!". During the event, if they did release the new story about the merpeople, they could also release a new monster, the Evil Mermaid. This creature would spawn after the player has been in the water a while. Kind of like the shark, except with a rarer spawn rate. The creature would then drag you down in an attempt to drown you but will release you after taking enough damage. We thought this would add an interesting game mechanic as well as giving us a new storyline and some new lore into the merfolk.

  • So, everywhere on the map is unsafe, island have skeletons, the waters have the krakens and megalodons plus skelly ships, but when you're near a rock in the water you're mostly safe as nothing can spawn on you unless something is already attacking you. That's where the ocean Crawler comes in. He could climb onto the rock and with one of his claws, grab the boat and stop it from moving. This leaves the crew with 2 desicions, they can attack the claw/arm until it breaks off and sets their boat free, or they can try and kill the Ocean Crawler. You'll have to be precise with your shots to hit him in the mouth as any other area would do minimal damage with his shell. Plus he can have a plethora of attack such as a simple stab with his free claw, dealing damage to the ship and damaging players with it. He can grab a player with his claw and start eating them. He can spit out bubbles that if they hit a player, it obscures their vision just like when someone throws a bucket of puke at you, there's a lot they could do with his boss. If someone is sniping him from the crowd nest he can snip it right off the ship. If they attack the claw and run they only get away. But if they stay to kill the Ocean Crawler they could collect Crab meat to cook and possibly a claw to sell.

  • With the March update technically being the 2nd anniversary, year 3 of SoT is nigh upon us! It doesn’t feel like it’s been 2 years but wow how far this game has come! Initially the cries of the crews were for more and more content, and rightfully so. Because if this the game has never been more rich and deep than it ever has been with more clearly on the horizon! But the winds have begun to change, and the cries heard from the depths of the seas have changed their tune. The game needs some polish. The barnacles need scraping off. To accomplish this I recommend we switch to bi-monthly content updates. With the time spent in between focused on big repair. Fact is each new update brings a new slew of bugs, and the old bugs thrive for months before getting attention. But extending the time between content would allow each update to feel richer in what it brings, as well as ensuring its thoroughly tested well before it drops to minimize its breakability. And the off time being used for smaller, even semi-weekly updates to fix the many issues we’ve seen as well as look at balancing, would improve the experience greatly for all crews.

    TL:DR - going forward release new content only every other month, with the months in between focusing on balancing and bug fixing

  • Welcome to Flameheart's Fury! A weekly event that pits you up against other pirates to steal their loot, inflict them with curses and sink their ships. Be a true pirate to get your own skeletal curse!


    Every other month, this event will be started

    Stealing items means that they dug it up/found it

    Rewards for Stealing will come in tiers:

    1. 10,000 gold stolen: a basic skeleton, fueled by your greed.

    2. 50,000 gold stolen: a plant skeleton, wreathed in vines and given a new, matching hook.

    3. 100,000 gold stolen: a golden skeleton curse, basic and only a few parts of you are blessed with the gold you stole.

    4. 500,000 gold stolen: a golden skeleton curse, but you have gems and rings adorning you. A beauty to behold as your eyesockets are replaced with green gems like the gold hoarder himself, while an opulent crown is dawned upon your head. You showed Flameheart your passion, but don't expect him to treat you nicer!

  • First off, let me say that my crew ( @JudgedMeteor03 @jpedoto and @GizmosGizmos) and I are loving the new Gold Hauler Figurehead! The only issue we found is that it took our crew of four players around two and a half hours, give or take, of un-interrupted, non-stop fishing to catch 180 Ruby Splashtail. Only to progress in the Hunters Call by barely half a level. This was more than two hours of fishing with no player, skelly ship, megalodon, kraken, or any other kind of interuptions. It got a tad boring and tedious. 250 Doubloons are great and all, but we have thousands of them. We would have happily traded a doubloon reward for a good ol' Double XP event week for the Hunters Call!

  • Like many of you on this forum, I’ve been playing Sea of Thieves for a fair bit of time. As the updates have come and gone I’ve watched the world around our pirates change. In many ways this has been for the better, but there have been some missteps as all games experience. However, in light of the Hunter’s Haul event that was just announced I think it’s particularly poignant to talk about Sea of Thieves’ update schedule in a way that is constructive so that we, the players, consistently feel like our time in the game is rewarded and want to keep returning.

    We’ve gone through a few update schedules at this point, some more breakneck than others. While the monthly model the game currently uses is nice, I fear it isn’t sustainable for neither the playerbase nor the developers. Mercenary voyages have become a mainstay and largely offer the same repetitive kinds of tasks. While interesting here and there, they cannot continue to be the workhorse of future updates in their current form because there is growing player discontent (the tome chasing was a particularly insightful example once it kept repeating). One reason for this repetition (lore significance aside) is that it takes time to properly implement new features and we as players need to have things to do while these new features are tested behind the scenes. Unfortunately, because mercenary voyages follow a predictable pattern a growing number of players are expressing discontent.

    So, what does one do? From what I can tell, the tools already exist:

    Adjust to a bi-monthly update cadence that brings meaningful features to the game. At the same time, run weekly or bi-weekly events and release bug fixes between the big updates.

    If new, meaningful features to the game take time to implement, take that time. It’s better to have a polished product at the end of the day than to have a partially finished one that was rushed out the door and then needs retail iteration because of an arbitrary deadline you set for yourself.

    Meanwhile, to keep things interesting in the world you can run events similar to the Hunter’s Haul to inject variety into the game world. However, there is one thing I would like to stress regarding weekly/bi-weekly events: do not tie cosmetic rewards to their completion.

    To understand why I make this distinction, let’s look at Destiny 2. This game is part of a franchise that also uses the games-as-a-service model, and those familiar with the game might remember the early days of Faction Rallies. Faction Rallies were a time-limited event where the player chose from one of three different factions in the game and carried out one or two types of repetitive tasks (if you were serious about earning the rewards) to gain standing with that faction. For collectors, the grind was intense to reach the top reward tier, and there was no small amount of hatred tied to the reward structure. Why? Because the developers tied time-limited rewards to time-intensive events that were not updates and the fear of missing out (aka FOMO) was very real, not only for players with limited gaming time but also those who were more available.

    For many players, Destiny was a franchise about collecting stuff, and with a changing combat meta you never truly knew which stuff was going to suddenly end up as “the good stuff”. While certainly not the same, there is a strong parallel to Sea of Thieves here because there are many collectors and completionists in the playerbase. So, instead of tying cosmetics to a time-limited event, reward players who take part with double reputation, or double gold or X number of doubloons. Those should be enough of an incentive to change player behavior, you don’t need to take advantage of FOMO by adding a time-limited cosmetic. That pattern will ultimately be detrimental to the game’s health. In Destiny, simple weekly events helped keep the playerbase around between updates because it was something we were already capable of doing, but with a little reward to help you progress. I believe learning from what did and didn’t work for Destiny’s developer/player relationship in this context would only help Sea of Thieves.

    TL;DR: Adjusting to a bi-monthly update cadence that brings meaningful features to the game while also running weekly or bi-weekly events and releasing bug fixes between the big updates would likely benefit Sea of Thieves. Events like the Hunter’s Haul are leaning in the right direction, but future expeditions would need a slight tweak regarding rewards to be effective and prevent cosmetic-based FOMO firestorms.

  • Feedback + Suggestions

    Kind of a major stretch but I already put many ideas in the forums so why not this one? xD

    Mega-Megalodon/Whale Forts:

    So basically a Mega-Megalodon/Whale would spawn somewhere on the map (because this species of fish feeds on pirates (It baits them with the treasure inside)) and it would be a water/flesh themed fortress. It would basically be a normal fortress but the catch is that every 30mins-1hr it would change locations on the map BUT ships would be able to hook onto this beast of a fortress mid-travel. Plus any pirates along the way can do the same.

  • Here is the first event from the French Affiliate Alliance Community !
    Feel free to join us Friday January the 31st for an amazing competitive animation : THE SKULLBALL !!!

  • There has always been something missing on the seas that I feel I have come up with a solution to, competitive PvE content. What I propose is a "season" of about 3 months where there are actually quite difficult puzzles for players to solve, ones that will take a lot of thought and aren't straight-up pointed out in the riddle. There could be about 4 different long chains of things to do which at the end of each you receive a commendation or a medal or something which saves you to that checkpoint. That gives a place to shoot for in-case players need to leave, as well as each of the chains could maybe come out each after a week to allow some to catch up. These don't have to be all riddles, other aspects of the game could be incorporated as well. Now the competitive portion comes in, at the end of the entire chain there would be a single chest which would unlock extremely rare cosmetics, im thinking of like flaming swords, wispy ghost face paints, things with very detailed art which people would want to hunt for, and the kicker would be that only the first 100 or so people can get it. This creates urgency. For the end of each chain the first 100 to finish each part of the chain would receive like a leg up, like say they get an hour or so head-start for the next chain to be fair for people who are ahead of the game and who want to finish first. You could even add in a special color palate for like the first crew or something as well. There is also room to add in PvP in some way, but make getting sunk not the end and doesnt restart you.

  • I've done a very quick research and it seems that they've stopped adding them after the Forsaken Shores update(There are overall 3 scar vanity items If you don't count player creation generated ones), which is a real shame in my opinion.

    It would be cool If they added a new ones that could be a reward for Megalodon or Kraken slaying commendations, maybe even the Tall Tales as a mark of experience and overall indication that the player has been through many adventures that left scars on them.

    1. Maelström-Enhanced storm of middle area with an eye in the middle pulling the ships inside, causing increasing damage by getting closer. Any ship that would reach the middle of it would receive massive damage.

    2. Heavy rain-Enhanced storm of great area, without lightning strikes, very quickly filling the ship with water.

    3. Light rain-Common storm of small area without lightning strikes, slowly filling the ship with water.

    4. Crushing waves-Medium area of significantly larger waves with a slower occurrence that can push the ship to other direction. (Possibly pushing players themselves into the sea If they are not careful)

    5. Stronger wind and Water currents-Rarely encountered sea occurrences that could either speed/slow your ship a lot.

    It would be cool to see at least few of these things making it into the game. Some may say its unnecessary, but I think that we've really conquered the sea bit too much lately and we are hardly ever truly endangered by the current sea hazards.

  • What are Minor Suggestions?
    These are suggestions in which is not THAT important, but to at least have in the game because why not.

    Here are my Minor Suggestions:
    Boat Trail - So when on a boat IRL of course, you will see the trail it leaves behind. Why not at that into the game, just to bring some aesthetics to the sailing experience.

    Flute - OK so...I think these will be cool having to play music on along with the other instruments that is already in the game.

    Diamonds - Uhhh...I know that Gold is the top currency in the game, but would be cool to add in diamonds as well. You have Gold, Sapphire, Emeralds, and Ruby Gems...why not add Diamonds.

    Dolphins - They will be jumping out from the waters at times, mainly in the Ancient Isles and Shores of Plenty area of the map.

    Crabs - I mean come on, they look cool, and can clamp on to your hand and will damage you at 2% of health. Like it will clamp on to you, and your character will automatically shake it off.

    I think that is all I have. What are your thoughts?

  • After exploring the Maiden Voyage upon leaving the Old Sailor's Isle, you encounter the real shroud for the first time, I think it would be way cooler, atmospheric and ominous, If "The Shroud was always present in the Adventure/Arena. It would definitely make the players think twice before accidentally sailing into open sea and realizing something went wrong only after hearing the red sea music and water turning red, slowly making holes in their ship.
    Right now I can't come up with any cons that this feature would have, other than players actually getting lost in it, but thats the point, right?