• We should be able to choose which eye we have our eyepatch on. I've seen some people with a bad and foggy eye on their right eye but the eyepatch on their left eye, which is unharmed. I also have the gold curse and my right eye is gold so I want to wear the eyepatch over it but can't.

  • This was never apparent to me because until I got to Pirate Legend I didn't buy many Ship items, instead I was saving up for those Legendary sets. And after buying the Legendary Hull+Sails I must say that I am very disappointed.
    Sure I mistook them for the first year Pirate Legend reward but they cost 600.000 together and there is no glow, really? Thats more of a personal problem though. Whats really bugging me in general is that so many skins don't change the Ship that much. Like if you change your sails the Mast never changes only on a few exceptions. Same for the hull you buy an awesome color and expect it to look cool but once you are on the ship the deck looks boring as usual.

    I mean its kinda sad that I prefer a cheap Kraken set over my hard grinded Legendary set simply because it changes the ship completely.

    Would be nice if you guys could give if us more coloring options.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Today, I'm wanna talk about Harpoons:

    The new Harpoons at the bow of each ship are perhaps one of the best/fun new addition SoT has had!

    However, my one complaint about them is:
    They don't match up well with your cannons when ya have them customized.

    So, I've got a great suggestion:

    Add Harpoon Customisation.

    Anyways mates that's all I got for today.
    And would you like to see Harpoon customisation added?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I'm back & guess what I found on this Rare employee's Artstation:

    Cool ship eh?
    It was the reward for year one pirate Legends... Wait!
    That's a Golden Legendary Flag at the top!

    Did you know that Flag isn't currently in the game?
    Believe it or not, I actually made a thread requesting they add this flag to the game a little while back.

    Anyways mates, do you wanna see the Golden Legendary Flag added to the game at some point in the future?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • Tall Tales are amazing and something I have always wanted in a game. Sea of Thieves is perfect for it. And when I heard that you get the gold hoarder curse when you complete them, I was ecstatic. Ever since I started my journey back in the beta and first saw a gold hoarder, I knew I needed that curse for my character. I am a huge fan of lore, especially with my own character. I loved the idea of my character taking down THE Gold Hoarder, but then being forever cursed with parts of his body being pure gold. This is why it was a major let down for me when I saw that you have to complete EVERY Tall Tale 5 times. That is completely ridiculous and is something a casual player or someone in school will just never achieve. Playing the Tall Tales twice? Sure. But 5 times is just over the top. That is a total of 45 Tall Tales. 45! That is almost 90 hours of play time! As someone in school I just do not have the time to play this much. I have a life outside of gaming and this achievement is just plainly unachievable. This needs to be changed. Some people look at it like a fun challenge, but it is really just a burden. It doesn't matter if each one has a location change, it is still the exact same thing that you have to do. I'm not saying it shouldn't be a challenge, but this is the exact same repetition that people complained about at launch. A real challenge would be "Complete each individual Tall Tale without dying once". I absolutely love Sea of Thieves, it is actually my favorite game. But playing the Tall Tales this many times is just stupid. It is like watching the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit franchise over and over 5 times. It ruins the excitement because you know exactly what is going to happen and just gets boring.

  • Im loving this update a lot, and its gotten me thinking of a bunch of ideas and old ideas re-imagined:

    New Areas:
    I've seen a concept for and Ice area that was really well fleshed out. That would be an amazing addition, plus who wouldn't wanna dress like a viking!
    Maybe a red rock area, or even black sand islands?
    Im hoping to see the map grow to a stupid size and maybe for an easy transport you find an item for the ferryman and he'd transport your crew to different zones (the size of the map we have now would be one Zone "26x26"). However you can still sail to the next zones the old fashion way, and it would change your map to the next zone.

    More Tall Tells:
    Much needed addition to the game! Now id love to see more tall tell story lines. LOVED the puzzles and defiantly want more! Same goes for traps.

    Hostile Mermaids that grab onto the side of the ship and waiting to grab unsuspecting pirates, drag them overboard to the depths.

    Giant Birds:
    Now that we have harpoons i see this could become a thing. You'd harpoon then to try to hold them in place for easy shots, however they could pull your ship into some rocks. The birds would land on your mast and you could shoot them off or climb up there and fight them head on steel to talons in hopes they dont break your mast. They could also maybe do a drive by and swoop someone up. Many ideas about how they could act or what they could do!

    Rouge-Like Ship upgrades:
    These would be temporary ship upgrades that would be lost when your ship sinks. You'd find them randomly in the world or maybe even blueprints that youd return to a shipwright for the upgrade at the cost of planks. Kinda like the Merchant missions asking for wood crates.
    These upgrades could help decrease the time to pull up an anchor or raise a sail. Ship re-enforcement. Maybe even special rarer ones like cursed cannon (small chance of cursing a loaded cannon ball). Would make you care even more about your ship and keeping it alive, cause once its gone so are your upgrades. Food for thought.

    Island Random Encounters:
    Some good some bad. Maybe you'll find and NPC giving a quest to search the island for a lost pendent. Rewarding you with gold and maybe cosmetics.
    Maybe youll find a the travailing merchant selling a few exclusive items at a time from his ever expanding store (only way to get his cosmetics and you would have to keep finding him in hopes he i selling that one item your looking for). To learn of his whereabouts you'd talk to your local tavern-keep.
    Maybe a friendly Skellie needing help or maybe even some abnormally larger creatures, looking at you crab. Large snake too maybe?

    I like the visual cosmetics and i hope you add more till then ill be using Lost souls Curse. However i was hoping the curses would be an obstacle that would some how hinder you is some shape of form. Making you have to do tasks to get rid of them. However you could have both types of curses! (cosmetic types and game play types)

    Pirate Bounties:
    Still would love a player bounty system, But would be difficult to implement when players come and go. Maybe 3 bounties placed on random players and your goal is to kill that person once. The tavern-keep would tell you what island they were last at. Once that player has been killed by another player then the bounty was claimed and the bounty would expire for anyone holding it.

    Tavern Games:
    Gamble your money away against other players or any NPC's found sitting at the tables. Black jack and liars dice a true pirates game!

    Morningstar Cosmetics:
    Loved the Morningstar set that you got to USE. Saddly you didnt get to keep it but i loved the way you found it in the world. So we need more of that kinda cosmetics that you find in the world ether randomly spawned or in certain locations.

    I bet i could keep going so lets just end it here of these few ideas

  • The title really says it all, my biggest regret in sot is my character i would almost do anything to get a re roll( i just wouldnt reset my account)

  • I feel the only thing we are truly missing from being able to customize our pirates fully is jewelry. It’s classic pirate, And I feel we need to raise it up the flag pole for Rare to consider adding soon. What do you think?

  • I think it would be cool if large communities with large player base for SoT could submit their ship Customization designs. Maybe 3 or 2 colors. This could imply that large communities can show their colors and let others know who they are. Maybe something a community can buy?

  • I want to be a sailor. not everyone wants a captain Hat. In SoT there are too many captains! Give me a bandana of different varieties/colors or more head bands.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    I was looking through the Arena Webpage the other day.
    And one of the things I noticed from the Webpage was there's a picture of a wall with bunch of pictures on it.

    Now if you zoom in on the far right picture you'll see who I can only assume to be Lesedi Singh manning a Ceremonial Admiral Captain's Wheel.

    That's right mates!
    So how do I know this is the Ceremonial Admiral Helm?
    Well cuz it has the Ceremonial Admiral Colors of Red and Gold.
    And it looks exactly like the Admiral Helm.

    What does this mean?
    Well, this is now the third time we've spotted color variations for expanded ship customisation items.

    The first time being the Royal Sovereign Capstan discovered on a Rare employee's art station:

    The second time was the Royal Sovereign Helm glitch, where it replaced the Regular Sovereign Helm with a Royal one:

    And the latest discovery is the subject of this thread: the Ceremonial Admiral Helm!

    So, with all these discoveries I think it's safe to assume we'll be seeing Color Variations for the expanded ship customisation items coming in with the Anniversary Update!

    Anyways mates, what do you think of this discovery?
    Let me know, until then see ya on the seas!

  • Note: The title may make my idea seem OP and unbalanced, but there are ways to counteract that, which I will state.

    Recently I got an idea about how ships could be customized and every ship you see can be different. So, we already have 3 types of ships. My idea is that in the lobby or main menu of the game (or maybe at the shipwright), you can customize certain parts of your ship. There would still be 3 types of ships, just that some features are customizable on the ships. For example, some things that might be able to be customized could be the number of cannons, placement of cannons, number/placement of harpoons, location of the capstan, location of barrels, location of ladders, location of the mast, amount of rudders, etc. This could create some interesting ships that people invent.

    Now, this may seem very OP and unbalanced, so there could be systems to counteract that. For example, each thing that you add to the ship also adds some weight, which can slow down your ship and make it ride lower in the water. Perhaps the weight could also be applied mostly to the area where the item is (for example, having all your cannons on one side or the front/back would tilt the ship, or not allow the cannons to be placed there).

    With customization of ships, you could, for example, create a galleon with a bunch of cannons on the sides and corners, and 4 harpoons on the corners. This would basically make a man o' war, being a ship with lots of firepower, but it would move very slowly and would be at risk of sinking. You could also create a sort of merchant ship or really maneuverable ship by making a sloop with 1 cannon and 2 rudders or maybe a brig with 2 cannons on each side and an extra rudder.

    An extra detail is that maybe people could create saves of their ships or "loadouts" which could be applied wherever you would normally customize your ship, so that you don't have to spend extra time remaking ships.

    I may have left out some details so the idea may seem kinda op, please leave suggestions and tell me if you like the idea!

  • Hello, I'm Raznan the mighty! And I'm here to tell that I'm pretty happy with the actual customization, like the hair dyes, tattoos, scars... but, what if we could change our pirate COMPLETELY?

    I mean, as we start, we have to choose one pirate, well, it would be great that, for example, on a month time period, you can change your pirate without having to reset all your reputations, so people can try new kind of cosmetics on differents forms and shapes.

    I hope this post (as well as some other posts I have read) to get ingame, I think it would be better for exploring new kinds of clothes styles.

  • I have sunk many many hours into this game and after becoming a PL 10 now, I really like to focus on PVP. The only problem with that it that I made my character as a joke and it is very fat. I cannot hide on peoples ships and am very easy to see. I even see posts sometimes that have exactly what I'm looking for, but they say, "Must be able to tuck on ships". Meaning I cannot join because my character is far too big to hide anywhere on someone's ship! This gives me a real in-game disadvantage, and it's making mine overall experience much worse! I guess I just really regret my character decision, I just assumed that a feature this basic would be implemented and it been a year!

  • Dear rare,

    Please make it so that we could customize our own characters. We should all get an option or a second chance at changing our characters, as I am not happy with how I chose my character in the past. I think that we should have all sorts of options from skin color to body shape. In the past, I had the game via Xbox gamepass and did not take it seriously. I had no idea I was about to fall in love with the game, so I made my character look as weird as possible. Soon I regretted that decision after I bought the game fully and now play it every day, I get judged at my character looks, and I can't do anything about it! anyways I would love a new customization feature, or even just one last chance at customizing our characters without having to restart the game and lose all of my progress. I Would not mind if this was a microtransaction(at a reasonable price), or maybe it could be something that could be bought with in-game currency like doubloons or gold. I would even be fine with it being a rare item that can be found and used (or sold for gold for people who don't want it). I think that this should definitely be something to come because lots of people are in the same boat as I am (No pun intended). Thank you for taking your time to read this post and for your consideration,

    Sincerely, A Double Deagle

  • One of the items with the least selection available is the Scars category.

    I was looking at my vanity chest last night and realised there were only like 3 to choose from, granted I am not likely to change mine but I was just thinking that the description of the Hunter's Call trading company suggests there might be more threats out there in the world.

    Would this mean new ways that you pirate could potentially acquire new scars?

    It has also been suggested that Merrick is wearing a nice new coat ... could there be new cosmetics inspired by the new features coming in the anniversary update?

    There have been requests for female related clothing also...

    Cosmetics inspired by:

    • Hunting - Ammo bag or harpoon spear bag?
    • Fishing - A fishing rod holder?
    • Cooking - A bag holding a ladle?
    • Discovery - Map holders?

    All of these being purely cosmetic and offering no additional RPG style help to the character, I just think it would make the character look interesting and add more characteristics to go with the additions to the storyline like features.

    These are just themes I'm thinking about, when I consider some of the great concept art on the Art of Sea Of Thieves book that just haven't been used yet.
    For example the theme of Discovery would be a great way to have cosmetics that are similar to that of the cartographer designs.

  • This week I stumble apon the Bear and Bird figurehead.
    I was a bit sad because I hadn't the game at that time. And so I don't have that beloved piece of customisation. Because I love the fact of giving credits to older beloved games of Rare.
    So yesterday I thought that would be amazing to have something of another old Rare game: Donkey Kong Country.

    I know since Rare doesn't work anymore with Nintendo that close like the old days. Seriously I don't really know the details or if what I'm saying is right, I only know they didn't work together later on. And now Retro Studios took there part. Probably everthing I'm saying is wrong I really don't know about that stuff. And I glad if someone correct me so I can learn something.

    But now back to where I was. I thought about customisations related to King K. Rool and the Kremlings. I don't know who has the rights on those but heared in a video about Super Smash Bros Ultimate that K. Rool is still mostly owned by Rare. Or even not by Nintendo. No wait it was in a video about the new DKC Tropical Freeze Game, because Retro Studios can't use K. Rool in their games. The most known antagonist of DK.

    And this is why I was thinking it could become really a thing. But this is only a dream of a not even got piratlegend, little lvl30 goldhoarders, small little bilgerat.

    I'm open for any suggestions on that.

  • I just started playing SoT on Saturday, (great timing for the double event). I really enjoy the game.

    BUT, i really hate that the pirate representing me is not how i wish she looked.

    I spent almost 3 hours Friday evening respawning pirates over, and over, and over again. I found one that had a pretty face, but a muscular man body. So i picked some “alright” faced pirate with a feminine body type.

    I’ve read several articles about this issue. And yes, i know i could delete my pirate and all my accomplishments to “re-roll” just to RISK possibly getting something worse.

    I understand that customizing your avatar is not priority to you all, the adventures are. But, this is something that multiple people have clearly been asking for ever since the game released a year ago.

    I see you all added hair dye, tattoos, face paint, and makeup. Why not take it all the way?.
    I also read the “We want no pirates alike/We want originality.” Not sure how pirates could look exactly alike when they’re fully customized to what the individual wants.
    Even if people “copy”, We have Gamer tags above our heads that are also colored to spot friend, or foe.

    I want to really pour myself into this game, but i’m torn away by not having a custom avatar.

    You can do what fortnite does, and create skins, then make us pay for the skin we want. I’ve put hundreds of dollars into Epic Games wallet for the purpose of having an amazing avatar to play with, and represent me.

    It’s a big money making opportunity you all are missing entirely.

    If you want no one to look alike, then allow full customize of our pirate, and put a price on each individual change we make. Want a new face?, 50,000 Doubloons. New Body? 100,000 doubloons.

    There is endless opportunities in the avatar customizing catagory.

    Thanks for reading.

    I’m praying tomorrow (03/20/19) in the HUGE announcements there is a update to customizing your avatar. If not, then i hope my post encourages this well needed update to give you all the success this game deserves.

    This issue is a setback for the game, and i hope you developers will work together on this to take SoT to the top in 2019.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    Remember the launch Crew Eye of Reach?

    Ah, that was a great Gun... though I'm always hearing sailors say:
    "Where do ya get the Bottle Sniper Rifle, Mr. Palooggoo? It's so Neate, I must have it."

    And I always have to respond with:

    "Well lad, it was a 'launch' thing."

    These sort of incidents sadden me, so you know what I think should be done?

    It should be brought back!


    "You can't bring back time limited stuff Mr. Palooggoo! That's a badge of recognition! When I see someone holding it, I know he was here on launch!"

    Oh, I forgot about that, seems we have a dilemma, what can be done then?

    Hmmmmmmm, maybe they could bring it back with a different color pattern?
    So like the Bottle on the Riffle could be Brown or something?
    And the label on the bottle could say something different aside from "Launch Crew".

    This way the people who don't have the Launch Crew EoR could still get a "Bottle Sniper Rifle", and the people who already have it wouldn't feel unspecial anymore.

    Anyways mates, what do ya think of this suggestion?
    Let me know if you want the "Bottle Sniper Rifle" back?
    Until then see ya on the seas!

  • Rare Team,

    I would love to see some level of customization to our statistics of our boats.


    Each size of a boat would have a limit to the number of any one characteristic depending on the size, but allow it to be modified to your specific desires. I think this would add some nice complexity to the game for those who are looking for more.

    Also, making physical ship modifications would be cool too, but I feel like I am asking for too much now.

  • I have a few items I have been thinking about that I think would be great additions to the game!

    I was thinking maybe add in a bag as a weapon slot item that allows the user to have double materials and are able to carry 2 pieces of treasure. This way the player is vulnerable with only one weapon but has the opportunity to result quickly and perhaps heal up enough to deal with those pesky thieves!

    Another addition would be more customization with ships and pirates.
    For ships maybe add specific captains quarters designs and below deck cosmetics. For Pirates let us customize or pirate! It would be so cool to be able to make my pirate look as close to me as possible! Or if I just wanted a cooky looking pirate!

    Some more unique chests would be pretty cool as well like maybe have an item such as a mini Athena chest that gives you rep towards all fractions but it is a very rare chance to dig up on a voyage! Different items to dig up regardless of what it is would be great!

    If there were monster specific cannon balls that would be a great help as well.
    Like a kraken ball that stuns the kraken or a meg ball that does more damage. Or a weapon that is more efficient against such monsters.

    I think this game is absolutly wonderful and you guys seriously are doing a great job. I wanted to throw out some thoughts I had and I hope you like them! Maybe it sparks something for a new change! Happy Sailing!

  • Hi SOT players and/or developers! My name is Colby otherwise known as Coobaloe and I have noticed for the past months that there is an empty spot on a piece of wood above the captains quarters. This would be so cool if you were allowed to name your ship and put it on display on the piece of wood! I would love to see this implemented eventhought it is so small but my crew and I would love to be able to name our ship that rolls on the tides!

    Colby :)

  • So,

    I saw a post by JaffaTM about a custom crew system wich would support custom flags..
    I wanted to take this idea and work it out even more.

    The Crew
    First of all, a new tab on the website would appear named "Crews"
    In this tab players can see all the open crews that they can join.

    So how does this work? Every player can create one crew to be captain off. Being in the same crew doesn't necessarily mean that you are on the same ship. A crew can take up to 100 man each. They can sail on different ships but under the same flag.

    The creator (Captain) of the crew can choose if he wants the crew to be open or closed. Open would mean that their crew shall be listed on the "Crews" tab on the website and anyone can join this crew. Having a closed crew would mean that only the creator (Captain) of the crew can choose who goes in and out.

    The creator can invite and kick people from his closed crew.

    The Flags
    The flags would work in a similar way of the Socialclub emblem creator or the one from WoW. There are some symbols and other things to choose and make your own flag out of it. As example, you can have a Lion with a spear in its hand, attacking a heart (Inspired by Blackbeard's flag).

    To avoid any inappropriate flags, the players have an option to go to the Crew Page on the website and mark the flag as inappropriate. Players would also have an option to disable any custom flags and then they would appear as one of the default flags Rare has to offer.

    Locking the flags
    Once your flag is done, you would have the option to upload it and "claim" it as yours. Rare would then have to approve of your design and see if no-one else has it already.

    Ship Names
    The Crew Creator would also have an option to set a name for his ship. Only if the creator of the crew is the Captain on an ingame ship, the name would appear. Not on every member's ship in the crew.

    Locking the names
    This is the same system of that of the flags. You would have to "claim" the ship name, and Rare will approve it if it isn't inappropriate or if it's not claimed yet. Once they approve you have your brand new ship name! You would also have the option of choosing the plaque color (Like the Morningstar has)

    I hope you like the idea, leave your thoughts in the comments and maybe i'll implement them in the post!

    Thanks for reading!

  • I know this has been discussed quiet a lot, but I would like there to be a way to change the way your pirate looks. Yes, you can customize it by buying different cloths, but for myself and many others, that doesn’t do much.

    Players can delete pirates, but this could also mean losing many hours of playing time.

    For the selection system that is implimented(a slot machine way to select pirates) I feel that, though a tedious process to find the right pirate, does work.

    What I would like is possibly a one time change of a pirate or even spending in game gold or real money to change your pirate.

  • Sometimes you want your avatar to go from thin to THICC, sometimes you want a different face or a different gender'd avatar...?

    "Delete Pirate" is not an option anyone'd want to choose, on the grounds that it would delete any progress, many of which can't be done anymore due to limited timed items and events.

    Can we please put in a Single Use Free ((Monetary Charge Afterwards)) system in place to pick a different looking avatar, just to see the looks we earned on a different body than the one we picked so LONG AGO...???

    Many online games have these in place already... "Mirror's" to alter your facial and bodily appearances on the fly. Monetary charges (ie. MMO's; to change your race/faction/server, etc.) And those systems always give people the opportunity to express themselves differently in-game and re-appreciate the setting they are in!

  • So,

    Let's talk about ship customization.
    Custom flags... Back in the golden age of pirates, the first thing people looked at was what flag the ship was flying. If they knew what flag it was, they knew what crew it was. So I was thinking...

    Rare could add a custom crew system like GTA V has, one person creates a closed crew and invites people into it.

    So the leader of the crew can then design a custom flag with a integrated emblem designer (Just like Rockstar's socialclub). The leader of the crew can then lock the emblem and "claim" it as his.

    Only people that were invited and are in the crew can sail under that flag.

    To prevent unacceptable flags and other things like "sw*stikas" etc, they can add a "Report flag" option, and then one of the employee's can check if this is relevant or not.

    I hope they add it, because this is one of the ways to get yourself known on the Sea of Thieves.

  • So,

    The artbook mentions some more ship customisation like the Brig, some hammocks, etc. etc.

    But wouldn't it be nice if we could actually change the interior of the Captain Quarters? Let's say, the Rug, the Chair, the Floor. Just like the HMS Victory had a tiled floor instead of just plain wood, how some ships had white walls instead of brown. The chair in the Captain's Quarters should also be backed up a bit and should be straight, so the "Captain" of the vessel can actually do the sit emote on it.

    I think it would be fun to see a tiled floor cost more than maybe just another color of floor, or a Gold with red Admiral chair, so players can actually have more cosmetics to spend their money on.

    I think players would like more ship customisation to stand out from other players.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    In a recent Developer Update Video Joe Neate mentioned that they will be adding the contents of the Mercenary pack to the shops in the near future.
    Mercenary Pack
    The pack contains a set of Clothing, a Sword, a Compass and a Flintlock.
    If ya ask me that's not enough cosmetics to justify adding em to the shops.

    So you know want I think Rare is going to do?
    Their going to add a full Mercenary set with all the Equipment and Weapons.

    You wanna why I think this?

    Well because, as most of us know, the Mercenary Cosmetics are in fact a color change of the Onyx, Obsidian and Black Dog cosmetics.
    Black Dog Set
    EoR, Spyglass, Speaking Trumpet, Lantern
    Ebon Flintlock
    Midnight Blunderbuss
    Onyx Set

    (FYI: There is no difference between the Onyx, Obsidian, Midnight, Ebon and Black Dog cosmetics, they are all part of the same set.
    The only difference between them is their names.)

    With this knowledge in mind nothing is really preventing them from making more Mercenary Items. (Aside from changing the colors on some Obsidian Items)

    So don't be surprised when ya see Rare adding a Mercenary Drum, Spyglass, Bucket, Hurdy-Gurdy, Blunderbuss, Lantern, Shovel and Speaking Trumpet when they add the Mercenary Pack to the shops!

    Anyways mates, do think we'll be seeing more Mercenary Cosmetics in the future?
    Let me know what ya think mates, until then see ya on the seas!
    Green Gem

  • Me and my friends all agree that we think the ship should be more important. For example, you need to start with the smallest ship and in order to get the bigger ships you would need to upgrade and when you upgrade you can get a living quarter for the crew and get more canons, not just cosmetics! You should also be able to take care of your ship maybe clean it and repair it. One more thing, you should be able to keep the loot you find when you exit the game.
    The game needs more than just cosmetics and overall more things to do on the ship!

  • It would be cool if we had the option to repair our ship at the shipwright when we dock at an outpost. Repair the inside and outside of previously patched holes and repaint it back to what it looked like before it left the dock. It would give us something to spend our money on. And the cost could be different based on the size of the ship and how many holes are being repaired etc. Some of you will say a beat up ship tells the tale of your adventure. But some of us like to keep things nice and clean. Sure you can skuttle and get a new ship, but if you have tons of supplies that becomes a hassle. Just and Idea.

  • Ahoy Mates!
    When Shrouded Spoils launched away back in November of last year, it introduced us to the idea of expanded ship customisation.
    Expanded Ship Customisation

    It added Customisable Cannons, Captans and Helms with quite the positive reception from the community.
    However it seems Pirates want to customize their ships even more.
    Lately I've seen many threads asking for customisable Captain's Cabins, Ship Lanterns, Helm Compasses and more.

    However for most of those requests I haven't been able to find much evidence for them being added in the near future.
    Except for Ship Lantern Customisation.

    If you look through the Tales from the sea of Thieves book you'll notice that one of the pages has different styles of ship lanterns on it:
    Book screen shot

    And since alot of the stuff in the book has been added to the game since the book's release, it could mean that this image is some sort of tease.

    Additionally another piece of 'evidence' I have for ship lantern customisation is that the wreckage of the Shrouded Breaker has different lanterns than the standard ones that you usually find on wrecks:

    This might be Rare hinting at Ship Lantern Customisation Coming in the future.

    Rare aslo has made quite alot of different lantern designs for the ones we carry with us where ever we go.
    So it's not unrealistic to assume they may have aslo designed some ship lanterns as well.
    Either way only time will tell, but if it's announced for the Mega Update or something else, remember that you heard it hear first mates.

    Anyways mates, do you think ship lantern customisation is coming or not?
    And would you even want ship lantern customisation? (I don't see why ya wouldn't)
    Let me know what ya think mates... until then see ya on the seas!
    alt text

  • Through the last times I've played, I've had a few ideas that I don't think justify their own posts, but could enhance gameplay:

    • Location of boss character deaths should be noted on the killer's map, so when sinking a skeleton ship or killing a meg, it's more easy to know where loot might float up to, rather than a desperate hunt of fear for your hard-earned loot despawning

    • I think each species of Megalodon should have unique animations or roars, so colorblind players or players hunting down a specific Meg type can more easily identify their target. Additionally, it gives each meg more individuality rather than just recolors. Model changes or tweaks would help in this as well.

    • Sloop skeleton ships should be added to random encounters, just like their galleon counterparts for a more lively sea.

    • Skeleton thrones should summon a pirate captain somewhere on its corresponding island, who sports a unique skull upon being killed, so skeleton thrones have some kind of use again.

    • Some type of cursor should be added with use of the flintlock upon aiming down the site. I understand leaving it removed adds to the immersion, but when you use a flintlock with a certain design and then try to switch your aesthetic by using a different flintlock, it's difficult having to adjust your aim again with the barrel and sight.

    • When running out of standard cannonballs, it should display your first cursed cannonball on your Item Wheel menu in the slot instead.

    • A specially marked community barrel should be placed in each Tavern to place any items that you'd like to give away before logging out of the game (inspired by this post: https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/topic/78850/barrel-on-the-ferry-of-the-darned/8)

    • Jigball should be nerfed in terms of Skeleton ship encounters. I'm not one to complain about an element to be overpowered, but it can destroy a full sloop crew all too easily.

    • Any instruments played by the player should harmonize with the music box in any taverns (and, thusly, more tunes should be added).

    • Megs and Krakens should additionally be found roaming in the world from afar if possible, not just skellie ships. Good for hunters looking for action who don't want to ruin a player's experience.

    • Customize individual sails and individual cannons in addition to changing them all. Additionally, paint jobs should be applicable to rowboats after you bring one in.

    • Rowboat chests and sitting on top of the rowboat chest should be achievable with the Interact Key and Secondary Interact Key, (X on Xbox, F on Keyboard, and Y on Xbox, R on Keyboard) respectively. Looking at that target is too small.

    • Pressing the Secondary Interact Key on a food, wood, or cannonball barrel should quickly grab a single one of those items, similar to the older barrel system. Good for emergencies rather than having to navigate a menu while your ship is actively sinking.

    • Morrow's Peak should additionally have Hunter items, as the Shipwright has them, where the other shops do not, and it consistently fits with the darker themes of the Devil's Roar.