• Hello Pirates!

    To celebrate the launch of the new Fort of the Damned update we are running a competition on our Creator Crew Forum for all our creative community.

    As its once again that time of year where all the ghosts and ghoulies of the Sea of Thieves come out for their annual grog races, we thought it would be fitting to have a particularly spooky competition!

    So, grab your pitchforks, flaming torches, and your most creative eye and jump in the director’s chair once again! Record your best videos and make sure that they are spectacularly spooky!

    Welcome to Spooky Seas Competition:

    Competition Terms and Conditions can be found here.

    • Must be in video format
    • Minimum 720p
    • No shorter than 20 seconds
    • No longer than 90 Seconds
    • Must be uploaded to YouTube
    • Must be submitted on the Creator Crew “Compete for Glory” forum
    • Must contain Spooky Themes

    How to Enter
    • Click on the "Add Content" button in the top right of this post
    • Enter a brief description
    • Enter your YouTube video link
    • Enter the "creator-crew" tag
    • Select "Compete for Glory" as the Category
    • Click the "Share this Content" button

    The Competition:
    Time Frame: October 17th (15:00pm BST) to November 12th (23:59pm BST)
    Prize: Xbox One Controller with Gold Creator Crew branding
    Winner Announced: 13th November 2019 on Socials

    If you want to post things that don't match the above requirements please use the "Strut your stuff" channel, we may periodically remove videos that excessively don't meet the requirements, for example, 10-minute videos.

    Top 5 most upvoted videos will qualify for internal judgment within Rare for the winner.

    Big congratulations to WightKnight with his winning entry called “Athena’s Explosion!” for last month’s Pirate-technics competition!

    Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you all create!

  • Ah Sea of Thieves. What a great game it is.
    And when you can share the fun it is even better. With that in mind we decided to try to alliance all ships on the server.
    Well, that turned out to be harder than we initially thought it to be.
    Some players didn't know how to do an alliance so we explained them and they were really exited to join.
    We gave them some treasure chests and an Athena voyage to do to show we had faith in their capabilities and as a sign of good trust.

    Another player on a galleon was a different story though, she was Spanish and clearly a first time player. (She was on her own on a galleon)
    None of us speak Spanish so we had to translate everything on the go. We spent a good 20 minutes trying to explain how alliances work in Sea of Thieves until one of our friends was able to join her galleon and put up the flag.

    All ended well eventually and the end of all our travels and adventures together we met up at Golden Sands to make this awesome picture.
    Hope you guys like it.

    Once the picture was taken the true pirate in us all came out and we went for a Battle Royale. Last man standing!

    It really was a wholesome and unbelievably fun night for us all.

    • Tholzak
  • Introducing the shoot the bell challenge.. with kegs in the crows nest

  • Now!! Finished it now!!

  • Strut your stuff

    Went on a tall tale adventure

    Any suggestions to improve content is welcome

  • We waited for our moment, then hijacked their skull fort, once we cashed it all in we also robbed their treasure from a skeleton sloop.


    We start the attack: 3:40
    We steal their skeleton sloop: 18:23

  • Another montage of clips from Sea of Thieves!

  • Just a quick combat video where I share some tips and tricks for solo players. Enjoy!

  • We decided to be friendly and give away some loot, but not for free. Payment received: An interesting rendition of "Poker Face".

  • Don't let the thumbnail fool you, I am a Sea Of Thieves content creator and streamer and this podcast put up on Youtube is directly relevant to Sea of Thieves and helping grow your sea of thieves related channel content.

    Remember the Facebook Poke,  it was a way to get someone to notice you,  What if there is a comparable way to poke like-minded youtubers,  or more importantly youtube viewers and commenter??  Well, there is!

    We will also cover how using commenting on other like-minded creator content or game developer content can attract others to want to come check out who you are.

    Originally created and posted on PodBean:

    Edited and cleaned up a little for YouTube.


    Who are we? Why Spectrum Gamer Family?

    Our son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and a very young age and in the journey as parents I am aware that I am likely and aspie too and my father who dropped out of school to work on a farm with rules and structure is likely too, it then occurred to me that computer games are rules and patterns so many social misfits may gravitate to gaming or even a youtube channel that usually has a format and a pattern for every video.

    Our Focus

    Our main focus is the YouTube Channel: https://spectrumgamer.com/youtube
    Please come and subscribe:https://spectrumgamer.com/subscribe and click the notification bell to get notified of new content

    If you like want we do and want to throw us some change to support us: https://spectrumgamer.com/tip

    Our Steam page is at https://spectrumgamer.com/steam

    We have a discord: https://spectrumgamer.com/discord

    And some other places to find and follow us:

  • For my first video I just felt like doing a quick little delivery. Went pretty smoothly until the storm midway. Wow, it did a number on my ship. But I made it through and continued west to successfully deliver the crates to their destination.

  • Well What a Fun Sail that was, took down several ships, Galleon, Brigentine and a sloop off course on our little sloop.

    Also several lives claimed by my hands and a lot of fun had.

  • A montage of clips that I've gathered. It's also my first video, sorry my mic volume is a bit quiet!

  • Scanolin and I take to the seas and find ourselves immediately besieged. Time to bring the fight back to them!

  • My Reaction to shooting the monkey pet out of a cannon. I couldn't breath for a minute. It was so funny to me!

  • Testing for my first time on creator crew

  • Buy a pet and set sail! Just hope you can keep them safe...

  • Hello different type of creator here! Currently I'm on my way to reaching Pirate Legend without doing a single voyage and playing only solo. So far I'm at 37 in all factions.

    Also I've written a few alternative updates in the past and thought I'd reshare them.

    Please note all these updates were written awhile ago, a few features may not work. Or have even been implemented already in Rare's own way.

    All the links go to Sea of Thieves forum posts.

    Scholars of Curses - http://bit.ly/SoCurses
    • New Trading Company
    • New Voyage Type
    • 16 New Cursed Items
    • Increased Level Caps to 60
    • Loot rework

    The Fractured Isles - http://bit.ly/TFracturedI
    • New Tool
    • New Manoeuvrability Mechanics
    • New Random Encounter
    • New World Event
    • New Skeleton Type

    Trial of Fools - http://bit.ly/ToFools
    • New Gameplay
    • New Area "The Trials"
    • New Vendor
    • New Vanity Items
    • New Enemies

    Turned Tides - http://bit.ly/TurnedTides
    • New Encounter
    • New World Area
    • New Voyage Type
    • New Merchant Animal

    This last one I wasn't exceptionally happy with. It was rushed, overly complicataed and didn't really make sense.

    Raised Chains - http://bit.ly/RaisedC
    • Story Campaign (Similar to how Tall Tales now work)
    • Challenge Voyages (Harder versions of voyages)
    • New Voyage Mechanics
    • New Animals

  • just seeing were the waves will take us